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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 629-630

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 629-630

Chapter 629

  ”Shut up!”

  Long Wu glared at Wu Mei’er, obviously not wanting Chen Ping to know the preciousness of the Body Tempering Pill.

  After listening to Chen Ping, he looked at Long Wu with a face full of surprise. He always thought that the body quenching pill could be refined easily for a monk like Long Wu, but he didn’t expect that this body quenching pill was also made by Long Wu with all his efforts. , but gave it to himself.

  At this moment, Chen Ping knew that this Long Wu must have some kind of connection with him, or even his own relatives. Thinking of this, Chen Ping’s eyes looking at Long Wu were full of excitement.

  ”You already know what you should know. Leave Kyoto immediately. Before landing on Wuming Island on July 15, you are not allowed to come to Kyoto for half a step…”

  Long Wu said to Chen Ping.

  Chen Ping opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but Long Wu took Wu Meier and left, and in the blink of an eye he disappeared from Chen Ping’s sight.

  Looking at Long Wu’s disappearing back, Chen Ping was stunned for a while before turning around and leaving. After finding a taxi, he planned to go back to Hongcheng directly.

  Long Wu was so anxious to let himself go. Chen Ping knew that he was staying in Kyoto, and he would definitely be in danger. With his ability, it seems that it would be very difficult for him to make a name for himself in Kyoto. A girl with chicken power, she only uses charm to make herself obey her words. If she encounters other masters, Chen Ping has no room to struggle.

  Sitting in the taxi, looking at the high-rise buildings on both sides passing by, Chen Ping secretly swore in his heart: “Kyoto, I will definitely come back…”

  Chen Ping’s life experience is buried in Kyoto, so Chen Ping Will definitely be back.

  At the same time, in the Qin family’s compound, three corpses were placed in the middle, surrounded by many Qin family members, and a woman was lying on Qin Gang’s body crying bitterly.

  ”Son, you died so miserably, why did you die? Tell your mother, who killed you, and I will definitely avenge you…” The

  woman was Qin Gang’s mother. Tragic, crying and dying.

  At this time, Qin Xiaotian looked at his son’s body, his body was shaking uncontrollably, and his eyes became scarlet.

  ”Who, who? Who killed my son…”

  Qin Xiaotian roared, his murderous aura shrouded the entire courtyard, so frightened that the servants of the Qin family did not dare to speak, and lowered their heads.

  ”Third Master, I have investigated, and the young master met Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping at the time of the meal, but according to the store owner, the young master chased a girl out, and Chen Ping also followed him out before finishing his meal. Only Bai Zhantang was left in the restaurant, so the young master was probably killed by that Chen Ping…” The

  butler walked over to Qin Xiaotian and said in a low voice.

  Hearing the words of Chen Ping, Qin Xiaotian’s teeth clucked: “This is Chen Ping again, this time I won’t kill him, I, Qin Xiaotian, swear not to be a human being…”

  ”Third Master, then Chen Ping is not weak. And now he has escaped from the capital, otherwise we should wait for the master to leave the customs…” The

  housekeeper persuaded Qin Xiaotian.

  ”Even if he escapes to the ends of the earth, I will smash his body into ten thousand pieces…”

  Qin Xiaotian was full of murderous aura, and slowly took out a key from his pocket.

  After seeing the key, the butler’s expression changed suddenly: “Third Master, you… Are you going to release the Four Great Diamonds?”

  ”Yes, this time I want that Chen Ping to pay for my son’s life…”

  After Qin Xiaotian finished speaking, he glanced at Qin Gang’s body again, turned and walked towards the backyard.

  Seeing this, the butler was so frightened that he hurriedly stepped forward to stop Qin Xiaotian: “Third Master, you have to think carefully, only the Master can control the Four Great Kings. If you let them go, once they become mad, the entire Qin family will suffer… “

Chapter 630

  ”Go away…” Qin Xiaotian kicked the housekeeper away: “I have the medicine left by my eldest brother, which specializes in controlling the Four Great Diamonds. When my eldest brother was in retreat, he said that if my Qin family suffered a disaster, I could take the four great King Kong released it!”

  Qin Xiaotian didn’t listen to the housekeeper at all, and went straight to the backyard.

  After being kicked by Qin Xiaotian, the housekeeper became a lot more honest, he could only sigh, and followed closely behind.

  Going all the way to the deepest part of the backyard, there is a separate courtyard, the gate is tightly locked, and the lock above is also rusted, obviously it has been locked for a long time.

  Looking at the courtyard in front of him, Qin Xiaotian stood there for a while, then he gritted his teeth and took out the key to unlock the door.


  The heavy door was pushed open, and then I heard a roar from the courtyard room, as well as the sound of the iron chain clattering.

  Qin Xiaotian strode to the door of the room, opened a lock again, and pushed open the door of the room himself.

  As the sun shone, the dimly lit room instantly became brighter.

  At this moment, in the room, four unkempt fellows were being chained by iron chains. When they saw someone coming, all four fellows rushed over with scarlet eyes, but they just took two steps before they were pulled by iron chains. , cannot go one step forward.

  ”Eat, give me something to eat…”

  A guy bared his teeth and roared at Qin Xiaotian.

  The other three guys also looked at Qin Xiaotian with a ferocious expression, all of them like hungry beasts.

  Qin Xiaotian took out a handful of jelly beans from his pocket and threw it directly at the four guys.

  Seeing this, the four guys hurriedly picked them up and stuffed them into their mouths.

  Soon, after eating what Qin Xiaotian gave, the four guys who were originally manic slowly became quiet.

  The scarlet in his eyes receded, and they looked at Qin Xiaotian dumbly.

  Seeing this situation, Qin Xiaotian waved his hand and said, “Go and open their chains…”

  ”Third Master!” The housekeeper was embarrassed and a little scared in his heart.


  Qin Xiaotian snorted, took out the soft sword from his waist, and put it directly on the butler’s neck.

  The butler felt the slightest chill on the blade, so scared that he didn’t dare to speak, he walked over tremblingly, and untied the chains of the four guys.

  Without control, the four guys didn’t even move. They all waited quietly for Qin Xiaotian to give orders. Seeing this scene, the housekeeper was relieved.

  ”You come with me…”

  Qin Xiaotian said to the four guys.

  ”Yes!” The four guys nodded and followed Qin Xiaotian out of the room.

  Four unkempt, ragged guys followed Qin Xiaotian out, which made many Qin family members feel very curious, and many people watched secretly.

  Except for some high-ranking members of the Qin family and the owner of the family, the Four Great Kings don’t know about them. Even Qin Gang, the young master of the Qin family, doesn’t know about the existence of the Four Kings. Qin Feng knows that, in order to deal with Chen Ping, he also wanted to release the Four Great Diamonds privately, but was stopped by Qin Xiaotian.

  And now, Qin Xiaotian did not expect that he would be forced to use the Four Great Kings.


  Kyoto, on the winding mountain road out of the city, the taxi driver chatted with Chen Ping enthusiastically. Today is a big order. The fare from Kyoto to Hongcheng will cost more than 3,000 yuan, which makes the taxi driver very uncomfortable. Happy.

  ”Young man, what business do you do? There are not many people who take a taxi from Kyoto to Hongcheng…”

  After all, most people would be reluctant to take a taxi for several thousand yuan.

  ”Do a little business by yourself…”

  Chen Ping smiled and said casually to the taxi driver.

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