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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 619-620

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 619-620

Chapter 619

  Soon, the black gas surrounding the humanoid monster was completely sucked by Chen Ping, and the humanoid monster collapsed directly, turning into countless insects and ants, covering the entire courtyard.

  Chen Ping pointed a finger, and a group of green flames jumped, and after seeing the flames, these ants all scattered and fled.

  This is the real fire Chen Ping used in alchemy. Burning these insects and ants is simply as easy as the palm of your hand.

  With a wave of Chen Ping’s palm, the green flames blanketed the ground and shrouded the ground, directly burning the insects and ants.


  Looking at the insects and ants that have all been wiped out, the faces of several Litou suddenly changed dramatically. Chen Ping was not afraid of any poison. fear.

  Their Miao village is good at poison, but now Chen Ping is not afraid of poison at all. It seems that there is nothing to do with inhaling those poisonous gas into the body. Then the poison they are good at will have no effect on Chen Ping.

  ”Is this your ability?”

  Chen Ping sneered: “What other means are there, use them all!”

  Dali Tou stood up slowly, there were traces of sweat on his forehead, and he just urged such a big technique to let His internal energy wasted a lot.

  ”Chen Ping, we have no grievances and no enmity. You forced us to do it just now. Now we apologize, can you let us go?”

  Dalitou compromised. .

  ”Leave?” Chen Ping raised the corner of his mouth: “Didn’t you take the Qin family’s money and take my life? Why did you just leave like this?”


  Dali’s head was choked and speechless. Say.

  They really have no grievances or enmity with Chen Ping. Even if Chen Ping killed Qian Feng, the adopted son of King Miao, he had nothing to do with them.

  It’s a pity that they were greedy for money, and they were interested in the revenge of the Qin family’s 10 million yuan, so they wanted to kill Chen Ping.

  It’s a pity that Chen Ping’s strength is too strong, even if it is a hard blow from Dali’s head, it can’t cause any damage to Chen Ping, and even their proud techniques have no effect on Chen Ping at this time.

  ”You obediently follow Pavilion Master Zhao to plead guilty, and I can spare your life…”

  Chen Ping looked at the leaders of Miao Village with an air of dominance, and said lightly.

  Dali frowned, shook his teeth, and then nodded: “Okay, we promise to follow Pavilion Master Zhao to plead guilty, and to follow Leader Chang to confess his wrongs. I hope you can keep your promise and don’t do anything to us again…

  ” In the face of the strength gap between the two, Dalitou has no other choice. If they don’t agree to Chen Ping, then they will die.

  ”As long as your Miao Village doesn’t trouble me, I’m too lazy to care about you…”

  Chen Ping has no interest in paying attention to Miao Village anymore. Since meeting the real master of immortality, Chen Ping is full of curiosity about the undercurrent of Kyoto.

  He really wants to know what his identity is, who is that Long Wu, and what does it have to do with him?

  All these troubled Chen Ping.

  The first few people in Dali lowered their heads and walked in front of Zao Wou-Ki, but as soon as Zao Wou-Ki waved his hand, several people from the Dharma Protector Pavilion came over and handcuffed all the heads.

  ”Take it back, and let Leader Chang be dealt with tomorrow…”

  Zao Wou-Ki waved his hand, and he let several leaders take away.

  ”Mr. Chen, thank you for taking action. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to catch these people at all…”

  Zao Wou-Ki looked at Chen Ping gratefully and said.

  ”It’s just a little effort…” Chen Ping didn’t feel anything, he just wanted to help.

  ”Mr. Chen, I didn’t expect your strength to be so terrifying. You took a punch, and your body was intact…” Zhao Wuji remembered the incident of Chen Ping’s resistance to a punch, and he was envious. When would he be able to do this? What a powerful metamorphosis.

Chapter 620 Collateral _

  Chen Ping just smiled and didn’t say anything. He didn’t expect his body to be tempered to this point. It seems that the body tempering pill that Long Wu gave him is really a good thing. How many times stronger.

