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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 657-658

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 657-658

Chapter 657


  Zheng Xun looked embarrassed when he was asked. He didn’t know how to answer Zhou Zhigan. He couldn’t admit that he falsely reported the price, right?

  At this time, Shen Lang saw Zheng Xun’s embarrassment, so he hurriedly said: “Uncle Zhou, Dean Zheng must have been deceived by a friend. Although the price you sell Xiao Huandan is not high, maybe his friend increased the price privately. What…”

  Shen Lang’s words made Zheng Xun go down the stairs in an instant, and he nodded immediately and said, “Yes, it must have been my friend who lied to me, and I must settle the account with him.”

  Since Zheng Xun said so, Zhou Zhi Can’t say anything more.

  ”Uncle Zhou, could it be that this small return pill is really made by this Mr. Chen?”

  Shen Lang asked incredulously.

  Since Xiao Huandan was sold by Zhou Zhiqian, he knew the origin of Xiao Huandan best.

  ”Of course, in the whole world, except for Mr. Chen, I’m afraid no one can make a small return pill…”

  Zhou Zhigan nodded and said.

  However, Chen Ping is a little embarrassed to say this. Xiaohuan Dan is the most basic medicinal pill, and I am afraid that some immortal cultivators can refine it. Now Zhou Zhigan directly touts him like this, which makes Chen Ping very uncomfortable. Awkward.

  ”Boss Zhou, I know that this alchemy technique cannot be learned overnight. This young man is only in his early twenties. Even if he learns from his mother’s womb, I’m afraid he won’t be able to practice an elixir like Xiao Huan Dan, right?

  ” Xiao Huan Dan was sold by Zhou Zhiqian, but Zheng Xun still did not believe that Chen Ping could make Xiao Huan Dan.

  After all, Chen Ping is too young. In Zheng Xun’s eyes, Chen Ping is just a child.

  ”I also don’t quite believe that such a young person, who really learned from his mother’s womb, can have a high level of medical skills? Can he refine medicine pills?”

  Shen Wanfu also didn’t quite believe that Chen Ping had the ability to refine medicine.

  ”I’m going to write a prescription now, you can follow the prescription, and I’ll make one for you directly…”

  Chen Ping didn’t have time to spend with these people, so he wanted to make alchemy on the spot to convince these people.

  ”That’s the best…”

  Zheng Xun’s eyes lit up. He was very excited to be able to see the refining method of Xiaohuan Dan with his own eyes. He knew the prescription and the refining method. Zheng Jun was confident that he could also make Xiaohuan Dan himself. Dan comes.

  Soon, Chen Ping wrote the prescription, and Shen Lang sent someone to prepare the medicine according to the prescription. There were more than a dozen kinds of medicinal materials, and they were ready soon. After all, they were all common medicinal materials, and they could be bought in every pharmacy.

  ”Young man, I bought the herbs, how do you make them? If you need to make them, I can do it for you…”

  Zheng Xun wanted to help Chen Ping concoct pills himself, so that he could learn the method of pill concocting more intuitively.

  ”No, I don’t need to boil alchemy…”

  Chen Ping said, his fingers suddenly moved, and then a green flame jumped on Chen Ping’s fingers.

  This time, everyone else was stunned, thinking that Chen Ping could do magic, after all, they are all ordinary people, except on the stage of magic tricks, I have seen people who can rub their fingers to make fire, but I have not watched it off the stage. Pass.

  The flame in Chen Ping’s hand became stronger and stronger, and the temperature in the entire hall also rose a lot, and everyone watched silently, wanting to see how Chen Ping concocted alchemy.

  Even Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng were attentive. Although they knew Chen Ping’s ability, they had not seen Chen Ping refining the medicinal pills with their own eyes.

  I saw Chen Ping throw the flame in his hand towards the medicinal herbs, the flame instantly surrounded the medicinal herbs, and the green flame instantly ignited the medicinal herbs, but it did not lead to other things in the room.

