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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 491-492-493-494-495

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 491-492-493-494-495

Chapter 491

  ”Master Ma, isn’t there a lot of underground gems here?”

  Feng Yi asked Master Ma.

  Master Ma nodded: “It’s really good here. The entrance to the ore vein should be in the northwest direction. You can send someone to look in that direction!

  ” , It seems that the entire Hengshan Mountain will become its own in the future!

  But just when Feng Yi was happy, he suddenly found that a group of people came out of the jungle, it was Song Zude and the others!

  Seeing that Song Zude led someone out, and it didn’t seem to be affected at all, the smile on Feng Yi’s face suddenly froze!

  ”You… how did you come out?”

  Feng Yi asked in shock.

  And Master Ma frowned and said to Feng Yi, “Did someone come out!”

  ”Yes, it’s the Song family, all of them came out, and they didn’t trap them at all!”

  Feng Yi said to Master Ma. .

  ”How is that possible?” Master Ma frowned deeper.

  ”Hahaha, Feng Yi, do you think mere illusions can trap me? You are so naive!”

  Song Zude laughed hahaha!

  ”Song Zude, what are you talking about? I don’t understand, what kind of illusion!”

  Feng Yi pretended not to understand.

  ”You can pretend, there will be a time when you can’t keep it up!” Song Zude gave Feng Yi a fierce look, and then followed his subordinates and said, “Go ahead and find the mine entrance right away!”

  Soon, the Song family also began to look for it. I got up, but this mountain range is huge, and it is not so easy to find the entrance to the ore vein!

  Seeing that the Song family was looking around like flies without heads, Feng Yi raised the corners of his mouth slightly. They had a clear direction, so they would definitely get twice the result with half the effort!

  At this moment, another noise came from the jungle, and then Liu Chengyin walked out with the Liu family, but they were not so lucky, many people were obviously tired, and the number was reduced by half!

  As soon as he walked out of the jungle, Liu Chengyin looked at Song Zude and Feng Yi with a gloomy face: “You two, who is cheating? Dare to use illusion to harm me?

  ” !

  ”Who else can be, it’s Feng Yi, a despicable villain, and we just came out of the jungle!”

  Song Zude pointed to Feng Yidao.

  ”Song Zude, don’t spit your blood. What did you see me doing? I also said that you did it. If you were also caught in the illusion, why did you come out safely?”

  Feng Yi didn’t want the Song Liu family to join forces. Otherwise, he has no chance of winning!

  This time, the three parties all looked at each other with vigilance in their eyes!

  At this time, after Chen Ping reached the top of the mountain, the whole person fell into excitement. He could feel that countless spiritual energy was rising from the ground, as if to break through the entire top of the mountain!

  He can conclude that there will definitely be a large number of spiritual stones under their feet.

  ”I found it, I found it…”

  Suddenly, the Feng family who was looking for the entrance to the mine shouted loudly!

  This time, everyone ran over to find the sound, only to see a servant of the Feng family holding a stone pick in his hand, and in front of him was a hole less than one meter away.

  The inside of the hole is dark, and you can’t see anything at all, but according to past experience, if you dig along the hole, you will definitely be able to dig a vein!

  The appearance of the ore vein entrance made the atmosphere of the three parties instantly tense, as if there was a possibility of shooting at any time!

  ”None of us can’t be sure that this is the entrance to the ore vein, and whether the ore vein is rich in gems or not. We are just guessing. Why don’t the three of us join forces to open the hole and see what’s inside before making a decision?”

  Liu Chengyin suggested to Song Zude and Feng Yi!

Chapter 492 Collapse

  After all, the strength of their family is the worst now. If the situation is unclear now, it would be a bit too worthless for the three to fight. Don’t lose a lot of money, and there is nothing in the ore vein!

  ”Okay, I agree!” Song Zude nodded, he thought so too!

  Seeing this, Feng Yi could only nod his head and say, “Okay, let’s open the hole together!”

  After speaking, Feng Yi said to the servant, “Prepare explosives and blow the hole open a little…”

  Chen Ping at this time He has been paying attention to the situation on the top of the mountain. Hearing that Feng Yi was about to blow up the hole, he immediately stepped forward and said, “You can’t blow up. If you blow up the hole, the top of the mountain will collapse!”

  Chen Ping could feel that the bottom of the mountain was empty. Yes, if the dynamite exploded, the power would definitely rush into the hole and collapse the entire mountain top!

  Feng Yi glanced at Chen Ping and said in a cold voice, “You little brat knows shit. We have been mining mines for many years, and we have always done this. Get away from me, and I’ll settle accounts with you when we go down the mountain!”

  Chen Ping No one listened, and soon the explosives were arranged!