  ”Mr. Chen, a few people from Miao Village have been caught. If you want to return to Hongcheng, I will send someone to send you…”

  Zao Wou-Ki continued.

  ”Gate Master Zhao, don’t bother you anymore. I plan to stay in Kyoto for a while. When I want to go back, I can just take the car…”

  The appearance of Manniu and Longwu made Chen Ping change his mind. He wanted to stay in Kyoto. If you stay for a while, maybe you will meet other immortal cultivators. The main thing is that Chen Ping wants to inquire about the secret of his life experience in Kyoto.

  ”Then Mr. Chen is careful, then the Qin family will not let Mr. Chen easily. If Mr. Chen needs any help, just call me…”

  Zao Wou-Ki reminded Chen Ping.

  ”Thank you Pavilion Master Zhao for reminding…”

  Chen Ping smiled slightly.

  Leaving from the western suburbs, Chen Ping returned to the hotel and lay on the bed of the hotel. Chen Ping recalled the scene of seeing the bull and Long Wu Shi. These are the two most powerful people he has ever seen so far. .

  At the same time, Qin Xiaotian of the Qin family was listening to the housekeeper’s report, and the whole person was furious.

  ”Trash, it’s really fucking trash. The Miao Village guys are just phony. Five people can’t even deal with one Chen Ping…”

  Qin Xiaotian smashed the table with a ruthless punch, smashing the table.

  ”Third Master, I think it’s not that the five major heads of Miao Village can’t deal with Chen Ping, but that Chen Ping has a helper. I heard that Zao Wou-Ki first led people to surround the five major heads, and also brought snipers, or else that How could Chen Ping be an opponent…” The

  steward explained.

  Hearing the housekeeper’s explanation, Qin Xiaotian’s face became even more gloomy: “This Chen Ping, there are so many people protecting him, it seems that I can only wait for my eldest brother to go out and avenge Feng’er…”

  In Kyoto, Chen Ping was guarded by the Guardian Pavilion and the Bai family, and now there is a six-door permanent reinforcement, which makes Qin Xiaotian dare not act rashly against Chen Ping, and can only wait for Qin Xiaolin to leave the customs before making a decision.

  ”Third Master, there is one more thing, the ancestor of the Qin family is going to celebrate his birthday, and we have also received an invitation. I don’t know what gift to prepare?” The

  housekeeper asked Qin Xiaotian.

  Qin Xiaotian frowned and sighed slightly.

  Their bloodline is considered to be a collateral line of the Qin family, so they are not taken seriously. They usually have little contact with those orthodox Qin family members, but at this time of the year, the ancestors of the Qin family will pass their birthdays, and every time they pass their birthdays , their sideline almost has to donate countless rare and precious treasures. This is the case every year, which makes Qin Xiaotian have a headache when he hears the word “shou”.

  But they can’t say anything. After all, they are orthodox, and Qin Xiaotian’s second brother is still there to study art and has been there for more than ten years.

  Speaking of which, Qin Xiaotian and the others were lucky enough to be able to choose one person to go to the Qin family to study art. You must know that there are other Qin family collaterals, not to mention paying tribute every year, there is no such opportunity at all!

  ”Did my second brother speak this time? How is his study?”

  Qin Xiaotian asked the housekeeper.

  ”The second master has brought a message, saying that he has been able to enter the clan ancestral hall. He asked us to send some more things this time, so that the second master can be valued…” The

  housekeeper said.

  ”Second brother can enter the ancestral hall?” Qin Xiaotian’s face showed excitement: “Great, this proves that the second brother has also stepped into the ranks of monks, and when the second brother returns from his studies, who would dare to oppose my Qin family in the entire capital? Home, Protector Pavilion, they’re such shit…”

  Qin Xiaotian’s face flushed with excitement, his eyes glowed with excitement, and there was a bit of envy in his excitement.

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