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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 717-718

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 717-718

Chapter 717

  ”Of course, if Tianwumen is willing to reconcile with my Miao Village, my Miao Village will raise my hands in agreement…” When

  King Miao heard this, he was overjoyed!

  You must know that there are many sects in the southwest, but they are not only Miao Village and Tianwumen, but there are so many cultivation resources in the southwest, and everyone wants to occupy a larger territory, otherwise King Miao will not secretly instruct his adopted son Qian Feng, reached out to Jiangbei.

  However, because Miao Village has been fighting with Tianwumen for years, both sides are almost lost, and it is difficult to develop. This makes the strength of other sects continue to rise, while the strength of Miao Village is stagnant.

  Now many sect managers have stepped into the realm of Wuzong, but King Miao has been trapped at the peak of the great master, and there is no sign of breakthrough, which makes him very anxious.

  This is also the reason why he is anxious to train the corpse king. If Miao Village can really train the corpse king, he will not be afraid of other sects.

  ”Since King Miao agrees, then our previous grievances between Tianwumen and Miao Village will be written off. In order to express my sincerity in Tianwumen, I will bring some good things to King Miao this time…”

  Xia Chao finished speaking, a man behind him The attendant hurriedly took out a glass bottle from his arms, and the glass bottle contained very clear water.

  King Miao looked at the water in the glass bottle and said with some doubts: “Master Xia, isn’t this just ordinary mountain spring water? Could it still be a treasure?”

  ”King Miao doesn’t know, since the two of us are reconciled, I The secrets of Tianwumen will not be kept secret from you. Do you know why the strength of my Tianwumen has increased dramatically in recent years, and there are more than a dozen of the great masters alone. The ten-year-old Grandmaster’s pinnacle?”

  Xia Chao asked with a mysterious smile on his face.

  King Miao shook his head: “I don’t know, I hope Xia Gongzi will clearly say…” King Miao wanted to know why Tianwumen

  suddenly increased in strength, and even the rest of the Miao Village wanted to know, so they all stood up. The ears listen.

  At this moment, only Chen Ping stared at the bottle of water that Xia Chao took out, because he felt the presence of spiritual energy from the water bottle.

  Obviously, the glass bottle cannot have aura, and it must be the water inside that emits aura.

  Can there be spiritual energy in the water?

  Is this the spiritual spring water?

  Just as Chen Ping was thinking, Xia Chao continued to speak: “Don’t hide King Miao, where my Tianwumen is located, a mountain spring suddenly appeared three years ago. At first, the mountain spring was nothing special, but the spring water was sweet. Our Tianwumen disciples like to drink water from mountain springs, but later we slowly discovered that this mountain spring water actually has the effect of strengthening the body. Drinking this mountain spring water for a long time can not only improve strength, but also heal injuries. It was because my father drank this mountain spring water that he broke through to the realm of Wuzong…”

  Xia Chao’s words made King Miao stunned for a moment, and the five major heads were all incredulous.

  Speaking of the spring water on the mountain, there are also many mountain springs on the site of Miao Village, and the water flowing out of the mountain springs together to form a stream, which flows through the site of Miao Village. Can mountain spring water also enhance physical fitness?

  ”Young Master Xia didn’t lie to me, did you? Mountain spring water can strengthen your body and make people break through the realm?”

  King Miao didn’t believe it. Well, this is a bit unbelievable.

  ”King Miao, what’s the use of me lying to you? If you don’t believe me, I’ll bring some mountain spring water, and you can taste it yourself.”

  Xia Chao handed the mountain spring water in his hand to King Miao.

Chapter 718

  When King Miao opened the bottle cap, there was indeed a mellow smell coming out of his nostrils. Just smelling the smell made him feel refreshed.

  But just when King Miao was about to take a sip, he was stopped by the head of Dali: “King Miao, don’t drink it lightly…”

  After all, Miao Village was a feud with Tianwumen, how could it be resolved in a sentence or two, if This Xia Chao is cheating, if the water is poisonous, wouldn’t King Miao be in danger.   ”Haha ,

  Dalitou is so cautious. In the entire southwest, whoever can use poison better than your Miao village, and who dares to poison in front of your Miao village, must be a fool…”

The spring water was brought back, and he drank it directly to prove that there was no problem with the mountain spring water.

  ”Retreat for me…” King Miao scolded Dali head angrily.

  Xia Chao’s words just now made King Miao very proud. Whoever dares to eat in front of the Miao people would be really impatient.

  ”Master Xia, my subordinates are ignorant, I hope you don’t take offense…” King

  Miao said, directly holding the glass bottle in his hand, and drank the whole bottle of water all the way down his neck.

  When the water from the mountain spring fell into his stomach, King Miao only felt refreshed, and a warm current was constantly flowing in his dantian.

  ”King Miao, how do you feel?”

  Xia Chao said with a slight smile.

  ”Okay, it really is a good thing…” At this moment, King Miao had no doubts about Xia Chao.

  ”Since King Miao feels that it is a good thing, then I will bring some more to King Miao when I have time. I believe that with this spring water, King Miao will break through the realm of Wuzong just around the corner…”

  Xia Chao laughed.

  ”Young Master Xia, you gave me such a big gift for my Miao Village, and our Miao Village didn’t return the gift. Isn’t it too stingy. What do you want from my Miao Village, just say it…”

  King Miao knew that Tianwumen did not He would be so kind, and he must have a plan for Miao Village.

  Xia Chao looked at Xiaolan on the side, and the corner of his mouth raised: “King Miao, in fact, I admired Miss Xiaolan many years ago when I saw her, but now that we are both adults, I hope King Miao can marry Miss Xiaolan. Give it to me, then the two of us will become in-laws, which will be beneficial to the alliance between the two of us…”

  King Miao frowned slightly and looked up at Xiaolan, who had long regarded Xiaolan as a His own woman, which he has worked hard to raise for 20 years.

  Now that Xia Chao actually wanted to marry Xiao Lan, King Miao was of course very reluctant to part with it.

  But when he thought that with the mountain spring water, he would be able to break through to Wuzong, King Miao finally gritted his teeth and said: “Okay, I promise Xia Gongzi, I don’t know when Xia Gongzi plans to marry?”

  ”Three days later…” Xia Chao With a look of pride, he stretched out three fingers.

  ”Foster father, Xiao Lan feels that she is still young, I want to be by my father’s side, I don’t want to marry…” Seeing that King

  Miao had agreed to that Xia Chao, Xiao Lan immediately knelt down in front of King Miao.

  Although Xia Chao was considered a talent, Xiao Lan didn’t like him.

  ”This matter is up to me, are you trying to disobey me?”

  King Miao glared at Xiaolan and said.

  ”Xiao Lan dare not…”

  Xiao Lan bit her lip and finally got up and stepped back.

  At this moment, Chen Ping looked at Xia Chao and found that this guy actually had a yin qi on his body, as if he had practiced some evil cultivation secrets. It seems that this guy married Xiaolan, maybe he had other plans…

  ” Xiaolan is mine, who would dare to marry her?” Chen Ping suddenly hugged Xiaolan, his eyes full of anger.

  This sudden change shocked Xiaolan, and even Xia Chao was stunned.

  At first, he only regarded Chen Ping as an ordinary member of the Miao Village, but he didn’t want Chen Ping to hug Xiaolan in full view of the public, and also called Xiaolan his.

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