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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 797-798

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 797-798

Chapter 797 Measure _

  Suddenly, Xu Changsheng and several elders knelt down toward Chen Ping, and they all said in unison: “Congratulations to Chen Guzhu…”

  Chen Ping was startled, and several of them helped Xu Changsheng and several elders up, he didn’t want to. No matter what the Valley Master does, there is no time to stay in Medicine God Valley.

  On the other hand, Yu Dong was dumbfounded and didn’t understand what happened. How could Chen Ping become the Valley Master of Medicine God Valley in just a few days?

  ”Chen…” Xu Changsheng opened his mouth and was about to call Brother Chen when he suddenly realized that something was wrong, so he hurriedly changed his words: “Gu Master, since the old Gu Master passed the Supreme Pill Record to you, let you carry forward the Medicine God Valley. , that is to pass on the position of Valley Master to you, and you will be the Valley Master of our Yaoshen Valley in the future. Regardless of your strength and courage, you are capable of being the Valley Master…”

  ”Elder Xu, I can’t do it. This valley owner, I still have my own affairs to deal with, there is no way I can stay in Yaoshen Valley…”

  Chen Ping shied away helplessly.

  ”Valley Master, since it is the last wish of the old Valley Master, we must obey. You are the Valley Master, and you don’t have to stay in Medicine God Valley. There are no regulations in Medicine God Valley, and the Valley Master must stay in the valley… “

  Xu Changsheng knew that Chen Ping had other things, and it was unrealistic for him to stay in Yaoshen Valley, so he said.

  As long as Chen Ping sits as the owner of the valley, it doesn’t matter if he stays in Yaoshen Valley or not.

  Because now, only Chen Ping knows the content of the Supreme Pill Record, and this Supreme Pill Record is the biggest reliance of Yaoshen Valley.

  Seeing the sincerity of Xu Changsheng and the other elders, Chen Ping could only sigh and say, “Okay, I’ll be the owner of the valley, but everything in the valley requires Elder Xu and the elders to worry about it, I’m not here. When the time comes, Elder Xu, as the Great Elder, can decide everything…”

  ”Follow the order…” Xu Changsheng and several other elders knelt down to accept the order.

  Yu Dong on the side was dumbfounded, but seeing that the elders were all kneeling, he also knelt down.

  After Chen Ping helped the elders up, he returned to the Temple of Medicine and fed Xiaolan the Huitian Pill.

  Huichundan had just eaten, and Xiaolan’s face began to turn ruddy, and the whole person had a breath of life, and this breath was getting stronger and stronger.

  But after waiting for a while, Chen Ping found that Xiaolan had not woken up, and couldn’t help but get anxious.

  ”Gu Master, although the Tiandan is a divine pill this time, it will take seven to seventy-nine hours for your friend to wake up, and it will take some time to rest…”

  Xu Changsheng explained to Chen Ping.

  As soon as Chen Ping heard it, he knew that Xiaolan would be left in Yaoshen Valley to recuperate, and he had no time to wait. It would be July 15th in a few days. Chen Ping was going to go to Wuming Island now. Chen Ping didn’t know what happened, but it was a blessing or a curse. Chen Ping didn’t care anymore, all he cared about was his own life experience.

  He wants to know who he is, whether his parents are still alive, and what exactly is the Long Family?

  ”Elder Xu, I have something important to do. I have to leave the Medicine God Valley. My friends will take care of you. I will now copy the contents of the Supreme Pill Record. In addition, I will keep the Shennong Ding, and you can refine it more. Some medicinal herbs, to benefit the people of one side, to alleviate the evil obstacles on one’s own body…”

  Chen Ping said to Xu Changsheng.

  Hearing that Chen Ping was going to transcribe the Supreme Pill Lu and leave the Shennong Ding behind, Xu Changsheng and several elders were all shocked.

  Which of these two things is not priceless?

  Even when the old valley owner was there, the Supreme Pill Record only let a few of them read a part, and not all of them were taken out, but now Chen Ping has let them all study the Supreme Pill Record, and even the ancient artifact. Shennong Ding stayed, this kind of measure and daring, I am afraid that very few people can do it.

