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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 639-640

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 639-640

Chapter 639 Challenge Book _

  Su Yuqi shook her head: “I’m not afraid of hardship, I just want to be a useful person, you don’t need to worry about me…”

  Chen Ping gently took Su Yuqi into his arms, his eyes were full of doting, and Su Yuqi also Enjoyed being motionless.

  Seeing the two of them like that, Gu Linger felt sour for a while, and finally said half-jokingly: “Okay, you two sprinkle dog food in front of me, you really don’t take me as an outsider… When

  Gu Linger said Su Yuqi, she hurriedly broke free from Chen Ping’s arms.

  ”I don’t treat you as an outsider. If you are envious, you can come and lie in Chen Ping’s arms, so that you can feel it…”

  Su Yuqi smiled.

  ”I don’t…”

  Gu Ling’er blushed, although she really wanted to feel in Chen Ping’s arms, but she couldn’t, the hurdle in her heart couldn’t be overcome.

  But whenever I think of that night in the provincial capital, Chen Ping hugged himself almost naked and felt the temperature of Chen Ping’s chest, Gu Linger felt that it was the safest moment.

  Chen Ping looked at Su Yuqi and Gu Linger, and suddenly an evil thought popped up in his heart. If these two women could really throw themselves into his arms and hug each other, wouldn’t it feel wonderful?

  Chen Ping is a man after all, and it is normal to have such thoughts, and Su Yuqi always jokingly mentions that the two of them take care of Chen Ping together, so Chen Ping suddenly has such thoughts.

  However, this idea was only fleeting, and Chen Ping hurriedly sat back on the sofa to hide his embarrassment.

  ”Chen Ping, Song Daxing sent all the stones you needed and stacked them in the yard. Did you see it?”

  At this time, Su Yuqi asked Chen Ping.

  ”Well, I see…” Chen Ping nodded.

  ”The big star Song, with such a big identity, actually gave you the stones in person. She really values ​​you. If I hadn’t stopped her, she would have sent these stones to you in Kyoto…”

  Su Yuqi said this At times, jealous.


  Chen Ping was speechless for a while. He didn’t expect Song Tie to send him the spirit stone to Kyoto, but fortunately he didn’t. The stone mines can’t be preserved, after all, these are the favorites of immortal cultivators.

  Su Yuqi stayed with Gu Linger until very late before leaving. Under Gu Linger’s guidance, Su Yuqi cooked dinner, but this time it was okay.

  After Su Yuqi and Gu Linger left, Chen Ping didn’t rest any longer. He sat cross-legged on the bed, but he ran the Concentration Technique and sucked all the aura from the spirit stone into his body.

  When Su Yuqi was leaving, Chen Ping explained that he was going to practice these days, so that Su Yuqi would not be disturbed, so Chen Ping could keep practicing these days.

  But just three days after Chen Ping practiced, a big event happened in Kyoto and even in the entire martial arts world. Qin Xiaolin, the head of the Qin family, left the customs ahead of schedule.

  With Qin Xiaolin’s exit, a challenge book was hung on the entire Daxia Martial Arts Forum, which made Chen Ping, who was only famous in Jiangbei, instantly become popular in the entire Martial Dao world.

  ”Who is this Chen Ping? Why have you never heard of it in the martial arts world?”

  ”Anyone who is worthy of the challenge book under the Qin family’s patriarch will definitely not be a generalist, but it’s a pity that I have never heard of this name!”

  ”Could it be that Isn’t I a martial artist? Is it a warlock? Or a warrior from another country?”

  ”This Chen Ping is somewhat famous in Jiangbei. He once defeated Jiang Zhengde and Qin family at the Martial Arts Alliance Conference in Jiangnan and Jiangbei provinces. Several masters have almost unified the martial arts world in Jiangbei, and no one dared to provoke him. It is estimated that because of this, the patriarch of the Qin family challenged him.”

  ”Upstairs, you can pull it down, the patriarch of the Qin family has not been so idle, because After Chen Ping killed Qin Feng and Qin Gang of the Qin family, and directly destroyed the Qin family, this made Qin Xiaolin go out ahead of schedule and seek revenge for Chen Ping.”


