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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 476-477-478-479-480

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 476-477-478-479-480

Chapter 476 Superstar

  Chen Ping smiled slightly, this kind of thing, the three major families will definitely not make a statement, so as not to provoke more people to fight for it.

  Chen Ping now knows why so many masters and masters suddenly appeared in Shancheng. It must have something to do with recruiting troops from the three major families.

  To know that a martial artist has reached the master level, it is very difficult to advance every step. Unless you have the support of the family industry, you can spend a lot of money to buy some spiritual medicines, medicinal materials and other auxiliary exercises, otherwise it will be difficult to break through!

  Therefore, many martial artists have no choice but to earn money to practice the exercises by giving family care and nursing homes. The safety of the industry has formed a cooperative relationship, and everyone needs what they need!

  Now these masters and masters have come to the mountain city, it seems that the chips given by the three major families must be particularly attractive!

  Just when Chen Ping and the others were eating, there was a sudden commotion. The two looked up and found a girl in a cheongsam with big sunglasses, covering most of her face, only the pointed chin and the small cherry mouth. came out.

  Behind the girl were four bodyguards in suits, all with serious expressions, looking around as soon as they entered the door, as if they were facing a great enemy!

  ”Damn it, isn’t this the big star Song Tie?” Wu Dong’s eyes suddenly widened, and the slap in his mouth was about to flow out!

  Chen Ping looked at the girl, and his expression was in a trance for a while. The girl’s body proportions were too good, especially when she was wearing a cheongsam, it showed her small waist to the fullest. On her snow-white feet, she stepped on high-heeled shoes. It’s the same as coming out of the painting, but the name is a little flattering!

  ”Waiter, find a box!” said a bodyguard behind the girl.

  ”I’m sorry, the rooms are slow now, only the lobby is left!” The waiter said helplessly.

  ”Go find a way…” The bodyguard’s face turned cold, and he gave the waiter a fierce look!

  The waiter was terrified and stammered: “Really, there’s really no more…”

  ”Okay, let’s go in the lobby!” After the girl finished speaking, she found a seat and sat down!

  ”Miss, the master explained that I won’t let you…”

  ”Shut up, I’ll go back after dinner!” The girl seemed a little impatient, and the bodyguard didn’t dare to say anything!

  Soon, the girl’s food was served, and regardless of the hot eyes of the people around, the girl devoured it directly, and it was obvious that she really liked the food here!

  The four bodyguards behind her surrounded the girl, and everyone put their hands in their pockets, apparently with weapons hidden inside!

  ”It seems that the strength of the Song family is not small!” Chen Ping muttered to himself!

  These bodyguards all have guns hidden in their pockets. You must know that these are prohibited items. In this country, you can practice the exercises as you like, and no one will care about you. But when you have a hot weapon, the nature will change, and you must Knowing that it is harder to get a gun now than to go to the sky!

  However, hot weapons like pistols are fine for ordinary warriors. If you really encounter a master-level master, the pistol will become useless. If you encounter Chen Ping, the pistol will be no different from scrap metal!

  ”Song Zude, the patriarch of the Song family, used to be a famous entertainment company boss. He had countless celebrity artists, and he couldn’t count the money. But later, he was investigated because some of his artists were criminals, and he also affected the company. He was catching up with that For a few years, Hengshan stone was hot, and Song Zude went back to his hometown to open a mine, but his daughter is now a big star, and she is very famous!”

  Wu Dong explained!

  Chen Ping watched Song Tie while he was eating, but Song Tie seemed to be in a no-man’s land.

Chapter 477

  ”Mr. Chen, if you like this woman, I will find a way to contact her agent. As long as you are willing to spend money these days, such a so-called big star is not the same as the escort girl!”

  Wu Dong met with President Chen Ping Looking at Song Tie, he whispered.

  ”Shut up and eat!” Chen Ping glared at Wu Dong!

  Soon, Song Tie finished eating and walked out of the restaurant with his bodyguards. Chen Ping and the others just finished eating and went out!

  I saw Song Tie got into a Bentley. After the bodyguard looked around, he hurriedly got in the car and drove away!

  Chen Ping and the others also got in the car, started the car and left!

  Wu Dong was driving behind the Bentley, which made Chen Ping a little strange, and asked Wu Dong, “What are you doing? Why are you following others?”

  ”Mr. Chen, you misunderstood, I’m not following her. , the hotel I booked is right in front…”

  Wu Dong hurriedly explained.

  When Chen Ping heard this, he leaned on the seat and closed his eyes slightly to recharge his energy!

  Boom……. There

  was a sudden loud noise, and then Chen Ping and his car stopped quickly, and Chen Ping also suddenly opened his eyes!

