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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 649-650

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 649-650

Chapter 649

  Lao Pao looked at Chen Ping: “You didn’t offend me, but you offended someone you shouldn’t have offended, and someone told you to get out, understand?”

  ”Understood…” Chen Ping nodded, it seemed he guessed not bad.

  After finishing speaking, Chen Ping bypassed Lao Pao and the others and walked towards the hotel.

  Lao Pao saw that Chen Ping ignored them, walked directly inside, and immediately stretched out his hand to stop Chen Ping.

  But just as Lao Pao stretched out his hand, Lin Tianhu also did it, grabbing the Lao Pao’s arm and twisting it with a little force.

  ”Ah…” The

  severe pain made Lao Pao roar.

  As if he didn’t hear the screams, Chen Ping continued to walk inside, while Chifeng also smiled: “Lin Tianhu, these people are handed over to you, I’m going to sleep…”

  ”Don’t wait, wait. I’ll sleep together for half a minute…”

  Lin Tianhu became anxious when he saw that Chifeng was about to leave.

  Now Lin Tianhu and Chifeng have slept together for a long time, and they have reached their age, so it doesn’t matter.

  Chifeng didn’t say anything, and walked into the hotel with a smile, while Lin Tianhu was in a hurry. With a sudden wave of his hands, a gust of wind swept out. .

  Lin Tianhu hurriedly chased after Chifeng, but Zhou Wei, who was hiding behind a tree at the moment, saw this situation, his eyes were so shocked that his eyes fell, and he sat down on the ground.

  Chen Ping went back to his room and stood by the window looking at the lush mountain forest not far away. He didn’t know how many rare medicinal herbs there would be in the forest. This time Chen Ping didn’t have time, otherwise he really wanted to Go for a walk in the Black Blind Forest. Only in such an inaccessible place will there be old medicinal herbs.

  After watching for a while, Chen Ping was lying on the bed ready to go to sleep, but the voices of Lin Tianhu and Chifeng came from the next room, which made Chen Ping feel helpless, so he could only get up and sit cross-legged. The sound insulation effect of this small hotel is too great Worse.

  Feeling the aura of heaven and earth, the aura here is obviously much stronger than that of Hongcheng. Although for Chen Ping’s realm, such aura is only a drop in the bucket, but he couldn’t sleep anyway, so Chen Ping started to practice.

  After a whole night of training, the spiritual energy in Chen Ping’s dantian hardly moved at all. Relying on the spiritual energy of the world alone is of little use to Chen Ping.

  At this moment, Lin Tianhu knocked on the door, asked Chen Ping to have breakfast, and then went to Zhou’s house together, and Zhou Zhigan took them to Shen’s house to discuss the matter of Wannian Shenwang.

  Chen Ping opened the door, and Lin Tianhu said with a smile: “Mr. Chen, are you still used to living in this small hotel room?”

  ”Well, it’s good, but the sound insulation is a bit poor…”

  Chen Ping said with a half-smile.

  Hearing what Chen Ping said, Lin Tianhu was stunned, while Chi Feng, who was beside him, blushed and hurried downstairs.

  Lin Tianhu also reacted and smiled awkwardly.

  The three went downstairs to eat breakfast, and Zhou Zhigan sent Zhou Wei to pick up Chen Ping and the others early.

  After seeing Chen Ping and the three of them, Zhou Wei’s face became ugly, and he didn’t dare to look at Chen Ping and them, especially Lin Tianhu. Zhou Wei was so close to Lin Tianhu that he shivered all over, because last night’s scene was really bad. It shocked him too much.

  ”You guy, I’m not a tiger who can eat people. Are you afraid of being like this?”

  Lin Tianhu looked at Zhou Wei and asked with a funny face.

  Zhou Wei didn’t dare to answer, he could only stare ahead and took Chen Ping and the others to Zhou’s house.

  But Chen Ping and the others just arrived at Zhou’s house, but they saw Zhou Zhigan with Zhou Zhicheng at the door, while that Zhou Zhicheng was kneeling on the ground with his hands tied behind his back.

Chapter 650

  Seeing Chen Ping’s arrival, Zhou Zhigan hurried forward to meet him, and with a thud, he knelt down for Chen Ping, but he was lifted up by Chen Ping gently.

