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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 711-712

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 711-712

Chapter 711

  Xiaolan stopped a taxi, and the two of them got into the car and headed towards Miao Village.

  There is still a long distance from the Miao Village. Miao Village is in the southwest of the mountains. You can only go to the foot of the mountain by car. The rest of the road needs to be walked, so they arrived at the Miao Village, it is estimated that it will be midnight.

  Chen Ping and Xiaolan sat in the back of the car, while the driver kept watching their every move through the rearview mirror.

  Chen Ping hugged Xiaolan’s arm the whole time and leaned on Xiaolan’s shoulder.

  Soon, Chen Ping’s head lay in Xiaolan’s arms, his eyes full of greed rubbing against Xiaolan’s arms.

  His hands also became dishonest.

  Xiaolan glared at Chen Ping secretly, but Chen Ping seemed to have not seen it, and still went his own way!

  Suddenly, Xiao Lan’s body trembled, and she only felt that Chen Ping’s hand would touch her sensitive place from time to time.

  Xiaolan gritted her teeth, she didn’t know whether Chen Ping was intentional or not, but the feeling of electric shock made Xiaolan’s body tense, and she clenched her teeth silently.

  But soon Xiaolan’s face became rosy and her breathing was a little short. She pressed Chen Ping with both hands, not wanting to let Chen Ping move. Xiaolan, who had never been in such close contact with a man, was afraid at the moment. I couldn’t help myself a little bit.

  After driving for more than two hours, Xiao Lan felt as if a year had passed. The strange feeling in her body made her almost slumped in her seat.

  Soon, the car stopped at the foot of the mountain, and the taxi driver opened the door with a slight smile: “Miss Xiaolan, you’ve arrived at the place, congratulations on your successful completion of the task, King Miao is waiting for you…”

  Xiaolan looked at her in surprise. I didn’t expect this taxi driver to be from Miao Village. Fortunately, she and Chen Ping didn’t behave in a strange way in the taxi, and didn’t say anything.

  Xiaolan got out of the taxi, but just after landing on her feet, she almost fell when her legs were soft, but fortunately Chen Ping was quick-witted and supported Xiaolan.

  When the taxi driver saw this, he smiled slightly and said, “Miss Xiaolan’s charm is really powerful, this kid is fascinated by you…”

  After that, the taxi driver got in the car and walked away.

  Seeing the taxi leaving, Xiao Lan hurriedly pushed Chen Ping away: “Where are you groping me in the car, you big pervert?”

  Xiao Lan waited for Chen Ping, the flushing on her face still did not fade away.

  Chen Ping didn’t care, but smiled slightly: “If I don’t do that, wouldn’t it be seen by your Miao people?”

  Xiaolan looked at Chen Ping in surprise: “You knew from the beginning. Is the driver from Miao Village?”

  ”Of course, or you really think I’m eating your tofu!” Chen Ping raised the corner of his mouth: “Let’s go quickly, or we will spend the night in this forest.”

  Xiaolan wanted to leave, but her legs were still soft at this time. In the past two hours, she gritted her teeth and stood up.

  Seeing Xiaolan like that, Chen Ping smiled: “Would you like me to carry you away?”

  ”No, just stay away from me…”

  Xiaolan glared at Chen Ping.

  ”Don’t forget, this is the site of Miao Village. Maybe there are people from Miao Village in this forest. If you get help, don’t blame me…”

  After Chen Ping finished speaking, he went straight to the mountain. go.

  When Xiaolan heard this, she could only reluctantly catch up with Chen Ping, and then Chen Ping put his arm on his back, and the two walked towards the mountain like glue.

  Chen Ping did not expect that this King Miao was so cautious. Xiaolan was his adopted daughter, so he couldn’t believe it, and even sent someone to observe it secretly.

  At this moment, it was already dark, and Chen Ping and Xiaolan were still walking on the mountain road.

