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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 647-648

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 647-648

Chapter 647 – The

  ”What happened to Shen Wansan?”

  Zhou Zhigan was taken aback.

  ”The Shen family has always been in the timber business. Some time ago, Shen Wansan took people to Heixiazi Forest to cut trees, but no one came back for three days and three nights. Everyone went looking for them, but only Shen Wansan was found, but Shen Wansan seemed stupid. In the same way, people need to feed them with food and water.”

  Zhou Zhicheng explained.

  ”Black Blind Forest?” Zhou Zhigan was taken aback: “Is Shen Wansan crazy? How dare he take people to Heixiazi Forest to cut down trees? No one dares to go to Heixiazi Forest for many years.

  ” Is money harmed? The trees in the Black Blind Forest are tall and thick. Can the Shen family not be jealous when they see it, so Shen Wansan took people there. As a result, everyone died, only Shen Wansan was left, and he became a fool, but Shen Wansan It’s not that the family has not received all the goods this time, the 10,000-year-old ginseng king was found in the Black Blind Forest…”

  Zhou Zhicheng said this, Zhou Zhiqian understood in an instant, no wonder no one has discovered this 10,000-year ginseng king before. Well, you must know that in the northeast, there are many people who gather mushrooms in the mountains. It is impossible that the king of ginseng cannot be found.

  ”What is this Black Blind Forest?”

  Chen Ping couldn’t help but asked curiously.

  ”Oh, Mr. Chen didn’t know, there is a forest in our place, and no one can come out alive when people enter it, and slowly it spreads that there are black blind people eating people in this forest, so it is named Heixiazi Forest. , no one dares to go in…”

  Zhou Zhigan followed Chen Ping to explain.

  Zhou Zhicheng was stunned when he saw that Zhou Zhigan and Chen Ping were so polite and called Mr.

  He always thought that Chen Ping, Lin Tianhu and Chifeng were all Zhou Zhigan’s subordinates, who came with Zhou Zhigan, but he didn’t expect it to be what he thought.

  ”Brother, who are these people?”

  Zhou Zhicheng asked Zhou Zhigan at this time.

  ”Oh, this is Mr. Chen, who is here specially for the Wannian Shenwang…”

  Zhou Zhigan said.

  ”Brother, we can take the 10,000-year-old ginseng king ourselves, why did you bring others?”

  Zhou Zhicheng looked at Zhou Zhigan with dissatisfaction. The reason why he told Zhou Zhigan was that he wanted them to take the 10,000 -year-old ginseng by themselves. The king of ginseng bought it, but he didn’t think that Zhou Zhigan would bring an outsider.

  ”Shut up…” Zhou Zhigan gave Zhou Zhicheng a stern look: “Even if we buy this 10,000-year-old ginseng king, we will give it to Mr. Chen.”

  Zhou Zhigan’s words made Zhou Zhicheng re-examine Chen Ping , He found that Chen Ping was just an ordinary young man, and he didn’t have any noble temperament. He didn’t seem to be the son of a big family. He didn’t understand how his elder brother was so respectful to Chen Ping.

  Although Zhou Zhicheng didn’t say anything under the pressure of Zhou Zhiqian, he was obviously not convinced.

  ”Mr. Chen, my fourth brother is too greedy for money, don’t take it personally…”

  Zhou Zhigan smiled apologetically at Chen Ping.

  ”It’s okay…”

  Chen Ping said with a smile.

  Soon, the food was ready, Zhou Zhiqian greeted Chen Ping and the others warmly, and prepared a room for Chen Ping and the others.

  It’s just that Chen Ping refused. He didn’t want to live in Zhou’s house. Chen Ping was not used to the feeling of living in someone else’s house. He still asked Lin Tianhu to find a hotel, and the three of them stayed in the hotel.

  After settling in, Chen Ping took Lin Tianhu and Chifeng to stroll around the streets of this small county. Although it was not very prosperous, the scenery was good and the air was fresh.

  Just as Chen Ping was hanging out with Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng, in the hall of Zhou’s house, Zhou Zhicheng called his son Zhou Wei to him.

  ”Dad, what are you calling me for?”

