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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 621-622

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 621-622

Chapter 621

  ”Third Master, how should we prepare the gift?” the

  housekeeper asked softly.

  ”Let’s talk when my eldest brother leaves the customs, this time to prepare well!” Qin Xiaotian dare not call the shots, not to mention Qin Xiaolin will leave the customs in a few days, and it will not be too late to decide.

  ”Okay!” The butler nodded, preparing to leave.

  ”Wait a minute, you sent someone to watch over Qin Gang. This kid is making trouble everywhere. Please don’t provoke that Chen Ping these few days. Be careful to lose your life…”

  Qin Xiaotian called the housekeeper who was about to quit. He lived, he knew what his son’s virtue was, he didn’t eat enough, and he couldn’t do anything, and he always clamored for Chen Ping to be hacked to death. If this guy really provokes Chen Ping, Qin Xiaotian was afraid that his son would get along with him. Qin Feng was the same, and was killed by Chen Ping again.

  You must know that their Qin family consists of Qin Feng and Qin Gang. Now that Qin Feng is dead, only Qin Gang is left to inherit the lineage. If Qin Gang makes a mistake, then the Qin family will be finished.

  ”I see…” The

  butler nodded.


  The next morning, Chen Ping planned to sleep late because he had no spiritual energy for him to practice, and nothing else, but unfortunately the phone rang. It was Su Yuqi who called and asked Chen Ping if he could answer go back!

  Chen Ping was helpless and could only lie, saying that the people from Miao Village had not been caught, and he wanted to continue to stay in Kyoto, because there were some things that Chen Ping could not tell Su Yuqi.

  After calling for a long time, I could see that Su Yuqi misses Chen Ping. I haven’t seen each other for a few days, so I think so.

  Near noon, the doorbell of Chen Ping’s room rang, and Chen Ping hung up the phone!

  When he opened the door, he found Bai Zhantang with a snakeskin bag in Bai Zhantang’s hand.

  ”Mr. Chen, here are some medicinal materials that were collected at a high price. My grandfather knew that Mr. Chen needed these things for cultivation, so let me bring them here…”

  Bai Zhantang opened the snakeskin bag, which contained some more than 100-year-old Ganoderma lucidum, wild ginseng and the like. .

  Seeing these things, Chen Ping’s heart didn’t fluctuate much. With his current cultivation, the herbs in front of him were not very helpful to his cultivation. He needed more spiritual energy.

  However, Chen Ping was still very moved by the Bai family’s intentions, so after taking the snakeskin bag, he said to Bai Zhantang, “Thank you for me, Mr. Bai!”

  ”Mr. Chen, don’t be polite, my grandfather said it, we can Do your best to help Mr. Chen to cultivate, even if you take out all the Bai family’s family business, you will not hesitate…”

  Bai Zhantang said.

  Chen Ping listened, and his heart was moved. Although he knew that the Bai family and him were mutually beneficial, it was rare for Bai Xiushan to have such a mind.

  ”Come in and sit…” Chen Ping let Bai Zhantang into the room.

  ”Mr. Chen, if you have nothing to do, let’s have a meal together at noon. You came to Kyoto, and I haven’t exhausted the friendship of the landlord!”

  Bai Zhantang said with a smile.

  ”Yes!” Chen Ping nodded: “But I can’t go to your house, it’s too troublesome…”

  Chen Ping didn’t want to go to Bai’s house because there were too many people. If he went, they would all surround him and flatter each other. Flattery, food is not good.

  Bai Zhantang smiled, he knew what Chen Ping was worried about, so he nodded: “Okay, I’ll take Mr. Chen to a restaurant I often go to, where the specialties are good…”

  Chen Ping nodded and changed his clothes After that, he went out with Bai Zhantang.

  Soon, the two stopped at the door of a restaurant, Bai Zhantang invited Chen Ping in, and the two found a corner and sat down.

  ”Master Bai, you’re here…”

  The waiter at the hotel greeted him warmly when he saw Bai Zhantang, obviously familiar with Bai Zhantang.

