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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 809-810

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 809-810

Chapter 809

  The Long family is a hidden wealthy family. Eighty percent of the family members are warriors, and many people even set foot on the path of cultivating immortals. Chen Ping’s mother, the second princess of the Long family, received the best education since childhood. Because Chen Ping’s mother, Long Ruotong, is talented and smart, her strength has grown rapidly, and the head of the Long family also likes Chen Ping’s mother very much.

  However, with the growth of age, Chen Ping’s mother, Long Ruotong, was in her twenties, and she was so excited that she met a man outside. Later, the two married, and Long Ruotong became pregnant.

  But he didn’t want that man to disappear after Long Ruotong became pregnant. Long Ruotong gave birth to Chen Ping alone with a big belly.

  Chen Ping’s grandfather was furious when he found out that his daughter was pregnant out of wedlock and gave birth to the child, and the man ran away, and sent someone to bring Chen Ping’s mother back to the Long family!

  However, looking at his beloved daughter and his chubby grandson, Grandpa Chen Ping did not punish Long Ruotong, but because of his anger at the beginning, he was sick and bedridden.

  But when Chen Ping’s grandfather was bedridden, Long Jingguo, Chen Ping’s mother’s eldest brother, secretly poisoned his father, wanting to let Chen Ping’s grandfather die early so that he could inherit everything from the Long family.

  However, it was discovered by Chen Ping’s mother in the end. Unfortunately, it was too late. Chen Ping’s grandfather had already become poisoned. At the last moment, he handed over the palm print of the Long family to Chen Ping’s mother.

  Chen Ping’s mother took Chen Ping, glanced at her father, and ran out of the Long family, but was soon discovered by Long Jingguo, and then slandered Chen Ping’s mother for poisoning her father and sent someone to arrest Chen Peace to his mother.

  Among the people who arrested Chen Ping’s mother back then were Lao Longtou and Long Wu. They chased for two days and two nights and surrounded Chen Ping’s mother near Hongcheng. Later, Chen Ping’s mother was captured back to Long’s house. And Chen Ping was thrown to the side of the road by his mother long ago, so he escaped the fate of being brought back to the Long family.

  After Chen Ping’s mother was caught, although Long Jingguo got the palm print of the Long family, he did not release Chen Ping’s mother, and he was tortured every day, as if he wanted to know something from Chen Ping’s mother’s mouth.

  Old Longtou and Long Wu didn’t know exactly what Long Jingguo wanted to know, but more than 20 years later, Long Jingguo had not given up and was still torturing his own younger sister.

  Besides, Chen Ping’s mother was still tormented. It was time for Lao Longtou to stop suddenly, and then his voice choked and he couldn’t cry, and Long Wu also burst into tears with remorse on his face.

  ”If we let Second Miss go back then, she wouldn’t be tortured like this now…” Lao Longtou burst into tears, his face full of tears.

  Chen Ping’s hands were tightly clasped together. Although he had never met his mother, Chen Ping was still trembling with anger when he heard this.

  ”Then how did you find me?” Chen Ping looked at the old dragon and asked.

  At this moment, Chen Ping has a bit of hatred in his eyes!

  As Lao Longtou said, if they hadn’t captured their mother back then, how could her mother have been tortured like this.

  Old Longtou looked at the hatred in Chen Ping’s eyes and sighed heavily: “For so many years, I have been wondering why the second lady wanted to poison the master. I didn’t believe it was true, so three years ago, I secretly went to detention. Look at her from the second lady’s place. It was the second lady who told me the truth. It turned out that the master was poisoned by the evil son of Long Jingguo, and the second lady also told me the place where you lost you and wanted me to find you. , to see if you are still alive.” The

  old dragon took a breath, wiped a handful of tears and continued: “The Concentration Technique I passed on to you, and the Dragon Ring you are wearing are not mine, listen to Second Miss. Said, it was left by your father, and it was a token of love for the second lady at that time…”

Chapter 810

  ”Then who is my father? Why is my mother still locked up? What does the Long family want to know from my mother?”

  Chen Ping grabbed the old dragon’s shoulder and asked excitedly.

  Chen Ping wanted to know who this irresponsible father was. Thinking of what his mother had suffered, Chen Ping hated this irresponsible man to death.

  Old Longtou shook his head: “I don’t know, the second lady doesn’t know your father’s true identity. As for what the Long family wanted to know from the second lady, the second lady didn’t say anything… Later, I went to Hongcheng and inquired about it. With your current identity, you should already know what happened later…”

  ”Why are you so sure that the child you lost will be me?” Chen Ping was puzzled, why Lao Longtou was so sure.

  ”You have the blood of the Dragon family on your body, and I can see that it is not wrong.”

  After the old dragon said these few words, he suddenly coughed violently, and his face became very ugly.

  ”Butler Long?” Seeing this, Long Wu hurriedly supported the old dragon head and slapped the old dragon head on the back.

  ”Old Longtou, what’s the matter with you? Let me take a look for you?”

  Although Chen Ping hated Old Longtou a little, he also asked with concern when he saw Old Longtou like this.

  The old dragon head waved his hand and sat on the chair himself. At this moment, the old dragon head seemed to be a lot older, and his eyes became dull.

  Chen Ping was a little strange. This old dragon head changed, and now he looked like an old man who was about to die.

  Long Wu looked at the old dragon head, his eyes were full of distress, it seemed that he knew what happened to the old dragon head.

  ”Little young master, you already know your life experience now, and my task can be considered completed, but because of the hope for the second lady to persevere, I disclosed the news of finding you, and now the people of the Long family are looking for you everywhere. , fortunately they only know that you are still alive, but they don’t know your current identity, you are still safe for the time being.”


  Before the old dragon could finish speaking, he coughed violently again.

  ”Butler Long, let me tell you…” Long Wu let the old dragon head rest, and he followed Chen Ping: “Little Master, although you are safe for the time being, the Long family will know your identity sooner or later, and it is imperative that you lock it up. Longdao got Longjing, and only after obtaining Longjing can you hope to fight with the Long family. You once asked me that the spiritual power of heaven and earth is exhausted, how do other immortal cultivators get spiritual energy, and now I can tell you, Mr. Some cultivators get their aura from spar, and some people get dragon crystal, and absorb a steady stream of aura from the dragon crystal!”

  ”After swallowing a dragon crystal, the dragon crystal will continue to emit aura, only However, this dragon crystal is extremely rare. As far as I know, there are not many people who get dragon crystal. Many people rely on spar. This spar is similar to that spirit stone, but the spiritual energy contained in the spar, but that There are thousands of times more spiritual stones…”

  Long Wu said this, and Chen Ping realized that there are still crystal stones and Longjing: “I can’t believe that there are still these things with spiritual energy. It seems that these Things are far more precious than those spiritual stones and herbs!”

  ”In this world, there are many things that immortal cultivators can obtain spiritual energy. In addition to dragon crystals, spar stones, and beast pills, you must know that there are many inaccessible places. There are a large number of animals, and after years of growth, these animals will produce beast pills in their bodies, and these beast pills are also precious resources to help cultivation.”

  Long Wu continued to follow Chen Ping.

  ”Is this dragon crystal considered a dragon’s beast pill?” Chen Ping asked.

  Long Wu was stunned for a moment, and after pondering for a while, he nodded: “It should be counted!”

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