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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 727-728

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 727-728

Chapter 727

  The charred bodies of subway beetles looked very terrifying.

  Seeing that the iron beetles he had carefully cultivated were all scorched, King Miao was stunned and his heart was bleeding. Except for the poisonous bees, these iron beetles were his trump card.

  ”It’s so fragrant. If it is fried in a pot, it must be delicious. Now that you don’t have the iron beetle body protection, it means that the tiger has no teeth. Let’s see what you can fight with me…”

  Chen Ping was cold . With a smile, he immediately stepped forward, and then punched King Miao.

  Without the protection of the iron beetle, King Miao’s body was instantly knocked out, and with the sound of bone cracks, King Miao’s ribs were all broken.


  King Miao, who struggled to stand up, shouted angrily.

  ”If you commit suicide now, maybe you can be a little more decent…”

  Chen Ping said lightly.

  ”Suicide?” King Miao glared at Chen Ping: “You think I’m too unbearable…”

  After that, King Miao suddenly burst out with black gas. These black gas were all highly poisonous, but King Miao did not Using these poisonous fog to attack Chen Ping, but with the rise of the poisonous fog, countless poisons in the Miao Village began to rush towards this side.

  Chen Ping was very excited when he saw that King Miao was going to use poison to deal with him.

  However, these poisons did not attack Chen Ping, but began to bite King Miao, but King Miao did not resist at all.

  ”Is he planning to poison himself to death?”

  Chen Ping looked puzzled.

  Soon, King Miao’s body was bitten beyond recognition by the poison, and venom was oozing out of his body, and even his blood was black.

  ”Chen Ping, today I’m going to die with you…”

  King Miao roared, and the deep black qi became thicker and thicker, and began to condense and form in mid-air.

  ”This is the shadow magic of Miao Village, Chen Ping, you have to be careful…”

  Xiaolan roared at Chen Ping.

  When the other Miao village members saw this, they knelt down and bowed to the ground, all bowing their heads silently, and no one dared to look up.

  I saw a huge ghost looming in the air, more than ten feet high, looking down at Chen Ping.

  And King Miao’s body collapsed suddenly after forcing out the last trace of black energy, and the whole body was instantly shriveled, like a mummified corpse.

  ”Go to hell…”

  Mo Ying shouted angrily, but it was the voice of King Miao.

  ”Back up…”

  Dali Tou suddenly stood up and shouted after feeling the terrifying aura.

  The members of the Miao Village got up and ran back one after another, but no one dared to stop.

  ”Chen Ping, run, run…”

  Xiaolan shouted at Chen Ping, but she herself ran back.

  It can be seen that the people of these Miao villages are very afraid of this so-called ghost.

  Chen Ping looked up at the ghost in mid-air: “The body is dead, I’m still afraid of you as a phantom…”


  Soon, the ghost fell from the sky, and the terrifying aura pressed directly on Chen Ping, It’s like two big mountains.

  Chen Ping’s feet quickly sank deep into the ground, and the terrifying aura was still pressing down.

  ”Chen Ping…”

  Seeing Chen Ping like that, Xiaolan wanted to save him, but the fear of the ghost made her unable to move at all.

  ”Don’t come here…” Chen Ping told Xiaolan: “It’s just a phantom, it can’t hurt me…”

  After Chen Ping finished speaking, his body suddenly appeared golden light, and the whole person was like a burning sun, pitch black. The night sky shone brightly.

  And under the sudden golden light, the shadow disappeared instantly, not even a trace of it could be seen.

  When the golden light slowly disappeared, nothing was left except the dry corpse of King Miao on the ground.

  When the others in Miao Village saw this, they were all terrified. That was the ghost of King Miao’s burning life, how could it be so vulnerable?

Chapter 728

  Glancing at King Miao’s corpse, Chen Ping looked around, and the people in the Miao village were all trembling and looked at him in horror.

  Wu Litou was full of cold sweat, and Chen Ping at this moment was like a devil in their eyes.

  ”Can anyone avenge your King Miao?”

  Chen Ping asked sharply.

  Hundreds of people from the Miao Village were silent, and the five major heads were silent, not knowing how to answer Chen Ping.

  ”Chen Ping, let them go…”

  At this moment, Xiao Lan came over.

  In any case, she has also lived in Miao Village for 20 years, and many people here have taken care of her.

  Regardless of whether these people were involved in killing her parents back then, now that King Miao is dead, Xiao Lan doesn’t want to pursue it anymore.

  ”If you can’t let them go, it depends on their attitude…”

  Chen Ping’s eyes are sharp. If these people want to take revenge, Chen Ping will not be merciful. He has always been cruel to the enemy.

  ”King Miao is dead. This is a grudge between Mr. Chen and King Miao. Other members of our Miao Village will never seek revenge on Mr. Chen…”

  Dalitou stood up and said at this time.

  He knew that if he didn’t speak, no one dared to speak. Now in the entire Miao Village, there is no one with more power than him except him.

  ”We don’t dare to seek revenge against Mr. Chen…”

  At this moment, the Miao villagers said in unison, each with a very respectful attitude.

  In this society, only the strong are respected.

  ”Chen Ping, let’s go, get out of here, I will never go back to Miao Village again, I’m going to find my sister…”

  Xiao Lan pulled Chen Ping and said.

  Chen Ping hadn’t opened his mouth yet, but the head of Dali knelt in front of Xiaolan with a thud.

  ”Miss Xiaolan, you must not leave now. If you leave, our Miao Village will be finished, and we will all die…”

  Dalitou kept kowtowing to Xiaolan: “Xia Chao from Tianwumen, said to marry Miss Xiaolan three days later. If Miss Xiaolan is gone, and now King Miao is dead, Tianwumen will deal with our Miao Village easily. , we will all die in the hands of Tianwumen, please, Miss Xiaolan, save us…”

  ”Please, Miss Xiaolan, save us…” The

  other Miao villagers also knelt in front of Xiaolan.

  When King Miao was not dead, Miao Village could still fight with Tianwumen, but now, Tianwumen can crush Miao Village in an instant.

  If someone from Tianwumen came to pick up Xiaolan three days later, but Xiaolan was gone, they would definitely anger the others, and even destroy the entire Miao Village.

  Xiaolan looked at the many Miao people who were kneeling on the ground, with a look of embarrassment on her face.

  In order to save these people, she could never let herself marry that Xia Chao and lose her innocence.

  But if you don’t save it, Xiaolan can’t bear to see these people who have been together for 20 years…

  ”Let’s go in a few days, we will meet the people from Wumen that day…”

  Chen Ping said lightly.

  Xiaolan looked at Chen Ping with gratitude in her eyes, because she knew that Chen Ping stayed here in order not to embarrass herself.

  And those Miao villagers are also grateful: “Thank you, Mr. Chen for saving your life…”

  In fact, Chen Ping had his own plans. He didn’t plan to leave, but wanted to see if there really was a spiritual spring in Tianwumen. .

  Chen Ping and Xiaolan continued to stay in Miao Village, and these few days, Miao Village people worshiped Chen Ping as a god, eating and drinking and entertaining, which made Chen Ping feel very comfortable.

  And Xiaolan also had a good impression of Chen Ping after going through this incident. She confided her feelings like Chen Ping from time to time, and often wore very few clothes to walk around in front of Chen Ping’s eyes, which made Chen Ping burn with lust.

  Xiaolan didn’t care, after all, Chen Ping had already seen her body…

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