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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 605-606

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 605-606

Chapter 605

  Originally, I came here to see if I could find a treasure, but now things have changed, so Gu Wentian needs to ask Chen Ping when to go back next, after all, they came in a car, and they need to listen to Chen Ping. s arrangement!

  ”Gu, take Yuqi and Ling’er back first, I’m going to stay in Kyoto for a few days to deal with some things…”

  Chen Ping didn’t say what it was, he was afraid that Su Yuqi would be worried.

  ”What are you staying for? I want to stay…”

  Su Yuqi asked to stay as soon as she heard it.

  ”I’m staying too, just to accompany Yuqi to visit Kyoto. There are many places of interest here…”

  Gu Linger also expressed that he wanted to stay.

  ”No, you have to go back and leave today…”

  Chen Ping refused them to stay without hesitation.

  The reason why Chen Ping refused was because Kyoto was no better than other places, especially after Chen Ping knew about the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, he dared not let Su Yuqi stay here. It’s too late to regret it.

  Su Yuqi looked unhappy at Chen Ping’s face, but she didn’t dare to be petty and force her to stay.

  ”I can tell you, you stay in Kyoto, don’t mess with me, if you let me know, I can’t spare you…”

  Su Yuqi said with a pouted mouth.

  ”Don’t worry, although Kyoto is a big city, you can’t find a beautiful, gentle and virtuous woman like you…”

  Chen Ping smiled slightly.

  This sentence made Su Yuqi blushed and muttered, “Hmph, you must be saying something against your heart…”

  Even though she said this, Su Yuqi’s heart had already blossomed with joy.

  Gu Ling’er on the side watched Chen Ping flirt with Su Yuqi, with an indescribable feeling in her heart, she bit her lip tightly.

  Gu Wentian looked at his granddaughter’s expression and shook his head slightly with a sigh. How could he not understand Gu Linger’s thoughts.

  However, Chen Ping was not something in the pool. If he didn’t mind having more confidantes, Gu Wentian wouldn’t mind having Gu Linger by Chen Ping’s side.

  Gu Wentian left with Su Yuqi and Gu Linger. Bai Xiushan wanted to invite Chen Ping to stay at Bai’s house for a few days, but Chen Ping didn’t want to be too troublesome, so he didn’t go, but asked Zao Wou-Ki to find him a hotel. .

  ”Mr. Chen, you are temporarily resting in the hotel. When I have news about the people in Miao Village, I will inform Mr. Chen…”

  There is no need for Chen Ping to find those people in Miao Village. After all, Chen Ping is also in Kyoto. For those who are unfamiliar in life, Zao Wou-Ki will do the job of finding people, but after finding them, if they want to keep these people, then Chen Ping will do the job.

  ”Well, when you have news, call me anytime…”

  Chen Ping nodded.

  Zao Wou-Ki left, Chen Ping originally wanted to practice in the hotel for a while, but in a bustling city like Kyoto, the spiritual energy is even less, and it has reached the point where it seems to be non-existent, so without resources, it is a waste of time.

  Seeing that it was getting dark outside, Bai Xiushan called Chen Ping and wanted to invite Chen Ping to have a meal together, but Chen Ping also refused. Whether he eats or drinks, he won’t feel hungry, and he doesn’t want to go. Chen Ping doesn’t like the scene of being flattered by the stars!

  The neon lights on the road began to light up slowly, setting off the whole Kyoto very beautifully. Chen Ping went downstairs and planned to take a walk on the road!

  At this moment, in the hall of Qin’s house, although there was a table of food, no one moved the chopsticks. Qin Xiaotian’s face was gloomy, and the atmosphere in the hall was very depressed.

  ”Dad, isn’t it just Chen Ping, since you know he’s coming to Kyoto, why don’t you just send someone to hack him to death and avenge my brother?”

  On Qin Xiaotian’s side, a young man in his twenties asked road.

Chapter 606 – The

  This person is Qin Xiaotian’s son Qin Gang, who is only a few months younger than Qin Feng. The two were born in the same year, but their fates are different. Qin Feng is the son of the patriarch Qin Xiaolin, so his status in the Qin family is higher than that of Qin Feng. Qin Gang has a lot of heights.

  It is precisely because of this that the Qin family gave Qin Feng a lot of cultivation resources since he was a child, so that Qin Feng reached the realm of a master at a young age, and this Qin Gang is a playboy and is not jealous of Qin Feng’s cultivation. Spending money to pick up girls, I haven’t even touched the doorway of a warrior until now.

  Qin Xiaotian hated his unsatisfactory son so much that he wanted to kill him directly…

  ”Shut up for me, you know shit…”

  Qin Xiaotian roared at Qin Gang.

  Seeing that his father was angry, Qin Gang threw the chopsticks in his hand: “I don’t eat, I’m going out…”

  Qin Gang got up and left, and probably went to the bar to play again!

  ”Nizi, you bastard, if it weren’t for you being my own, I would really want to slap you to death…”

  Qin Xiaotian yelled, but Qin Gang didn’t seem to hear it.

  As soon as Qin walked back, Qin Xiaotian looked at the table in front of him. He had no appetite at all, and suddenly slapped it down with a palm.

  At this moment, the housekeeper of the Qin family hurried in, and after seeing the mess on the ground, he waved his hand, and the servants hurriedly cleaned up.

  ”Third Master, I have found out, that Chen Ping has indeed cured the son of Leader Chang, and now Leader Chang is also respectful to this Chen Ping…” The

  housekeeper reported to Qin Xiaotianhui.

  When Qin Xiaotian heard this, his face became more and more ugly: “Damn, this kid really has some tricks, and even the Chang reinforcements are flattered. It seems that in Kyoto, we can’t do anything to him, we can only wait for the big brother to come out. , I’m making plans…”

  ”Third Master, this time I also inquired about another piece of news…”

  After finishing speaking, the butler leaned into Qin Xiaotian’s ear and whispered.

  Qin Xiaotian’s complexion changed and changed, and finally he said with surprise: “Is what you said true?”

  ”It’s true, I found it from the servants in Chang’s house.” The

  butler affirmed nodded.

  ”Hahaha, that’s great, this way, we can use a knife to kill people!” Qin Xiaotian laughed loudly: “You go and contact the people in Miao Village immediately, I want to meet them…”

  ”Okay!” The housekeeper nodded and left.

  At this time, Qin Xiaotian was in a good mood, and his eyes flashed with brilliance: “Chen Ping, Chen Ping, it’s not good for you to offend someone, but you have offended people in Miao Village. Now I want to see if you can leave Kyoto alive…”


  On the other side, Chen Ping was walking on the bustling streets of Kyoto, the streets were full of traffic, Chen Ping was walking on the sidewalk, looking at the beautiful lights on both sides.

  But just as Chen Ping was slowly walking forward, he suddenly felt a faint sense of consciousness approaching him.

  Chen Ping’s expression changed involuntarily, and his heart began to beat faster.

  There will be no other people who can use spiritual sense to probe, except for immortal cultivators, even if they are powerful warlocks, they will not produce spiritual sense.

  Chen Ping also gave birth to divine consciousness after entering the bigu period, but Chen Ping’s divine consciousness is still a little weak. If Chen Ping had not already given birth to divine consciousness, I am afraid that someone would not be able to detect him at all.

  Chen Ping didn’t dare to speak, and he didn’t dare to make any extra moves, so he could only pretend that he didn’t know anything and kept walking forward.

  Chen Ping was both excited and nervous at the moment, because this was the first time he had met an immortal cultivator other than Lao Longtou, but he didn’t know whether the other party was an enemy or a friend, so why did he probe himself.

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