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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 801-802

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 801-802

Chapter 801 Relying on _

  Ni Sidao’s consciousness shrouded Chen Ping, but Chen Ping did not resist in the slightest, allowing Ni Sidao to investigate his own strength.

  After some exploration, Ni Sidao frowned slightly, Chen Ping’s strength was indeed the strength of the great master, but there was still a vague aura in Chen Ping, Ni Sidao couldn’t find out what it was, maybe Chen Ping was on his body. What kind of magic weapon, it is possible that Chen Ping relies on this.

  ”You dare to propose to fight alone because of your mere strength as a great master. Are you impatient, or do you feel that you have something to rely on?”

  Ni Sidao said with a cold smile.

  This sentence is to click on Chen Ping and tell Chen Ping that he already knows his secret.

  Chen Ping said proudly: “You don’t have much to rely on to beat you. If you have the ability, just use it…”

  ”So arrogant, today I will kill you with only one hand…”

  After Ni Sidao finished speaking, the sleeve robe bulged like a long dragon, and then countless dots of light gathered towards Ni Sidao, and the whole person exuded a dazzling light.

  Seeing this, Chen Ping hurriedly activated his spiritual power and pinched his fingers quickly, and then a storm gradually condensed in front of Chen Ping.

  Looking at the storm condensing in front of Chen Ping, Ni Sidao raised his mouth: “Tips for carving insects…”

  After speaking, Ni Sidao instantly shot out two spells from his sleeves, and then the light gathered on his body shone on the two spells, instantly It turned into two giant dragons braving golden light, and moved towards Chen Ping quickly.

  Seeing this scene, Xu Changsheng and several elders were suddenly shocked: “The power of this technique is really powerful…”

  Rumbling…… The

  two golden dragons, under the waving of Ni Sidao’s hands, also tossed up and down, Go straight to Chen Ping.

  Chen Ping was not afraid at all, he waved a hand lightly, and then the storm in front of him moved towards the two golden dragons. Soon the two golden dragons were wrapped in the storm and spun together.

  Under the rapid rotation, the two golden dragons dissipated in an instant, turning into little spots of light again, and the storm gradually disappeared at the same time.

  At this moment, apart from leaving a mess between Chen Ping and that Ni Sidao, neither of them has changed in the slightest, as if they have never fought.

  ”Are you capable of this?” Chen Ping said with a sneer in his eyes.

  Ni Sidao’s face was extremely ugly, his eyes were fixed on Chen Ping, and he gritted his teeth: “I didn’t expect you to be so proficient in magic, I underestimated you, and today I will show you my sleepy dragon formation. …”

  After Ni Sidao finished speaking, he slowly stretched out his two palms.

  Immediately after that, he chanted words in his mouth, spit out a simple and vast spell, and simultaneously printed out the Dharma seals with both hands, and these Dharma seals kept making explosions in the air.

  Soon, the top of the mountain seemed to be shaking, and then around Chen Ping, cracks appeared one after another, and chains with the thickness of arms emerged from the cracks, and the black chains were condensed with countless evil spirits.

  There are nine chains in total, like nine pythons with open mouths, ready to attack Chen Ping at any time. At this moment, Chen Ping frowned tightly together.

  Originally, Chen Ping wanted to use the Concentration Technique to absorb the suffocating energy in the trapped dragon formation, but looking at this situation, he was afraid that he would be beheaded by Ni Sidao before he could absorb everyone’s suffocating energy. It also exceeded Chen Ping’s imagination.

  ”Dragon Slaying Sword…”

  Chen Ping’s right hand, followed by a sword with rising flames appeared in Chen Ping’s hand.

  Seeing the Dragon Slaying Sword, Ni Sidao’s eyes suddenly widened: “So this is what you rely on…”

Chapter 802

  Chen Ping did not speak, but raised the Dragon Slaying Sword in his hand high, and then slashed across the sky. The flames burning on the Dragon Slaying Sword suddenly became vigorous, and flames shot out from the Dragon Slaying Sword. The dragon sword let out a soft sound.

  The Dragon Slaying Sword and Chen Ping had long since merged into one, and the tongues of flame that shot out just now were all the spiritual power in Chen Ping’s body, and a total of nine tongues of flame went towards the nine chains.


  After the flame tongue touched the chain, the evil energy on the chain instantly burned, followed by a cracking sound.

  The nine chains, burning with thick flames, all fell to the ground weakly like a boa constrictor with a broken head, then turned into powder and dissipated, and the cracks on the ground quickly closed.

  The Dragon Slaying Sword in Chen Ping’s hand pointed at Ni Sidao, and said coldly, “Your unique skills are nothing more than that. What skills do you still have? Come on…”

  Ni Sidao looked at himself in the hands of Chen Ping. Vulnerable, his face suddenly became extremely difficult to see.

  And that Xiahou Dun looked at Chen Ping at the moment, his eyes were full of surprise, he didn’t understand that in just a few days, Chen Ping’s strength seemed to have increased a lot.

  ”Boy, you rely on the sword in your hand. I can’t help you today, but I will seek revenge from you sooner or later…”

  Ni Sidao suddenly retreated, retreating down the mountain and running straight away.

  When Xiahou Dun saw this, he almost didn’t scold him. He and Ni Sidao were on the same road. If Ni Sidao wanted to run away, he didn’t tell himself. Did he want to leave him as a scapegoat?

  Xiahou Dun didn’t dare to hesitate, and he turned around and ran away. It doesn’t matter what kind of revenge he wanted to kill. It was important to save his life first.

  Seeing that Ni Sidao and Xiahou Dun turned around and ran away, there was no demeanor at all, which surprised Xu Changsheng and several elders.

  Just when Xu Changsheng and the others reported that they wanted to catch up, Chen Ping stopped them.

  ”Stop chasing…”

  Chen Ping put away the Dragon Slaying Sword, his face pale without a trace of blood.

  ”Guzhu, are you all right?” Xu Changsheng asked hurriedly when he saw Chen Ping’s appearance.

  Chen Ping shook his head, but then a mouthful of blood spurted out.

  Ni Sidao’s technique is indeed very powerful. If Chen Ping hadn’t pushed hard just now and scared the guy away, it wouldn’t end well for a while.

  Chen Ping was helped down the mountain by Xu Changsheng and the others. Originally, Chen Ping planned to leave today, but now it seems that he can only rest in Medicine God Valley for a day.

  The next day, no matter how Xu Changsheng and the others persuaded them, Chen Ping insisted on leaving Yaoshen Valley, otherwise he would not be able to arrive at Wuming Island on July 15th.

  After walking out of Yaoshen Valley, Chen Ping directly bought a plane ticket to Nanhua City. If he wanted to go to Wuming Island, he had to take a boat from here, because there are only boats going to Wuming Island here.

  When Chen Ping flew to Nanhua City, it was already night. After booking the ferry ticket in advance, Chen Ping found a hotel to rest and planned to board the ship to Wuming Island early tomorrow morning.

  Just when Chen Ping was having dinner at the hotel, he found that the hotel was surprisingly busy. There were many guests coming and going, and these guests all exuded aura. They were obviously warriors. Chen Ping was very strange. Nanhua City, which is not small and not well-known, suddenly attracted so many warriors.

  Because the room was already full, Chen Ping had no choice but to find the hotel insider at a high price, asking the insider to find a room.

  ”Brother, how come there are so many people in your hotel?”

  Chen Ping asked the waiter in the hotel he was looking for.

  ”I don’t know. I don’t know what happened this year. We will gather so many people here. It seems that they are all going to sea, right? I don’t know what to do…” The

  waiter shook his head and said.

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