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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 743-744

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 743-744

Chapter 743


  With a muffled sound, Xia Chao’s palm hit Chen Ping’s chest fiercely, but to Xia Chao’s surprise, the palm didn’t hurt Chen Ping in the slightest, and Chen Ping’s body moved. Didn’t move.   Xia Chao’s face

  was shocked, his body hurriedly stepped back, and he looked at Chen Ping in horror: “Who the hell are you? How can you have such a strong body?”

  ”I said it all, you don’t deserve to know!”


  Xia Chao’s face became more and more ugly, and the corners of his eyes kept twitching.

  ”Are you ready for me? Don’t forget that this is Tianwumen…”

  Xia Chao’s voice was extremely cold.

  Chen Ping humiliated him again and again, and Xia Chao also started to get angry.

  ”Just a guy like you who practiced by absorbing the yin qi of women, I was disgusted when I saw it, killing you, I’m really afraid of getting my hands dirty…”

  Chen Ping said while pretending to be retching.

  ”How did you know?” Xia Chao was surprised.

  After all, his cultivation method is very disdainful in the martial arts world. If it spreads out, how could Xia Chao be in the martial arts world? Why is Tianwumen still in the martial arts world?

  ”I know it’s more than that. You use the spring water to attract a large number of girls to bathe, and take the opportunity to absorb their Yin Qi to practice. I know all this…”

  Chen Ping narrowed his eyes.

  After Xia Chao heard this, killing intent instantly rose from his body.

  ”The disciples of Tianwumen obey the order, guard the mountain gate, and never let anyone go…”

  Xia Chao was motivated to kill, and he wanted to kill all those who were not from Tianwumen, and his secrets must not be leaked.

  ”Don’t bother, they can’t stop me at all, you’d better take out your trump card, I’ll see how the sorcery you practiced at the cost of losing your man’s ability!”

  Chen Ping smiled lightly.

  ”Okay, then I’ll show you…”

  After Xia Chao finished speaking, the aura of his body suddenly changed, and then the whole person looked gloomy and terrifying, and his body was expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye.

  With the expansion of his body, Xia Chao’s strength also continued to increase, and the terrifying coercion spread around him.


  Upon seeing this, a great grandmaster of Tianwumen shouted hurriedly, leading the other disciples of Tianwumen to retreat into the distance.

  He knew that the sorcery that Xia Chao practiced was very terrifying and bloody, so he called everyone in Tianwumen to retreat.

  The terrifying coercion made many people in Miao Village feel breathless. Even the five great masters, who were also great masters, frowned after feeling the coercion emanating from Xia Chao, like a mountain pressing on their shoulders. Same.

  ”Boy, you know too much, so you have to die…”

  After Xia Chao finished speaking, the huge body rolled directly towards Chen Ping, like a mad bull, rampaging.

  Accompanied by Xia Chao’s body, a stream of yin energy rose into the sky, instantly turning into a ghost with its teeth and claws, and at the same time biting towards Chen Ping.

  Seeing this scene, Xiao Lan next to Chen Ping was so frightened that her face was instantly pale, while many other Miao people closed their eyes in fright.

  Although they deal with poisons all day, they have never seen such a terrifying scene.

  Those ghosts and claws charged directly at Chen Ping, and then got into Chen Ping’s body.

  At the same time, Xia Chao’s body also arrived in front of Chen Ping, and slapped Chen Ping’s face with a palm.

  ”I’ve been hit by a hundred ghosts, let’s see how you can live…”

  Xia Chao’s eyes were full of pride, and the palm of his hand towards Chen Ping became very casual.

  In his eyes, Chen Ping is sure to die, and no one can escape his heart-wrenching ghosts.

  ”Hmph, just based on this, you dare to be called a hundred ghosts?”

  Chen Ping snorted coldly, raised his foot and kicked towards Xia Chao.

