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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 687-688

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 687-688

Chapter 687

  Zhao Wuji hurried forward to meet him, with a respectful look on his face: “I didn’t expect Elder Xu to come too, what a distinguished guest…”

  ”Pallet Master Zhao is too polite, I’m also curious, come and take a look…”

  Xu Changsheng smiled lightly.

  ”Elder Xu…”

  Bai Xiushan and Qin Xiaolin all greeted Xu Changsheng with respect.

  Seeing that these bigwigs are so respectful to Xu Changsheng, the others all fled from Xu Changsheng’s side one after another, not daring to get too close to Xu Changsheng, such a big man, with a faint aura on his body, made them unable to bear it.

  Chen Ping glanced at Xu Changsheng and Yu Dong, and said lukewarmly, “Do you two also want to get involved?”

  ”Mr. Chen, this is Elder Xu from Yaoshengu, but Yaoshengu is…”

  Zhao Wuji saw that Chen Ping’s attitude was not very good, so he hurriedly followed Chen Ping’s introduction, wanting to let Chen Ping know who Xu Changsheng was.

  But before he could finish speaking, Xu Changsheng waved his hand and smiled: “Gatemaster Zhao doesn’t need to be introduced, I know Brother Chen…”

  Xu Changsheng’s words caused Zhao Wuji and Bai Xiushan to be stunned. He didn’t know when Chen Ping met. Xu Changsheng.

  And Qin Xiaolin, after hearing that Xu Changsheng and Chen Ping actually knew each other, a bad premonition rose in his heart.

  If Chen Ping really knew Xu Changsheng and had a good relationship, then the Qin family would really not dare to do anything to Chen Ping in the future.

  ”It turns out that Mr. Chen and Elder Xu have known each other for a long time. I was the one who talked too much…”

  Zao Wou-Ki said with an embarrassed expression.

  ”Actually, it’s not too early. We met last night. The two of them broke into my villa in the middle of the night and wanted to rob my medicine pill. After a fight, we got to know each other…” After

  Chen Ping finished speaking, he clicked Zirang everyone to explode, especially Bai Xiushan and Zao Wuji, they never thought that Chen Ping would actually fight with Xu Changsheng!

  Moreover, Xu Changsheng also wanted to snatch Chen Ping’s medicinal pills. You must know that Yaoshengu claims to be famous and upright, and he has indeed treated many people in the martial arts world, so he is deeply respected by everyone in the martial arts world.

  It’s just that the people in Yaoshengu are very mysterious, so most people have never met people in Yaoshengu, and only some masters in the martial arts world or patriarchs of big families know people in Yaoshengu.

  Now the people of Yaoshengu are going to rob other people’s medicine pills.

  ”Boy, what nonsense are you talking about? When did we rob your medicinal pill? It’s just that the first elder wanted to see your medicinal pill. When did he say he wanted to rob you, and if he really wanted to rob your medicinal pill, use With the strength of the first elder, can you still live to this day?”

  Yu Dong glared at Chen Ping and retorted loudly.

  ”That is, what kind of strength is Elder Xu? Many years ago, Elder Xu was already a Martial Sect. I have to respectfully call Elder Xu a senior, but you can still be Elder Xu’s opponent? What’s more, Medicine God Valley is famous for alchemy, what can you do? Let Elder Xu snatch it? It’s clearly your bloody mouth…”

  Qin Xiaolin was ecstatic at this moment, and immediately roared at Chen Ping with a stern face.

  Now he only needs to pull Xu Changsheng to his side, even if Chen Ping has great ability, he can’t move him in the slightest, and Chen Ping follows Yaoshengu to form a revenge, which is sure to die.

  Qin Xiaotian is also looking at Chen Ping at the moment, he doesn’t know whether Chen Ping is really stupid or fake, and he offends the people in Yaoshengu at this time.

  ”Mr. Chen, this must be a misunderstanding. Elder Xu will never do this. Is there any misunderstanding here?”

  Bai Xiushan looked at Chen Ping and winked desperately at Chen Ping.

