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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 705-706

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 705-706

Chapter 705

  ”Hmph, that’s because you are not attractive, Chen Ping is a big pervert, or why is my sister’s clothes like this?”

  Wu Meier snorted at Gu Linger.

  When Gu Linger heard that Wu Meier actually said that she was not attractive, she didn’t care about embarrassment, and she instantly said with anger: “Who said I was not attractive? If you don’t believe me, ask Chen Ping, who is attractive…”

  Gu Linger said, In an instant, several girls turned their attention to Chen Ping, which made Chen Ping panic all of a sudden.

  Feeling the gazes of several girls, Chen Ping’s face was helpless, and he could only look at Long Wu with help-seeking eyes, hoping that Long Wu could relieve himself.

  Long Wu hehe smiled, but looking at Chen Ping’s pitiful appearance, he could only stand up and said, “Mei’er, don’t be fooling around, Chen Ping did not treat your sister, he is still a young man, he has never touched her before. Woman, how can you touch your sister…”

  Hearing Long Wu’s words, Wu Mei’er looked at Chen Ping in surprise.

  After all, Chen Ping lived together with Su Yuqi and Gu Linger. It was impossible for a man to stand guarding these two girls. He didn’t expect Chen Ping to do nothing.

  ”No wonder you can resist the charm, so you can’t…”

  Wu Mei’er said with a bit of sarcasm in her eyes.

  Don’t let Chen Ping get angry with this sentence, he really cleaned up Wu Meier face to face, and let her see if she can do it.

  But in front of so many people, Chen Ping could only swallow his anger and say nothing.

  Finally, everyone quieted down, while Su Yuqi looked at Long Wu and asked Chen Ping, “Chen Ping, who is this person?”

  Su Yuqi had never seen Long Wu, so she didn’t know him.

  ”Oh, I forgot to introduce, this is Uncle Long, if it weren’t for him, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to see you back from the capital, and the bronze mirror for protecting the heart and the pill for washing marrow were all given by Uncle Long. “

  Chen Ping hurriedly followed Su Yuqi’s introduction.

  When Su Yuqi heard this, she hurriedly smiled at Long Wu and said, “Hello, Uncle Long…”

  Long Wu also nodded with a smile and glanced at Su Yuqi: “Have you eaten the Xisui Dan?”

  ”Well, you have…” Su Yuqi nodded.

  ”Come here, I will teach you a set of exercises. You can practice it yourself when you are free. Whether you can succeed or not depends on your own good fortune…”

  Long Wu waved at Su Yuqi.

  Su Yuqi walked over in a hurry, and Long Wu directly put his right hand on top of Su Yuqi’s head.

  A wave of spiritual power entered Su Yuqi’s head from Long Wu’s right hand. Su Yuqi only felt that her brain was blank, and then a set of four-character exercises kept flashing in her mind.

  After just ten seconds, Long Wu retracted his hand, while Su Yuqi widened her eyes in shock.

  Because she found out that there were so many things in her mind before she knew it.

  This is simply amazing.

  If you can instill knowledge into your brain like this when you go to school, wouldn’t you be a scholar?

  Looking at Su Yuqi’s shocked look, Long Wu smiled lightly: “You try to follow what the exercises say, and try it yourself…”

  ”Yeah!” Su Yuqi couldn’t wait to sit on the sofa, her eyes closed slightly unconsciously. Start, and then start to adjust your breathing according to the exercises.

  As Su Yuqi’s breathing became weaker and lighter, aura began to slowly permeate towards Su Yuqi’s body.

  ”Sure enough, it’s a good seedling…”

  Long Wu saw that Su Yuqi began to practice, and he sensed the existence of aura, and absorbed the aura into his body, which was incredible.

  But soon, everyone found that Su Yuqi’s breathing became weaker and weaker, and Su Yuqi’s face began to turn red, and then the whole body’s skin became red.

