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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 569-570

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 569-570

Chapter 569

  Listening to everyone’s discussion, Bai Xiushan looked at Chen Ping in embarrassment and said, “Mr. Chen, I’m not afraid of throwing two hundred million, two hundred million is nothing to my Bai family, it’s just…”

  Bai Xiushan wanted to explain with Chen Ping It’s not that he didn’t agree to that Qin Xiaotian, it’s not that he was distressed for these two hundred million yuan!

  But before Bai Xiushan finished speaking, Chen Ping waved his hand to interrupt Bai Xiushan’s words, and then looked at the proud Qin Xiaotian and said, “Since you want to bet, I can play with you, but two hundred million is a bit too much. If it’s less, it’s not exciting at all, let’s bet bigger, I have 2 billion here, just bet this money!”

  Chen Ping took out a bank card and threw it on the table, looking at Qin Xiaotian coldly!

  Seeing that Chen Ping is 2 billion when he makes a move, everyone is stunned. It is not easy to know that Chen Ping can spend 2 billion at his age. Even if he is a child of a rich family, who will give 2 billion at this age pocket money!

  Qin Xiaotian was stunned for a moment, then sneered: “Just throw out a bank card and say there are 2 billion, do you think 2 billion is waste paper?”

  Qin Xiaotian didn’t believe that Chen Ping could come up with 2 billion, because he had already Just sent someone to investigate Chen Ping. In a small place like Hongcheng, there is no such arrogant family, not to mention that Chen Ping is just an ordinary family, how could there be 2 billion!

  ”Qin Xiaotian, if you don’t believe that Mr. Chen has 2 billion, then my Bai family will have it. If Mr. Chen can’t get the 2 billion, my Bai family will get it!”

  Bai Xiushan gritted his teeth and said to Qin Xiaotian!

  Two billion, even if the Bai family is a wealthy family in Kyoto, it is not a small amount, but in order to curry favor with Chen Ping, Bai Xiushan is willing to pay this money!

  ”Okay!” Qin Xiaotian raised the corner of his mouth: “Since your old man Bai has spoken, of course I believe that your Bai family can come up with 2 billion, then we will bet 2 billion!”

  Qin Xiaotian finished speaking, his face slightly heavy and looking towards Then Master He said: “Master He, I have a job for you. When I win that kid, I will give half of it to Master He…” When

  Master He heard this, his face was full of excitement. This half is one billion, for him It’s an astronomical number!

  ”Don’t worry, Boss Qin, I will do my best…”

  Master He nodded!

  This is where everyone focused their attention on Master He, to see how he saw the special features of this gossip pan, and what method he used to activate the array of the gossip pan!

  And that Zou Zhaolong followed Yuan Baozhong to look at each other, and a flash of joy flashed in the eyes of the two of them.

  With a bet of 2 billion, no matter what the price of this gossip plate is, the price cannot be too low. This time they came to Kyoto, and they made a lot of money!

  Seeing Master He holding the gossip plate and reciting words in his mouth, Bai Xiushan felt a little nervous. He glanced at Chen Ping from time to time, but found that Chen Ping had a calm face. Disk, it has nothing to do with yourself!

  ”Mr. Chen, have you already seen the usefulness of that gossip plate?”

  Bai Xiushan couldn’t help asking when he saw Chen Ping’s calm and confident look.

  Seeing Bai Xiushan asking this, Qin Xiaotian and others also looked at Chen Ping, wanting to know if Chen Ping really knew the use of this gossip disk, otherwise how could he bet 2 billion!

  But who knew that Chen Ping shook his head and said nothing!

  Seeing Chen Ping shaking his head, Qin Xiaotian burst out laughing: “Master Bai, I’ve said it all, he’s just a hairy boy, does he know what a magic weapon is? Has he ever seen a magic weapon? You really take him as an onion… “

  Other people laughed when they heard it, and the laughter was full of irony, which made Bai Xiushan’s face ugly!

Chapter 570

  Just as everyone was talking, they saw that Master He’s originally slightly closed eyes suddenly opened, put the gossip plate on the table, and lightly tapped with his fingers, the original mottled gossip plate seemed to have been painted over. , all of a sudden it becomes so new that it can even shoot back a silhouette.

  When everyone saw this, they all exclaimed, and Qin Xiaotian was even more surprised: “Master He is a master of magic who has been cultivating for decades, and he is different when he makes a move…”

  Master He’s face showed a trace I was proud, and then I saw a red light flashing on my hand, followed by a red light on the entire gossip plate, as if some treasure had descended, and the whole room was enveloped by this red light, everyone was like a spring breeze, and the whole body was very smooth. !

  But soon, the red light slowly subsided, and the room returned to calm again.

  ”Master He, do you already know the magic of this gossip plate?”

  Qin Xiaotian asked excitedly.

  Master He nodded: “This gossip plate is really not an ordinary thing. It contains the Dao Zhengfa. If my guess is correct, it is definitely left by the ancient immortals!”

  Hearing Master He’s words, people’s eyes are exposed. The greed, even that Bai Xiushan couldn’t help staring at the gossip plate, wanting to take it for himself.

  Looking at the performance of the crowd, Zou Zhaolong burst into laughter. Now, if the price is auctioned, this gossip plate will definitely sell for a good price!

  ”Boy, it’s up to you, should you also look at the origin of this gossip plate, and then let Master Yuan of China and Hong Kong make a decision to see which of us is right?”

  Qin Xiaotian looked at Chen Ping and asked.

  Everyone looked at Chen Ping, wondering what method Chen Ping used to activate the magic circle of this gossip disk!

  But who knew that Chen Ping didn’t even take the gossip plate, and said lightly: “A piece of rotten wood, what is the origin, a group of masters, but they are complacent with a piece of rotten wood, I really don’t know how you have practiced all these years. achievement!”

  Chen Ping’s words made all the masters in the show furious. Although many of them did not see the role of this gossip plate, since Zou Zhaolong dared to take it out as the treasure at the bottom of the box, it would definitely have something special. There is Yuan Baozhong sitting next to him, and all of them think that this gossip plate is a treasure.

  This is a preconceived notion, coupled with Zou Zhaolong’s rendering in advance, which makes these palm-eye masters think that this gossip plate is a treasure. The reason why they can’t see it is because their strength is too low!

  This is like the emperor’s new clothes. Although everyone can’t see anything special, no one dares to say it, and it means that they are not strong enough to say it!

  But now Chen Ping directly pointed out that this was just a piece of rotten wood, which made these palm-eye masters unable to sit still and felt insulted and provoked.

  Especially Zou Zhaolong and Yuan Baozhong, although they both knew that this gossip plate was a piece of rotten wood, but Chen Ping said it in public, it was very bad for them!

  ”What does this little brother mean? I bought this gossip plate with a lot of money, and Master Yuan has also seen it. It does contain a formation, and it is a rare magic weapon. You actually said that it is a piece of rotten wood. If you don’t speak clearly today, don’t blame me for being rude…”

  Zou Zhaolong said coldly!

  ”Yes, Master He just activated the magic circle, and you even said that the gossip plate is a piece of rotten wood. I think you can’t do anything about it yourself, can’t you find the special feature of this gossip plate?”

  Qin Xiaotian also took the opportunity to answer . Chen Ping sneered!

  ”Is it rotten wood? I believe they know better than me. I don’t want to explain some things…”

  Chen Ping glanced at Master He and Zou Zhaolong lightly. Involuntarily dodge a bit!

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