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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 555-556

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 555-556

Chapter 555

  Early the next morning, Song Tie sent someone to bring Chen Ping the tickets, all of them in the front row!

  Chen Ping saw that it was still early for the show, and he fell asleep again with his head covered!

  In Hongcheng Stadium, Chen Yingxia and two female classmates were waiting anxiously at the door!

  ”Yingxia, can your brother really buy tickets? I know that this time the tickets are sold out very early, and many people got them from scalpers at high prices!”

  A female classmate asked Chen Yingxia.

  ”My brother is very good. He said that if he can get it, he will definitely get it!”

  Chen Yingxia has great trust in Chen Ping. In Chen Yingxia’s eyes, Chen Ping has even cleaned up Chen Gouzi. He must be an amazing person!

  ”Then call your brother, hurry up and bring the tickets, you will be entering the venue soon…”

  Another female classmate urged anxiously!

  ”I’ve called, it’s turned off!” Chen Yingxia was also very anxious at this time!

  At this moment, three seventeen- or eighteen-year-old boys came over, and one of the boys was still wearing ear studs, and he was drooling!

  Seeing these three boys, Chen Yingxia seemed a little scared and flustered!

  ”Yingxia, don’t you have any tickets?”

  the boy with the earrings asked.

  Chen Yingxia just glanced at the boy and didn’t speak!

  On the other hand, the girl on the side said: “Yingxia said that his brother got us tickets!”

  ”Haha, do you know how difficult it is to get tickets? Let me tell you, my dad is also a sponsor of this concert, so I got a few tickets for the front row…” The

  boy took out a few tickets and shook them in front of Chen Yingxia and the other girls!

  As soon as they heard that they were tickets for the front row, the eyes of the two girls beside Chen Yingxia were straight, and Chen Yingxia couldn’t help but take a second look!

  ”Brother Po, can we take a look?” The

  two girls asked the boy flatteringly.

  ”Okay!” The boy handed the tickets in his hand to the two girls. The two girls’ eyes were full of light, and they couldn’t put it down!

  ”If Yingxia can promise to be my girlfriend and give me a kiss, I can give you this ticket…” The

  boy said with a playful expression.

  ”Really?” When the two girls heard this, they immediately became excited: “Yingxia, Brother Po’s family is in a big business. If you have money, you promise to be his girlfriend?”

  ”Yes, you are going to kiss Po. Brother, we can get the tickets, and the tenth row seats, we can see Song Tie without binoculars!”

  Chen Yingxia has just transferred over, so she doesn’t have many friends, these two girls are her best friends, but At this time, he even persuaded himself to kiss Zhang Jianpo for the ticket!

  ”How can you two be like this, I don’t like him, let alone kiss him!”

  Chen Yingxia frowned slightly.

  ”Yingxia, you won’t die if you kiss me, what’s the age now, you are still so conservative!”

  ”That is, you are a transfer student from the countryside, and Brother Po has a crush on you, that’s your destiny, why don’t you know Rare?” The

  two girls desperately persuaded Chen Yingxia to get tickets!

  ”I don’t want the tickets. If you want, you can get them yourself. My brother will give me the tickets. I believe him!”

  Chen Yingxia followed the two girls away!

  ”Your brother lied to you. If he had tickets, he would have come a long time ago. Now he has turned off his mobile phone, so don’t think about it!”

  ”Your brother is also from the countryside. Tickets for the last row can’t be fixed!” The

  two girls said with a bit of contempt on their faces.

  Seeing this, Chen Yingxia lowered her head slightly and stopped talking, feeling a little sad. After all, these are two of her good friends, but now, for a ticket, she said so!

  ”Chen Yingxia, since you don’t know how to praise, then wait here slowly!”

  Zhang Jianpo’s mouth twitched, and he took the tickets from the two girls back!

Chapter 556

  ”Brother Po, you have so many tickets, please give us two or two…” The

  two girls begged to Zhang Jianpo!

  Zhang Jianpo said with a wicked smile: “Yes, you two have to accompany me tonight!”

  At this moment, the two girls were stunned. They were only high school students, and they had never slept with anyone!

  If they were asked to kiss, the two of them would not hesitate, but sleeping with them, the two girls were a little afraid…

  ”If you don’t agree, then I will tear up the ticket…”

  Zhang Jianbo saw the two girls hesitate and took it. Ready to tear up the tickets.

  ”Brother Po, I agree, I agree…:”

  Finally a girl gritted her teeth and said.

  When the other girl saw this, she nodded hurriedly: “I agree too, I agree too…”

  ”Haha, if you two dare to lie to me, you will not be able to bear the consequences!”

  Zhang Jianpo laughed and gave the ticket in his hand. Two girls!

  The two girls held the tickets and laughed excitedly!

  ”How can the two of you agree to this kind of thing for a ticket? Hurry up and return it to him, my brother can really get the ticket!”

  Chen Yingxia didn’t want to see her two good friends fall into Zhang Jianbo’s account, and hurried persuasion said.

  ”Chen Yingxia, stop pretending, we won’t believe you anymore.”

  One of the girls said angrily to Chen Yingxia.

  ”Chen Yingxia, if you want, just kiss me, you can figure it out for yourself…”

  Zhang Jianpo said playfully.

  ”You’re dead, it’s just a concert, it’s a big deal…”

  Chen Yingxia glared at Zhang Jianpo!

  ”Okay, since you have the backbone, let’s go in…”

  As Zhang Jianpo said, he stepped forward and put his arms around a girl, ready to line up to check the tickets!

  Although the faces of the two girls were not very good, neither of them struggled. They let Zhang Jianpo hug him, and those big hands wandered around!

  ”You don’t want to go with him…”

  Chen Yingxia saw Zhang Jianpo do something to his two friends, Chen Yingxia stepped forward to stop him and said.

  ”Chen Yingxia, we don’t have the backbone of you. If you don’t go by yourself, don’t stop us. It’s our own choice…

  ” Show up, none of us can get in!” The

  two girls didn’t appreciate it at all!

  Zhang Jianpo smiled coldly: “Go away!”

  After pushing Chen Yingxia away, Zhang Jianpo took two girls to line up!

  But at this moment, Chen Ping arrived with Su Yuqi and Gu Linger behind him. If Su Yuqi hadn’t returned to Panlong Bay to pick up Chen Ping, Chen Ping would still be sleeping now!

  ”Yingxia, I’m sorry, I’m late…”

  Chen Ping said apologetically.


  Seeing Chen Ping coming, Chen Yingxia’s grievance broke out instantly, and she burst into tears.

  ”Yingxia, what’s wrong with you?” Su Yuqi asked strangely.


  Chen Yingxia looked at Zhang Jianpo, bit her lip and didn’t speak!

  At this moment, that Zhang Jianpo was looking at the two girls with his arms around him, and his eyes were erratic on Su Yuqi and Gu Linger!

  Although the two of them are much older than him, the femininity on their bodies is not comparable to these seventeen or eighteen-year-old girls.

  Su Yuqi understood in an instant, looked at Zhang Jianpo and said, “Come over to me, you guys, are you bullying Yingxia?”

  As Chen Yingxia’s sister-in-law, of course Su Yuqi has to stand up for Chen Yingxia, and in Hongcheng, who would dare to follow her Su family against her?

  ”Sister-in-law, forget it…”

  Chen Yingxia hurriedly stopped Su Yuqi. She didn’t want to cause trouble for Su Yuqi for herself. After all, Zhang Jianbo’s family was rich and powerful!

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