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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 827-828

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 827-828

Chapter 827

  The old man’s breath and Qin Xiaoxian’s breath collided, and then they all disappeared without a trace!

  The people that Zhao Chuang brought also took a breath!

  Qin Xiaoxian frowned and looked at Xuanyuan Kai and the old man.

  ”I don’t know if you two can give me a thin face. This matter has just passed. The purpose of our coming to Suolong Island is not to get some rare treasures. It would be better if we were fortunate enough to see the legendary real dragon. Why do you fight and kill as soon as you land on the island?”

  Xuanyuan Kai took a step forward and said to Zhao Chuang and Qin Xiaoxian.

  ”Brother Kai, since you’ve spoken, of course I want to give you face, I won’t bother with them, otherwise none of them will want to leave alive…”

  Zhao Chuang saw Xuanyuan Kai speak, and immediately got off the donkey and gave I found myself a step down.

  Chen Ping looked at this guy Zhao Chuang, and almost didn’t laugh out loud, this is a fucking treasure.

  Qin Xiaoxian listened to Zhao Chuang’s words, and almost died of anger, but now that Xuanyuankai has spoken, and he is obviously partial to Zhao Chuang, he can’t say anything else, after all, with his current strength, he is not enough to fight against the two of them. .

  ”Since Young Master Xuanyuan has spoken, of course I want to give this face…”

  Qin Xiaoxian turned around and left after finishing speaking.

  ”Second brother…”

  Qin Xiaotian immediately shouted in doubt when he saw that Qin Xiaoxian was going to leave and did not seek revenge from Chen Ping.

  ”Go!” Qin Xiaoxian glared at Qin Xiaotian.

  Qin Xiaotian was helpless and could only be supported and followed by others.

  But when he was leaving, Qin Xiaotian gave Chen Ping a vicious look: “Chen Ping, remember, you can’t hide behind a woman forever.”

  After Qin Xiaoxian led the people away, Zhao Chuang walked towards them fiercely. He spit in the direction: “Bah, something, if I hadn’t sneaked out without a master, I would have killed you all long ago!”

  After Zhao Chuang said this, Cheng Kun and Xuanyuan Kai understood that with Zhao Chuang’s strength, how could his parents let him come to Suolong Island at ease, and only brought a few great masters here.

  It turns out that this guy sneaked out, and it is estimated that the Shadowless Villa will be a mess at this moment.

  After the ruthless Zhao Chuang, he turned his head and looked at Xiaoru with a concerned expression: “Sister, are you all right?”

  Xiaoru glanced at Zhao Chuang and shook her head.

  ”Hello, my name is Zhao Chuang…”

  Zhao Chuang smiled at Xiaoru and stretched out a hand!

  However, Xiaoru didn’t shake his hand, but said softly, “My name is Xiaoru,” before turning around and returning to Chen Ping.

  ”Let’s go…”

  Chen Ping said, and took Su Yuqi and the others away. They only had three days, so the time was very urgent and could not be delayed.

  Looking at Xiaoru’s back, Zhao Chuang giggled.

  ”Xiaoru, Xiaoru, what a nice name…”

  Zhao Chuang muttered.

  ”Zhao Chuang, you don’t really like that little girl, do you?”

  Xuanyuan Kai immediately said in surprise when he saw Zhao Chuang like that.

  Zhao Chuang nodded unabashedly: “Well, this time I have moved my true feelings!”

  ”Damn, Zhao Chuang, there are countless women you have played with, and I have never seen you have any true feelings. A little girl is really in love? I think that little girl is not fully developed…”

  Cheng Kun also said in surprise.

  Zhao Chuang gave Cheng Kun a stern look: “Brother Kun, you are not allowed to talk about my woman like this, I like it like this…”

  ”Hahaha, don’t be too sentimental, return your woman, maybe someone else I did n’t like you…”

  Cheng Kun looked at Zhao Chuang like that and laughed.

  Xuanyuan Kai also patted Zhao Chuang on the shoulder: “Okay, your kid is hot for three minutes, maybe after two days, you won’t like it anymore!”

