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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 733-734

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 733-734

Chapter 733

  Chen Ping held his breath, quietly absorbed the surrounding spiritual energy, and did not continue to dive. With this rich spiritual energy, Chen Ping was sure that he would be able to improve to a new level within a few days.

  It’s just that Chen Ping doesn’t have much time to stay here to practice. July 15th is just around the corner, and Xiaolan is still on it, so Xia Chao will definitely attack Xiaolan.

  After a short rest, Chen Ping continued to dive down. As the depth of the dive got deeper and deeper, it should have gotten darker and darker, but it started to get brighter below.

  Immediately afterwards, a black shadow came towards Chen Ping, Chen Ping frowned, knowing that this is the depths of the spring, what will there be?

  When the shadow approached, Chen Ping discovered that it turned out to be a tortoise. The tortoise’s shell was one meter square. It was the first time Chen Ping had seen such a big tortoise.

  The turtle’s eyes looked at Chen Ping tightly, his eyes were full of hostility, and on the turtle’s shell, there were some symbols that Chen Ping couldn’t understand.

  ”Could it be that such a huge aura is emitted by this turtle?”

  Chen Ping also looked closely at the turtle that suddenly appeared, motionless.

  After looking at Chen Ping twice, the tortoise suddenly turned his head and dived down without attacking Chen Ping, which made Chen Ping relieved.

  But Chen Ping followed closely, he wanted to see how this turtle appeared in Quan’s eyes.

  But Chen Ping just swam a few meters when he saw that the tortoise had come back, but at this moment the symbol on the tortoise’s tortoise shell began to flash with golden light.

  Soon, golden light filled the entire waters, like a big net, wrapping Chen Ping in the middle.


  Chen Ping stared at the golden light flashing around him, his eyes widened instantly.

  This is not the magic technique of those warlocks, but the real method of the fairy family, the real formation technique…

  How could someone lay a formation technique on the tortoise shell of a tortoise?

  Chen Ping was very surprised, but he was also a little surprised. In this spring, someone put a formation on the tortoise shell, so there must be extremely precious treasures here.

  Chen Ping wanted to continue downstream, but his body was wrapped in golden light, so he couldn’t rush out at all, let alone downstream, even if Chen Ping wanted to float to the surface, it was impossible.

  This time, Chen Ping was a little panicked, can’t he be trapped here forever?

  Squinting his eyes slightly, Chen Ping clenched his fists and waved fiercely towards the swimming turtle.

  Chen Ping knew that as long as the turtle was killed, the formation would naturally be broken.

  The power of Chen Ping’s punch raised a water column in the water, and then slammed into the tortoise.


  After a loud bang, Chen Ping only felt a huge counter-thrust strike, but the swimming turtle was unharmed.


  Just after Chen Ping attacked the tortoise, the formation on the tortoise shell flashed golden light again, and several streaks of energy attacked Chen Ping. Clearly see the direction of movement of the energy.

  It’s just that Chen Ping was imprisoned here at the moment, and there was no way to escape, so he could only use his powerful body to resist these attacks of strength.

  A burst of pain came from his arm, Chen Ping saw that his arm had been cut, and blood was slowly flowing out, staining the surrounding spring water red.

  However, these springs stained with Chen Ping’s blood seem to be imprisoned in this formation, and they cannot be dispersed at all.

  Chen Ping hurriedly covered his wound with his hand, and soon the wound healed slowly, no blood was flowing out, and the formation on the tortoise shell was not attacking Chen Ping.

  Just use the formation method to control Chen Ping, so that he can’t swim around in the spring.

Chapter 734

  Tianwumen Hall, now the time for worship has come.

  Xiao Lan secretly lifted her hijab and began to find out where Chen Ping was.

  ”Where did this guy go? He didn’t sell me, he ran away…”

  Xiaolan anxiously looked for Chen Ping, but unfortunately she didn’t see Chen Ping at all.

  ”The auspicious time has come, please invite the newcomers to worship heaven and earth…”

  a great master of Tianwumen shouted loudly.

  Xia Chao looked at Xiaolan with excited eyes, and his face was full of smiles. After worshipping heaven and earth, they could enter the bridal chamber. At that time, he would put Xiaolan inside her body without Xiaolan’s knowledge. All the yin qi was sucked away, and by that time, Xia Chao would be able to jump directly into several realms and step directly into the realm of Wuzong.

  Just ask the whole world, how many people do you think Wu Zong is so young?

  Xia Chao couldn’t hide his excitement when he thought that he might be the youngest Wuzong in the martial arts world.

  ”Master Xia, why is Clan Master Xia not here on this happy day?”

  Looking at the empty chair above the hall, Dali Tou asked very puzzled.

  How can my son get married, and I am not present.

  ”My father has some important things to do. He has been away for more than half a month, and it will take some time before he can come back. Marriage is a matter for Xiaolan and I. It doesn’t matter if my parents are here or not. Besides, King Miao didn’t come, right? Is it?”

  Xia Chao explained to the Dali head with a faint smile.

  Dalitou didn’t say anything, but Xiaolan, who had been wearing a red hijab, spoke up.

  ”It’s too unlucky for my parents not to participate in such a big day. I think it’s better to wait for the Master Xia to come back…”

  Xiao Lan said, she took off the red hijab herself.

  How could she really follow Xia Chao to worship heaven and earth, wouldn’t she really become his wife, Xiaolan disagreed.

  Now Chen Ping doesn’t know where to go, and Xiaolan can only use this as an excuse.

  Xia Chao’s face turned cold: “I said, my father has gone to work, and it will take some time to come back, and today’s date has been booked, and many people know that if the wedding is not held, will I Be the laughing stock?”

  ”I don’t care, I won’t

  go to church without my parents…” After Xiao Lan finished speaking, she turned around and was about to leave.

  At this time, Xiaolan scolded Chen Ping for a long time in her heart. Chen Ping said that she just let Xiaolan act as a pretense, and she would not really let her follow Xia Chao to worship, but now that the time is up, Chen Ping didn’t even see the shadow of Chen Ping. arrive.

  But when Xiaolan walked to the entrance of the main hall, she was directly stopped by the people from Tianwumen.

  ”You just left, aren’t you kidding me? Without my opening, let me see if you can get out of Tianwumen?”

  Xia Chao said gloomily.

  Xiaolan looked at the people in Tianwumen, eyeing them with murderous intent, and could only turn her head to look at Xia Chao and said: “On such an important occasion, your father is not here, isn’t that looking down on me? Of course I can’t follow you. Worship…”

  ”I tell you, in this church today, you have to worship, and you have to worship if you don’t. Now this is Tianwumen, not your Miao Village. Even in your Miao Village, I’m not afraid of you…”

  Xia Chao directly tore his face and threatened Xiaolan.

  After all, the strength of Tianwumen is stronger than that of Miao Village, not to mention that this is still the territory of Tianwumen.

  As soon as Xia Chao’s voice fell, the disciples of Tianwumen showed their weapons one after another, which surprised Xiaolan and the members of Miao Village who followed.

  If Xia Chao wants to do something to them, this is on Tianwumen’s territory, and they have no chance of winning.

  Seeing the panicked look of everyone in Miao Village, the corner of Xia Chao’s mouth twitched.

  ”Xiao Lan, I just adore you, and King Miao has promised me, isn’t it good for our two strong alliances? Why do you want to go back on your words? You have to think about these people in your Miao Village…”

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