  ”What’s going on?” Chen Ping asked in surprise.

  ”Mr. Chen, look quickly…”

  Wu Dong’s face changed with fright, and he pointed to the front!

  Chen Ping looked and found that Song Tie’s Bentley had been hit by a black unlicensed car and hit the roadside, and then a few people with machetes got off the black car!

  In the Bentley, Song Tie and several bodyguards were hit and dazed. Seeing someone rushed over with a machete, one of the bodyguards kicked the car door hard and took out the gun!

  But just after raising the gun, a white light flashed, and the bodyguard’s gun-carrying hand was chopped off, and a shrill roar came from the bodyguard’s mouth!

  But just shouting, the machete pierced the bodyguard’s abdomen, and there was no sound in an instant!

  These guys with machetes moved very quickly. Although Song Tie’s bodyguards had guns, the pistols couldn’t exert any power in such close-range combat!

  In just a few dozen seconds, all four bodyguards died tragically, and Song Tie was also pulled out of the car!

  ”Who are you? Let go of me…”

  Song Tie struggled hard, but it was useless. A guy took out a white towel to block Song Tie’s mouth and nose. Soon Song Tie Lost consciousness!

  These people stuffed Song Tie into the car. When they were about to start the car, Chen Ping got out of the car

  . I was stunned, seeing that Chen Ping and Wu Dong were just two people, and suddenly showed fierce eyes!

  One of them pointed at Chen Ping with a machete and said, “It’s none of your business, boy, get away from me…”

  ”This is a good time for a hero to save beauty, why don’t you care about my business?”

  Chen Ping sneered and stepped forward. Go forward!

  When several guys saw this, they slashed at Chen Ping with their knives. At first glance, it was a habitual criminal who murdered without blinking an eye!

  Chen Ping took it easy and went up to meet him directly. Wu Dong saw this and was in a hurry. He couldn’t do anything. He didn’t know any martial arts!

  But he saw the pistol that fell on the ground. Although he didn’t know martial arts, he could shoot!

  Wu Dong rushed up and picked up the gun, but when he raised the pistol and was about to shoot at several guys, he found that there was already no one left, and they all fell to the ground, everyone’s neck There is a deep bloodstain!

  Chen Ping opened the car door and took Song Tie out as if nothing happened!

  Carrying Song Tie back to the car, Chen Ping looked at Wu Dong who was still dumbfounded and said, “Don’t drive yet?”

  ”Oh!” Wu Dong hurriedly put the pistol in his pocket and got in the car!

Chapter 478

  ”Throw the gun, if someone wants to kill you, the gun in your hand will not save your life, it will make you die faster!”

  Chen Ping saw that Wu Dong put the gun in his pocket, so he faced Wu Dong. Dong said.

  Wu Dong could only throw the gun out and drive back to the hotel!

  Chen Ping carried Song Tie into the room and put him on the bed!

  Wu Dong couldn’t help but glance at Song Tie who was lying on the bed a few more times, his fair calves were exposed, he was hooked!

  ”Mr. Chen, you can play first, I’m going out…”

  Wu Dong knew that Chen Ping was here, and where did he have his share!

  ”What am I playing?” Chen Ping was taken aback and looked at Wudong!

  ”You…you save her, don’t you just want to…” Wu Dong pointed at Song Tie and said stutteringly.

  Chen Ping instantly understood that Wu Dong thought he was saving Song Tie to sleep with her!

  ”What are you thinking about all day long? Find a bottle of ice water!”

  Chen Ping looked at Wu Dong, speechless for a while!

  Soon, Wu Dong found a bottle of ice water, and Chen Ping poured it directly into Song Tie!

  With a bottle of ice water in his stomach, Song Tie opened his eyes leisurely!


  With a sudden scream, Song Tie sat up abruptly, looking at the surrounding environment is a hotel, looking at Chen Ping and Wu Dong, Song Tie’s face turned pale!

  ”Who are you? What do you want to do to me? Let me tell you, even if I die, I won’t let you succeed. If my dad finds out, he will definitely kill you!”

  Song Tie glared at Chen Ping and Wu Dong said.

  ”Miss Song, you misunderstood, we…”

  Wu Dong wanted to explain.

  ”What did I misunderstand? You took me to the hotel, didn’t you do that dirty thing? Even if I die, I won’t let you sully!”

  Song Tie grabbed his collar tightly and yelled at Wu Dong!

  This time Wu Dong was speechless. At that time, he himself thought that Chen Ping had rescued Song Tie and brought him to the hotel just to play with her!

  ”Hmph, is there nothing to say? I’ve known for a long time that you stinky men don’t want my body!”

