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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 823-824

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 823-824

Chapter 823

  ”Second brother, this guy killed the eldest brother, he is right in front of him, what are you doing to stop me?”

  Qin Xiaotian didn’t understand, such a good opportunity, why did his second brother stop him to take revenge?

  ”Have you forgotten what the Long family said just now? If you do something on this boat, wouldn’t that annoy the Long family, but as long as you get off the boat, the Long family will not be able to control it. Maybe we don’t need to take action at that time, and the Long family will not Will he let him go? He even brought a few pretty girls to such a place, he is courting his own death…”

  Qin Xiaoxian looked at Chen Ping, the corners of his mouth raised.

  Chen Ping didn’t even give Long Xingxu any face just now. With the arrogant temperament of the Long family, how could he let Chen Ping go.

  Hearing Qin Xiaoxian’s words, Qin Xiaotian finally calmed down, and then looked at Chen Ping with a sneering expression: “Let your kid live a little longer, and then wait on Suolong Island, I want to see how you kneel down and beg for mercy… “…”

  ”A good dog won’t stand in the way, if you don’t dare to do it, get out of the way…”

  Chen Ping didn’t care, he pushed Qin Xiaotian away, and took Su Yuqi and the others back to the room!

  Qin Xiaotian looked at Chen Ping’s back, and pouted fiercely: “Bah, now let you be mad, you will look good later…”

  After speaking, Qin Xiaotian looked at Qin Xiaoxian and asked: “Second brother, this Long family Is it very powerful? Why haven’t I heard of it? And the Shadowless Villa, the Thunder Gate, I’ve never heard of it……”

  Qin Xiaoxian glanced at Qin Xiaotian, and said with a displeased expression: “You spend all day drinking and drinking. , can you know what a shit, if it wasn’t for the big brother who took care of the Qin family in the front, now the Qin family is over, and I will be in the Qin family in the future, and I will rarely be able to come back, the Qin family will count on you, you will give me snacks …”

  Being scolded by Qin Xiaoxian, Qin Xiaotian shrank his neck and didn’t dare to speak.

  The few hours of sailing is over soon, and the Dragon Island is in sight!

  Before landing on the island, everyone could feel the gusts of cold wind coming, and they couldn’t help but fight a cold war.

  It’s summer now, and I usually wear thin clothes, but at this time, I look around, and this Suolong Island is actually a vast expanse of white, all covered with white snow, and the landscape is very strange.

  ”It seems that the legend of Suolong Island should be true…”

  Chen Ping said with emotion after seeing Suolong Island with his own eyes.

  Soon, the cruise ship docked, and the voice of Long Xingxu came from the broadcast speakers.

  ”Everyone, this is Binglong Mountain on the side of Suolong Island. If you want to land on the island from here, you can get off the boat directly. After that, we will go to the other side to land on the island. It’s up to you to choose which side you want to land on. ……”

  The spiral staircase of the cruise ship was put down, and those who have landed on the island can disembark.

  But after a while, no one got off the boat, because in such a cold place, no one wants to go down from here, and looking around, it is all white, and there are no rare and exotic grass, these people are all They rushed to some medicinal herbs on the island, and the spirit beasts came. It was obvious that this cold place did not have what they were looking for.

  Seeing that no one got off the ship, the cruise ship was about to raise the spiral staircase and continue sailing to the other side of the island, but at this moment, Chen Ping took Su Yuqi and the others to the bow of the boat, and then walked down the spiral staircase.

  This time, everyone on the boat was in a commotion and started talking.

  ”Is this guy crazy? Take three women to the island from here? Aren’t you afraid of freezing to death?”

  ”I think these guys don’t want to hunt for treasure, it’s more like a game. Who comes to hunt for treasure with three women? Ah…”

  ”How can people be cold, when it’s cold, it’s not cold when a few people are crowded together, and they can do strenuous exercise…”

  ”Damn, this kid is really lucky to bring three women at once! “

  Everyone was envious when they watched Chen Ping take Su Yuqi and the others off the boat.

