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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 651-652

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 651-652

Chapter 651

  ”Mr. Chen, is there something wrong?”

  Zhou Zhigan asked in a low voice.

  ”Oh, it’s nothing, let’s go in and have a look…”

  Chen Ping followed Zhou Zhigan towards the room, but along the way, Chen Ping didn’t feel the presence of aura, it was a gloomy wind.

  Logically speaking, if the Shen family has a ten thousand year ginseng king, they should be able to sense the aura emanating from the ginseng king even in a radius of several hundred meters, but Chen Ping did not feel it at all. There are only two possibilities. The first is that The Wannian Shenwang is not in the Shen family’s yard, and the second is that the Shen family does not have a Wannian Shenwang at all, but spreads fake news.

  But no matter what the situation is, Chen Ping has to see Wannian Shenwang first. If he doesn’t see anything, Chen Ping will not trade.

  Zhou Zhigan took Chen Ping and the others into the hall. Although there were many servants of the Shen family, no one stopped them, and they all nodded slightly to greet Zhou Zhigan. It could be seen that Zhou Zhigan was familiar with the Shen family.

  After entering the hall, I saw five or six people sitting on the sofa, some smoking cigarettes, frowning, some bowing their heads, as if thinking about something, and a woman with tears in her eyes, she must have just cried. .

  ”Uncle Zhou, when did you arrive? Please take a seat…”

  At this time, a young man found Zhou Zhi doing them, so he hurriedly got up and said.

  The others also looked up and saw that Zhou Zhigan was coming, and they all stood up to greet him. Everyone respected Zhou Zhigan.

  ”Sit down, let’s all sit down…”

  Zhou Zhigan was a little flattered, hurriedly waved his hands to let everyone sit down, and then asked the young man, “Shen Lang, I heard that your father is ill, so I hurried Come here, how are others?”

  Zhou Zhigan is very knowledgeable about the world, so he didn’t mention the Wannian Shenwang at all, but first cared about the body of Shen Wansan, the head of the Shen family, so that he would be talking about Wannian Shenwang. Regarding the matter of the king, the Shen family always has to take care of some face.

  ”Hey…” Shen Lang sighed: “Aren’t we worried? When I just came back, my dad was good and bad, and occasionally I could meet people, but now I’m like a fool, I don’t know anyone, and I’m still old. Yelling, biting when you see anyone…”

  Zhou Zhigan was slightly startled when he heard it, he didn’t expect Shen Wansan’s condition to be so serious.

  ”What the hell is going on here? How did it become like this?”

  Although Zhou Zhigan heard what his younger brother Zhou Zhicheng said, what Zhou Zhicheng knew was just a little bit of fur. After all, only the Shen family knew the real reason. .

  Shen Lang opened his mouth, but without saying the last word, he sighed and sat back.

  The other Shen family members were also silent, and some were crying softly.

  ”Didn’t you find a doctor to see it?”

  Zhou Zhigan asked with a questioning face.

  ”I’ve searched for it. I’ve searched for doctors in a radius of hundreds of miles. No one can see it. They all say that Wansan will not survive for three days…”

  The woman replied, talking and crying again. up.

  ”Brother and sister, don’t cry for now, I think there will be a way…” Zhou Zhigan comforted the woman, then glanced at Chen Ping, and then said to the Shen family, “I am back this time, from Guan Nei specially invited Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen is a well-known genius doctor, no matter what kind of illness, he will definitely cure the disease…” When

  everyone saw Zhou Zhigan brought the genius doctor, they all looked at Chen Ping and the three behind Zhou Zhigan. .

  In the end, everyone’s eyes fell on Lin Tianhu. After all, Lin Tianhu was older, and it was possible to say that he was a genius doctor, but Chen Ping, a young man in his early twenties, no one thought of him as a genius doctor.