Chapter 828

  ”No, this time I must catch Xiaoru!” After Zhao Chuang finished speaking, he led the people to chase in the direction Chen Ping and the others left.

  Just after taking two steps, Zhao Chuang suddenly turned his head and said to Cheng Kun and Xuanyuan Kai: “Brother Kun, Brother Kai, you two are not allowed to play Xiaoru’s friend’s idea, you want to play with women, wait until you go back, I will give it to you. Send ten and eight over.”

  ”Get out of here, I didn’t talk about playing with women, it’s all about you…”

  Cheng Kun laughed and scolded Zhao Chuang.

  Originally, Cheng Kun disembarked along with him, not for a few women, he didn’t have that thought!

  On the other hand, Xuanyuan Kai always wanted to taste Su Yuqi when he saw that Su Yuqi was very handsome!

  But seeing Zhao Chuang say this, Xuanyuan Kai smiled and said: “Okay, I will sacrifice for your happiness!”

  ”Kun, Kai, after I go back, I will invite you two to drink…”

  Zhao Chuang finished , led people to chase after him in a hurry.

  Cheng Kun and Xuanyuan Kai looked at each other, but their eyes were full of gunpowder.

  Then the two of them followed.

  Chen Ping took Su Yuqi and the three of them and walked towards the depths with big strides. Seeing that no one was following, he took out the map and glanced at it. After determining the direction, he continued to walk forward.

  Because there are few people here, and it is full of white snow, you can’t see anything, but the spiritual energy on the island is very strong.

  ”The air on this island is amazing…”

  Su Yuqi took a deep breath, closed her eyes slightly, and said comfortably.

  Seeing Su Yuqi’s appearance, Chen Ping smiled slightly and said, “Try not to breathe through your nose, but use your body to absorb the surrounding air…”

  Su Yuqi had eaten the Xisui Dan, so she could feel the presence of spiritual energy, which is why she The air is extraordinarily fresh in the place where the aura is strong.

  ”You don’t need to teach it, Uncle Long has taught us it long ago…”

  Gu Ling’er laughed aside.

  Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er both ate the Marrow Washing Pill, their bodies have been reborn, they can feel the existence of spiritual energy, and then they learn the mental method and convert the spiritual energy into spiritual power.

  ”That’s even better, there is a lot of spiritual energy here, and we can just replenish our physical strength…”

  After Chen Ping finished speaking, the pores all over his body opened, and he began to eagerly absorb the surrounding spiritual energy.

  Chen Ping is now on the fourth floor of the inedia period, so even if he is facing the second-rank Wuzong, he should not have to talk about it anymore. In addition, Chen Ping has the skills to reincarnate, and he can also fight with the third-rank Wuzong!

  ”I don’t know when I can reach the stage of forming a pill. At that time, even if Wuzong is at the peak, what’s there to be afraid of…”

  Chen Ping’s heart is full of desire for power. He has never been so eager for power.

  Because he knows that only if he has unrivaled strength, can he rescue his mother and make the Long family pay the price. When he thinks that his mother has been tortured for more than 20 years, Chen Ping feels like a needle in his heart. of pain.

  ”Xiaoru, wait for me, wait for me…”

  At this moment, Zhao Chuang led someone to chase after him out of breath.

  Although Zhao Chuang has also reached the strength of a grandmaster, he is used to being pampered, and the weather here is freezing cold, making this guy suffer a lot.

  Chen Ping frowned slightly when he saw that Zhao Chuang led someone to chase him. If someone followed him, it would be very inconvenient for him to do some things!

  ”Xiaoru, this guy doesn’t really like you, right?”

  Su Yuqi said jokingly when she saw that Zhao Chuang actually brought someone to chase after him.

  Xiaoru’s face was ugly when she saw Zhao Chuang chasing after her. She knew what their purpose was this time, so no one could follow her. It would be very troublesome if someone followed.

  ”Xiao Ru, you guys are walking so fast, I managed to catch up with you…”

  Zhao Chuang grinned after catching up with Xiao Ru.

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