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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 697-698

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 697-698

Chapter 697

  At this time, the girl had already rushed in front of Chen Ping, and she was very surprised to face Chen Ping’s quick counterattack.

  However, the dagger in his hand did not stop, and he desperately sent it to Chen Ping’s neck.

  ”You’re actually immune to my charms, are you a man?” The girl’s face turned pale with anger, and her gaze at Chen Ping became more and more gloomy.

  ”Isn’t it weird? Don’t you know it all?” Chen Ping’s face was stunned, he held the dagger in his hand, and with a slight shock, the dagger broke into two pieces and fell to the ground.

  In the next second, the cold aura in the girl’s body erupted instantly, followed by a surge of black energy.

  In almost an instant, the black air surrounded Chen Ping.

  Looking at the rising black gas, Chen Ping suddenly woke up when he thought of what he looked like when he just started.

  ”You…Aren’t you Wu Mei’er?”

  Chen Ping’s eyes were full of surprise, because the girl in front of her looked almost exactly like Wu Mei’er, and she even knew charm.

  If it weren’t for the girl’s use of force against Chen Ping and the poisonous gas emitted, Chen Ping would really take her as Wu Mei’er, too similar, too similar.

  But now that Chen Ping thought about it, although this girl looked exactly like Wu Meier, her body had a more gloomy aura than Wu Meier.

  ”Who said that I am Wu Mei’er, it was you who admitted the mistake from the beginning…” After the

  girl finished speaking, she punched Chen Ping away.

  In her opinion, Chen Ping has been enveloped in poisonous gas, and will soon become poisonous, causing him to become unconscious, so Chen Ping could not escape this punch at all.

  But contrary to the girl’s expectations, Chen Ping easily escaped her attack, and he even sucked the poisonous gas out of his mouth.

  ”Who are you? Why do you look so much like a friend of mine?”

  Chen Ping didn’t fight back at the girl, but asked with a puzzled look.

  Although I don’t know what the girl’s relationship with Wu Mei’er is, Chen Ping can be sure that the girl and Wu Mei’er are definitely related by blood, and it is very likely that the two are twins.

  Chen Ping knew that Wu Meier was picked up by Long Wu, so it is possible that the family gave birth to a pair of twin daughters. Because of the pressure, he chose to throw one away.

  Because the cost of raising children is getting higher and higher, it often happens that one is lost because one cannot afford to raise a child.

  ”I’m the one who came to catch you…” After the

  girl finished speaking, she shot at Chen Ping again, but Chen Ping dodged each time, and after dozens of moves in a row, the girl began to pant.

  Chen Ping looked at the girl so tired, and said lightly: “Okay, it’s almost done, you are not my opponent, you can’t catch me, I just want to know who you are, you are really a friend of mine. Like, almost exactly the same.” The

  girl looked at Chen Ping standing in front of her, and said very dissatisfiedly: “You look down on me?”

  ”If it wasn’t for the sake of seeing you look exactly the same as a friend of mine, you would have It’s just a corpse, don’t think I will pity Xiangxiyu, your charms are useless to me, you’d better answer my question, tell me who you are, why are you arresting me?”

  Chen Ping looked at the girl coldly, The momentum of the body rose.

  Just now, Chen Ping had clearly felt the girl’s true strength, but he was a martial artist who had just stepped into the great master, how could he possibly catch him.

  ”Arrogant!” The

  girl had a gloomy face and didn’t take Chen Ping’s words to heart at all. She suddenly jumped up, her body looked weird in the night sky, and countless cold beams flew towards Chen Ping condescendingly!

  ”Seven stars kill!” The

  girl shouted angrily, and countless flying knives fell from mid-air, directly covering Chen Ping’s body, making Chen Ping unavoidable.

Chapter 698

  Seeing this scene, Chen Ping raised his brows, finally shook his head, and said with a sneer, “This move is not very useful.”

  If the girl’s opponent is one level worse than her, this move is definitely useful. , but she was facing Chen Ping, who had just killed Wu Zong, so this move was almost useless to Chen Ping.

  Chen Ping closed his eyes and stood motionless, as if he had no ability to fight back, and then a few daggers went straight to Chen Ping.

  ”Hit!” The

  girl shouted excitedly, because she saw with her own eyes that the dagger had touched Chen Ping’s body.

  But just after the girl shouted happily, the next moment her whole face turned black!

  Because she saw that after the dagger touched Chen Ping’s body, there was a sound of metal collision, and then all the daggers burst and fell to the ground. Looking at Chen Ping’s body, there was no injury.

  ”You… are you still human?!” The

  girl stared at Chen Ping with wide eyes.

  ”Stop it, you’re not my opponent, tell me, who are you? Who are your parents?”

  If Chen Ping could know the other’s parents, it would be possible to find a family for Wu Meier.

  ”You’re dead, I won’t say it!” The girl’s face was gloomy, and her eyes were full of coldness.

  The energy in the body was output frantically, and the cold aura poisoned all the plants and trees within ten feet to death. There was such a powerful poison in the skinny body!

  In the blink of an eye, the dagger in the girl’s hand broke through the air again, and the sense of tearing apart the space was filled with an indomitable killing spirit.

  There is also a faint green light on the dagger, and it looks like it has been fed with poison. As long as it hits, it will be killed in one hit!

  Seeing that the girl knew that she was incapable of catching Chen Ping, she was planning to kill Chen Ping.

  Looking at this scene, Chen Ping sighed slightly, but without hiding, he directly raised his hand and waved, and the girl’s body flew out instantly.


  The girl’s body slammed heavily on the wall, directly knocking the girl into a daze. This is still Chen Ping’s hand, otherwise the girl would have vomited blood and died.

  The girl slowed down, but her eyes were still cold. Chen Ping really didn’t know where he had offended the girl. Why did he have to fight with himself?

  ”Go to hell!”

  With a coquettish shout, the girl rushed towards Chen Ping again.

  Seeing this, Chen Ping sighed slightly: “Almost got it.”

  Then, with a wave of spiritual power, an invisible sword was formed in his hand, and Chen Ping rushed to the girl at a faster speed.

  The two figures staggered, moved for a moment, and then separated under the touch.

  The two people standing back to back stood up straight, neither of them moved.

  After a few breaths, the girl knew that she was completely defeated and had no chance at all!

  ”Bastard! You actually…” The

  girl screamed, then grabbed her clothes tightly with both hands, and looked at Chen Ping angrily.

  Because at this moment, there were several gaps in the girl’s clothes, the snow-white skin was exposed, and the buttons of the clothes were missing. If you didn’t hold the clothes with your hands, Chen Ping would have seen them all.

  ”You can kill me, but you don’t have to try to take advantage of me. I’d rather bite my tongue and kill myself than let you succeed…” The

  girl was determined, if Chen Ping really wanted to do something to her, she would definitely commit suicide.

  ”Then just bite your tongue and commit suicide. Anyway, what I want is your body. Even if you bite your tongue and commit suicide, I can still find happiness in you…”

  Chen Ping turned around and looked at the girl with a lascivious face. The child is like a big lecher.

  ”You… You are shameless, you are not human…” The

  girl did not expect Chen Ping to say such disgusting words.

  When she thought of how Chen Ping had spoiled her body after biting her tongue and committing suicide, the girl had goose bumps all over her body.

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