Chapter 652

  Seeing that everyone’s eyes were on him, Lin Tianhu suddenly felt uncomfortable, and hurriedly pointed to Chen Ping: “This is Mr. Chen, a genius doctor who cures diseases…”

  Seeing Lin Tianhu say that Chen Ping is a genius doctor, Shen Ping Everyone in the family was stunned, and their eyes were full of disbelief.

  ”Yes, this is Mr. Chen. Don’t look at Mr. Chen’s youth, but his medical skills are Sai Huatuo’s…”

  Zhou Zhiqian also pointed to Chen Ping and said.

  Seeing Zhou Zhigan say this, the Shen family only had a trace of confidence in their eyes.

  ”Uncle Zhou, since he is a genius doctor, then please take a look at my father. As long as my father can be cured, my Shen family will be very grateful…”

  Seeing this, Shen Lang hurriedly said to Zhou Zhigan.

  Where did Zhou Zhigan dare to call the shots, he could only look back at Chen Ping: “Mr. Chen, what do you think?”

  ”I can cure the disease, but before the cure, we’d better speak clearly…”

  Chen Ping said lightly.

  ”Yes, yes, let’s make it clear first, so that there will be no quarrels…”

  Zhou Zhiqian nodded again and again.

  ”Tell me, how much do you want?” Shen Lang asked Chen Ping.

  After all, the family came from thousands of miles away from the customs, so it is not an exaggeration to negotiate the price before seeing a doctor, and the Shen family is not unreasonable.

  ”I don’t want money!” Chen Ping shook his head: “I will heal your father, but you must guarantee that the King of Wannian can only sell it to me, and let me see the goods first…”

  Chen Ping said the words, Shen All the family members were stunned, but Shen Lang said with a sullen face: “So you came here for the Wannian Shenwang? Uncle Zhou, what the hell is going on? If you want the Wannian Shenwang, let us The friendship between the two families, as long as the price is right, we will naturally sell it to you first, but you brought a so-called genius doctor to treat my father, but you threatened my Shen family with this, isn’t it a bit unreasonable?”

  Zhou Zhigan hurriedly explained: “Nephew, you have misunderstood, Mr. Chen is indeed rushing to King Wannian, but he is indeed a genius doctor who can cure your father’s illness. I definitely did not use this to threaten you. The meaning of the family, besides, our Zhou family will not want this 10,000-year-old ginseng king, how dare I make up my mind about what Mr. Chen likes…”

  ”I just want to see the things, and then buy your 10,000-year-old ginseng king. It’s not that I don’t give you money, but who are you selling to? You only need to sell the Wannian Ginseng King to me, and I will keep your father safe and sound…”

  Chen Ping looked at Shen Lang and said lightly.

  As soon as Shen Lang heard it, he was absolutely right in what Chen Ping said. Whoever sells this is also selling it, as long as the price is right, and Chen Ping can also heal his father’s illness.

  ”Okay, I promise you, you will take care of my father first, and I promise to sell the King of Ten Thousand Years Ginseng to you…”

  Shen Lang thought for a while, then nodded and said.

  ”I want to look at things first…”

  Chen Ping didn’t feel the existence of Wannian Shenwang in the Shen family, so he had to see things first. If he was deceived by the Shen family, then who would Chen Ping go to for theories? …

  Chen Ping had to look at things first, which made Shen Lang silent. Shen Lang’s brows were slightly wrinkled, as if he was thinking about something.

  ”My dear nephew, just take a look, and it won’t be anything less, Mr. Chen’s request is reasonable…”

  Zhou Zhigan saw Shen Lang hesitate, so he persuaded him.

  But Shen Lang still didn’t speak, and the rest of the Shen family were silent.

  Seeing this kind of situation, Zhou Zhigan frowned: “Nephew, don’t you guys have no Wannian ginseng king at all?”

  ”No, no, Uncle Zhou, there must be a Wannian ginseng king in our Shen family, but it’s just that It’s just this king of ginseng…”

  Just when Shen Lang was about to say the reason, an excited voice suddenly came: “Lang’er, I invited the director of Fengtian First People’s Hospital to treat eldest brother, eldest brother. Saved…”

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