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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 819-820

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 819-820

Chapter 819

  Evil repair?

  As soon as this man rubbed shoulders with Chen Ping, Chen Ping’s consciousness instantly sensed that this man was an evil cultivator, and he was full of evil spirits.

  When Chen Ping’s eyes touched the man in the black suit, the man obviously paused, looked back, and walked forward again.

  Chen Ping also ignored it and went to the front desk. After all, at this time, Chen Ping didn’t want to cause more trouble and cause unnecessary trouble.

  ”Get me a room!”

  ”Get me a room!”

  The man in black suits and Chen Ping said to the front desk almost simultaneously.

  This time, the front desk was a little embarrassed and took out a room card: “Two gentlemen, I’m sorry, there is only one room…”

  Chen Ping followed the man in the suit to look at each other, and then the man in the suit took advantage of the absence of the front desk. Be careful, grab the room card directly into your hand.

  After the man in the suit got the room card, he turned around and left. He didn’t want to have too much contact with Chen Ping, and it seemed that he didn’t want to cause trouble.

  After all, evil cultivators are despised in the martial arts world. If these warriors know that they are evil cultivators, they will definitely be attacked by a group. This man in a suit does not want to reach Suolong Island, and he has become the target of siege by everyone.

  ”Stop for me!”

  Just when the man in the black suit was about to leave with the room card, he was suddenly stopped by Su Yuqi and the other three girls.

  The three of them saw the scene at the front desk just now, this guy didn’t say a word, grabbed the room card and left?

  It’s really impolite. After all, if the guy wants a room at the same time, it doesn’t matter if he can give him the room, but this guy’s attitude made Su Yuqi and the three very angry, so he gave the man in the suit to him. stopped.

  ”What?” The man in the suit asked Su Yuqi and the three of them with a glance.

  ”You are too rude? Why did you take the room card? Leave the room card…”

  Gu Linger accused the man in the suit angrily.

  The man in the suit turned his head and glanced at Chen Ping, knowing that Su Yuqi and the others were with Chen Ping, and did not speak, but turned slightly, preparing to bypass Su Yuqi and the others and continue to leave.

  ”You’re too unreasonable, do you still want to run away with the room card?”

  Su Yuqi hurriedly stopped the man in the suit again.

  ”Get out of the way, or I’ll be rude to you…” The man in the suit said coldly.

  ”You’re welcome, what can I do?” Su Yuqi was not afraid at all.

  Not to mention that Chen Ping is here, with Xiaoru’s current skills, ordinary warriors are not opponents at all, let alone three of them.

  At this time, some people around saw that there was a lot of excitement, and hurriedly gathered around. When they saw that it was Su Yuqi and the three girls, they all came to the spirit and began to boo.

  After all, after a few hours of boring sailing, it’s good to have a little interlude in the middle.

  Zhao Chuang, who was already lying in the room, heard a commotion in the cabin below, and got up curiously.

  When he saw Su Yuqi and the three girls through the window of his room, his eyes almost didn’t pop out.

  Zhao Chuang got up in a hurry and ran down in a hurry, while several of his subordinates hurriedly followed.

  Chen Ping saw that more and more people gathered, causing some trouble and affecting Dengsuo Long Island, so he planned to come over and let Su Yuqi and the three forget it.

  But just as Chen Ping took two steps, he saw Zhao Chuang hurried down with someone from upstairs.

  When the onlookers saw that Zhao Chuang had brought someone, they hurriedly avoided the path.

  ”Fuck, you are a big man, what is it to bully girls? I see the person who bullies women the most!” When Zhao Chuang came, he scolded the man in the suit indiscriminately, and then showed his face. Looking at Su Yuqi and the three of them with a wretched smile, he said, “Don’t be afraid of the three sisters, my brother decides for you…”

Chapter 820

  The three of them, Su Yuqi, almost vomited when they looked at Zhao Chuang’s wretched appearance, but Su Yuqi held back and said, “This room card belongs to us, but he stole it…”

  Zhao Chuang heard it and looked at it. Looking at the room card in the man in the suit, he suddenly smiled and said, “Sister, don’t worry, I’ll ask you to come here!”

