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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 563-564

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 563-564

Chapter 563

  Gu Wentian sighed and didn’t say anything, he was used, it’s too late to say anything now!

  After eating, Zao Wou-Ki personally accompanied Chen Ping to Christie’s auction house, in order to prevent Qin Xiaotian from looking for Chen Ping’s trouble!

  As soon as he walked into the exhibition hall, Chen Ping felt waves of aura fluctuations. It can be seen that there are genuine goods among these antiques, but the aura fluctuations are very weak.

  The hall of hundreds of square meters is filled with various antiques, all covered with glass covers, telling their own history under the spotlight!

  ”Mr. Chen…”

  At this moment, a burst of exclamation came!

  Chen Ping looked and found that it was Bai Zhantang.

  After seeing Chen Ping, Bai Zhantang walked over quickly: “Mr. Chen, I didn’t expect you to come too!”

  Chen Ping smiled slightly: “When did you come back? Is Miss Shen okay?”

  ”I came back yesterday. , specially for this auction, Meng Chen is very good, and now Xuanyue Valley has also entered the formal!”

  Bai Zhantang said!

  Hearing this, Chen Ping felt relieved a lot. After all, Shen Dianshan was for himself, so he would use up his longevity and return to heaven ahead of schedule!

  ”Zhantang, is this Mr. Chen?”

  At this moment, an old man with Tong Yan Hefa came over!

  ”Grandpa, this is Mr. Chen…” Bai Zhantang said, explaining to Chen Ping: “Mr. Chen, this is my grandfather Bai Xiushan!”

  ”Old Bai…” Chen Ping nodded slightly!

  ”Mr. Chen is indeed an outstanding talent. There are dragons and phoenixes among people. My Bai family is really fortunate to do things for Mr. Chen…”

  Bai Xiushan can be said to be extremely respectful to Chen Ping!

  Bai Xiushan’s attitude made many people around him look at him, not understanding why the head of the dignified capital of the Bai family was so polite to a young man and said such a low-key thing!

  ”Patriarch Bai knows people with discerning eyes, no wonder your Bai family can endure for a long time…”

  Zao Wou-Ki praised Bai Xiushan from the side!

  It is obvious that Bai Xiushan also knows Chen Ping’s true identity, which is why he is so humble. Knowing that there is a cultivator behind the family, this will instantly increase the strength of the entire family!

  ”Gatemaster Zhao is joking, don’t you also see that Mr. Chen is not an extraordinary person?”

  Bai Xiushan had already guessed that Zhao Wuji also knew Chen Ping’s identity from Zhao Wuji following Chen Ping around!

  In this way, Bai Xiushan’s guess is correct, Chen Ping is indeed a cultivator!


  Zhao Wuji laughed a few times!

  ”Mr. Chen, let’s invite you inside. The exhibits here are nothing but ordinary things, and the real treasures are inside…”

  Bai Xiushan made a gesture of invitation to Chen Ping!

  Chen Ping nodded slightly and followed Bai Xiushan towards the lobby!

  But at this moment, Chen Ping felt a killing gaze, and then a middle-aged man walked over with a gray-haired old man!

  The middle-aged man’s eyes were full of killing intent, so he wished he could swallow Chen Ping alive!

  Looking at the middle-aged man’s eyes, Chen Ping didn’t have to think about it, he must be from the Qin family!

  Sure enough, when the middle-aged man approached Chen Ping, Bai Xiushan’s face turned cold and stood in front of Chen Ping: “Qin Xiaotian, what do you want to do?” “Master

  Bai, I just want to say a few words to this kid, you Why are you so nervous? The Tangtang Bai family has become someone else’s dog, and they will protect their master so soon?”

  Bai Xiushan’s face turned cold, while Bai Zhantang, who was beside him, rushed forward with a vigorous step: “Qin Xiaotian, give me the fuck again. Say something…”

  ”When our adults are talking, is there a place for your junior to interject?”

  Qin Xiaotian’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then a burst of momentum immediately shook Bai Zhantang back again and again!