  And Chen Ping didn’t seem to see it, and smiled coldly: “What kind of heart they have in my villa at night, they know best in their hearts…”

Chapter 688 Apology

  Chen Ping’s words surprised everyone. As a person in the martial arts world, they all know exactly where the Medicine God Valley is. What’s more, Chen Ping dares to say this when he is facing the great elder of the Medicine God Valley. , isn’t this courting death?

  Bai Xiushan and Zao Wou-Ki all sweated for Chen Ping, for fear that Xu Changsheng would be angry.

  But this made Qin Xiaolin and Qin Xiaotian happy.

  ”Boy, you slandered my Medicine God Valley, I think you are impatient…”

  Yu Dong glared at Chen Ping.

  ”What, do you want to fight with me? You are just a defeated general, do you have the right to speak here?”

  Chen Ping said coldly, looking at Yu Dong who was angry.


  Yu Dong was furious. In front of so many people, he actually said that he was a defeated general. Yu Dong was a little embarrassed, so he planned to go towards Chen Ping in a single step.

  ”Yu Dong…”

  Xu Changsheng stopped Yu Dong, then looked at Chen Ping with a smile on his face and said, “Brother Chen, I think you must have misunderstood, we never meant to snatch your medicinal pills, as for last night. Your recklessness, I apologize to you…”

  Xu Changsheng, as the great elder of Medicine God Valley, actually followed Chen Ping to apologize?

  This surprised everyone, even Chen Ping himself did not expect that Xu Changsheng would actually apologize to himself in public.

  Xu Changsheng apologized, and Chen Ping couldn’t say anything more.

  When the Qin brothers saw this situation, their originally excited hearts instantly cooled down. They didn’t know what Chen Ping was capable of to make the elder of Yaoshengu apologize.

  ”Elder, you…how can you apologize to him?”

  Yu Dong looked at Xu Changsheng in disbelief. He must know that everyone here is from the martial arts world. If it spreads out, how could their reputation for Medicine God Valley be? Isn’t it damaged?

  ”Shut up!” Xu Changsheng glared at Yu Dong, then glanced at everyone and said, “Today, on behalf of Yaoshengu, I would like to say a fair word, today’s arena competition is for two people to settle their grievances. If the solution is not finished, I hope that no one will interfere, if anyone breaks the rules of the martial arts world, then don’t blame me Yaoshengu for coming forward…”

  Xu Changsheng’s words instantly made Qin Xiaolin stunned, this is not for Push him to death?

  Now that he has broken a hand, the energy in his body is almost exhausted. If he fights with Chen Ping, he will surely die.

  ”Let’s listen to Elder Xu…”

  Bai Xiushan spoke first, then winked at Lin Tianhu and Chifeng.

  The two nodded, and with a wave of their hands, all the people in Chifengtang and Juyitang retreated.

  Obviously, Chen Ping has the upper hand now, and there is no need for them to intervene.

  However, Qin Xiaotian took the Qin family and closely guarded Qin Xiaolin’s side, but he didn’t want to leave at all, because Qin Xiaotian knew that as long as they left, Chen Ping would definitely kill Qin Xiaolin.

  ”Didn’t you hear what I said?”

  Xu Changsheng looked at Qin Xiaotian coldly.

  ”Elder Xu, our Qin family has no grievances or enmity with Yaoshengu. If Elder Xu can help us this time, my Qin family will definitely thank you…” Qin

  Xiaotian looked at Xu Changsheng with pleading eyes.

  ”What do you mean? Are you bribing me in public?” Xu Changsheng narrowed his eyes slightly: “My Medicine God Valley is a well-known and decent family, and naturally I have to maintain the rules of the martial arts world. No one can break the rules, not to mention that this war book is still your Qin. You can’t break the rules even more, now you step back immediately…”

  Xu Changsheng did not give Qin Xiaotian any face, which made Qin Xiaotian very embarrassed.


  Seeing that Qin Xiaotian was still motionless, Xu Changsheng shouted angrily, and a terrifying aura instantly erupted from his body.

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