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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 643-644

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 643-644

Chapter 643

  ”This has nothing to do with you. It’s Qin Feng who should be damned. You don’t have to blame yourself so much, I’ll be fine…”

  Chen Ping comforted Gu Linger, so that she didn’t have to blame herself so much.

  ”Chen Ping, teach me to practice…” At this moment, Su Yuqi suddenly looked at Chen Ping and said, “I don’t want to be a vase, I want to be a woman who can help you…”

  Chen Ping looked at Su Yuqi in surprise, I don’t understand why Su Yuqi said this suddenly, someone must have said something to Su Yuqi.

  ”Didn’t I say it before, it’s very hard to practice the exercises. Besides, you can follow Ling’er to learn two tricks to strengthen your body. Who said you are a vase, you are the most perfect woman in my heart…”

  Chen Ping said Lovingly touched Su Yuqi’s head and said.

  ”No, I want to practice, I want to become stronger than you, let me protect you in the future…”

  Su Yuqi’s firm face was not a joke.

  Chen Ping looked at Su Yuqi like that, and his heart was moved, but although he has entered the realm of inedia, he doesn’t know how to bring people into the world of immortality, nor how to teach people to practice.

  In fact, Chen Ping also had plans to let Su Yuqi cultivate before. After all, Chen Ping himself is a cultivator. With the improvement of his realm, although he cannot achieve immortality, it is not a problem if he wants to live one or two hundred years old.

  But at that time, Su Yuqi was afraid that she was going to die of old age. If she wanted to follow Su Yuqi to grow old together, the only way was to let Su Yuqi step into the world of immortality, but it was a pity that Chen Ping did not have the strength to teach others.

  ”I can’t teach people yet. When I find you a master, you are studying and cultivating. I believe that with your aptitude, you must be stronger than me…”

  Although Chen Ping can’t teach, but at this moment he thought of a person, That is Long Wu. Since Long Wu is willing to help him like this, then ask him to teach Su Yuqi to practice. Chen Ping believes that Long Wu should not refuse.

  ”I also want to learn…”

  Gu Linger said hurriedly after listening.

  Gu Linger resigned and followed Chen Ping because she wanted Chen Ping to teach her, but for so long, Chen Ping hadn’t taught her even a trick or a half.

  Looking at Gu Linger, Chen Ping sighed helplessly: “Okay, then I’ll tell you about it…”

  Chen Ping stayed with Su Yuqi and Gu Linger until nearly noon, because most of the spirit stones were consumed When it was empty, Chen Ping didn’t have any spiritual training either. In order not to let the two of them feel depressed, Chen Ping followed the two of them to fight the landlord, sticking a sticker on his face, and soon Chen Ping was slapped with a face. This made Su Yuqi and Gu Linger burst into laughter, and their mood was obviously much better.

  Lin Tianhu and Chifeng listened to the laughter in the room, and they looked at each other. They could only admire Chen Ping’s heart. He was about to fight with Wuzong masters, and he was still in the mood to have fun.

  ”Stop playing, you two always win, it’s noon, let’s go to eat…”

  Chen Ping planned to go out to eat with Su Yuqi and Gu Linger, although Su Yuqi is now cooking a little bit, but if you want to achieve the perfect taste , it’s a lot worse.

  ”What? If you don’t like the food I cook, do you want to go out to eat?”

  Su Yuqi asked Chen Ping.

  ”No, I’m not afraid that you will be tired…”

  Chen Ping hurriedly explained, in fact, Chen Ping didn’t like to eat, but unfortunately he didn’t dare to say it.

  ”I’m not tired at all, Linger helps, the two of us cook, just sit on the sofa for a while…”

  Su Yuqi took Gu Linger to the kitchen.

  Seeing this, Chen Ping could only sit back helplessly. He could only pray that Su Yuqi would cook better this time.

  Just as Chen Ping was sitting and preparing to start dinner, the phone suddenly rang.

  Seeing that the number on the phone was actually called by He Zhigang, Chen Ping was very surprised.

