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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 535-536

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 535-536

Chapter 535

  ”I understand!” The three elders nodded again and again!

  The three elders took Chen Ping and the others toward the depths of Xuanyue Valley!

  At this time, in the hall of Xuanyue Valley Base Camp, Qian Feng was playing chess with the Great Elder. This is what Qian Feng likes to do when he is free!

  ”It’s time to get the secret book and destroy that Shen Dianshan. You should arrest his daughter as soon as possible. I have already received the news that his daughter has returned from Kyoto!”

  Qian Feng said to the elder.

  ”The third child is already preparing, and I believe it will take a few days to get results!”

  The elder said respectfully!

  ”By the way, why has it been so long that more than 20 girls can’t handle it?”

  Qian Feng asked slightly angrily.

  ”Guzhu, I have already asked, and you know that in today’s society, girls are very open, and the third child has caught a lot of girls, but unfortunately few of them are complete, so it’s a bit slow!”

  The elder explained road!

  ”Hmph, these shameless women…”

  Qian Feng snorted coldly, picked up a chess piece and dropped it!

  But at this moment, there was a sudden movement in the clay pot beside Qian Feng, and the Gu worms inside seemed to be frightened!

  Qian Feng was stunned for a moment, hurriedly opened it, and his expression changed instantly!

  ”Gu master, what’s the matter?” the elder asked.

  Qian Feng stretched out his hand and took out a huge Gu worm from the clay pot. He frowned and said, “The third elder is dead…”

  ”What? The third is dead?” The first elder was in disbelief!

  ”This is his Gu worm. Now that the Gu worm is dead, it proves that the third elder is dead. Who killed him?”

  Qian Feng said with a gloomy expression!

  ”Could it be someone from the Dharma Protector Pavilion in Kyoto? We have killed a lot of people in the Dharma Guardian Pavilion recently. It may be someone from the Dharma Guardian Pavilion in Kyoto!”

  The elder thought for a while!

  ”It’s possible!” Qian Feng nodded: “Take someone to take a look. If you are really from the Dharma Protector Pavilion in the capital, don’t conflict with them first. If Zao Wou-Ki leads the team in person, it will be troublesome. Our current strength is still there. It’s not enough to fight against the Dharma Protector Pavilion in the capital, you must avoid its edge for the time being!”

  Qian Feng ordered to the Great Elder.

  ”Okay!” The elder got up, turned and walked out.

  ”Hmph, when I learn the Five Poisons Dafa, what is the Jingjing Law Protector Pavilion?”

  A chill flashed in Qian Feng’s eyes!


  The three elders brought Chen Ping and the others out of the resort to the hinterland of Xuanyue Valley, where Chen Ping had been here, and there was a formation blocking it, which should have served as a warning!

  ”Mr. Chen, there is a formation in front of you. As long as a stranger breaks in, Qian Feng will know. I will open the formation first!” After the

  three elders finished speaking, they walked towards a stone wall!

  ”Don’t be so troublesome!” Chen Ping said lightly, flicking his fingers, and a red light lasing out!

  After touching the formation, the red light spread rapidly, and then disappeared!

  After doing all this, Chen Ping said indifferently: “Let’s go!” The

  third elder had an incredible look in his eyes, his Adam’s apple rolled twice, and then continued to lead the way!

  Xu Shimao, who had been following behind, looked at Chen Ping’s strength at this time, and his whole face was hot. He always regarded Chen Ping as a weak son, but he didn’t want Chen Ping’s strength to be so strong!

  Now he can understand why Zao Wou-Ki wants him to be connected to Chen Ping, why he dares to send him to bring someone to destroy Xuanyue Valley, because of Chen Ping’s existence, so Zao Wou-Ki can rest assured!

  After continuing to walk for hundreds of meters, the light became even darker, and the temperature was getting lower and lower, making people feel an eerie coolness!

