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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 763-764

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 763-764

Chapter 763

  Countless murderous auras finally condensed into magic chains. These chains were as hard as steel, invisible and colorless, and there was no way to destroy them.

  This time, Ning Yu attracted more than a dozen dragon-binding ropes, tightly binding Chen Ping’s limbs and body, making Chen Ping unable to move.

  And those ghosts, under the command of Ning Yu, went towards Chen Ping one after another.

  Dozens of ghosts flew towards Chen Ping with their fangs and claws, and their sharp fangs were exposed, which was very scary.

  Chen Ping was bound by the tying dragon rope. Looking at the flying ghost, he only twisted twice, but there was no way to break free from the rope.

  Seeing those ghosts getting closer and closer, Ning Yu’s face was full of pride.

  However, he did not find that these ghosts were heading towards Chen Ping, and Chen Ping was restrained and unable to move, but he did not show panic, but a slight arc was raised at the corner of his mouth.

  Those ghosts uttered harsh and terrifying screams, and then directly penetrated Chen Ping’s body. As soon as these ghosts touched Chen Ping’s body, Chen Ping’s body would flash a golden light, and then those ghosts would disappear.

  Soon, dozens of ghosts disappeared, and Chen Ping, who was trapped by the long rope, was still standing there, not suffering from typhoid fever at all.

  At this moment, those ghosts all entered Chen Ping’s body, and the Concentrated Heart Technique was running fast, constantly sucking those ghosts into the dantian, those ghosts screamed and wanted to break free from Chen Ping’s body, but there was no way to break free. .

  The Heart Concentration Art refines all those ghosts into spiritual power, which is stored in the dantian.

  ”What’s going on?”

  Ning Yu’s heart trembled slightly.

  He found that the golden light that just emerged from Chen Ping’s body actually contained a lot of mana, as if there was a huge magic circle running in Chen Ping’s body.

  ”Isn’t this kid also a Taoist master?”

  Ning Yu couldn’t believe it. If Chen Ping was also a Taoist master, it would be terrible. After all, Chen Ping was about the same age as himself.

  You must know that Daoist cultivation is much more difficult than Martial Dao cultivation, and in addition to hard work, the most important thing in Daoist cultivation is to have talent, to be able to comprehend the mysteries of heaven and earth, and the essence of Daoism.

  Obviously, Chen Ping’s current strength is a great master of martial arts. It is not easy to reach the strength of a great master of martial arts at this age, but if Chen Ping is also a master of martial arts at the same time, it will be terrible.

  Dao and Wu dual cultivation, this is one in ten thousand, a genius among geniuses.

  At this moment, Ning Yu’s face became more and more ugly, but he did not flinch. Instead, he said something in his mouth, and the dozen or so dragon-binding ropes began to shrink rapidly.

  More than a dozen dragon-binding ropes condensed by murderous aura were tightly entangled in Chen Ping. Ning Yu kept urging Fajue, and the evil spirits continued to emerge from the ground. These evil spirits continued to condense, making the dragon-binding ropes thicker and thicker.

  Seeing that Chen Ping was unable to move at the moment, Ning Yu began to show a confident smile on his face.

  But soon, Ning Yu’s confident smile condensed on his face, and then he looked at Chen Ping with wide eyes.

  I saw that Chen Ping’s body began to flash golden light again, and then the dragon-binding rope, which was condensed by the evil spirit, turned into smoke and dust in an instant under the irradiation of this golden light, and was directly sucked into the body by Chen Ping.

  For Chen Ping, these evil spirits are good resources for cultivation, although now, in terms of Chen Ping’s strength, absorbing these evil spirits is a drop in the bucket, and it doesn’t help much in cultivation, but mosquitoes are small and meat, and Chen Ping will not miss this opportunity.

  ”Xie Xiu, you’re an evil cultivator…”

  Ning Yu understood at this moment that those ghosts couldn’t hurt Chen Ping, and the tyrannical rope that was condensed by the evil spirit was actually sucked into the body by Chen Ping, only Xie Xiu, Only by absorbing yin qi and suffocating qi to cultivate.