Chapter 798

  At this moment, Xu Changsheng and several elders were full of admiration for Chen Ping. Although Chen Ping was young, this measure was indeed unmatched.

  The reason why Chen Ping left these things is that he didn’t know whether it was a blessing or a curse for him to go to the Nameless Island this time. If he had an accident, wouldn’t this thing that originally belonged to Yaoshengu be lost?

  Chen Ping ordered someone to find a pen and paper. According to the records in his mind, he copied the Supreme Pill Record, and took out the Shennong Ding to replace the one-person-high copper Ding in the middle of the Medicine Temple

  … Supreme Danlu and Shennong Ding, Xu Changsheng and several elders were excited like children, these things were simply too important to them.

  They put all their energy into alchemy, and with these two things, they believe that they can make more advanced elixirs.

  After doing all this, just when Chen Ping was about to leave, a guard from Medicine God Valley suddenly ran outside the Medicine God Temple in a hurry and reported loudly: “Report Elder Xu, at the mouth of our Medicine God Valley, many people suddenly appeared, and they shouted. Come on, let’s hand over the person…”

  ”Hand over the person?” Xu Changsheng frowned, not sure who to hand over.

  And Chen Ping responded at this time: “It should be that Xiahou Dun of Tianwumen who moved to rescue the soldiers and came to seek revenge from me again.”

  The person who knew that Chen Ping came with Yaoshengu was also Xiahou Dun, the sect master of Tianwumen. At this moment He can only be the one who wants Yaoshengu to hand over someone.

  ”Hmph, this guy who doesn’t know how to live or die, when I go out and kill him, dare to come to my

  Yaoshen Valley to make trouble…” Xu Changsheng’s face turned cold. At that time, he let Xiahou Dun go, but he didn’t expect this guy to dare to come to the door.

  Xu Changsheng’s ability to kill Xiahou Dun was only a matter of hand.

  Several other elders did not know the inside information, but since the other party found trouble at the door of the house, they, as elders, were also angry.

  ”Let’s go out and take a look first, don’t rush to do it until you have to, you just used up too much energy, and you haven’t recovered yet…”

  Chen Ping persuaded Xu Changsheng.

  Just in order to resist the evil spirit tornado, Xu Changsheng and his elders consumed a lot of energy, and they have not recovered yet. If they really fight, they will definitely suffer.

  ”Everything follows the orders of the owner of the valley…”

  Now that Chen Ping is the owner of the valley, of course Xu Changsheng has to obey Chen Ping.

  Chen Ping walked out of Yaoshen Valley with a few elders, and at this moment in Taniguchi, dozens of Yaoshen Valley warriors showed their weapons and stared at the people in front of them.

  On the opposite side, hundreds of people from Tianwumen and Tianluo Pavilion led by Xiahou Dun and Ni Sidao surrounded the entire Taniguchi.

  After seeing Chen Ping coming out with several elders of Yaoshengu, whether it was Xiahou Dun or Ni Sidao, they all stared at Chen Ping, wishing to slash Chen Ping with a thousand cuts.

  After all, they must avenge the revenge of killing children and killing disciples.   ”Xiahou Dun, I let you go that day, but you dare to bring people to my Yaoshen

  Valley to go wild, do you think I am easy to bully?” Xu Changsheng stepped forward and scolded Xiahou Dun angrily.   ”Elder, why bother talking nonsense with them, dare to come to Yaoshen Valley to make trouble, kill…”   The third elder in black robes had a hot temper, and a strong murderous aura emanated from his body.   Several elders were in the realm of Wuzong. Although Xiahou Dun himself was also a Wuzong, compared with several Yaoshengu elders, his strength was still much inferior. At this time, seeing the anger of the third elder, Xiahou Dun was shocked.   However, looking at Ni Sidao next to him, Xiahou Dun’s expression stabilized, and then he looked at Xu Changsheng and said, “Elder Xu, this Chen Ping killed my son, I have to avenge this revenge, and I am not looking for trouble with your Medicine God Valley. , as long as you hand over Chen Ping, we will leave immediately, and I can give Shengu a thousand years of medicinal materials as an apology…”

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