  Zhou Wei asked suspiciously.

  Zhou Zhicheng looked at Zhou Zhigan’s room, and then whispered to Zhou Wei: “Do you know where the three people from your uncle live?”

Chapter 648

  ”I know, I told them the location of the hotel…”

  Zhou Wei nodded.

  ”That’s good, you go and tell Lao Pao, let him lead people to scare the three people, it’s best to scare the three people away…”

  Zhou Zhicheng ordered.

  ”Why? Didn’t the uncle bring those three people?” Zhou Wei looked confused.

  ”I don’t know if your uncle has been injected with ecstasy, and actually brought outsiders to grab business. These three people came to the king of Wannian ginseng. Your uncle wants to give the king of Wannian ginseng to others. Tens of billions of money, how can you hand it over to someone, let Lao Pao drive these three guys away, then we will win the 10,000-year-old ginseng king, and when we earn the money, I will buy you a Porsche…”

  Zhou Zhi Cheng Fu whispered in Zhou Wei’s ear.

  As soon as Zhou Wei heard the word “Porsche”, he immediately nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice: “Dad, don’t worry, I’ll definitely handle it…”

  After Zhou Wei finished speaking, he ran out and went to find the old man. Cannon.

  That Lao Pao is a well-known gangster in a radius of 100 miles. He has hundreds of younger brothers. He usually makes a living by collecting some protection fees. Since the Zhou family has been in the medicine business, he has also been beaten twice by this Lao Pao. Bamboo sticks, but as the Zhou family became more and more developed, they often gave the old guns and these bastards money to take care of the Zhou family’s shop.

  After going back and forth, the Zhou family became familiar with Lao Pao, and Lao Pao was about to become the Zhou family’s personal bodyguard, so that no one would dare to provoke the Zhou family, but there was one exception, that was the Shen family.

  The Shen family made their fortune relatively early, and they are still in the timber business. They all know that logging in the mountains is all about hard work and life-threatening work, so even an old gun would not dare to provoke the Shen family. The group of lumberjacks below the Shen family is enough. These bastards are drinking a pot.

  After Chen Ping took Lin Tianhu and Chifeng around, they returned to the hotel.

  But Chen Ping and the others just walked to the door of the hotel, but they were directly blocked by a group of vicious people with sticks in their hands.

  Chen Ping glanced at the people in front of him, all of them were ordinary people, not even a martial artist, and he understood that these guys were just gangsters.

  Chen Ping was too lazy to pay attention to them and took a step back, while Lin Tianhu took a step forward and stood directly in front of the group of people.

  Lin Tianhu had been the underground emperor for so many years, and he already had that kind of big brother’s temperament in his body. He just stood outside like this. The group of guys in front of him saw Lin Tianhu, all stunned, and unconsciously took two steps back.

  ”What are you looking at?”

  At this time, a man with a big shoulder and a round waist and no hair on the top of his head roared at Lin Tianhu.

  This person is Lao Pao. Seeing that his subordinates were scared back by Lin Tianhu alone, Lao Pao felt unable to hang his face, so he stood up.

  ”Look at you?”

  Lin Tianhu asked disdainfully.

  ”Do you know that this is my territory? Now you leave Liaohe for me immediately, don’t let me see the three of you, or I will break your legs…”

  Lao Pao said viciously.

  ”Fuck, I’ll give you a face. You dare to play a big sword in front of Guan Gong. When I was messing around, you guys were still peeing and playing with mud…”

  Lin Tianhu had been so angry, and he planned to do it after scolding.

  But at this moment, Chen Ping’s eyes suddenly saw a familiar figure, that is Zhou Zhigan’s nephew Zhou Wei, Zhou Wei was hiding behind a big tree, secretly watching the situation in front of him.

  Although it was dark now and the distance was not too close, after Chen Ping entered the inedia period, his eyesight was obviously different from that of ordinary people, and he spotted Zhou Wei at a glance.

  Seeing Zhou Wei, Chen Ping understood everything in an instant. He reached out his hand to stop Lin Tianhu, and then said to the old gun, “Brother, we are new here, and there seems to be no place to offend you. Why are you driving us away?”

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