  Then, with a huge rumbling sound, the opening of the hole, which was only one meter square, was directly blown into a big hole!

  The inside of the big hole was so dark that you could even hear the echo of the rock hitting!

  ”These must be the gravel from the explosion of the explosives just now, let’s go in and take a look…”

  Feng Yi said to Song Zude and Liu Chengyin!

  The three of them were about to enter the cave, when suddenly the top of the mountain trembled, like an earthquake, which scared everyone back in a hurry!

  But soon they discovered that cracks began to appear in the rocks under their feet, and then the cracks became bigger and bigger!


  Many people screamed and ran around!

  Song Tie grabbed Chen Ping. At this time, she only believed in Chen Ping!

  Wu Dong was also scared to run everywhere, but was grabbed by Chen Ping: “Don’t run, you can’t run away!”

  Chen Ping pulled Song Tie and Wu Dong, and suddenly jumped up with force, followed by a loud rumbling under his feet, and the entire top of the mountain collapsed down!

  There were several football fields in size, and all of them collapsed suddenly. Everyone didn’t have time to react and fell directly into it!

  Fortunately, the collapse was not deep, only a dozen meters tall. Except for a few people who were injured by boulders, no one died!

  Now everyone has fallen into a huge pit!

  ”Look, imperial emerald…”

  ”Chicken blood red, that’s chicken blood red…”

  Soon, people discovered that at the bottom of the pit, there were a lot of rough gemstones exposed, the green color, bright red Colors can be seen at a glance without any equipment!

  ”Hahaha, getting rich, getting rich, this is really a gemstone vein, it’s amazing…”

  Feng Yi laughed excitedly as he looked at the rough gemstones that could be seen everywhere!

  Song Zude and Liu Chengyin were equally excited, which was worth more than Jinshan!

  Everyone was attracted by the gem, only Chen Ping looked excitedly at those inconspicuous stones that were only the size of a fist and were shaped like pebbles!

  All these stones are full of strong spiritual energy, the overwhelming spiritual energy makes Chen Ping feel like he is in the ocean of spiritual energy. He has never felt such a strong spiritual energy. Chen Ping opened all the pores and absorbed it desperately. Aura around!

  After the excitement, Song Zude, Liu Chengyin and Feng Yi all looked at each other vigilantly!

  ”Song Zude, Liu Chengyin, I found the entrance to this ore vein. Logically, this ore vein should be mined by me. Since you all came along, I can give you two mines at the bottom of my mountain, and let the two of you share it equally?”

  Feng Yi said to Song Zude and Liu Chengyin.

Chapter 493

  ”Feng Yi, where are you farting? This is clearly the mine that collapsed by yourself, how did you find it?”

  Song Zude yelled!

  That Liu Chengyin also had a cold face: “That’s right, how did this become yours?”

  ”Then what do you two think?”

  Feng Yi frowned, his eyes full of chills!

  Liu Chengyin was silent, at this time his strength was the weakest, and he was not easy to speak!

  And then Song Zude looked at Master Guo, Master Guo nodded towards him, Song Zude said with a self-confidence: “Now that the mine has appeared, whoever will mine it, then he will speak according to his ability!”

  ”Okay, Song Zude, Don’t regret it!” Feng Yi didn’t write any ink. After speaking, he directly bowed to Master Ma and said, “Master Ma, it’s all up to you!”   ”

  President Feng, don’t worry!”

The flames, followed by the flames going out, produced thick smoke!

  ”Hmph, here comes this set again, little illusion, what can I do!”

  Master Guo snorted coldly and said to Fan Debiao: “Debiao, go and teach that old man a lesson!”

  ”Yes!” Rush into the smoke!

  Soon, there was a sound of fighting in the smoke, and the others could only watch from the outside, not knowing what was going on inside!

  Song Zude clenched his fists tightly, and his nervous palms were sweating.

  ”Mr. Song, don’t be nervous, De Biao has already got my true biography, he is just a warlock, and he is not an opponent at all!”

  Master Guo was not afraid at all after knowing that the old man was a warlock!

  After Master Guo said this, Song Zude was relieved a little!

  But just after Master Guo finished speaking, he saw a figure flying out of the thick fog, and then fell heavily to the ground!

  ”De Biao…”

  Master Guo’s eyes were sharp, and he could tell at a glance that this was his eldest apprentice!

  I saw that Fan Debiao’s chest was sunken at this time, obviously several ribs were broken, and the corners of his mouth were full of blood. He opened his mouth to say something, but as soon as he spoke, blood spurted out!

  The thick fog dissipated, and I saw Master Ma with sunglasses standing behind his back: “Who said that warlocks can only do magic and can’t fight in close quarters?”

