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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 741-742

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 741-742

Chapter 741

  …… In

  Xia Chao’s room, Xia Chao was overjoyed as he watched the Yin Qi in Xiao Lan’s body being continuously absorbed into the vortex.

  It won’t be long before he will be the youngest Wuzong in the martial arts world, and will be a genius envied by everyone.

  Although Xia Chao lost his ability as a man in order to quickly improve his strength, for these, Xia Chao valued his strength more.

  In the martial arts world, only strength is respected, and women are nothing.

  But at this moment, the door of Xia Chao’s room was suddenly pushed open.

  Seeing this, Xia Chao hurriedly waved his hand, took the whirlpool back, and glared at the intruder.

  ”You bastard, don’t you know how to knock on the door?”

  Xia Chao said with cold eyes.

  ”Eldest young master, it’s not good, Shenquan, there is a problem with the Shenquan behind us, and now there is not a drop of water…” The

  visitor followed Xia Chao anxiously.

  ”What?” Xia Chao was shocked: “How could this happen? What happened?”

  ”I don’t know, but I heard an explosion behind me. When I rushed over, I found that the spring was gone…” The

  person shook Shaking his head.

  Xia Chao glanced at Xiaolan, then turned to the person who came and said: “Take me to see, how could such a thing happen…”

  For Tianwumen, Shenquan is the foundation of their establishment. With this spring water, Tianwu The strength of the many disciples of the sect has improved by leaps and bounds, making Tianwumen rank high among the many sects in the southwest.

  But now the spring water has disappeared, which shocked Xia Chao. If his father came back, how would he explain it.

  Just after Xia Chao left with the visitor, a figure flashed in from the window.

  It was Chen Ping who came.

  Xiaolan was completely powerless at this time, and she didn’t even have the strength to speak. When she saw Chen Ping coming, there was no surprise in her eyes, but she glared at Chen Ping angrily.

  Chen Ping saw Xiaolan who was paralyzed, and hurriedly penetrated into Xiaolan’s body, which made Xiaolan recover.

  ”Chen Ping, you bastard…”

  After Xiaolan recovered, the first thing she did was to punch Chen Ping.

  Chen Ping hurriedly stepped back: “I saved you, why do you still beat me? Isn’t this revenge?”

  ”You bastard, where have you been? Where have you been? Didn’t you say something is wrong? I I almost lost my life…”

  Xiao Lan looked at Chen Ping angrily and roared.

  ”Isn’t it okay? I know that Xia Chao is no longer a man, so he can’t do anything to you. Now I’ll take you there and avenge you…”

  Chen Ping smiled, he could understand Why is Xiaolan angry.

  ”You must kill that guy for me, and I want to watch him die…”

  Xiao Lan gritted her teeth.

  ”No problem…”

  Chen Ping nodded.


  Behind the Tianwumen hall, the spring water that was flowing continuously, now there is no drop of water, and the dry bottom of the spring pool is exposed to the outside, and it looks like it has never been watered.

  Xia Chao looked at the scene in front of him with a solemn expression, and slowly put his head into the spring, only to see that it was dark inside, and he couldn’t see anything clearly.

  Xia Chao picked up a large stone and threw it down. With the sound of grunting, there was no sound of water, which proved that there was no water in the spring.

  ”How can this happen, how can this happen…”

  Xia Chao roared, he wanted an explanation.

  ”Master, someone heard the explosion just now, maybe someone blew through the spring, so the spring water leaked into the underground river…”

  At this time, a great master came over and expressed his opinion.

  ”Who was that? Who did it? Are you all fucking dry?”

  Xia Chao roared and cursed at the disciples of Tianwumen.

  Without this divine spring, what would they do after Tianwumen?

Chapter 742

  ”I did it…”

  At this moment, a faint voice came.

  Everyone looked for the sound, and found that on a big rock, Chen Pingzheng looked at the people of Tianwumen with disdain.

  Beside Chen Ping, Xiaolan stood there with anger in her eyes, staring at Xia Chao tightly.

  And everyone in Miao Village was rescued by Chen Ping and stood behind Chen Ping.

  When Xia Chao saw that Xiaolan and Miao Village were rescued, he was stunned for a moment, and then said to Chen Ping: “Boy, who are you? Why did you destroy my Tianwumen Shenquan, and save these Miao Village people?”

  ”I’m not someone, I just don’t like you, is that okay?”

  Chen Ping raised the corner of his mouth.

  As soon as these words came out, Xia Chao was immediately stunned. He had seen Chen Ping. At that time, King Miao said that this guy was a lunatic, and when he was dragged away, he was embarrassed, but now he is such a lunatic, he dares to follow him Talk like this.

  ”Bastard, why did you talk to our eldest young master?” “This is Tianwumen,

  who dares to disrespect our eldest young master here?”

  ”You are courting death, saying that our eldest young master will be punished by the Nine Clan… “

  The disciples of Tianwumen pulled out their weapons one after another, taking the opportunity to tout Xia Chao.

  Facing the flattering guys in Tianwumen, Chen Ping couldn’t help but smile and said: “You are still yelling at a young master, but you don’t know that your young master is no longer a man. He is now a eunuch who is neither yin nor yang. If you don’t believe it, you can let your eldest young master take off his pants and you’ll know.”

  Chen Ping’s words shocked many disciples in Tianwumen. Not many people in Tianwumen knew about Xia Chao’s practice of sorcery, but only a few people knew about it. A few people, so there is such a big reaction.

  ”You bastard, you’re fucking looking for death…”

  Xia Chao’s face was hot as everyone in Tianwumen looked at him, and he couldn’t help but burn with anger, and his aura instantly rose.

  ”I think it’s you who is courting death…”

  Chen Ping finished speaking, his body floated down, and then he punched Xia Chao with a punch.

  The howling wind shocked Xia Chao. He did not expect a madman to have such high energy.

  In the panic, Xia Chao hurriedly dodged back, looking very embarrassed.

  ”Boy, who are you? What does it have to do with Miao Village?”

  Xia Chao didn’t know when such a young master appeared in Miao Village.

  ”I have nothing to do with Miao Village, I just see you as a man who is neither male nor female. I want to teach you

  a lesson…” Chen Ping said disdainfully.

  Xia Chao narrowed his eyes slightly, but he was not in a hurry to take action against Chen Ping, because someone so young and powerful would definitely not be an ordinary person, he should be the son of a sect or family.

  Now Tianwumen is developing, so Xia Chao does not want to provoke a strong enemy to Tianwumen.

  ”Then you must be here for Xiaolan, right?” Xia Chao glanced at Xiaolan next to Chen Ping: “I tell you, this woman is born with a charming body, she can charm, don’t fall for her, Being fascinated by her…”

  ”Stop talking nonsense, I’m happy to be fascinated, can you do anything? I broke all the springs of your Tianwumen, you dare not do it with me, are you too cowardly? If you don’t dare to do it, kneel down and kowtow to me, and I’ll let you go…”

  Chen Ping said impatiently.

  Xia Chao’s face turned cold, and he said gloomily: “Boy, you are courting death…”

  After speaking, Xia Chao’s body instantly moved towards Chen Ping, and slapped Chen Ping’s chest with a palm.

  There was a faint red light flickering in Xia Chao’s palm, and it seemed that he used sorcery.

  The corner of Chen Ping’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t dodge or dodge. With the strength of the great master Xia Chao, he couldn’t break Chen Ping’s powerful body at all.

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