  After Zhao Chuang finished speaking, he winked at his subordinates.

  Zhao Chuang’s subordinate nodded, then looked at the man in the suit arrogantly and said, “Leave the room card…”

  ”Is this room card handled by me?” The

  man in the black suit was calm and calm. said.

  ”Don’t fucking talk nonsense, just stay if you stay!”

  Zhao Chuang’s subordinates had a tough tone, and his face was full of arrogance.

  The man in the black suit looked at Zhao Chuang’s subordinates, then looked at Zhao Chuang again. He ignored him, turned around, and was about to leave. There were more and more people here. identity.

  Seeing that the man in the suit was ignoring him, Zhao Chuang’s subordinate frowned, and immediately rushed up, directly blocking the way of the man in the black suit.

  ”I told you to keep the room card, are you deaf?”

  Zhao Chuang’s subordinate frowned slightly and asked sharply.

  ”Go away!” The

  man in the black suit had a hint of anger at this time.

  Zhao Chuang’s subordinates did not expect that the other party would be so tough, and even dared to scold him. Knowing that their Wuying Villa is famous, who would dare to talk to him like this?

  What’s more, he is still a fifth-grade Grandmaster, how can he tolerate others’ insults?

  Seeing that the man in the black suit was so arrogant, Zhao Chuang couldn’t help frowning slightly, his face was full of gloomy colors, and someone dared not give him Zhao Chuang’s face, damn it!

  Zhao Chuang’s subordinates saw that their eldest young master’s face was not good, and knew that they had embarrassed Zhao Chuang. If they went back, they would not be able to run away with a punishment, so they shouted angrily and reached out to the man in the black suit.

  The strength of the fifth-grade Grandmaster should not be underestimated.

  At this time, Xuanyuankai and Cheng Kun also came. When Xuanyuankai saw Su Yuqi and the three of them, he was stunned for a moment, but then the corner of his mouth raised, and he also guessed why Zhao Chuang was in conflict with others. .

  ”Zhao Chuang, your people are going to suffer?”

  Xuanyuan Kai smiled at Zhao Chuang after glancing at the man in the suit.

  Xuanyuankai had already noticed that this person was not low in cultivation, and although he deliberately concealed his breath, Xuanyuankai could still feel it.

  ”What a joke, my servant is the strength of a fifth-grade Grandmaster, how could it be at a disadvantage!”

  Zhang Chuang sneered.

  Seeing that Zhao Chuang didn’t care, Xuanyuan Kai didn’t speak, he just smiled and watched.

  Seeing the other party’s shot, the man in the black suit turned cold, his face suddenly grim, and his whole body was full of anger.

  Although he was afraid of revealing his identity, the man in the suit had been holding back, but now that the other party has been provocative again and again, how could he not be angry.

  Just as Zhao Chuang’s subordinates shot at him, the man in the black suit suddenly punched him.

  The strength of the great master’s peak.

  At this moment, the man in the black suit’s cultivation base was exposed, Xuanyuan Kai couldn’t help but stunned for a moment, he didn’t expect that someone would follow him with the same cultivation base, and the age of the other party was not very old.

  ”Be careful!” An old man beside Zhao Chuang immediately reminded him when he saw the opponent’s shot, and he was still at the peak of the Great Grandmaster’s strength.


  But it was too late, and the opponent slammed Zhao Chuang’s body with a punch.

  I saw Zhao Chuang’s subordinates screamed, the whole person flew out, and then fell heavily onto the cabin.

  A mouthful of blood spurted out, and Zhao Chuang’s subordinates were pale, like dead people.

  Zhao Chuang’s other subordinates took a look and surrounded the man in the black suit one after another.

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