  And in a valley that crosses this mountain, it is brightly lit, and this is Miao Village.

Chapter 712

  ”King Miao, Miss Xiaolan and that kid will go to Miao Village soon. That kid is fascinated by Miss Xiaolan and follows Miss Xiaolan like a pug.”

  A member of Miao Village reported to King Miao . road.

  ”Yeah!” King Miao nodded in satisfaction.

  After the member of the Miao Village left, the five people also walked into the hall of King Miao.

  These five people are the five chiefs of Miao Village.

  ”Have you all prepared the materials for the training of the corpse king?” King

  Miao asked the five heads.

  Dali nodded his head: “King Miao, everything is ready, but I’m afraid that this kid will be immune to all poisons, and those poisons will have no effect on him…”

  ”Don’t worry, now that kid Chen Ping has been fascinated by Xiaolan. He was so fascinated that he would do whatever Xiaolan asked him to do. I had already prepared powder for San Gong. As long as Chen Ping ate it, his energy would collapse immediately and he would lose his energy. What would he use to defend against those poisons? “

  King Miao said with a faint smile.

  ”King Miao, if Chen Ping ate the powder and died within seven days, what should we do?”

  Dali Tou asked in surprise.

  If there is no skill, who can stay in a room full of poison for seven days?

  ”No, that Chen Ping’s body is already extremely powerful. The reason why I used him to practice Corpse King is because of his domineering body…” King

  Miao was because he watched Chen Ping and Qin Xiaolin’s fight After the video, the idea of ​​turning Chen Ping into a corpse king arose.

  Seeing King Miao say this, no one of the five chiefs said anything.


  In the dense forest, with a little moonlight, Chen Ping and Xiaolan quickly walked on the mountain path.

  At this moment, the two were very close, and Xiao Lan smelled the man’s breath on Chen Ping’s body. She didn’t know what was wrong, and her heart beat faster.

  ”Isn’t it here yet?”

  Chen Ping looked at the dark path and frowned slightly.

  He did not expect this Miao Village to be so far away, hidden deep in the mountains.

  ”Come on, there is a valley ahead, that’s it…”

  Xiao Lan pointed to the front and said.

  Chen Ping was helpless and could only follow Xiaolan and continue to move forward.

  It wasn’t until midnight that the two of them arrived at Miao Village. At the entrance of Miao Village, many people were guarding. After the guard saw Xiao Lan, he immediately opened the door: “Miss Xiao Lan, you can count on it, King Miao is still waiting. What about you…”

  Xiaolan was stunned for a moment, she didn’t expect that it was so late, that King Miao was still waiting for her, did you want to lock Chen Ping into the room overnight to practice the corpse king?

  ”Well, I see!” Xiaolan nodded, and then walked into Miao Village with Chen Ping.

  The guards of the Miao Village looked at Chen Ping holding Xiaolan’s arm with a greedy look, and they were all envious. Xiaolan’s appearance, but they had been greedy for a long time, but no one dared to attack Xiaolan, let’s not talk about it. What is Xiaolan’s strength? As far as Xiaolan is the righteous daughter of King Miao, who would dare to move!

  Chen Ping followed Xiaolan into the Miao Village, and found that most of the entire Miao Village were wooden buildings. There was a two-story building in the middle of the Miao Village, which looked more majestic and domineering. It should be where the Miao King was.

  Sure enough, Xiao Lan took Chen Ping into the second-floor building. In the hall on the first floor, a man was sitting on the main seat. Although the man’s temples were already gray, he could still see the outline of his handsome face.

  Under the main seat, five people lined up at a time. It was the five chiefs of Miao Village, and Chen Ping had seen them all.

  But after entering inside, Chen Ping’s eyes did not look everywhere, but stared straight at Xiaolan, holding Xiaolan’s arms tightly with both hands, his eyes were full of fiery.

  ”Foster father, I have brought this Chen Ping back…”

  Xiao Lan followed King Miao expressionlessly.

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