Chapter 640 Rules

  Chen Ping didn’t know yet that he had become a popular person in the entire martial arts world. With Chen Ping’s explosion, troubles followed.

  If it wasn’t for Zao Wou-Ki and the Chang reinforcements in the capital to support Chen Ping, Qin Xiaolin would have killed his son in Hongcheng long after he left the border and avenged his son.

  Now Qin Xiaolin has issued a challenge letter, even if Chang Yuanjun is the leader of Six Gates, he can’t say anything. After all, it is the rules of the martial arts world to settle grievances in the ring.

  But at the moment, Chen Ping is still immersed in his practice, he doesn’t know the challenge book at all, and he doesn’t even know that the entire martial arts world is paying attention to him.

  At this time, outside the Panlongwan villa area, a lot of martial arts colleagues came, Lin Tianhu and Chifeng also rushed back from the provincial capital, and brought a team of hundreds of people, no matter how horrible the Qin family is, no matter how horrible How powerful is Qin Xiaolin, in their eyes, Chen Ping is their hall master, they are only loyal to Chen Ping, even if they die, they will not let Chen Ping have an accident.

  At the same time, Gu Wentian, Su Wenzong, and even the mayor Ling Zhenchuan came to Panlong Bay to discuss countermeasures with Chen Ping. Even though Ling Zhenchuan was the leader of Hongcheng City, he did not dare to face the Qin family from Kyoto. Help Chen Ping on the bright side.

  Everyone gathered in Panlong Bay, all looking anxious, but Chen Ping was still cultivating, and no one dared to disturb him.

  ”Dad, what should we do?” Su Yuqi looked anxious and at a loss.

  Although Su Yuqi didn’t know who this Qin Xiaolin was, she heard from Gu Linger that this Qin Xiaolin was powerful and famous in the entire martial arts world, which made Su Yuqi a little scared, afraid that Chen Ping would be killed by that Qin Xiaolin.

  ”Don’t worry, haven’t you seen so many people trying to find a way!”

  Su Wenzong comforted Su Yuqi.

  ”This matter started because of me. Even if I tried my life, I couldn’t watch Chen Ping have an accident.”

  Gu Linger’s face was firm, she had made a plan, if Chen Ping lost, she would sacrifice her life. Help Chen Ping to block the fatal blow.

  Gu Wentian looked at his granddaughter. Although his eyes were full of distress, he didn’t say anything. After all, this incident was caused by his Gu family. If it wasn’t for saving Gu Linger, why would Chen Ping kill that Qin Feng? Woolen cloth.

  If Qin Feng was not killed, Qin Xiaolin would not have challenged Chen Ping.

  The atmosphere in the villa became extremely gloomy, everyone had a sad look on their faces, and no one spoke anymore. Now that Chen Ping didn’t show up, they could only wait.

  ”It’s ancient, I don’t understand the rules of the martial arts world. If the other party issues a challenge letter, can we not fight? Besides, the other party asks for a fight in the arena three days later. What if Chen Ping hasn’t come out yet?”

  Su ? Wenzong did not understand the rules of the martial arts world, so he asked Gu Wentian.

  Gu Wentian sighed softly: “The opponent has issued a challenge letter, if he doesn’t fight, then Mr. Chen will be discredited in the entire martial arts world, and more importantly, the opponent will have an excuse to pursue and kill by unscrupulous means. Not only Mr. Chen, I am afraid that the people around him will be implicated. This time Qin Xiao challenged the book under the forest, he must have encountered resistance in Kyoto, he did not dare to chase and kill Mr. Chen easily, so he did so.”

  Su Wenzong Upon hearing this, the consequences of not fighting were so serious that everyone around Chen Ping would be implicated, so he remained silent.

  ”Hmph, no matter how powerful the Qin family is in Kyoto or how strong Qin Xiaolin is, when they arrive in Hongcheng, this is our territory. The people I have in Hongcheng plus those I transferred from the provincial capital, there are more than a thousand people. Could it be that he can’t deal with his Qin family…”

  Lin Tianhu grumbled loudly with a hostile expression on his face.

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