  Master Ma sneered and took off the sunglasses that he had been wearing, his eyes were completely white. He couldn’t see the black eyeballs, but this Master Ma waved to Master Guo as if he saw it: “I can defeat you without any technique!”

  ”Are you a martial arts practitioner?” Master Guo’s expression changed. , the expression became extremely dignified!

  ”Don’t talk nonsense, you can do it if you have the ability. If you don’t have the ability, then get out…”

  Master Ma grinned, his voice was like a thunderbolt, and many people were frightened when they heard it!

  Master Guo felt a chill in his heart. He had already lost the confidence he had at the beginning. He really did not expect that this Master Ma was a martial arts and martial artist. If this happened, wouldn’t he have no chance of winning!

  But the matter has come to this point, and Master Guo has no choice but to take action. In the end, he can only bite the bullet and walk towards Master Na Ma with a crackling sound from his muscles!

  ”You hurt my disciple, I’ll learn some tricks today…”

  After Master Guo finished speaking, his figure flashed in an instant, and he walked directly towards Master Nama.

  Sure enough, this time, Master Ma did not use magic, but his ears were constantly shaking. Every shot of Master Guo could be avoided by Master Ma!

  Soon, the two were fighting like a whirlwind. The howling wind made the rocks fly, and everyone could only avoid it!

  ”Master Guo, come on!”

  Song Zude clenched his fists and cheered for Master Guo secretly. He only has this one to rely on. If Master Guo loses, his consequences will be unimaginable!


  After a loud noise, the figures suddenly separated, Master Guo took a few steps back to stabilize his figure, and Master Ma was not strong enough, he took a few steps back before he stood firm!

Chapter 494

  ”It seems that I underestimated you, come again…”

  After Master Ma said, he jumped up!

  Master Guo also had confidence at this time, knowing that the strength of this Master Ma was nothing more than that, and one jumped up and rushed up!

  But just rushed forward, I saw Master Na Ma waved his hand, and a thick cloud of smoke instantly wrapped Master Guo, and then the smoke became thicker and thicker.

  Master Guo was in a bad mood and wanted to step back in a hurry, but he heard a whistling sound behind him, and he hurriedly lowered his head to avoid a blow!

  ”Despicable, didn’t you say you don’t need magic?”

  Master Guo scolded angrily!

  ”Hahaha, I rely on my ability to beat you, what’s so despicable?”

  Master Ma laughed, in this thick fog, he is the master, and Master Guo is like a headless fly!

  Seeing this scene, Song Zude’s face was extremely ugly, he knew it was over!

  Sure enough, soon Master Guo’s body flew out of the thick fog, blood was hanging from the corner of his mouth, and he looked at Master Nama with a trembling body.

  ”Shuangxiu of martial arts and martial arts is really powerful, and I’m willing to bow down…”

  Master Guo said to Master Ma with an ugly face.

  ”Seeing that you are also famous, I won’t kill you today, get out…”

  Master Ma waved his hand!

  Master Guo clasped his fists, and immediately ordered someone to carry Fan Debiao to leave!

  ”Master Guo, you can’t leave, you can’t leave, what should I do if you leave, I can add money to you, as much as you want!”

  Song Zu dragged Master Guo and said.

  ”Mr. Song, this has nothing to do with money. I’m not a match for Master Ma, so I have no choice!”

  Master Guo shook off Song Zude and left without looking back!

  This time, Song Zude was dumbfounded, his whole body fainted, and his body wanted to fall backwards!

  ”Dad…” Song Tie hurriedly supported Song Zude!

  ”Hahaha, how is it? I just gave you a chance. You don’t know how rare it is. Now, except for this mine, the entire Hengshan mine is mine. Whoever dares to disagree will die today…”

  Feng Yi is wanton of laughs!

  ”Feng Yi, my Liu family won’t rob you, we only manage our own mines!”

  Liu Chengyin said to Feng Yi upon seeing this.

  ”It’s too late, now both of you have to get out of the mountain city for me. I don’t like to see anyone mining mines in this place except my Feng family!”

  Feng Yi said proudly.

  ”Feng Yi, you…you don’t want to deceive people too much?”

  Liu Chengyin was about to die of anger!

  ”What? I bullied you, what can you do? Do you want to do it too?”

  Feng Yi looked at Liu Chengyin with contempt, at this time he was already extremely arrogant!

  ”Feng Yi, even if I die, I won’t leave the mountain city. It’s a big deal for you to die…”

  Song Zude gnashed his teeth and looked at Feng Yi, and then said to Liu Chengyin: “Old Liu, the two of us join forces, we don’t believe it. If we ca   n’t fight Feng Yi, the mine will be divided equally between the two of us!”