  These things that look like flames are actually just the spiritual power in Chen Ping’s body. It is impossible to ignite other things. This is all under Chen Ping’s control.

Chapter 658

  Everyone watched in amazement, and saw that the medicinal materials became more and more prosperous, and finally turned into clouds of white smoke. When the smoke dissipated, everyone was surprised to find that there was a small return pill on the ground!

  ”This…is this done?”

  Zheng Xun’s eyes were wide open, and his mouth was about to swallow an egg.

  He hurriedly ran over, picked up the Xiao Huandan on the ground, looked and looked, smelled and smelled, and after confirming that it was Xiao Huandan, Zheng Xun was petrified.

  The others also looked at Chen Ping like a god. They were all ordinary people, and they had never seen such a method before.

  Even Lin Tianhu and Chifeng had never seen alchemy concocting like this, and they couldn’t help but feel surprised!

  Only the corners of Chen Ping’s mouth were slightly raised. In fact, he actually made small return pills. It was not like this, and it was impossible to make them one by one. He did this just to bluff the Shen family. Don’t dare to question him.

  ”I believe that Xiao Huan Dan was made by me, right?”

  Chen Ping said lightly.

  ”I believe, I believe…”

  Zheng Xun looked embarrassed. Originally, he wanted to learn secretly, but after seeing it, he realized that it was impossible for him to learn.

  Everyone in the Shen family was also embarrassed at this time, each with a wry smile on their faces.

  ”Brother Zhou, Mr. Chen has such a magical method, why didn’t you say it earlier…”

  Shen Wanfu said to Zhou Zhigan.

  ”I said it, but you don’t believe it.”

  Zhou Zhigan said helplessly.

  This time, Shen Wanfu was even more embarrassed. At first, Zhou Zhigan said that Chen Ping was a genius doctor, and they all suspected it. Later, they said that Xiaohuan Dan was refined by Chen Ping. They still didn’t believe it, but now they were slapped in the face.

  ”Mr. Chen, since you made Xiao Huan Dan, you just said that Xiao Huan Dan can’t cure my father’s disease at all, so why did my father suddenly wake up?”

  Shen Lang stepped forward and asked Chen Ping road.

  ”Your father is not sick, he just has hysteria, he is a ghost, and Xiao Huandan has the function of refreshing the brain, but he can’t cure the hysteria, so your father is not well, the reason why he can wake up and know you is just a coincidence That’s it…”

  Chen Ping explained.

  Just as Chen Ping finished speaking, there was a sudden burst of roars from the backyard, and then the screams of the servants were heard. Before everyone could react, a middle-aged man, wearing pajamas, rushed forward with disheveled hair.


  Shen Lang shouted at the middle-aged man.

  This middle-aged man is Shen Wansan, the head of the Shen family.

  ”You ignorant bastards disturbed my cultivation and wanted to steal my treasures. I’m going to kill all of you…”

  Shen Wansan yelled with a grim expression on his face, his mouth wide open.

  Following Shen Wansan’s roar, gusts of overcast wind blew through the entire hall, and the temperature in the room suddenly dropped a lot.


  Seeing this, many Shen family members were so frightened that they thought about me running, but just after two steps, the door was closed by a gust of wind.

  Looking at this scene, Shen Wanfu was so frightened that he shuddered and said, “You… what kind of immortal are you, we don’t know how to disturb you, as long as you let us go, my Shen family will worship you every year… Zheng Xun also frowned when he saw this scene ,

  his legs trembling slightly with fright, although he had seen hysterical patients, but he had never seen such a horrible person.

  ”Hahaha… If you want to enshrine me, you are not worthy…”

  Shen Wansan laughed, and suddenly opened his mouth to exhale a stream of black gas, and the whole room instantly became extremely dark, causing everyone to scream incessantly.

  Lin Tianhu and Chifeng were also a little scared, but they all took out their weapons and stood by Chen Ping’s side, while Zhou Zhigan had already hid behind Chen Ping.

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