Chapter 744 Did I Said to Go? _

  Xia Chao didn’t have time to react, so Chen Ping kicked him and flew out. His huge body flew out dozens of meters and fell heavily on the ground.

  Xia Chao got up from the ground, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and looked at Chen Ping gloomily.

  ”I’ve been hit by a hundred ghosts, and you can still stimulate your inner strength. You really underestimate you, but soon you will feel the coming of death…”

  Xia Chao looked at Chen Ping coldly. People can escape his heart-wrenching ghosts, and he has to watch Chen Ping helplessly. After a while, his whole body festers and his body explodes to death…

  However, after waiting for a few minutes, Chen Ping didn’t seem to be at all different, which made him Xia Chao was shocked.

  ”Don’t wait, you so-called ghost eats your heart, it has already become my belly Chinese food, and if you have other skills, continue to use it, if not, then I will kill you and leave Now …”

  Chen Ping smiled lightly.

  ”How is that possible?”

  Xia Chao’s eyes widened, and he did not hesitate to consume the yin in his body, but it did nothing to Chen Ping.

  ”Nothing is impossible. All the poisons in our Miao Village have no effect on Chen Ping. You are a jerk, and it’s even more finished…”

  Xiao Lan said with a sneer.

  She knew that Chen Ping was an invincible guy, and even the most poisonous bee in Miao Village couldn’t help Chen Ping. Xia Chao’s so-called Yin Qi couldn’t deal with Chen Ping even more.

  ”Chen Ping?” Xia Chao frowned slightly. He heard the name very familiar, but he couldn’t remember it.

  At this time, a great master of Tianwumen walked up to Xia Chao’s ear and whispered a few words.

  Then Xia Chao’s face changed dramatically, and his eyes looked at Chen Ping in shock.

  ”You…you are the Chen Ping who killed Wu Zong Qin Xiaolin?”

  Xia Chao asked with surprise.

  ”Yes, it’s your grandfather and me…”

  Chen Ping nodded.

  Seeing Chen Ping’s admission, Xia Chao’s face became more and more difficult to look, and the fist that was clenched just now was slowly loosened again.

  Although he now has a sorcery reincarnation, after all, his strength is only a seventh-grade grandmaster, and he needs to absorb Xiaolan’s yin before he can break through the realm of Wuzong.

  But the Chen Ping in front of him is an existence who has killed a first-rank Wuzong. Even if Xia Chao breaks through Wuzong, I am afraid that he is not Chen Ping’s opponent.

  Xia Chao looked at Chen Ping quietly. He always wanted to be a genius in the martial arts world and become the youngest Wuzong in the martial arts world, but Chen Ping in front of him was about the same age as him, but he was already able to kill Wuzong.

  What kind of gap is this?

  To know Xia Chao’s strength, but at the cost of losing the ability of a man, even so, Xia Chao is still no match for Chen Ping.

  For a time, inferiority complex and helplessness filled Xia Chao’s heart.

  ”I’m not your opponent, you can take them away, my Tianwumen will never stop…”

  Xia Chao knew that Chen Ping wanted to leave, but no one in Tianwumen could stop him.

  If his father was there, he might be able to fight Chen Ping, but unfortunately his father was not there, and all the other ancestors of Tianwu Sect could not retreat many years ago, so it is impossible for him to come out for a Chen Ping.

  ”Did I say I was leaving?” Chen Ping looked at Xia Chao coldly: “Those yin qi in you are also a rare resource for me…”

  ”What? You… you It’s also the yin of cultivation…” Xia Chao said halfway through, knowing that he was about to leak his mouth, he closed his mouth immediately, and changed his words: “You also practice other techniques?”

  “Bah, who the hell cultivates that kind of crap. , Lao Tzu is a serious man, but the exercises I practice, just need these…”

  Chen Ping sighed fiercely.

  Xia Chao looked at Chen Ping, of course he would not give Chen Ping the yin in his body, it was all he had, if he gave Chen Ping the yin he finally absorbed, then Xia Chao would be a waste.

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