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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 525-526

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 525-526

Chapter 525

  After a simple dressing, Xu Shimao gritted his teeth and stood up, looking at Shen Mengchen with hatred in his eyes, he felt that he had a car accident and was cursed by this little girl.

  The driver of the truck was not in serious trouble. Fortunately, it hit Xu Shimao’s car, otherwise it would be really dangerous.

  Without stopping too much, Xu Shimao got into other cars and started driving again. They had to get to Baihai City before dark!

  This time it went well. Before the sun set, the group arrived at Baihai City!

  ”Senior, let’s leave a contact information for each other. Since you saved me, I have to express myself!”

  After arriving in Baihai City, Shen Mengchen said to Bai Zhantang.

  Bai Zhantang nodded, left contact information for each other, and Shen Mengchen left!

  Chen Ping and the others found a hotel to stay in. Because they had been in the car for so long, they simply washed it down. Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping all rested!

  But not long after lying down, Bai Zhantang received a call from Shen Mengchen, saying that he was inviting them to have dinner at home, and by the way, thanked them for their life-saving grace!

  Bai Zhantang really wanted to go, because he wanted Shen Mengchen’s father to help him see his face, so as to know his future luck, but he didn’t dare to decide, so he could only ask Chen Ping for instructions.

  Chen Ping also knew what Bai Zhantang meant and did not refuse, so he nodded!

  Not long after, a Rolls-Royce Phantom arrived at the door of the hotel and took Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping to Shen Mengchen’s house!

  Shen Mengchen’s house is an antique courtyard, covering a large area, and the decoration style has the taste of the former palace.

  Looking at this courtyard, a wealthy boy like Bai Zhantang couldn’t help but admire: “This is too luxurious, it’s no different from the previous emperor’s palace!”


  Shen Mengchen suddenly jumped out, facing Bai Zhantang After shouting, he seemed very happy, but for Chen Ping, Shen Mengchen turned a blind eye!

  ”School girl!” Bai Zhantang smiled slightly!

  ”Let’s go, my dad is ready…”

  Shen Mengchen walked towards the restaurant with Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping, and the three of them walked around in circles for a while before arriving. If Chen Ping and Bai Zhantang were to find it by themselves , I’m afraid I can’t find it in a short time!

  At this time, the restaurant is already full of delicious food, and there are several servants waiting on the side!


  Seeing Shen Mengchen coming, several servants hurriedly shouted.

  ”Where’s my dad? Tell him that the guest is here…”

  Shen Mengchen said to the servant.

  ”Got it!” The servant nodded!

  Shen Mengchen greeted Bai Zhantang happily and left Chen Ping aside, which made Bai Zhantang feel a little embarrassed, and looked at Chen Ping from time to time with a look of apology!

  Chen Ping didn’t take it seriously, he sat quietly beside him with no expression!

  After a while, an old man wearing a Chinese tunic suit with gray hair and beard walked in. The old man looked kind and kind, and he was somewhat similar to Shen Mengchen. This man was Shen Mengchen’s father, Shen Dianshan!

  ”Dad, this is what I told you, the senior Bai Zhantang who saved my life…”

  Seeing Shen Dianshan coming in, Shen Mengchen hurried up to meet him, pointed at Bai Zhantang and said.

  Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping were stunned when they saw Shen Mengchen’s father. With Shen Dianshan’s age, it was more than enough to be Shen Mengchen’s grandfather!

  After Shen Dianshan glanced at Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping, he smiled slightly: “Thank you two for saving the little girl, I have prepared a light meal today, I hope you two don’t take offense!”

  ”Uncle Shen is very polite, in fact, it was Mr. Chen who did it. I just saved my junior…”

  Bai Zhantang said with an embarrassed expression.

  ”No matter who it is, the little girl is also saved by the two of you, please sit down quickly!”

  Shen Dianshan politely made a gesture of invitation!

Chapter 526

  Soon, a few people were seated, and Shen Mengchen deliberately sat next to Bai Zhantang. It was obvious that she liked Bai Zhantang!