  Song Tie said through gritted teeth.

  ”Are you finished?” Chen Ping frowned slightly and asked Song Tie.

  ”What do you mean?” Song Tie looked at Chen Ping and asked.

  ”After that, you can go!”

  Chen Ping pointed to the door and said expressionlessly!

  Song Tie was stunned, and looked at Chen Ping in surprise: “You…you really let me go?”

  ”The door is open, no one stops you…” Chen Ping said.

  Song Tie looked at Chen Ping, then at Wu Dong, and finally got off the bed slowly and walked to the door. Seeing that neither Chen Ping nor Wu Dong were moving, Song Tie hurried out of the door.

  Seeing that Song Tie was running faster than the rabbit, Chen Ping smiled lightly and said to Wu Dong: “Let’s rest early today, we’ll go up the mountain tomorrow!”

  Wu Dong nodded and went back to his room to rest. .

  At this time, in the place where the car accident had just happened, dozens of people had already surrounded the entire accident site, and one of the middle-aged men with a gloomy face looked at the Bentley that had been wrecked!

  This person is Song Zude, Song Tie’s father. When he brought people over, Song Tie had long since disappeared!

  ”Master, the eldest miss is missing, all four bodyguards are dead, not a single shot was fired!” The

  housekeeper walked over to Song Zude and reported in a low voice.

  ”What are the identities of those people, have you found out?” Song Zude asked, pointing to the corpses of the people whose throats were cut by Chen Ping.

  ”No, but I can be sure that these people are the ones who stopped the eldest lady’s car, and they also killed the eldest lady’s bodyguard. The machete left at the scene matched the wound on the bodyguard’s body!” The

  butler shook his head and said.

  ”Speaking of which, is there another group of people who stole my daughter?” Song Zude’s eyes narrowed slightly, with a murderous look in his eyes!

Chapter 479

  ”It should be, and this group of people is very strong, at least they are master masters. The wounds on the necks of these guys are the same, and the depth and length are exactly the same. It can be judged that it was done by one person, and it was still in a very short period of time. These people killed!” The butler analyzed.

  ”The mantis catching the cicada and the oriole is behind, these guys are going to get serious with me!”

  Song Zude gritted his teeth, his teeth rattled!

  ”Master, do you suspect that the Feng family and the Liu family did it?” the housekeeper asked.

  ”Hmph, except for the two of them, in the entire mountain city, whoever dares to attack my daughter’s idea, you immediately send someone to inquire about the news, I believe they have captured my daughter, and they will make conditions with me soon!”

  Song Zude was filled with murderous aura, and his eyes were terrifyingly cold!

  ”Master, master, the eldest miss is home, he is home…”

  At this time, a servant of the Song family hurriedly said!

  ”What?” Song Zude was overjoyed and rushed home immediately!

  When he got home, he saw Song Tie sitting in the living room, surrounded by many people, asking questions!

  ”Daughter, you…Are you all right?”

  Song Zude looked at Song Tie and asked incredulously.

  ”It’s okay!” Song Tie shook his head!

  ”You… how did you get back? Didn’t someone rob you?”

  Song Zude asked Song Tie with a confused look on his face.

  ”Someone robbed me. After killing the bodyguard, I was stunned. When I woke up, I found myself in the hotel with two young people beside me!”

  Song Tie said truthfully.

  ”Then…then they didn’t treat you well?” Hearing this, Song Zude raised his heart in his throat!

  Song Tie continued to shake his head: “After I woke up, I thought they wanted to do something to me, but those two didn’t do anything and let me go!”

  ”Master, is it possible that these two people are the ones who killed and kidnapped the young lady? In their opinion, they did not kidnap the young lady, but saved the young lady, or they would not let the young lady come back!” The

  housekeeper analyzed on the side. !

  ”Well, it’s very possible. If these two people really saved my daughter, I’ll be rewarded!”

  Song Zude nodded, and then turned to Song Tiedao: “Do you know where those two people are?”

  ”I only know. At the Excelle Hotel, I forgot the exact room number, I was so panicked at the time that I didn’t even look at it!”

  Song Tie said.

  ”Miss, tell me what the two of them look like, and I’ll take someone to find them!” The

  housekeeper asked Song Tie.

  ”I can’t remember, I was scared to death at that time, but I’m sure I know it when I see it, I’ll take you to find it!”

  Song Tie got up and said.

  ”How can this be possible, you just got out of danger, you can’t go!”

  Song Zude stopped Song Tie immediately!

  ”Dad, the housekeeper will take someone with me. What are you afraid of? Don’t worry!”

  Song Tie didn’t care!

