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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 659-660

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 659-660

Chapter 659

  ”Help me, help me…”

  Some Shen family members couldn’t bear it anymore and shouted desperately.

  ”If you don’t want to die, stand behind me…”

  Chen Ping’s voice sounded at this time, and then the black fog in the room disappeared at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.

  When the black fog completely disappeared, everyone realized that it was Chen Ping who opened his mouth and sucked all the black fog into his stomach.

  All these people were dumbfounded and looked at Chen Ping in shock. They also regarded Chen Ping as a monster.

  ”If you haven’t come yet, do you all want to die?”

  Chen Ping said coldly when he saw that the Shen family was stunned.

  Chen Ping’s reminder, the Shen family finally reacted, and hurriedly hid behind Chen Ping.

  ”Chen… Mr. Chen, what kind of immortal is this?”

  Hiding behind Chen Ping, Shen Wanfu asked stutteringly.

  ”Hmph, it’s just a shapeless soul, a goddamn god…”

  Chen Ping snorted coldly.

  But who knows, Chen Ping’s words directly angered Shen Wansan.

  ”Boy, you dare to mock me, you are courting death!” As

  he spoke, Shen Wansan waved his hands abruptly, and gusts of gloomy winds came, these gloomy winds were like sharp knives.


  Chen Ping pinched his fingers, and saw blue flames beating on his ten fingertips.

  As soon as Chen Ping waved his hand, the flames instantly moved towards Shen Wansan, directly crushing the gloomy wind, and then burning on Shen Wansan’s body.


  Seeing this scene, Shen Lang wanted to rush up.

  But he was stopped by Shen Wanfu: “Lang’er, that’s not your dad anymore, don’t go there…”

  Seeing the blue flame burning on Shen Wansan’s body, and the shrill screams from his mouth, everyone in the Shen family looked sideways, not daring to look again.

  ”Mr. Chen, Patriarch Shen he…”

  Although Zhou Zhiqian also knew that Shen Wansan, who had been involved in this matter, was already a ghost, not himself, but he couldn’t watch Shen Wansan get burned to death!

  ”Don’t worry, this flame can’t hurt your body…”

  Chen Ping explained.

  Hearing what Chen Ping said, everyone in the Shen family breathed a sigh of relief.

  The flames burned for ten minutes, and Shen Wansan screamed for ten minutes.

  ”Aren’t you coming out yet? Do you want me to use real fire to burn you to pieces…”

  Chen Ping said with a cold face when he saw that the ghost had not come out of Shen Wansan’s body.

  ”Boy, you have the seeds, wait for me…” The

  voice fell, and black qi appeared from the top of Shen Wansan’s head, and then the black qi condensed into the appearance of a man.

  It could be vaguely seen that the man’s clothes were a little worn, but his whole face was full of hideousness, and two fangs were exposed.

  In this way, several people in the Shen family were frightened and fainted.

  That Shen Wanfu was also so frightened that he slumped on the ground, unable to say a word.

  Chen Ping saw that the ghost had come out of Shen Wansan’s body, and a flame appeared in his palm. This time the flame was indeed red.

  Seeing this red flame, the ghost’s face showed horror, and it turned into a gust of wind. After the window was opened, it disappeared without a trace.

  Chen Ping did not chase, but withdrew his spiritual power, looked at Shen Wansan who was lying on the ground, and lightly tapped on Shen Wansan’s forehead.

  Shen Wansan’s body moved a bit, but soon there was no movement, as if he had fallen asleep.

  The hall returned to calm, but many people were scared to pee. Seeing their ugly state, they all went to change their clothes.

  ”Mr. Chen, how is my dad, is he still alive?”

  Shen Lang hurriedly asked Chen Ping.

  ”Don’t worry, your dad is all right, he will wake up soon…”

  Chen Ping said lightly.

Chapter 660

  ”Thank you, Mr. Chen, thank you, Mr. Chen…”

  Shen Lang thanked him again and again.