  Shen Mengchen tightened his collar coldly, and Bai Zhantang took advantage of the situation to hug Shen Mengchen, so that she could be warmer, and Shen Mengchen didn’t struggle!

Chapter 536 Are you threatening me? _

  ”Who, dare to trespass my Xuanyue Valley…”

  Suddenly, an angry shout, and then not far in front of Chen Ping and the others, three old men appeared, each with extraordinary momentum.

  ”Big brother…” The

  third elder hurriedly shouted!

  ”The third child? Aren’t you already dead?” The elder said in surprise!

  He clearly heard that Qian Feng said that the third elder was dead, and that Gu insect was also dead, how could he appear in front of him!

  ”Brother, I’m not dead, listen to my explanation…” The

  third elder hurried forward!

  Chen Ping was afraid that the three elders were playing with some scheming, so he hurriedly followed, and he was only one step away from the three elders. As long as the three elders dared to make a difference, Chen Ping could kill him with one palm!

  As the distance got closer, the three elders also saw the appearance of Chen Ping behind the third elder!

  ”Chen Ping…” The

  three elders burst into battle as if they were facing a formidable enemy!

  ”Big brother, second brother, fourth brother, don’t do it first, let me explain to you…” The

  third elder hurriedly stopped the three, and then explained: “Big brother, I am not dead at all, it was Mr. Chen who put me inside the body. The Gu worm was forced out, and the Gu worm died when it saw the sunlight, so the Gu worm in the Qian Feng pottery jar also died.”

  ”How is it possible, that Gu worm has been sucking our blood essence in our body for many years, early How can it be forced out?”

  The elder didn’t believe it at all!

  ”Brother, is it okay for me not to live well? It’s all true, we don’t have to be controlled by that Qian Feng anymore, and the daughter of Lord Shen Gu is here…” The

  third elder pointed to Shen Mengchen and said.

  The three elders looked at Shen Mengchen with gloomy expressions on their faces. They didn’t know what to do for a while!

  ”Big brother, in order to survive, we have helped Qian Feng to do a lot of harming things. At that time, Gu Zhu was very kind to our brother. Now that we can get rid of the control of Gu insects, why should we work for Qian Feng?” The

  third elder saw The first elder did not speak for a long time, and some hurried persuasion!

  Because he knows that if they really want to fight, they are definitely not Chen Ping’s opponents. Chen Ping’s strength has already exceeded their imagination!

  The first elder looked hesitant. In order to survive, they had been wronged for so many years. Although they had a chance to get rid of their control now, he did not dare to gamble. If he lost the gamble, it would be the price of his life. Qian Feng would not let them go, even if they After fleeing to the ends of the earth, his life is still in the hands of Qian Feng!

  ”I’m coming!” When the first elder hesitated, the fourth elder took a step forward, looked at Chen Ping and said, “Chen Ping, if you can really force the Gu worms out of my body, and you are not controlled by that Qian Feng, I don’t have to do anything with you. Enemy, if you dare to lie to us, then don’t blame our brothers for being rude to you…”

  ”Are you threatening me?” Chen Ping asked coldly.

  ”You can understand that!” The fourth elder nodded!

  ”Do you have a choice other than listening to me? You are also worthy of being my enemy…”

  Chen Ping waved his hand suddenly, and the body of the fourth elder walked towards Chen Ping completely indifferently, and directly Chen Ping pinched his neck!

  The sudden change shocked everyone. The four elders’ eyes were wide open, and the whole person was stupid. He didn’t realize what was going on, and he became a prisoner!

  ”Mr. Chen, don’t be angry…” The

  third elder was so frightened that he hurriedly stopped Chen Ping!

  ”Chen Ping, what are you going to do, let my fourth brother go…”

  The first elder and the second elder showed their weapons together and looked at Chen Ping with all their attention!

  The faces of the two of them are also extremely ugly. Chen Ping shot, but they didn’t have time to react. The difference in strength between them is self-evident!

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