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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 777-778

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 777-778

Chapter 777

  Xiahou Dun, who was on the side, saw Ning Yu’s hand cut off, his face changed, he knew that if he dragged it down, maybe Chen Ping really couldn’t be killed.

  Thinking of this, Xiahou Dun’s body disappeared from the place in an instant, and then a figure came to Chen Ping.

  Chen Ping was startled, he wanted to break free from the shackles, but was slapped on the chest by Xiahou Dun.

  Chen Ping’s body flew out, and in mid-air, Chen Ping broke the shackles and fell to the ground.


  a mouthful of blood spurted out, but Chen Ping couldn’t suppress it this time.

  Looking at his chest again, there are five clearly visible finger prints, and the chest is also sunken.

  ”He’s so tenacious…”

  Xiahou Dun saw that Chen Ping wasn’t dead, so he raised his palm again, jumped up, and patted Chen Ping’s head this time.

  But at this moment, the big net that was shrouded all around suddenly disappeared, and Xiahou Dun’s body seemed to have hit something and was bounced back by a huge force.

  ”Who, who is it?”

  Xiahou Dun was startled.

  To know that someone who can force himself back without seeing them is definitely a master.

  ”Sect Master Xia, give the old man a face, take your people away…”

  At this time, an old man walked slowly with a young man.

  The old man looked like a fairy, it was the elder Xu Changsheng of Medicine God Valley, and the young man following him was Yu Dong.

  Xiahou Dun’s eyes narrowed: “Who are you? Why should I sell your face?”

  Xiahou Dun didn’t know the old man in front of him.

  ”This old man is the great elder of Medicine God Valley, Xu Changsheng, and I hope that the Xia Clan Master can sell his face…”

  Xu Changsheng said slowly.

  When Xiahou Dun heard the three words Yaoshengu, his expression suddenly changed.

  ”Elder Xu, this guy killed my son, and the revenge for killing my son is undeniable. Why do you want to help him?”

  Xiahou Dun asked, but his tone was obviously softened a lot.

  ”Little brother Chen is a distinguished guest of my Medicine God Valley, of course I want to help. The master of Xiamen is the master of Tianwumen, but his son practices sorcery, which has harmed many girls. As a father, you will not You know? Brother Chen killed your son, and it is considered to be killing the people…”

  Xu Changsheng said lightly, it seemed that he also knew about Xia Chao’s practice of sorcery.

  ”You…” Xiahou Dun’s face turned red and white, looking at Chen Ping in front of him, his eyes were full of anger: “Today I must kill him to avenge my son, when I kill him, I will give medicine to Shengu. Send a generous gift to apologize…”

  After Xiahou Dun finished speaking, he suddenly waved a force of energy towards Chen Ping, and the energy roared.

  Seeing that Chen Ping was about to die, how could Xiahou Dun give up so easily.

  When Xu Changsheng saw that Xiahou Dun dared to do something in front of him, his face instantly turned cold.

  ”You are planning to be my enemy in

  Yaoshen Valley…” Xu Changsheng said, and with a wave of his hand, an invisible breath wrapped Chen Ping, and Xiahou Dun’s energy was touching Xu Changsheng’s breath. After that, it disappeared without a trace in an instant.

  Xiahou Dun gritted his teeth: “Arrangement…”

  With an order, the men who came behind Xiahou Dun with machetes in their hands immediately formed the formation.

  ”Elder Xu, I will kill this Chen Ping today. If you insist on blocking it, then fight to the death…”

  Xiahou Dun seemed determined to kill Chen Ping.

  ”Tianmang…” Xu Changsheng snorted coldly: “Don’t say that your energy is almost exhausted in a battle now, even if you were in your prime, killing you would be like crushing an ant…”

  After speaking, Xu Changsheng sleeved his sleeves. With a wave of his robe, a gust of wind suddenly erupted, and a turbulent momentum swept away towards Xiahou Dun and the others.

  Xiahou Dun suddenly put his foot on the ground and held it firmly, and his subordinates had long been knocked out.

  The momentum dissipated, Xiahou Dun’s face was extremely ugly, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

Chapter 778

  ”Let’s go, if you’re persistent, I won’t show mercy…”

  Xu Changsheng looked at Xiahou Dun and said lightly.

  Xiahou Dun glared at Chen Ping, and finally gritted his teeth: “Chen Ping, you are lucky today, sooner or later I will kill you…”

  After Xiahou Dun finished speaking, he turned his head and led people away.

