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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 729-730

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 729-730

Chapter 729

  At the same time, on a deserted island in the South China Sea, four girls were playing at the seaside, and the afterglow of the setting sun shone on the four girls, making the four girls like angels descended from the earth.

  ”Sister Yuqi, there are a lot of shells here, and we can add food at night…”

  ”Xiaoru, run slower, let me pick up some…”

  ”I’m here too…” The

  four girls ran Going to pick up shells, these four people are Su Yuqi, Gu Linger, Wu Meier and Xiaoru.

  After Chen Ping and Xiaolan went to Miao Village, Long Wu brought Su Yuqi and the others to this nameless island.

  At that time, there were only two people on the island, Lao Longtou and Xiaoru. Seeing this barren island, Su Yuqi and Gu Linger were still pounding in their hearts.

  However, after seeing Xiao Ru, Su Yuqi’s heart was relieved. After all, she knew Xiao Ru, and when she went to the Taoist temple to treat Xiao Ru, Su Yuqi followed.

  And every time she used the seven-star plate to help Xiaoru absorb the cold air from her body, Su Yuqi would also go with Chen Ping, and Su Yuqi and Xiaoru gradually became familiar with each other.

  Soon, the four girls became familiar with each other, playing and playing, bringing life to this barren island.

  Not far away, Long Wu and Lao Longtou were sitting on a boulder. Old Longtou was holding his big cigarette pouch and looked at a small island in the distance with a dull gaze.

  This island not far from the unknown island is Suolong Island. It is rumored that there are two giant dragons locked here, a flame dragon and an ice dragon. Because of this, the climate on Suolong Island has always been polarized. On the west side, the temperature is very high, and there is a volcano that can erupt at any time, while on the east side of the island, the temperature is very low, it is frozen all the year round, and there is an iceberg!

  Where the two sides of the island meet, there is an isolation belt, and this isolation belt is called the road of death. If someone goes directly from the east to the west, or from the west to the east, they will definitely die instantly.

  Therefore, after going to the island, you can only move on one side, and there is only one day to land on the island every year, that is, July 15. On this day, the climate on the island will be neutralized. It is rumored that this day is also a rendezvous between two giant dragons On the day, the gantry will be opened wide!

  Many people once wanted to go to the island to see two giant dragons, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful. In addition to the wild beasts on the island, there are many people from the dragon family guarding the island. It is rumored that the dragon family is the guardian of the giant dragon. servant.

  It’s just that these are rumors, it’s been a long time, and no one knows whether the rumors are true or not. However, on July 15th, many people will secretly land on the island to obtain some rare resources. There is no one on the island all the year round, whether it is a thousand-year-old snow lotus, a thousand-year-old mountain ginseng, or some rare and exotic beasts, there are countless…

  ”Butler Long, you don’t have to worry too much, now the young master has entered the fasting period, far exceeding our prediction. , there should be no problem…”

  Long Wu said to the old dragon head.

  Lao Longtou didn’t speak, but took a deep breath of dry smoke, then slowly spit it out and said, “I don’t know if I released the news that the young master is still alive in advance, is it right or wrong, the Long family on Suolong Island will definitely send more There are many people to protect.”

  ”Butler Long, you are doing this for the sake of the eldest lady, so you don’t have to blame yourself. Now, apart from Xiaoru’s ice crystal, Chen Ping’s girlfriend is actually a fire spirit body. This should be God’s will. , I believe that on the fifteenth day of the seventh month, the young master will be fine…”

  Long Wu comforted the old dragon head.

  ”God’s will, it’s really God’s will, but the only thing I’m worried about now is whether the young master will sacrifice the lives of these girls to achieve himself…”

  Lao Longtou frowned, with a worried look on his face, getting along with Chen Ping for three times. Years, he knew Chen Ping too well.

Chapter 730

  Long Wu was also silent. Although he didn’t have much contact with Chen Ping, he still knew a little about Chen Ping’s temperament. When he was in danger, Chen Ping would never let his girlfriend’s life save him. .

  ”You can only take one step at a time. The young master started too late. Only after obtaining the Dragon Crystal of Ice Dragon and Yanlong can the young master have the capital to compete with the Long family…”

  Long Wu said solemnly.

  The old dragon head slowly looked at the playful girls and sighed helplessly.


  Miao Village, today is a big day. Xia Chao of Tianwumen came to marry Xiaolan, and many wedding teams from Tianwumen arrived in front of Miaozhai Village very early.

  At this moment, Xiao Lan was well-dressed in the room, looking at Chen Ping with a bit of resentment in her eyes.

  ”Chen Ping, what do you mean? Are you planning to marry me to that Xia Chao?”

  Although today was her big day, there was no trace of happiness on Xiaolan’s face.

  In the past few days of contact, Xiaolan has long given her true feelings to Chen Ping. Although she knows that Chen Ping already has a girlfriend, Xiaolan doesn’t care.

  ”I didn’t say it, it’s just a passing scene. After entering Tianwumen, I won’t really let that Xia Chao attack you…”

  Chen Ping explained.

  ”You remember, I’m here to help you, if that Xia Chao does something to me and you don’t stop me, I’ll kill myself, and then I’ll be a ghost and I won’t let you go…

  ” willingly.

  ”Don’t worry, if my guess is right, that Xia Chao may not even have the ability to be a man. The reason why he wants to marry you is because he has other plans…”

  Chen Ping smiled lightly.

  When he saw Xia Chao for the first time, Chen Ping realized that there was something wrong with Xia Chao’s aura. Although Xia Chao was the strength of a great master, there was a feminine air in his breath, and he didn’t have the kind of masculinity of a man. Ping suspected that Xia Chao had practiced sorcery and no longer had the ability of a man.

  The reason why she wanted to marry Xiaolan was because she took a fancy to Xiaolan’s naturally charming body, and absorbed the essence of Xiaolan’s body by sorcery to help herself cultivate.

  This Xia Chao must have also absorbed a lot of women, which greatly increased his strength, but also made his aura softer.

  Xiaolan was still a little worried and wanted to say something, when Dalitou came in.

  ”Miss Xiaolan, Xia Chao from Tianwumen has arrived at Zhaimen to wait…”

  Dalitou said.

  ”Well, I’ll go out right away…”

  Xiaolan nodded, and after looking at Chen Ping again, she covered her red hijab and was supported by Dalitou out of the room.

  Wu Litou escorted Xiaolan, and dozens of Miao Village members followed behind her.

  Chen Ping was among these Miao village members.

  When he arrived at Zhaimen, Xia Chao was already dressed in red and was waiting on a tall horse.

  Seeing Xiaolan also appearing in a red dress and a red hijab, Xia Chao raised the corner of his mouth and secretly became happy.

  But after looking around, Xia Chao didn’t find King Miao’s figure, so he frowned and said to Dali, “Where is your King Miao?”

  ”Young Master Xia, King Miao didn’t come out, and you know he worked hard. Having raised Miss Xiaolan for 20 years, and now that Miss Xiaolan is about to get married, King Miao can’t bear it anymore and is crying in his room…”

  Dalitou explained calmly.

  ”I can’t see that King Miao still has such a temperament…” Xia Chao smiled: “Our two families are so close, let Xiao Lan often come back and have

  a look…” After Xia Chao finished speaking, as soon as he waved his hand, there was someone from Tianwumen. Someone brought a sedan chair over, and helped Xiao Lan on to the sedan chair.

  Soon, the welcoming team set off towards Tianwumen, and there were dozens of Miao Village members in Wulitou as their family members.

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