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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 539-540

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 539-540

Chapter 539

  The cold pool has returned to calm, but at this time, on the surface of the pool, a wave appeared, and then moved towards Qian Feng like a sharp arrow. This wave seemed to cut open the entire cold pool!

  Seeing this, Qian Feng jumped up, and the boat under his feet instantly shattered under the waves.

  Qian Feng avoided, but the men behind him suffered disaster. The wave directly overturned the boat, and the people on the boat were like being strangled by a sharp weapon. In the cold pool!

  The poison in the cold pool smelled blood, and rushed out, eating all the limbs that fell in the cold pool!

  The rest of the people in Xuanyue Valley were so frightened that they turned pale in an instant, and hurried back to the shore!

  ”Sure enough, there is some ability, no wonder I can betray my four elders!”

  Qian Feng smiled coldly in the air, and then slowly fell to the surface of the water, standing on the water!

  If the elder hadn’t told Chen Ping long ago that there are stone pillars in the water, Chen Ping would have thought that Qian Feng’s strength was so strong that he could stand on the water!

  Chen Ping’s body also fell slowly, but he landed on a floating wooden board. Standing on the water, Chen Ping could do it, but if he didn’t take advantage of it, Chen Ping would have to consume a lot of spiritual power in his body to support it. Myself, there are a lot of debris scattered over the entire Hantan now, so Chen Ping can save a lot of energy with just a little help!

  Chen Ping looked at Qian Feng, his eyes burst into flames, and he said with disdain: “Bullying the teacher and destroying the ancestors, betraying the teacher’s sect, you are also worthy of saying the word betrayal, it’s just

  a joke…” Qian Feng slightly sighed . I was stunned, but then grinned: “I didn’t expect you to have seen that Shen Dianshan, but you can’t believe that old man, he is not a fun thing, you think that he founded Xuanyue Valley, really is some kind of famous and decent Is it? He is just relying on his own physiognomy to be deceived and deceived!”

  ”I see that you are young and powerful, why don’t you cooperate with me, I can protect your strength to a higher level, which is better than helping the old Shen Dianshan. Things are much stronger, he is just using you!”

  ”So, I killed you people in Xuanyue Valley, you won’t hold them accountable?”

  Chen Ping said with a playful smile!

  ”Haha, the people you killed are nothing more than paediatrics in my Xuanyue Valley. In my eyes, they are just chess pieces, and they are no different from the Gu insects I raised. If you kill them, kill them. , you can force out my Gu worms to prove that you also understand these poisons, as long as you cooperate with me, I can introduce you to the Miao Village Poison King, and let him teach you the art of poison control?”

  Qian Feng laughed. Laughing and constantly throwing olive branches!

  Just the strength that Chen Ping showed just now is enough for Qian Feng to value, such a strange person, Qian Feng really wants to take it for his own use!

  ”Do you know people from Miao Village?” Chen Ping wondered!

  ”It’s more than just knowing, the Miao Village Poison King is my adoptive father. I came to Xuanyue Valley with a self-destructed appearance, nothing more than hoping to get the resources of Xuanyue Valley. Soon this Xuanyue Valley will become the second Miao. The village is gone!”

  Qian Feng said with a smug look on his face.

  ”Hey, it seems that after killing you, I have to fight with Miao Village again. It’s really annoying…”

  Chen Ping frowned. There were too many things during this time, and he didn’t have enough time to practice. The fifteenth day of the month is coming. Although he has already reached the foundation-building stage, when Shen Dianshan said that he was in a disaster on the fifteenth day of July, Chen Ping thought that his strength was improving a little, and he would have confidence at that time!

  ”What did you say?” Qian Feng’s face turned cold: “You can kill me, it’s a joke…”

  After Qian Feng finished speaking, his toes were lightly on the surface of the water, and the whole person rose into the air again, and then waved his palms, cold The water in the pond boiled again, and then condensed into a huge wave, heading towards Chen Ping!

Chapter 540 Is this your true strength? _

  The power and speed of this huge wave is not worse than the wave that Chen Ping just waved. This huge wave is like a big truck traveling at high speed, slamming into Chen Ping!

  Chen Ping shook his head slightly, stretched out his hand to grab it, and countless pools of water condensed into a water sword in Chen Ping’s hand.

  ”Break it for me…”

  With a wave of the long sword in Chen Ping’s hand, the huge wave was directly divided into two, directly passing through Chen Ping’s body, and dashing towards both sides!


  The huge wave that split into two hit the shore, and even smashed the boulders on the shore, which shows how powerful this huge wave is!

  When Bai Zhantang and the others on the shore saw this scene, they all became nervous and sweated for Chen Ping!

  Now if Chen Ping is defeated, then one of them will not even want to live!

  ”Yes, continue to come…”

  Qian Feng shouted angrily, his body fell directly from the air, and he punched the surface of the water fiercely. The huge impact force made the pool water form ripples, continuously It began to spread, and the agitated water droplets shot towards Chen Ping overwhelmingly, like dense bullets!

  Now that the foot and the face are attacked at the same time, Chen Ping’s mouth raised, his body jumped up directly, and then his arms spread out like wings, and the pool water below was instantly attracted by some force, forming a stream of water directly in front of Chen Ping. Curtain wall!

  The ripples spread from Chen Ping’s feet, and those bullet-like water droplets all hit the water curtain and fell back into the pool!

  The huge ripples spread to the shore, causing the entire canyon to tremble slightly!

  ”It seems that you are more powerful than I thought!”

  Chen Ping’s eyes narrowed slightly. From Qian Feng’s attack, he felt waves of spiritual power fluctuations. Although the warlock was urging the formation, his body would also There are fluctuations in spiritual power, but they are all insignificant, and ordinary warlocks can cultivate their inner strength, so once the spell is broken, the warlock will only be slaughtered!

  However, this Qian Feng not only knows the technique, but his body can even burst out with such great power. Now the spiritual power fluctuations of Qian Feng’s body are almost close to that of a cultivator, which is stronger than that of Master Ma who met in Hengshan Some!

  ”My strength, you can never imagine…”

  Qian Feng smiled coldly, and his body floated onto the pool!

  Chen Ping also borrowed strength and stepped on a small wooden board. Seeing Chen Ping like that, Qian Feng’s eyes were full of confidence!

  ”Really? Then let me see your true strength!”

  Chen Ping grabbed at the pool, as if he had caught something, and swung it towards Qian Feng!

  When Chen Ping waved his hand, a water column jumped up from the cold pool, as if he was caught by Chen Ping.

  The water column was several meters long, flashing with a faint cold light. Seeing this, Qian Feng quickly patted the water with both palms. The water created huge waves in an instant, and then a water curtain wall appeared in front of Qian Feng!


  The huge water column in Chen Ping’s hand slammed hard on the water curtain wall in front of Qian Feng, making a loud noise, tearing the water curtain wall abruptly.

  Qian Feng’s face was startled, and his body quickly retreated. The water column that was several meters long was pumped above the water surface, and the splash was more than ten meters high!

  Although he avoided a blow, the energy contained in the water column caused a burning pain in Qian Feng’s chest, and there were gaps in his clothes!

  ”Is this your true strength?”

  Chen Ping said with an indifferent sneer on his face!

  Qian Feng’s face became a little ugly: “I haven’t shown my true talents yet. Have you forgotten that I am the adopted son of the Miao Village Poison King?”

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