Chapter 824

  But right after Chen Ping disembarked, Xuanyuankai led people to follow him. Seeing Xuanyuankai go down, Cheng Kun and Zhao Chuang also followed.

  Seeing these three demons follow, no one on the boat dared to get off the boat, but many people were worried about Chen Ping and Su Yuqi. After all, the three guys got off the boat with a very clear purpose. women go.

  ”Second brother, what should we do?”

  Qin Xiaotian asked Qin Xiaoxian when he saw Chen Ping getting off the boat from here.

  After pondering for a moment, Qin Xiaoxian gritted his teeth: “Let’s go down too…”

  The revenge for killing his brother must be avenged. Since Chen Ping disembarked from here, they have to follow him. Only by killing Chen Ping on Suolong Island will they not Someone cares.

  Chen Ping looked at the people who disembarked with them, and his face became extremely gloomy.

  The reason why he chose to disembark here is because he didn’t want to disembark here. Chen Ping just avoided the crowd and took the map to find Long Jing alone.

  If there are too many people, even if Chen Ping has a map, it is not easy to act, and he does not dare to take out the map. If everyone knows that he has a map of Suolong Island on his body, he will know what the consequences will be if he thinks about it with his toes.

  ”Brother Kun, Brother Kai, I didn’t expect you two to be so crazy about women, but there are exactly three women, three of us one, I want the one with the ponytail and the youngest, although the figure is not yet developed. , but it’s relatively tender, none of you can rob me…”

  Zhao Chuang looked at the youngest Xiaoru in front of him, his eyes narrowed, and the hala was about to flow out.

  Cheng Kun and Xuanyuan Kai both gave Zhao Chuang a blank look, they really didn’t understand whether this guy came to Suolong Island to pick up girls or to hunt for treasures.

  However, the reason why Xuanyuan Kai followed to disembark was because he was refuted by Su Yuqi and others in the hotel.

  And that Cheng Kun was not for the sake of women, nor was it for face, it was simply because he saw Xuanyuankai disembarked, so he came down with him. This guy didn’t look right to Xuanyuankai, so he always wanted to compare.

  At this moment, Qin Xiaoxian also took the Qin family off the boat, and when Zhao Chuang saw that there were still people following him, he frowned, looked at Qin Xiaoxian and Qin Xiaotian and said, “I said that you are all uncles with unshaven beards. Come down and grab women from us? Shame?”

  Qin Xiaoxian and Qin Xiaotian are both middle-aged men in their 40s and 50s. In Zhao Chuang’s eyes, they are middle-aged uncles, so why are they competing for women with these young people.

  After listening to Zhao Chuang’s words, Qin Xiaotian wanted to get angry. A hairy boy with the strength of a master just now, but his hair was not fully grown, even dared to talk to them like this.

  However, Qin Xiaoxian, who was on the side, secretly pulled Qin Xiaotian, and then smiled and said to Zhao Chuang: “Zhao Gongzi misunderstood, we have no interest in those women, but Chen Ping is having some festivals with us, we want to stay on this island. Let ‘s make a break…”

  Zhao Chuang pointed to Chen Ping in front of him: “That’s the man you’re talking about?”

  ”Yes, it’s him!” Qin Xiaoxian nodded.

  ”That’s about the same, as long as you don’t rob women from us, there are only three women, all three of our brothers are divided…”

  Zhao Chuang said carelessly.

  Qin Xiaoxian smiled slightly and didn’t say anything. Although the Qin family also had strong strength, he didn’t want to provoke the three young people in front of him, not to mention that he was only a sideline of the Qin family. The three families, it is estimated that the Qin family will not protect him!

  Just as Qin Xiaoxian and Qin Xiaotian were walking towards Chen Ping with their subordinates, a man slowly walked down from the boat, and it was the man in suit who injured Zhao Chuang’s subordinates on the boat.

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