Chapter 764: Punishing Evil

  ”Are you from the Blood Witch Sect, or from the Yin-Yang Sect?”

  Ning Yu looked at Chen Ping cautiously and asked.

  If Chen Ping really belonged to these two sects, Ning Yu would not dare to kill at will. After all, these two sects are ruthless. If they really follow these two sects, they will die, and then his master will find out. , to scold yourself to death.

  Ning Yu is now a celebrity in Tianluo Pavilion, so he has to act cautiously, and he can’t delay his great future because of this.

  ”I’m not a blood witch sect, nor a yin-yang sect. If you are afraid, then kneel down obediently, maybe I can let you go…”

  Chen Ping said with a faint smile.

  ”Hmph, arrogant, so what if you are a real evil cultivator, our Tianluo Pavilion is a sect and upright, specializing in dealing with you evil cultivators…”

  Ning Yu snorted coldly, then dispersed the trapped dragon formation, directly from his body Pulling out a sword, I saw that the body of the sword was simple and dark, and I didn’t know what material it was made of, but on the body of the sword, some spells were drawn with red cinnabar pen.

  ”This is the Sword of Punishing Evils, specially designed to deal with you evil cultivators…”

  Ning Yu said, holding the sword to his chest, condensing mana, and swiping in the air…

  ”Stab…” The

  air seemed to be split in an instant . A gap was opened, the sound of breaking wind sounded in the void, and a fierce sword qi shot out, and the spells on the sword seemed to be alive at the moment, they broke away from the sword body, mixed in the sword qi, and moved towards the sword. Chen Ping left.

  Where the sword energy passed, everything was divided into two, and even the hard marble floor had a deep imprint at this moment.


  The sword qi slashed directly at Chen Ping’s body. After only hearing a crisp sound, Chen Ping’s body was actually intact, but a gap was drawn in his clothes.

  Although the sword qi did not hurt Chen Ping, the spells mixed with the sword qi were spinning around Chen Ping, and the spells kept flashing red light.

  ”Xuanzong of heaven and earth, the root of all energy. Extensive cultivation of billions of kalpas has proved my supernatural powers. Inside and outside the three realms, only the Tao is the only one. The body has golden light, reflecting my body. …”

  Ning Yu kept chanting the incantation, the blue veins burst out on his forehead, and the sweat began to drip down.

  The sword energy just couldn’t hurt Chen Ping, and now he can only rely on those spells.

  As Ning Yu recited faster and faster, the spells revolved around Chen Ping faster and faster, and the red light flickered brighter and brighter.

  ”Zhu Xie…”

  Ning Yu shouted, and the spells suddenly stuck on Chen Ping’s body.

  Chen Ping was personally wrapped in red light, and those spells were all branded on Chen Ping like a brand.

  Ning Yu looked at Chen Ping and found that although these spells were stuck on Chen Ping’s body, it didn’t seem to have any effect. Chen Ping didn’t react at all.

  Ning Yu frowned slightly and quickly began to chant the incantation again.

  Seeing Ning Yu sweating profusely, Chen Ping snorted coldly.

  ”Silly X…”

  Chen Ping’s body trembled slightly, the spells on his body scattered in an instant, countless strong winds scattered, and cracks appeared in the surrounding ground.

  Ning Yu’s pupils shrank, and with a wave of the Sword of Punishment in his hand, the scattered spells returned to the Sword of Punishment in an instant, but those spells were obviously much darker.

  Ning Yu looked at Chen Ping in disbelief. Chen Ping just resisted his sword qi, but now he has easily broken away from these spells. This is too powerful, right?

  This Zhuxie Sword is the treasure of Tianluo Pavilion, Ning Yu is very talented, so the master Ni Sidao passed the Zhuxie Sword to him, and also passed it on to Ning Yu, although Ning Yu has not yet mastered it. , but the general evil cultivator encounters him, and only escapes for his life. He has not found the evil cultivator who is not afraid of the evil sword in his hand.

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