  Zao Wou-Ki helped Bai Zhantang, then looked at Qin Xiaotian and said, “Qin Xiaotian, this is the Christie’s auction house. If you dare to make trouble, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Chapter 564

  ”Zhao Pavilion Master, I just want to say a few words, is this also illegal?”

  Qin Xiaotian said with a playful smile!

  Zao Wou-Ki didn’t speak, just looked at Qin Xiaotian coldly!

  ”What do you want to say, just say it…”

  Chen Ping took two steps forward and looked at Qin Xiaotian lightly!

  Qin Xiaotian glanced at Chen Ping up and down, and said with a gloomy expression: “Boy, no matter what kind of strength you have, if you dare to kill my nephew, my Qin family will never let you go. When you come to Kyoto, don’t think about leaving. It’s over…”

  Chen Ping didn’t care about Qin Xiaotian’s threat to Chen Ping, but the people next to him were all stunned. They never expected that Chen Ping was the one who killed Qin Feng!

  This is the younger brother of the Qin family. If he wants to kill him, he will kill him, and he dares to come to the capital. He is simply too daring!

  At this time, many people were deeply interested in Chen Ping’s identity. They dared to kill Qin Feng and provoke the Qin family. Moreover, Bai Xiushan and Zao Wou-Ki were such respectful people, their identities must not be simple!

  ”If you feel that the death of Qin Feng in the Qin family is not enough, you can continue to provoke me…”

  Chen Ping said with a cold smile!

  ”You…” Qin Xiaotian’s eyes widened, his bones rattled, if it wasn’t for Zhao Wuji and Bai Xiushan here, he would have already done it!

  ”Boy, you have something, let’s wait and see!” Qin Xiaotian said, and turned around with the old man into a room in the lobby!

  ”Mr. Chen’s direction, in Kyoto, my Bai family will definitely go all out to protect Mr. Chen comprehensively…”

  Bai Xiushan said with determination!

  Chen Ping smiled and nodded!

  Chen Ping followed Bai Xiushan into another room in the lobby, but only Chen Ping and Bai Xiushan could enter, and the others were blocked outside.

  After entering the inside, I saw that there are also some antique porcelain inside, but the number is obviously much less, and the spiritual energy inside is more full, proving that these antiques are older than the outside!

  In the middle of this room, there is a large Eight Immortals table, surrounded by Taishi chairs, and two people are sitting in the middle, one of them is a gentle middle-aged man wearing glasses, and the middle-aged man is beside the middle-aged man. It is an old man, looking at the extraordinary temperament, quite the flavor of the fairy!

  ”Mr. Chen, this is Zou Zhaolong, a Hong Kong businessman. Sitting next to him is Yuan Baozhong, the first master of magic in China and Hong Kong. This time I heard that Zou Zhaolong brought an ancient magic weapon, so he invited Master Yuan. The people who entered this room are all the big families in Kyoto, and the others are not qualified at all!”

  Bai Xiushan introduced to Chen Ping in a low voice!

  Chen Ping nodded. There were not many people sitting around the Eight Immortals Table. There was an old master beside each of them. It was estimated that he was invited to identify the authenticity and skill of the magic weapon. Qin Xiaotian took the old man and sat there too. in!

  Bai Xiushan took Chen Ping to sit opposite Qin Xiaotian, and beside Bai Xiushan there was also a silver-haired old man, wearing a white button-down shirt, his body was a bit gloomy, and his eyes were half-closed!

  ”Mr. Chen, this is the Master He I invited, who specially slapped the eyes for me…” Bai Xiushan followed Chen Ping’s introduction, and then said to the Master He: “Master He, this is Mr. Chen… “

  Then Master He ignored Bai Xiushan, didn’t even look at Chen Ping, and said indifferently, “Patriarch Bai doesn’t trust me, why did he find someone else?”

  ”Master He has misunderstood, Mr. Chen just came over to take a look, and a while. I still have to ask Master He to take action…”

  Bai Xiushan hurriedly explained!

  Although Chen Ping is a monk, Bai Xiushan does not think that Chen Ping can surpass these experienced masters in terms of antique instruments. After all, he specializes in art.

  ”Yeah!” Seeing Bai Xiushan’s explanation, Master He nodded slightly.

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