  During the banquet, Shen Mengchen always followed Bai Zhantang to ask questions, but ignored Chen Ping.

  Shen Dianshan also seemed very enthusiastic about Bai Zhantang, while Chen Ping was a little like a foil, but Chen Ping didn’t care, he just ate silently!

  ”Uncle Shen, I heard from the junior sister. Uncle Shen is called Shen Yi. You can know everyone’s origin and fortune just by looking at it. I wonder if you can ask Uncle Shen to help me take a look?”

  After getting to know each other, Bai Zhantang faced Shen Dianshan asked.

  ”Dad, tell the senior, I think the senior is a rich and noble child, and he will definitely do a lot in the future…”

  Shen Mengchen also said.

  Shen Dianshan smiled slightly: “Bai Zhantang is indeed a wealthy child, and his family is still very rich, but…”

  ”Uncle Shen, what is it?” Bai Zhantang was surprised and hurriedly asked.

  ”It’s just that your Bai family has a tendency to decline, and you need to be supported by nobles. As long as nobles appear and your Bai family seizes the opportunity, you will be able to keep the Bai family prosperous for a hundred years!”

  Shen Dianshan said lightly.

  ”Uncle Shen, who is that noble person?” Bai Zhantang hurriedly asked Shen Dianshan after looking at Chen Ping.

  If Chen Ping is that noble person, he will be more respectful to Chen Ping. If Chen Ping is not that noble person, then there is no need for their Bai family to waste energy on Chen Ping.

  ”Hahaha, the secret can’t be leaked, the words will stop here…”

  Shen Dianshan stroked his beard and laughed!

  Bai Zhantang smiled, and it’s not easy to ask questions, but at the moment, Chen Ping can only be regarded as that noble person!

  ”Dad, show this guy. I think he has a bad background, but he is very lucky, but he will have a bloody disaster soon, but if you look closely, you can’t see through!”

  Shen Mengchen pointed to Chen Ping, said to Shen Dianshan.

  Shen Dianshan didn’t even look at Chen Ping, but shook his head!

  ”Dad, what do you mean? Could it be that this guy is helpless?”

  Shen Mengchen said in surprise.

  Because often people who are about to die, Shen Dianshan will shake his head and not show it, because there is no need to watch it, although he can see the good and bad, but he does not have the ability to change his life against the sky!

  ”Don’t dare to look…”

  Shen Dianshan faintly spit out three words!

  ”Don’t dare to look at it?” Shen Mengchen was shocked, because she had never heard of it, her father said these three words!

  After Chen Ping heard Shen Dianshan spit out three words that he did not dare to read, he was also slightly taken aback, slowly raised his head and glanced at Shen Dianshan, and then lowered his head again!

  ”Dad, why don’t you dare to show him?” Shen Mengchen said with a puzzled look!

  ”Don’t ask, let’s talk about other things, and I also want to warn you that you are not allowed to look at you indiscriminately in the future!”

  Shen Dianshan said to Shen Mengchen with a slightly angry face.

  ”Oh, I see!” Shen Mengchen nodded!

  When the meal was almost finished, Shen Mengchen suddenly said to Shen Dianshan: “Dad, seniors and the others are going to play in Xuanyue Valley tomorrow, can I go with them?”

  ”Okay!” Shen Dianshan ordered Nod!

  Shen Mengchen was stunned: “Dad, what happened to you today? Didn’t you never let me go to Xuanyue Valley? Why did you let me go this time?”

  ”Today is different from the past, you are too old, it’s time to turn around! “

  Shen Dianshan looked at Shen Mengchen dotingly and said.

  ”Great, I love you so much, Dad…”

  Shen Mengchen happily hugged Shen Dianshan’s neck and laughed!

  ”Okay, take Young Master Bai around the house and enjoy the scenery…”

  Shen Dianshan said with a smile.

  ”Okay!” Shen Mengchen nodded, looked at Bai Zhantang and said, “Senior, I will show you around my house. I have raised a few koi, and you can understand people’s words…”

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