Chapter 622 The Strange Woman

  ”The old three…”

  Bai Zhantang smiled slightly.

  ”Okay, I’ll be here soon…” The

  waiter left.

  Chen Ping took a look at the restaurant. Although the restaurant is not very large, it is very luxuriously decorated, and there are many people eating here.

  Not far from Chen Ping and the others, a girl wearing a gauze skirt and a fair face was also eating alone. After Chen Ping’s eyes passed by the woman, he involuntarily stopped for a few seconds, and only looked at the woman for a few seconds. Zhong, Chen Ping’s heartbeat started to speed up, and he suddenly had an urge to rush over immediately and throw the woman to the ground.

  Chen Ping bit the tip of his tongue suddenly, the severe pain made him wake up instantly, and his eyes moved away from the woman.

  ”Mr. Chen, what’s the matter with you?”

  Bai Zhantang asked when he saw that Chen Ping’s face was a little wrong.

  At this moment, Chen Ping’s heartbeat is still accelerating, his face is also flushed red, Chen Ping frowns slightly, although he is a hot-blooded young man, but he thinks that his concentration is still very strong, how many girls throw their arms towards him , Chen Ping has never been impulsive.

  Even when he saw Gu Linger’s ketone body, Chen Ping had never been so impulsive, but today he just glanced at the girl casually, and he lost his temper, which made Chen Ping a little surprised.

  ”Oh, nothing!” Chen Ping shook his head.

  Bai Zhantang looked at Chen Ping, and then turned to look at the girl, because Chen Ping just looked at the girl a few times, and his face turned red and his breathing was short of breath.

  ”Don’t look at her…”

  Chen Ping saw that Bai Zhantang was also looking at the girl, and hurriedly wanted to stop it, but unfortunately it was too late, and Bai Zhantang’s eyes had already stopped on the girl.

  After staring at the girl carefully for a while, Bai Zhantang turned his head to look at Chen Ping: “Mr. Chen, is there anything wrong with the girl?”

  Chen Ping saw that Bai Zhantang was all right, and couldn’t help but feel a little strange, so he asked: “You When you look at that girl, do you have any urge?”

  ”No!” Bai Zhantang shook his head blankly: “Although that girl is beautiful, she is not so beautiful that she feels impulsive at first glance. Is it possible that Mr. Chen has been alone these days and is a little bored, do you want me? Find some women to accompany Mr. Chen…”

  Bai Zhantang thought that Chen Ping was alone in the past few days, and he was a little bored with no one to accompany him at night, so he would be impulsive when he saw beautiful girls.

  When Chen Ping heard this, he immediately looked embarrassed and could only shake his head: “No!”

  Although there are girls accompanying him and there are many girls who like Chen Ping, Chen Ping is still a little man and has never tasted the taste of a woman. Woolen cloth.

  Soon, the food came, Bai Zhantang greeted Chen Ping to eat, but Chen Ping was courageous and couldn’t help turning his head to look at the girl again.

  But this time, Chen Ping stared at the girl for a long time, and no longer had the same impulsive feeling just now, which made Chen Ping feel very surprised.

  Seeing that Chen Ping was still looking at the girl, Bai Zhantang smiled and said, “Mr. Chen, do you want me to invite the girl over to you?”

  ”No, let’s eat quickly…”

  Chen Ping began to bow his head to eat.

  ”Hey, isn’t this the eldest young master of the Bai family? It’s such a coincidence that you came here to eat too? We are really destined.”

  Just when Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping were halfway through their meal, a voice suddenly came from the air. .   Hearing this voice, Bai Zhantang

  frowned. He didn’t even look back. Instead, he said, “Qin Gang, I don’t want to talk to you today. You’d better stay away from me.”

Seeing that Qin Gang looked like a ruffian, there was no breath on his body, not even a warrior, but behind Qin Gang, there were two subordinates, both of whom were masters.

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