  ”Zhou Zhigan, what’s wrong with you?”

  Chen Ping asked.

  ”Mr. Chen, my fourth brother is obsessed. He even dared to find someone to drive Mr. Chen away. It’s just looking for death. I asked him to kneel down and apologize to Mr. Chen. I also hope that Mr. Chen will have a lot of people and save their lives…”

  After Zhou Zhigan finished speaking, he kicked Zhou Zhicheng fiercely: “Bastard, you still haven’t apologized to Mr. Chen…”

  ”Uncle, what are you doing?”

  Zhou Wei asked in dissatisfaction when he saw this.


  Zhou Zhi gave Zhou Wei a slap in the face: “You kneel down for me too, your father and son have a nest of snakes and mice, if you can’t let Mr. Chen find out today, you will get out of Zhou’s house for me. In the future, all the property of the Zhou family will no longer be yours…”

  Although Zhou Zhigan has left his hometown, the development of the Zhou family depends entirely on Zhou Zhiqian’s help, and all Zhou Zhigan’s words at home still have a lot of weight.

  When Zhou Wei heard that he was going to be kicked out of Zhou’s house, he was so frightened that he hurriedly knelt to the ground.

  ”Kowtow, kowtow to Mr. Chen…”

  Zhou Zhigan roared at Zhou Zhicheng and his son.

  Don’t mention how angry Zhou Zhigan is. A bunch of frogs at the bottom of the well are actually looking for a gangster to trouble Chen Ping. Isn’t this a tiger plucking hairs and looking for death?

  Not to mention Chen Ping, just Lin Tianhu next to Chen Ping, who is an underground emperor in Hongcheng, and a famous person even in the entire Jiangbei, how can he be compared to this small gangster?

  Zhou Zhicheng and Zhou Wei father and son could only kowtow to Chen Ping, and soon the two of them had big bags on their heads.


  Chen Ping said lightly.

  In fact, Chen Ping didn’t intend to pursue this matter. It was just a bunch of gangsters, just like chasing flies. is not important.

  ”Thank you, Mr. Chen, thank you, Mr. Chen…”

  Zhou Zhigan hurriedly followed Chen Ping to thank him.

  ”We can’t be too late, let’s go and see the Ten Thousand Years ginseng King, so as not to have too many dreams at night…”

  Chen Ping couldn’t stay here for a long time because he still has challenges. He only has one day today, and tomorrow he must Going to fly back.

  ”Okay, we’ll go to Shen’s house right away…”

  Zhou Zhigan nodded and drove Chen Ping and the others towards Shen’s house in person.   Looking at the passing car, Zhou Wei, who was kneeling

  on the ground, asked, “Dad, what is the origin of these three people?” I

missed it…”

  After speaking, Zhou Zhicheng slumped on the ground.


  Because the county town is not big, Chen Ping and the others soon arrived at the Shen family. The Shen family’s house is obviously more luxurious than the Zhou Zhigan’s house.

  Chen Ping followed Zhou Zhigan into the Shen’s house. As soon as he entered the courtyard, he felt a gloomy wind blowing, and the temperature obviously dropped a lot.

  Zhou Zhigan and Lin Tianhu all tightened their clothes.

  ”What the hell is this weather, it’s obviously summer, but it’s so cold…”

  Lin Tianhu said with a shudder.

  ”It’s cold enough…”

  Chi Feng also echoed.

  ”It’s like this in the Northeast. You can’t tell the four seasons of the year. Even if it snows on such a solar term, it’s not surprising…”

  Zhou Zhigan explained.

  But Chen Ping didn’t say anything, but glanced around with a frown: “Is this a digging of someone’s ancestral grave? The yin is so heavy…”

  Zhou Zhigan didn’t understand Chen Ping’s words, but Lin Tianhu and Chifeng But understand.

  Because the two followed Chen Ping, but they had seen it. In the provincial capital, the Jiang family killed so many girls, and then buried them on a hillside. At that time, Chen Ping saw that there was a lot of yin, so he ordered someone to take them there. dug there.

  Now that Chen Ping said such words, Lin Tianhu and Chifeng both understood why they felt cold.

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