Chapter 706 Fire Spirit Body _

  The temperature of the entire living room was rising at an extremely fast rate, as if a large stove was being built, causing everyone to hurriedly stay away from Su Yuqi.


  At this moment, Gu Linger exclaimed.

  It turned out that Su Yuqi was sitting on the sofa below, and because the temperature was too high, thick smoke began to rise.

  Seeing this, Chen Ping hurried up and wanted to take Su Yuqi away, but just touched Su Yuqi’s body, Chen Ping immediately retracted his hand, because he found that Su Yuqi’s body was really hot, like it was burning red Iron plate in general.

  ”Yuqi, Yuqi, it’s on fire, get up quickly…”

  Gu Linger yelled at Su Yuqi, but Su Yuqi didn’t seem to hear it.

  Chen Ping was a little panicked at this time, and looked at Long Wu, wondering what was going on and what kind of exercises Long Wu passed on to Su Yuqi.

  I saw Long Wu’s brows furrowed, and suddenly bursts of cold light erupted from his body, and his hands began to take cold air, and soon there were frost on his hands.

  ”You all get out of the way, I’ll try it

  with my Frost Palm…” Long Wu said, using his frosted hand, he stepped forward and lifted Su Yuqi up.   呲呲呲

  … After Long Wu’s hands touched Su Yuqi, there was a sound of ice cubes hitting the flames and then the water mist rose.   Long Wu gritted his teeth and moved Su Yuqi to a place, and at this moment the sofa began to burst into flames.   Chen Ping hurriedly extinguished the flames with water, and then looked at Su Yuqi who was still closing his eyes, feeling extremely anxious.   ”Uncle Long, what happened to Yuqi?”   Chen Ping asked anxiously.   Long Wu shook his head: “I don’t know either, all I taught her were ordinary exercises, how could it be like this?”   Even Long Wu didn’t know what was going on, which made Chen Ping even more anxious .

  But at this time, the temperature in the living room was getting higher and higher, it was like being in a big stove, and finally Wu Meier, Gu Linger and Xiaolan couldn’t stand it anymore and ran outside.

  At this moment, the three of them were sweating profusely, while Chen Ping and Long Wu desperately resisted the heat wave with their spiritual power, staring closely at Su Yuqi.

  Although it was so hot, there was not a trace of sweat flowing out of Su Yuqi’s face, and there was nothing wrong with her whole body except that her skin became red.

  Suddenly, Long Wu’s eyes widened and he suddenly took a breath: “I see, this… is this the legendary fire spirit body?”

  ”Fire spirit body?” With dragon five.

  Looking at Chen Ping’s confused face, Long Wu explained: “The fire spirit body is also a kind of physique, but people with this physique are extremely rare, and people with this physique can practice the exercises faster than Ordinary people are much faster, and more importantly, people with fire spirit bodies. After stepping into the world of immortality, their bodies will not be afraid of flames. Even in the raging fire, they will not feel the heat. People with physique…”

  Listening to Long Wu’s explanation, Chen Ping seemed to understand something, nodded and said, “It’s like people with ice crystals, after stepping into the world of immortality, they are not afraid of severe cold, right?”

  Chen Ping knew about ice crystals, because Xiaoru, the daughter of the virtuous Daoist at that time, was an ice crystal, but Xiaoru did not step into the world of cultivating immortals, so her body was disturbed by the cold air, and she needed a seven-star plate to help absorb the coldness from her body. gas to survive.

  But Chen Ping never thought that Su Yuqi was actually a fire spirit body, but he had never seen anything strange about Su Yuqi.

  ”This fire spirit body is several times more powerful than ice crystals, as well as the natural charm body like Mei’er and her sister, which are all special physiques, but the natural charm body is relatively useless, and it doesn’t help much in cultivation, ice crystals Your cultivation speed will also be much faster, Xiaoru cultivated later than you, but with your current strength, I am afraid that you are no longer invincible…”

  Long Wu followed Chen Ping and said slowly.

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