Chapter 644

  In the recent period, almost all the medicinal materials over a hundred years old have been raided by the Yaowangfu, and the inflow of Yuncheng is very small, so He Zhigang’s Renhetang could not receive the medicinal materials over a hundred years old, so they did not send them to Chen Ping.

  However, He Zhigang will credit the profit from the sale of Xiao Huandan to Chen Ping’s bank card on time. After all, only Chen Ping can provide Xiao Huandan.

  Chen Ping and He Zhigang haven’t been in contact for a while. I don’t know why He Zhigang suddenly called him?

  Chen Ping answered the phone, and He Zhigang’s voice immediately came from the other end of the phone.

  ”Brother Chen Ping, do you still remember me? Didn’t you forget me?”

  He Zhigang asked.

  ”How could I have forgotten Big Brother He? Every day I have a lot of money in my bank card. This is all thanks to Big Brother He…”

  Chen Ping smiled lightly: “Big Brother He suddenly called me, what is it? Is something wrong?”

  ”Brother Chen Ping, I have good news for you, you will definitely be excited when you hear it…”

  He Zhigang said a little excitedly.

  ”Brother He, I’m very busy. If you have something to do, just say it…”

  Chen Ping was a little unhappy with He Zhigang’s behavior.

  He Zhigang also heard that Chen Ping was a little unhappy, and hurriedly said: “I got a news that a thousand-year-old ginseng has grown in the northeast…”

  ”What?” up.

  Ten thousand years of ginseng king, this is something that can’t be met. If you can get this ten thousand years of ginseng king, then your realm will definitely be improved.

  Now Chen Ping is worried about the lack of cultivation resources, and unexpectedly, a thousand-year-old ginseng king pops up.

  ”Brother He, is the news accurate? You can be framed by me…”

  Chen Ping asked in disbelief.

  ”Brother Chen Ping, how dare I frame you, do you remember Zhou

  Zhigan from Renhetang?” He Zhigang asked.

  ”Yeah!” Chen Ping nodded.

  ”This news is what Zhou Lao told me. His hometown is from the Northeast. He came to Yuncheng in the early years. Now their hometown has produced a ginseng king of ten thousand years. After knowing that Zhou Lao was engaged in medicinal materials, his hometown let him Release the news, I want to find a suitable buyer…”

  He Zhigang followed Chen Ping to explain.

  Chen Ping remembered that He Zhigang had said that Zhou Zhigan was not a native of Yuncheng, but he didn’t expect it to be from the Northeast.

  ”Brother He, wait for me, I’ll go to Yuncheng right now, and then we’ll meet Zhou Zhigan…”

  After Chen Ping finished speaking, he hung up the phone and immediately changed his clothes and set off.

  ”Chen Ping, what are you doing? The meal will be ready soon!”

  Su Yuqi asked hurriedly when she saw Chen Ping changing clothes and leaving.

  ”I don’t want to eat, I have to go out in a hurry, I feel like it will take two days before I can come back…”

  Chen Ping said as he walked out.

  ”What are you going to do? What about the challenge three days later?”

  Su Yuqi asked in confusion.

  ”Don’t worry, I’ll be back!”

  Chen Ping finished and walked out. It was because of the challenge three days later that he was in such a hurry. , then his strength can be improved a lot, and then maybe he won’t have to be afraid of Qin Xiaolin.

  ”Mr. Chen…”

  Seeing Chen Ping coming out, Lin Tianhu and Chifeng hurried forward.

  ”Lin Tianhu, you go drive, we’ll go to Yuncheng right away…”

  Chen Ping said to Lin Tianhu.

  Seeing Chen Ping’s appearance, he was very anxious, and neither Lin Tianhu nor Chifeng dared to ask.

  Soon, Lin Tianhu drove the car, and the three of them went straight to Yuncheng.

  On the way, under the urging of Chen Ping, Lin Tianhu drove the car very fast, and it only took more than an hour to reach Yuncheng.

  After seeing He Zhigang, Chen Ping immediately said, “Brother He, let’s go see Zhou Zhigan now…”

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