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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 723-724

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 723-724

Chapter 723

  Now that King Miao is watching, this makes Chen Ping a little embarrassed, but at this time, Chen Ping did not stop Xiaolan, one hand continuously conveyed spiritual power to Xiaolan, while the other hand assumed a defensive posture , afraid of King Miao’s sudden attack.

  The spiritual power was continuously input into Xiaolan’s body, but Xiaolan’s symptoms were not relieved at the moment, which made Chen Ping frown. He didn’t know what medicine this King Miao gave Xiaolan, and the effect was unexpected so big.

  On the side, King Miao looked at all this, his eyes were scarlet, and his anger was burning: “Chen Ping, I will kill you…” You

  must know that Xiaolan was raised by King Miao for 20 years, ready to enjoy herself, but Now that Chen Ping was holding him in his arms, how could King Miao not be angry.

  King Miao slapped Chen Ping with a palm, but he did not use all his strength. He was afraid of hurting Xiaolan, and he would not be able to explain it to Tianwumen.

  Chen Ping was hugged and entangled by Xiaolan, and there was no way to resist King Miao’s palm. Seeing King Miao approaching him, Chen Ping could only pick up Xiaolan and jumped up from the window.

  At this moment, he couldn’t care about Xiaolan’s clothes not covering his body, so he first found a place to withdraw Xiaolan’s medicinal effect.

  Seeing Chen Ping running away with Xiao Lan in his arms, King Miao hurriedly chased after him, and other Miao village members who heard the movement also rushed over here with torches.

  Chen Ping hugged Xiaolan and galloped fast. After a distance, Chen Ping took out a bag of silver needles, and then quickly pierced the three acupoints of Huimen and Tiantu among Xiaolan’s people.

  Using spiritual power alone, Chen Ping couldn’t suppress the medicinal effect of Xiaolan’s body, so he could only use acupuncture to force the medicinal power out.

  After the three needles were pierced, Xiao Lan’s crazy movements stopped instantly, and she stared at Chen Ping in a daze. After a few seconds, she spit out a mouthful of black blood with a wow.

  Xiaolan’s eyes suddenly became clear, and the frenzy in her eyes subsided, but her face was still a little red at the moment.

  Xiao Lan, who had sobered up, was instantly embarrassed when she saw that she was naked, and then that Chen Ping’s clothes were torn to tatters by herself.

  At this moment, King Miao had already led someone to catch up, and directly surrounded Chen Ping and Xiao Lan.

  Seeing this, Chen Ping hurriedly took off his clothes and surrounded Xiaolan.

  King Miao couldn’t help being a little surprised when Xiaolan’s eyes were clear and the medicinal power had subsided. He didn’t expect Chen Ping to use such a fast time to let Xiaolan recover.

  ”Xiao Lan, as a member of the Miao Village, you let Chen Ping go privately, and you still follow Chen Ping to do sloppy things, what’s your crime?”

  King Miao preemptively asked Xiao Lan.

  Now that there are so many members of Miao Village, including the five major heads, Miao Wang always has to find an excuse. He can’t say that he wants to sleep with Xiaolan, but Chen Ping rescued Xiaolan, right?

  After all, everyone in Miao Village knew that Xiaolan was their righteous daughter. If she did that, wouldn’t she be inferior to a beast?

  Xiao Lan was stunned by King Miao’s pre-emptive question, and looked at King Miao angrily, but didn’t know how to answer.

  Seeing that the villain of King Miao complained first, Chen Ping immediately said angrily: “You old bastard, it was you who wanted to attack Xiaolan, but I rescued her, so you should complain first…”

  ”Full of nonsense, who is Miao Village? I don’t know that Xiaolan is my righteous daughter. I have raised her for 20 years and treat her like my own daughter. How could I do such a thing to him? It’s obvious that you lied to Xiaolan and asked her to let you go. Come out, you are still doing sleazy things, the clothes on your body can prove that, if I hadn’t bumped into it, you two would have turned upside down by now…”

  King Miao shouted at Chen Ping in a righteous manner.

Chapter 724

  The people in Miao Village also looked at Chen Ping angrily. You must know that Xiaolan is the goddess in the hearts of many people in Miao Village. Now Chen Ping, an outsider, has taken the lead. How can they not be angry.   ”

  Chen Ping, you don’t have to argue. King Miao has worked hard to raise Xiaolan for 20 years. How could it be like what you said?


Kill them, kill them…”

  Soon, many people in Miao Village shouted, and the crowd was excited…

  Xiao Lan was wrapped in Chen Ping’s clothes at the moment, and she was speechless, she knew what she said, and no one believed her.

  And Chen Ping looked at the shouting people in Miao Village, suddenly the corner of his mouth raised, and sneered: “A bunch of ignorant guys, well, I admit what you said, I just put Xiao Lan to sleep, but it’s cool, you can take it What should I do? Come on if you have the ability…”

  Chen Ping’s provocation made the people in Miao Village even more angry, but no one dared to take the initiative to step forward. You must know that Chen Ping was the existence who killed Wu Zong, who dared to come forward to seek death ah.   Seeing that no one dared to move, Chen

  Ping looked at King Miao with a sarcastic expression on his face: “Are all of you Miao village cowards?

Ping, gritted his teeth: “Chen Ping, don’t think that you are invincible after killing Qin Xiaolin, although I haven’t reached the realm of Wuzong, but this is Miao Village, my territory, how can I Forgive you…”

  King Miao’s anger rose, and now in this situation, he could not help but do it.

  The aura of the Great Grandmaster’s peak spread toward the surroundings, and the terrifying pressure caused the surrounding trees to sway, as if a gust of wind swept through them.

  ”Don’t use this trick to scare me, be practical…”

  Chen Ping looked disdainful and didn’t care about King Miao’s anger.

  ”I’ll make you regret it right away, don’t think that only you can have a strong body…”

  After King Miao finished speaking, black air began to emerge from his body, and the black air drifted towards the surroundings. Soon he heard a rustling sound from the surrounding mountains and forests, as if countless insects were crawling on the grass.

  Immediately afterwards, from all directions, countless black bugs with hard armor on their backs kept pouring in, and there were thousands of them.

  Seeing these insects, Chen Ping was overjoyed. He knew that King Miao wanted to use poisonous insects to attack him, but Chen Ping was least afraid of poisonous insects. He could just use these poisonous insects to make his dantian more spiritual.

  The people in Miao Village, after seeing these insects, avoided the road one after another, but Wu Litou’s eyes flashed with surprise.

  What made Chen Ping strange was that the bugs did not attack him, but swarmed to King Miao frantically, as if they were biting King Miao.

  ”Chen Ping be careful, that’s an iron beetle, an iron beetle…”

  Xiaolan reminded Chen Ping loudly behind Chen Ping.

  Soon, those bugs covered King Miao’s body, as if a black armor was worn on King Miao’s body.

  Seeing this scene, Chen Ping instantly understood that these insects were not poisonous, nor were they attacking him, but were used for defense.

  ”Hmph, something that doesn’t work for you…”

  Chen Ping snorted coldly and took the lead in launching the attack.

  The unpretentious punch slammed towards King Miao’s chest.


  After a dull sound, King Miao’s body did not move at all, except that a large number of iron beetles fell to the ground and died on the chest, but soon another iron beetle filled the blank.

  ”Hahaha, Chen Ping, I spent my whole life trying to create armor with these iron beetles. My armor has no weaknesses. No matter where you attack, it is useless.”

  King Miao laughed arrogantly.

  Chen Ping looked at King Miao’s arrogant appearance, and the corner of his mouth raised slightly: “Since there is no weakness, then we will try hard…”

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