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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 779-780

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 779-780

Chapter 779 Union _

  Southwest Tianluo Pavilion!

  After Xiahou Dun left Jiangnan, he went directly to Tianluo Pavilion. Since Chen Ping was protected by Yaoshengu, it was difficult for him to compete with Yaoshengu by relying on his strength in Tianwumen. In this way, he would have no way to kill Chen Ping. His son got revenge, so he came to Tianluo Pavilion and wanted to join forces with Tianluo Pavilion to kill Chen Ping.

  Ni Sidao, the pavilion master of Tianluo Pavilion, heard the news that his most proud disciple was killed by Chen Ping, his anger continued to rise. This was his most proud disciple. Ni Sidao had no children and no daughters. He taught it to Ning Yu, and even gave Ning Yu the Sword of Punishment, so that Ning Yu could take over Tianluo Pavilion in the future.

  But now that Ning Yu was killed, all Ni Sidao’s efforts were wasted, which made Ni Sidao’s heart tremble.

  Tianluo Pavilion is also famous in the southwest. No one does not know the reputation of Tianluo Pavilion, but now Ni Sidao’s most proud disciple has been killed. On Ni Sidao’s body, they all wanted to see what Ni Sidao would do.

  ”Chen Ping, even if you escape to the ends of the earth, I will smash your corpse into ten thousand pieces…”

  Ni Sidao burst into anger, and smashed the table in front of him with one palm.

  The surrounding Tianluo Pavilion disciples were also filled with righteous indignation. Throughout the southwest, Tianluo Pavilion was used to being arrogant and had never been bullied like this.

  Seeing Ni Sidao’s full body of anger, Xiahou Dun smiled in his heart, and then said: “Gatemaster Ni, it’s not difficult to kill Chen Ping, although that kid has some skills and beheaded Qin Xiaolin, but if I kill him, it’s as easy as the palm of your hand, not to mention Pavilion Master Ni shot. , but now that kid has been taken away by the people of Yaoshen Valley, it is estimated that he is hiding in Yaoshen Valley, we want to kill him now, it is difficult…”

  ”What about hiding in Yaoshen Valley, killing people to pay for debts and debts, even if He hid in Yaoshen Valley, and I must kill him…”

  Ni Sidao’s eyes were full of anger, at this moment he didn’t care what Yaoshengu was or not.

  ”Master Ni, that Chen Ping killed my son, and now he killed your most proud disciple. My Tianwumen is willing to join you in Tianluo Pavilion to kill Yaoshengu and take Chen Ping’s life…”

  Xiahou Dun said excitedly.

  Now that the two have joined forces, they can fight with the Yaoshengu. He doesn’t believe in the Yaoshengu. He will fight with them for the sake of a Chen Ping.

  ”Okay, we can’t be late, you go to prepare immediately, I’m also gathering some people from other sects to find the dignitaries in the Medicine God Valley!”

  Ni Sidao nodded.

  Ni Sidao knew that Yaoshengu was not a soft persimmon, so more people had to be arranged to put pressure on Yaoshengu.

  Xiahou Dun nodded, and hurriedly left Tianluo Pavilion to prepare staff.

  At this moment, Chen Ping and the others have arrived at the foot of a big mountain. If you want to go to Yaoshen Valley, you can only take this rugged mountain road, and there are some mountains and forests around this road, among which there are many beasts and poisonous insects, and there will be poisonous miasmas from time to time. appeared, so ordinary people rarely come here.

  After getting out of the car, Yu Dong parked the car aside and took out a black hood.

  ”Mr. Chen, according to our Yaoshen Valley’s rules, outsiders must cover their eyes when entering Yaoshen Valley…”

  Yu Dong politely followed Chen Ping.

  Chen Ping hugged Xiaolan and nodded slightly. Since people have this rule, Chen Ping can’t help but follow it.

  In fact, this headgear is useless to Chen Ping at all. Now Chen Ping only needs to emit a little consciousness to detect the distance of dozens of meters around, and he can’t see it with his eyes at all.

Chapter 780

  Just when Yu Dong was about to put a hood on Chen Ping, Xu Changsheng reached out and stopped him.

  ”You don’t need to wear it, Brother Chen is not an outsider. After knowing the way, Brother Chen can come here often…”

  Xu Changsheng’s words were very close, which made Chen Ping feel warm.

  Seeing that Xu Changsheng had said so, Yu Dong put away the hood.

  A few people walked towards the mountain, surrounded by towering trees. There was only a sheep intestine path in the middle of the trees, but the sheep intestine path was very bright, and it was obvious that many people walked through it.

  Although the road is rough, for Chen Ping and the others, it is nothing at all, but for ordinary people, it is insurmountable here.

  After walking for a full day and night, Xu Changsheng gave Xiaolan another life-sustaining pill, while Chen Ping continued to send spiritual power to Xiaolan to maintain Xiaolan’s life.

  ”Brother Chen, Medicine God Valley has arrived…”

  Xu Changsheng pointed and said.

  Chen Ping looked at it and found that the front was just foggy, and he couldn’t see anything at all, but when Chen Ping’s consciousness dissipated, he immediately noticed that there was indeed a Taniguchi in front, and there were four people standing guard at Taniguchi. guard.

  This kind of place, even if no one is guarding it, if there is no people in Yaoshen Valley to lead the way, I am afraid that it will not be found, just like a paradise.

  ”Sure enough, it’s a good place, but this fog is a bit redundant…”

  Chen Ping said, flicking his fingers, and a spiritual force instantly hit a large stone on the side.

  Suddenly the stone flashed three times, and the fog in front of him dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye, and finally disappeared without a trace.

  The Taniguchi of Medicine God Valley was revealed. After seeing Xu Changsheng, the four people standing guard at the door hurriedly threw them over and knelt down on one knee: “Congratulations to the elders back to the valley…”

  It’s true that Xu Changsheng didn’t even look at the four people at the moment. , but looked at Chen Ping in surprise.

  ”Brother Chen, how do you know where our Yaoshengu formation eye is?”

  Xu Changsheng asked in surprise.

  ”The most low-level psychedelic array is arranged here. As long as the eye of the array is found, it can be easily broken. There is no difficulty…”

  Chen Ping said lightly.

  For Chen Ping, this lowest-level formation is really a pediatrics.

  Although Chen Ping said it was easy, but in Xu Changsheng’s view, he felt very incredible.

  Chen Ping’s strength is not bad, he can make alchemy, and now he can understand the formation method. This is simply a wizard.

  ”This simple formation was created by me at the beginning of Yaoshengu’s establishment. Those of us only know how to turn it on and off, but we don’t understand the mystery of these formations. It seems that I will follow Brother Chen more in the future. I learned…”

  Xu Changsheng said it very sincerely, without the slightest pretence!

  ”Elder Xu is very polite…”

  Chen Ping felt a little flattered. After all, with such a strength as Xu Changsheng, many people are arrogant and arrogant. How could they say such a thing.

  The four disciples of Yaoshengu all glanced at Chen Ping in surprise. They couldn’t believe that their great elder was so polite to a young hairy boy.

  Although they were puzzled, no one dared to say anything. They were watching the gate in Yaoshengu. They were not even qualified to talk to Xu Changsheng, let alone Xu Changsheng. Respectfully.

  ”Elder, Mr. Chen, we’ve traveled for so long, let’s go into the valley to chat…”

  Yu Dong said.

  ”Yes, Xianjingu, I will gather the others to discuss together and see how to heal this girl’s injury…”

  Xu Changsheng nodded hurriedly.

  Chen Ping hugged Xiaolan and walked into the Medicine God Valley with Xu Changsheng and Yu Dong.

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