  Liu Chengyin looked at Feng Yi with a frantic face, then nodded: “Okay, let’s join forces!”

Worry, all the people Song Zude brought have left, and there is no strength at all!

  ”Since the two of you are courting death, don’t blame me for being ruthless…”

  Feng Yi’s eyes flashed murderous intent, and he waved his hand: “Give it to me, kill them all…”

  All the masters Feng Yi brought jumped up, then Master Ma moved his fingers, and the black mist drifted towards the Liu family and the Song family!


  Both Liu Chengyin and Song Zude roared loudly, they knew it was time for their survival!

  Immediately, the two sides scuffled together, and the two-meter-tall big man invited by Liu Chengyin walked directly towards Master Ma. His huge body was like a hill!

Chapter 495

  ”Hmph, I’m not self-sufficient!”

  Facing the big man like a hill, Master Ma’s eyes suddenly blinked. The originally white eyeballs now showed black eyeballs, and the eyes were full of light. He was not blind at all!

  ”Ah ah ah…”

  The big man let out a slight roar, and smashed his fist at Master Ma!

  Master Ma’s figure flexibly dodged, and he punched the big man’s back!


  A loud bang, as if slamming on steel, directly made Grandmaster Nama go back a few steps, his arm slightly numb!

  ”It turned out to be practicing horizontal kung fu!”

  Master Ma frowned slightly!

  The big man who was punched was furious. After turning around, he stepped forward again and walked towards Master Nama. Every step was like an earthquake, making a thumping sound!

  ”Humph!” Master Ma snorted coldly, his hands moved, and instantly two black mists emerged from between his fingers, heading straight for the big man.

  Seeing this, the big man wanted to dodge, but the two black mists were like ghosts, and instantly got into the big man’s nostrils!

  The big man’s expression was startled, and then he grabbed his throat with his hands, his expression was very painful!


  A mouthful of blood spurted out, and the two-meter body fell to the ground with a bang. The big man’s eyes were wide open, and his seven orifices bleed to death, obviously from poisoning!

  At this time, regardless of whether it was the Song family or the Liu family, some people began to die from toxic attacks, and they fell down in an instant!

  Song Zude and Liu Chengyin looked at the scene in front of them, and they were all stunned!

  ”Hahaha, you two want to fight me? I just gave you a chance, but you didn’t grasp it, then die here today!”

  Feng Yi laughed, now Song Zude and Liu Chengyin have become lambs to be slaughtered !

  Song Zude and Liu Chengyin’s faces became extremely ugly, and finally Liu Chengyin sighed helplessly: “Feng Yi, I am willing to give you all the mines of the Liu family, and I will withdraw from the mountain city from now on!”

  Seeing Liu Chengyin’s compromise, Song Zude’s face became even more ugly!

  ”Song Zude, how about you?”

  Feng Yi looked at Song Zude playfully and said with a sneer.

  Song Zude gritted his teeth, now that almost all his people are dead, even if he has great ability, he can’t turn defeat into victory, and now there is only one way, that is to compromise and beg for mercy!

  ”I am also willing to hand over all the mines of my Song family to you, and leave the mountain city from now on!”

  Song Zude lowered his head!

  ”Hahaha, hahaha…”

  Feng Yi raised his head and laughed loudly, his laughter was full of arrogance!

  Listening to Feng Yi’s laughter, Song Zude and Liu Chengyin seemed to be trampled under their feet. From today onwards, there will be no Song family or Liu family in the entire mountain city!

  ”Song Zude, if you want me to let you go, I look good on your big star daughter. I’ll play with me for two days. When I’m tired of playing, I’ll let you go!”

  Feng Yi said to Song Zude after laughing. !

  Song Zude’s face turned green when he heard it. He has now given up all his wealth, but he didn’t expect that Feng Yi would not agree.

  ”Feng Yi, you and I have been dealing with each other for many years. My daughter called you uncle, how could you…”

  Song Zude looked at Feng Yi with anger in his eyes!

  ”Don’t get close to me, what kind of uncle is not an uncle, I’ve long been greedy for your daughter’s figure, and now it’s just for me to relieve my greed!”

  Feng Yi looked at Song Tie with unscrupulous eyes!

  ”Rogue, beast…”

  Song Tie’s face flushed red, and he cursed at Feng Yi angrily!

  Feng Yi’s face turned cold: “Little girl, if you dare to scold me, I will play you in public today…”

  After Feng Yi finished speaking, he waved his hand, and the two servants of the Feng family went straight to Song Tie!

  Song Zude hurried forward to stop it, but there was no way to stop it!

  Song Tie, a weak girl, could only be caught by the two servants of the Feng family and dragged to that Feng Yi!

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