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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 737-738

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 737-738

Chapter 737

  Seeing that Chen Ping grabbed the bead, the big tortoise immediately kicked on its four legs, as if begging Chen Ping to let him go.

  Chen Ping looked at the beads in his hand and let go of the big turtle: “For the sake of your gift, I will spare your life…” The

  big turtle saw Chen Ping let go of himself, and nodded after Chen Ping. Thank you, but just as Chen Ping continued to go downstream, the big tortoise stopped Chen Ping in a panic.

  Chen Ping didn’t understand, why did this big turtle stop him?

  Just when Chen Ping was puzzled, a sudden roar came from the depths of the spring, followed by a huge shock wave, which directly shocked Chen Ping’s ears, and the whole person almost fainted.

  After hearing this roar, the big tortoise swam away in a panic, and swam towards the surface of the water rapidly.

  Chen Ping shook his head to wake himself up a little, looking at the bottomless spring, Chen Ping hesitated.

  The roar that just came from below was so powerful that Chen Ping didn’t know what danger would lie below.

  As Chen Ping dived deeper and deeper, the space below became larger and larger, and the water shone with light was clear.

  ”What is that?”

  Suddenly, Chen Ping saw under the spring’s eyes, a sword emitting a light blue light, was inserted into a huge stone, and the strong spiritual energy in the water was the sword emitted.

  Baojian, this must be a treasured sword…

  Chen Ping is overjoyed, now he is missing a weapon. Now that he sees this sword, Chen Ping likes it very much.

  Chen Ping quickly swam towards the sword. When he was only a dozen meters away from the sword, he noticed this time that the sword was engraved with the words “Dragon Slaying Sword”…

  ”Dragon Slaying Sword?” Chen Ping was stunned: ” Could it be that this sword can kill a dragon?”

  Chen Ping was a little unconvinced. In today’s society, dragons have long become legends, and it is said that giant dragons are powerful and can spit fire and water. Can a sword kill a dragon?

  But no matter whether it can kill the dragon or not, this sword is definitely not an ordinary thing, and Chen Ping likes it at a glance.

  But when Chen Ping stretched out his hand to pull out the Dragon Slaying Sword, suddenly a huge force sent Chen Ping flying out.

  Immediately afterwards, the bottom of the water tumbled for a while, and soon a person condensed from the spring water slowly appeared.

  This man was still holding a knife in his hand, looming under the water, and Chen Ping could only vaguely see that it was a human figure.

  ”The one who cuts the dragon and the sword, kills without mercy…”

  With a hoarse old man’s voice, the looming human figure suddenly pulled out the knife and slashed out.

  A water mark crossed the bottom of the water and came directly towards Chen Ping.

  Chen Ping was startled and hurriedly dodged to the side.


  A deafening sound, followed by an explosion of a cannonball, a big crater appeared directly on the bottom of the water.

  You must know that this is at the bottom of the water, there is water resistance, and this knife has such great power, which shows how powerful the humanoid monsters condensed by this spring water are.

  ”Hmph, it’s just a wisp of consciousness, you dare to stop me…”

  Chen Ping emitted a faint golden light, followed by an angry shout, and punched the humanoid monster.


  With a loud noise, the humanoid monster was directly smashed by Chen Ping’s punch, turned into countless water bottoms, and mixed with the spring water.

  ”So vulnerable…” Chen Ping snorted coldly.

  But soon behind Chen Ping, the humanoid monster condensed again, and slashed Chen Ping’s shoulder with a knife.

  Chen Ping’s body was hit hard, and he fell to the bottom of the spring in an instant, and the sediment underneath also rolled around, making the clear spring water very turbid.

Chapter 738

  Tianwumen Hall!

  An hour passed quickly, but Dalitou still did not appear, which proved that he had not found Chen Ping’s shadow.

  ”Chen Ping, this bastard, I must kill him when I see him…”

  Xiaolan’s face was full of indignation!

  ”It’s been an hour, and King Miao hasn’t come yet?”

  At this time, Xia Chao led someone into the hall.

  ”It may be on the way, we are waiting…”

  Xiao Lan said hurriedly.

  ”Do you take me as a three-year-old child? How far is the distance from Miao Village to Tianwumen? With the strength of their great masters, they can go back and forth in half an hour. It proves that King Miao will not come, and we should hold the ceremony…”

  Xia Chao raised his mouth.

  Xiaolan didn’t speak, she bit her lip tightly, anxious in her heart.

  ”Okay, don’t let me be rough with you, quickly put the hijab on, we should hold the ceremony…”

  Xia Chao said impatiently when Xiaolan didn’t speak.

  ”Young Master Xia, we are…”

  ”I said, I won’t be waiting, can’t you hear?”

  Xia Chao glared at Xiao Lan and roared angrily.

  Xiaolan knew that she couldn’t procrastinate, so she turned her heart away: “Xia Chao, I will not marry you. If you want me, you can only get my body…”

  Xiaolan finished, The dagger suddenly slashed towards his neck.

  Seeing this, Xia Chao stepped forward and hit Xiao Lan on the shoulder, causing the dagger in Xiao Lan’s hand to fall to the ground instantly.

  When the members of the Miao Village saw this, they showed their weapons and prepared to rush out, but they were quickly subdued by the people of Tianwumen.

  Xia Chao controlled Xiaolan and said with a playful look: “You want to die, it’s not that easy. When I run out of you, whether you live or die has nothing to do with me…”

  After speaking, Xia Chao directly carried Xiaolan walked towards the bedroom at the back.

  ”Let go of me, let me go…”

  Xiaolan yelled, but being controlled by Xia Chao, Xiaolan couldn’t move at all.

  After entering the room, Xia Chao threw Xiao Lan directly on the bed, staring at Xiao Lan like a beast, just like staring at his prey. Seeing Xia Chao’s eyes made Xiao Lan tremble with fright. .

  ”Be obedient, you can still survive, otherwise I’ll make your life worse than death…”

  Xia Chao threatened Xiaolan.

  ”You don’t want to be like this. It scares me to death. I will be afraid. Since you like me, you should treat me well. Don’t you just want to sleep with me? I can satisfy you…”

  Suddenly, in Xiao Lan on the bed softened her speech, her eyes were full of tenderness, she twisted her body, and showed a variety of amorous feelings.

  If a man saw Xiaolan like this, he would definitely be unable to control himself.

  This is Xiaolan’s charm. She is not Xia Chao’s opponent in terms of force. Xiaolan can only perform her own charm on Xia Chao.

  In front of his charm, there is no man who will not compromise, except for the pervert Chen Ping…

  Seeing Xiaolan like that, Xia Chao, who was originally fierce, suddenly became a little sluggish, and looked at Xiaolan with a lewd smile. : “Little beauty, I love you to death, hurry up and have fun with me now…”

  After that, Xia Chao rushed towards Xiao Lan.

  Xiaolan got up in a hurry, but Xia Chao grabbed her hand and couldn’t escape.

  Xia Chao looked at Xiaolan slyly, and touched Xiaolan’s waist with one hand, trying to hold Xiaolan in her arms.

  ”Don’t worry, let’s drink some wine first and flirt…”

  Xiao Lan pushed Xia Chao away.

  ”Okay…” Xia Chao nodded again and again.

  Xiaolan walked towards the wine cabinet in the room and opened it directly with a bottle of red wine. She needs to delay now, hoping that Dalitou can find Chen Ping.

  Seeing Xiaolan take down the red wine, the corner of Xia Chao’s mouth twitched!

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