  ”Master, don’t worry, I will take good care of the young lady!” the

  butler assured!

  With the assurance of the housekeeper, Song Zude nodded in agreement, and then Song Tie took hundreds of Song family members and went directly to the Excelle Hotel!

  After searching layer by layer, and finally on the fourth floor, Song Tie remembered the room he was staying in!

  ”It’s this one!”

  Song Tie pointed to the room and said.

  The housekeeper winked, and someone stepped forward immediately and kicked the door open with a bang!

  Because it is still uncertain whether these two people really saved Song Tie, or if they have any intentions, so we must control it first!

  The door was kicked open, and the two of them rushed in first, but as soon as they rushed in, they all flew out and fell heavily on the ground!

  Chen Ping had already noticed the difference and kept hiding behind the door. As soon as the two Song family members rushed in, Chen Ping started it!

Chapter 480

  ”It’s him, it’s him…”

  Song Tie immediately shouted when he saw Chen Ping!

  On the other hand, Chen Ping frowned: “I saved your life, but you brought someone to avenge you!”


  Song Tie opened his mouth, but he didn’t know how to refute!

  Because Chen Ping did not embarrass her and let her leave easily, Song Tie didn’t know if it was him who was saved by Chen Ping!

  However, the butler responded quickly and immediately smiled: “Don’t get me wrong, little brother, the eldest lady brought us here, just to meet you and ask about the situation. If you really saved the eldest lady, our master will reward you!”

  ”Why? What happened?” Wu Dong, who heard the movement at this time, also rushed out. When he saw so many people, he was shocked, but after seeing Song Tie and the housekeeper beside him, he immediately understood!

  ”Butler Liu, don’t get me wrong, Miss Song was really saved by us!”

  At this time, Wu Dong hurriedly followed the housekeeper.

  Wudong often deals with rough stones, so he also has business dealings with the Song family and knows this housekeeper Liu!

  ”Master Wu, it’s you!” Butler Liu was a little surprised when he saw Wu Dong.

  ”Yes, yes, I took Chen…” Wu Dong just wanted to call Mr. Chen, but saw Chen Ping wink at him, and immediately changed his words: “My friend and I came to collect some rough stones, just happened to meet Miss Song in danger halfway. So we came to the rescue, because Miss Song was still in a coma at the time, we had to take her to the hotel first and let her wake up before leaving!”

  ”I naturally believe what Mr. Wu said, thank you very much, Our master wants to meet you, saying that it is a reward!”

  Butler Liu said to Wu Dong.

  How could Wu Dong be the master? He could only secretly look at Chen Ping, and when he saw Chen Ping nodded, he smiled and said, “I just want to meet President Song and discuss the matter of the original stone!”

  ”Master Wu, please. !”

  Butler Liu made a gesture of invitation!

  Wu Dong and Chen Ping went to the Song family with the Song family.

  Song Zude was still waiting in the hall. Seeing Song Tie coming back, he immediately got up and asked, “Daughter, have you found those two people?”

  ”That’s right, the two of them!”

  Song Tie pointed at Wu Dong and Chen Ping and said. .

  ”Master Wu?” Song Zude said with a surprised look after seeing Wu Dong.

  ”Mr. Song!” Wu Dong smiled slightly!

  ”Did you save my daughter?” Song Zude’s face was full of disbelief!

  ”Exactly, we saw that Miss Song was dazed and stuffed into the car, so we rescued Miss Song!”

  Wu Dong nodded.

  Song Zude frowned slightly: “Master Wu, if I remember correctly, you don’t seem to know martial arts, right?”

  Wu Dong smiled awkwardly: “Yes, yes, I don’t know martial arts, it was my friend who saved Miss Song, it was him. Shot!”

  Wu Dong pointed at Chen Ping and said.

  Song Zude looked at Chen Ping, his face was full of disbelief. Those robbers were masters at first sight. If they could cut their throats and kill them instantly, they must be masters. They should be master masters, but Chen Ping in front of him was only in his twenties. How could it be a master master?

  ”Little brother, what’s your surname?”

  Although he had doubts, Song Zude asked politely.

  ”Chen Ping!” Chen Ping replied lightly!

  ”It turned out to be Brother Chen Ping. Since you saved my daughter, you can say whatever you want. If you buy rough stones, I can give you half the price!”

  Song Zude said generously.

  After all, when Song Tie was finally released, it was Wu Dong and Chen Ping who he saw. No matter if they were helping each other out, they didn’t have bad intentions for their daughter!

  ”Half price?” Wu Dong got excited when he heard it.

  If they buy the rough at half price, they can make a lot of money, which is a lot of money!

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