  ”It turns out that Mr. Chen is an expert in magic. I really don’t know Mount Tai. I hope Mr. Chen won’t take offense…”

  Zheng Xun walked to Chen Ping with a face full of admiration, bowed deeply, and there was no one for a long time. Arrogance to begin with.

  Chen Ping just smiled and didn’t explain. He didn’t expect that Zheng Xun knew about Warlock.

  ”Shen Lang, now that I have rescued your father, can your Shen family take out the ten thousand year ginseng king and let me see it?”

  Chen Ping asked Shen Lang.

  When Shen Lang heard this, he was immediately embarrassed, and then looked at Shen Wanfu.

  Shen Wanfu hurriedly said, “Mr. Chen, the Wannian Shenwang was not here…”

  ”I already knew it wasn’t here, where is it? Take me to see…”

  Chen Ping asked.

  ”At… at… at…”

  Shen Wanfu hesitated, unable to say a word.

  ”You don’t have any Wannian Shenwang at all, are you lying to me?”

  Chen Ping said coldly.

  This shocked Shen Wanfu, and hurriedly waved his hand: “No, no, no, how dare we lie to Mr. Chen, there is indeed a Wannian ginseng king, but we haven’t dug it out, and the Wannian ginseng king is still black and blind. As for Lin, Mr. Chen also knows that digging ginseng requires experience and skills. If one ginseng whisker is cut off, the value of the whole ginseng will be greatly reduced, so we did not dare to dig…”

  Chen Ping knew that this ginseng can be Not just anyone can dig it, or it will destroy the ginseng. The Shen family didn’t do this, so it makes sense that they didn’t dare to dig.

  ”Then take me to the Black Blind Forest to see…”

  Although Chen Ping doesn’t know how to dig, if he is the king of ten thousand years of ginseng, then he will practice directly by the king of ten thousand years of ginseng until he drains the spiritual energy of the king of ten thousand years of ginseng. That’s it, so you don’t have to dig.

  When Shen Wanfu heard this, he waved his hands in fright: “Mr. Chen, we don’t dare to go. My eldest brother became like this because he went to Heixiazilin and went to more than a dozen mouths, and my eldest brother came back…”

  ”Then they What happened in the Black Blind Forest?”

  Chen Ping knew that ordinary ghosts would not easily possess themselves and harm others, not to mention that they dared to follow them into the house, knowing that there are more people in the ordinary Yang Zhai, and the yang energy is relatively high. Heavy, ghosts are the least favorite place, and now this ghost actually followed Shen Wansan home, and kept saying that he wanted to kill the Shen family, there must be something unknown.

  ”This…I’m not very clear about this, I have to ask my elder brother…”

  Shen Wanfu didn’t know what happened in the Heixiazi Forest.

  At this moment, Shen Wansan took a long breath and opened his eyes.

  ”Dad, Dad, you finally woke up…”

  ”Husband, you are awake…”

  Shen Lang and his mother rushed to see Shen Wansan woke up excitedly.

  Shen Wansan looked at his wife and children in confusion, frowned slightly and said, “Where am I? What’s wrong with me?”

  Shen Wansan still didn’t know what happened to him.

  Shen Lang told Shen Wansan the whole thing, and when Shen Wansan heard that he was a ghost, the whole person broke out in a cold sweat.

  ”Brother, it was Mr. Chen who saved you, otherwise our Shen family would be finished…”

  Shen Wanfu hurriedly said to Shen Wansan.

  ”Yes, yes, thank you Mr. Chen quickly, you scared me to death just now…”

  Shen Wansan’s wife also said.

  ”Thank you Mr. Chen for rescuing…”

  Shen Wansan got up and followed Chen Ping to thank him. Although he was a little surprised to see Chen Ping so young, Shen Wansan was not shown.

  ”Patriarch Shen, it’s just a little effort, but I want to know what happened to you in the Black Blind Forest…”

  Chen Ping asked.

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