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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 573-574

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 573-574

Chapter 573 Is it magic? _

  Chen Ping’s words really made Yuan Baozhong hesitate for a while, and even Zou Zhaolong, who was on the side, couldn’t help but feel tight!

  If Chen Ping really has the ability to come up with evidence that this gossip plate is nothing but rotten wood, will these Kyoto rich people let him leave easily?

  Seeing Yuan Baozhong hesitate for a while, everyone was stunned, and all turned their attention to Yuan Baozhong!

  ”Stop talking nonsense, take it out if you have the skills, of course I know what I have identified!”

  Yuan Baozhong saw everyone looking at him, his face sank immediately, and he said to Chen Ping!

  ”Boy, did you hear me? If you have any ability, just use it. If you can’t prove it to us today, even if I don’t embarrass you, do you think others will let you go?”

  Qin Xiaotian sneered!

  Chen Ping ignored Qin Xiaotian, but took out a coin from his pocket and put it on the table: “Everyone, I happen to have a magic weapon here, let everyone open their eyes!”

  Everyone saw that Chen Ping put it on the table. An ordinary coin cannot be used in ordinary coins, and he immediately reprimanded: “What the hell is this, isn’t it just a coin?”

  ”This is also a magic weapon? If this is a magic weapon, wouldn’t there be hundreds of magic tools in my house? Is it?”

  ”Are you taking us for fools? A steel shovel is also a magic weapon?”

  Everyone yelled at Chen Ping!

  But Chen Ping didn’t think so, but looked at Master Yuan: “Master Yuan, do you think this is a magic weapon that I took out?”

  Yuan Baozhong didn’t know what trick Chen Ping was playing, but it was really just an ordinary coin, where is it? What magic weapon!

  ”This is just an ordinary coin, how could it be a magic weapon!”

  Yuan Baozhong said.

  ”It seems that you are not blind!” Chen Ping sneered: “You can even tell that this is just an ordinary coin!”

  ”Boy, what the hell are you talking about?”

  ”Dare to play with us, you can’t even think of going out of Kyoto today. !”

  ”Our group of people was tricked by a little boy. If it spreads out, how would we get along with the people in Kyoto?” A

  group of people looked at Chen Ping angrily, and some even wanted to do it. Fortunately, Bai Xiushan was there. Stop it!

  ”Although this is just an ordinary coin, I said it is a magic weapon, and he is a magic weapon…”

  I saw Chen Ping holding the coin and punching a small flame array on the coin with his fingers. The coin burned directly!

  The coin was surrounded by flames and kept burning, but there was no change in the coin!

  ”What’s this? Is it magic?”

  Qin Xiaotian looked at the burning coins and said with a look of disdain.

  ”A high-level magician can play better than you, isn’t it just coin burning? You know a little bit of chemistry, so you just rely on this to fool these magic masters?

  ” “

  It’s really funny, he actually said that this is a magic weapon, then my lighter is also a magic weapon, and it can burn!”

  Everyone sneered at Chen Ping!

  Even those palm-eyed masters of magic were dismissive of Chen Ping, only that Yuan Baozhong’s complexion changed and changed, with surprise and shock in his eyes!

  He could see that the coin in Chen Ping’s hand was an ordinary coin, but the burning at this time was not some kind of magic, nor was it a chemical reaction, but that Chen Ping had just punched a small flame in the coin. !

  Although this flame formation is not an advanced formation, it is almost impossible to quickly penetrate into the object. Even if he wants to refine the magic weapon himself, it will take several days, even dozens of times. It takes days to put the formation into the object, and it also consumes a lot of physical strength!

Chapter 574

  However, Chen Ping actually broke into the flame formation in a small coin in an instant, and it seemed very easy, just this, Yuan Baozhong thought he couldn’t do it!

  Zou Zhaolong seemed to have noticed something was wrong with Yuan Baozhong’s expression, so he whispered in Yuan Baozhong’s ear: “Master Yuan, what’s the matter with you?”

  ”This kid is very skilled, we underestimate him…”

  Yuan Baozhong’s eyes were slightly condensed, and his face was very dignified!

  ”What?” Zou Zhaolong’s pupils suddenly enlarged, looking at Chen Ping in disbelief!

  For such a young person to be able to be said by Yuan Baozhong, it can be seen that his strength is indeed extraordinary!

  ”Then what should we do?” Zou Zhaolong asked.

  ”You can’t let him watch the gossip plate, find a way to get rid of things quickly, and then leave here…”

  Yuan Baozhong said cautiously.

  ”Okay!” Zou Zhaolong nodded!

  At this time, Chen Ping ignored everyone’s ridicule, but picked up the coin and gently rubbed it twice in his hand. After the flame went out, he put the coin in his pocket again!

  ”Master Yuan, bring the gossip plate, and I’ll show you if it’s a piece of rotten wood…”

  Chen Ping looked at Yuan Baozhong and said with a slight smile.

  But who knew that Yuan Baozhong picked up the gossip pan and said: “This is the end of today’s matter. As for whether this gossip pan is a magic weapon or rotten wood, I don’t want to argue, you all know that magic tools have a lifespan, and the array has not been activated once. I don’t want to consume the energy in the gossip plate for some pointless arguments!”

  “And if it is messed with by some people who don’t understand, if it is damaged, or it is destroyed by fire. If it burns, it will be a loss to everyone. After all, this kind of high-level magic weapon is not common, so I don’t want to ask about the bet. The things are here, whether you believe it or not is up to you to decide!”

  Yuan Baozhong said, he even put the gossip plate back, and he didn’t even let him take a look!

  This time, everyone was a little surprised. Just now, Master Yuan was still aggressive. Why was he suddenly not allowed to see it?

  Could it be true what Chen Ping said, this gossip plate is just a piece of rotten wood?

  ”Master Yuan is right. The energy of this magic weapon is not inexhaustible. If it is damaged by some people who don’t understand, it will be troublesome. Anyway, this gossip plate will be decided by my Qin family…”

  Qin Xiaotian said. .

  Qin Xiaotian said this, and everyone also responded, but the mood was not so high, and they were afraid of spending a lot of money to buy a fake.

  ”Everyone, this little friend just said something right, that is, anything, before it is injected into the magic circle, is an ordinary thing. If there is no gossip circle in this gossip plate, it is just a piece of rotten wood. Now this gossip plate is just a piece of rotten wood. There are gossip formations in it, and I will also inject some feng shui formations into them to ensure that people who have been bathed in this formation all year round will live longer, and it will also improve the family fortune…”

  Yuan Baozhong saw that everyone’s emotions were not very high, so he spoke again. said!

  This time, everyone’s breathing suddenly became rapid, and their eyes were all red. Even if it was really a piece of rotten wood, Yuan Baozhong said that he would inject a feng shui array into it. This is also a priceless treasure!

  Seeing everyone’s re-excited expressions, Zou Zhaolong and Yuan Baozhong looked at each other, feeling extremely proud in their hearts!

  ”Boss Zou, this thing is yours, hurry up and make a reserve price!”

  Qin Xiaotian asked impatiently.

  Seeing Qin Xiaotian’s impatient look, Chen Ping, who had wanted to argue with Yuan Baozhong for a few words, closed his mouth with a sneer on his face. Since all these people wanted to be deceived, why should he care about it!

  ”Okay, since everyone has seen the power of this gossip plate, and Master Yuan just said so, then I will say a reserve price, the minimum starting price is 100 million, and the minimum price is 10 million each time, and the higher price will be… “

  Zou Zhaolong said with a finger.

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