  Seeing this, Ning Yu, who had broken his hand, was so frightened that he hurriedly followed Xiahou Dun and prepared to leave.

  ”You don’t want to go…”

  Chen Ping saw that Ning Yu wanted to go, and jumped up, blocking Ning Yu’s way.

  ”Chen Ping, you… what are you going to do?” Ning Yu was trembling with fright. Now that he has broken one hand, he is no longer Chen Ping’s opponent.

  ”Kill you…” Chen Ping’s eyes were cold.

  If this guy hadn’t recruited Xiahou Dun, Xiaolan wouldn’t have died, it was all caused by this guy.

  Seeing Chen Ping’s murderous look, Ning Yu hurriedly said to Xiahou Dun, “Sect Master Xia, please, please take me with you…”

  At this moment, Ning Yu could only pray that Xia Hou Dun would take him with him. .

  It’s a pity that Xiahou Dun didn’t even look back and left.

  Seeing Xiahou Dun gone, Ning Yu was in despair and could only beg Chen Ping: “Please let me go, I can give you anything you want, but we have a lot of treasures in Tianluo Pavilion…”

  Chen Ping stared at Ning Yu with murderous expression, but did not speak, but waved the Dragon Slaying Sword in his hand.

  Ning Yu’s head was instantly thrown high, and finally fell to the ground, and Gu Lulu rolled out a long way.

  Chen Ping put away the Dragon Slaying Sword and walked in front of Xu Changsheng: “Thank you Elder Xu for helping me…”

  ”You’re welcome, it’s just an effort…” Xu Changsheng smiled lightly, and then his eyes fell on the Shennong Ding not far away. “Brother Chen, is this copper cauldron yours?”

  ”Oh, it was given by a friend…” Chen Ping said, a spiritual force penetrated into the Shennong cauldron, and the Shennong cauldron returned to the size of a palm and returned to Chen Ping’s cauldron. arms.

  Chen Ping didn’t want Xu Changsheng to know that this was the Shennong Ding. After all, the Shennong Ding was an ancient artifact, or an alchemy weapon. If Xu Changsheng found out, what would he do if he had bad thoughts?

  Although Xu Changsheng saved Chen Ping, under the huge temptation, people’s hearts would always change, and Chen Ping had to be careful.

  Putting away the Shennong Ding, Chen Ping looked at Xiaolan lying on the ground, his eyes moistened instantly.

  Whether he likes Xiaolan or not, whether the two have feelings for each other, but Xiaolan died because of saving him after all, and Chen Ping’s heart hurts.

  Walking slowly to Xiaolan’s side, Chen Ping squatted down and hugged Xiaolan. He planned to bury Xiaolan.

  ”Brother Chen, wait a minute…” Xu Changsheng shouted, and then walked to Chen Ping.

  After looking at Xiaolan’s situation, she took out a pill from her arms and stuffed it into Xiaolan’s mouth.

  ”Brother Chen, your friend is not dead, but it’s not far from death. I gave her a life-sustaining pill, hoping to arrive at Yaoshen Valley in time. When she arrives at Yaoshen Valley, she will be saved…”

  Xu Changsheng said to Chen Ping.

  ”What? Xiaolan isn’t dead?” Chen Ping was stunned for a moment, and then a burst of spiritual power was injected into Xiaolan’s body.

  Soon, Chen Ping found that Xiaolan was indeed not dead, and her heart was still beating weakly.

  Chen Ping broke out in a cold sweat. If it wasn’t for Xu Changsheng, he would have buried Xiaolan himself.

  When he checked Xiaolan just now, the spiritual energy in his body was exhausted, and he did not check carefully, which almost made a big mistake.

  ”Elder Xu, you have to lead the way…”

  After Chen Ping finished speaking, he immediately ordered to Lin Tianhu: “Lin Tianhu, you drive, we will go to Yaoshen Valley right away…”

  ”Brother Chen, Yaoshen Valley does not allow outsiders to come and go, you Let me explain, take my car…”

  Xu Changsheng explained.

  Chen Ping nodded and told Lin Tianhu and the others to go back to Hongcheng. After seeing Su Yuqi and the others, he would tell Su Yuqi his whereabouts to avoid her worrying.

  After explaining, Chen Ping got into Xu Changsheng’s car with Xiaolan in his arms, and Yu Dong drove quickly towards Yaoshen Valley.

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