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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 471-472-473-474-475

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 471-472-473-474-475

Chapter 471

  ”Of course, if the Yin family can make that jade pendant start, how can we let the Yin family destroy the family!”

  Bai Xiushan said coldly.

  ”How is this good?” Bai Zhan sighed.

  Everyone fell into contemplation. If Chen Ping was really a cultivator, what would they use to fight against Chen Ping?

  ”Zhantang, you are going to the Jiangbei provincial capital right now, and send him all the medicinal materials of the Yaowangfu, and tell him that our Bai family is willing to pay tribute to the medicinal materials for a long time to help him cultivate. You will remember it for me, and your attitude will be certain. Be humble, if you dare to annoy him, don’t blame me for being rude!”

  Bai Xiushan finally made up his mind, if Chen Ping is really a cultivator, then the Bai family must seize this opportunity, if there is a cultivator behind the Bai family With the support of , then in the entire Kyoto, which family would dare to fight with the Bai family!

  ”Got it, Grandpa!” Bai Zhantang is not stupid, on the contrary, this Bai Zhantang is extremely thoughtful, otherwise at the Jiangbei Martial Arts gathering, it is his Bai family who will be killed and injured!

  Bai Zhantang rushed to Jiangbei non-stop, and at the same time in the Qin family in Kyoto, Qin Feng was smashing things like crazy!

  ”Master, the master is in retreat. Without his order, none of the four kings of the Qin family have the right to mobilize.” The

  old butler followed Qin Feng with a helpless expression.

  ”So many people in our Qin family were killed, and I was trampled underfoot and humiliated. Is this the case? Today I have to take the Four Great Kings away, and then my dad will blame him and ask him to find me directly. !”

  Qin Feng said, and was about to rush to a courtyard closed by an iron gate, but was stopped by the old housekeeper!

  ”Master, you are releasing the Four Great Kings now. If they are out of their minds, the Qin family will be doomed. Now only the master can control their minds!” the

  old butler begged bitterly.

  ”Get out of the way. I’ve already brought reassurance pills from my dad’s room. As long as I feed the Four Great Kings, I’ll be fine.”

  Qin Feng kicked the old housekeeper and was about to open the iron gate!

  ”You bastard, your father is in seclusion, so no one can control you?”

  This was a loud shout, which made Qin Feng stop immediately!

  Looking back, I saw a middle-aged man with a face full of flesh glaring at Qin Feng.

  ”Third uncle…”

  Qin Feng suddenly became honest when he saw the person coming.

  Qin Feng’s third uncle stepped forward and snatched the reassurance pill from Qin Feng’s hand: “Can you control these four great diamonds at will? I think you are courting death.”

  ”Third uncle, I really can’t take this breath. In Jiangbei, the people I brought were killed, not to mention, they were trampled under their feet and humiliated in public. It was the Gu family who hired someone to do it. I think it was the Gu family who wanted to take revenge on us, and the jade pendant of the Yin family also arrived at the place called Chen Ping. In the hands of this kid!”

  Qin Feng didn’t feel that Gu Linger had saved her life at this time, but he beat him down, and it all depended on the Gu family!

  ”Hmph, Gu Wentian has retired, and his family is in the middle of the road. How dare you seek revenge for my Qin family? I really don’t know whether to live or die!” Qin Feng’s third uncle snorted coldly, and then said to Qin Feng: “Then the jade pendant is not wanted by the Bai family. Is it that the Bai family didn’t move?”

  ”There was a fart move, Bai Zhantang was at the scene at the time, and he was so frightened that he didn’t dare to do it!” When he mentioned Bai Zhantang, Qin Feng’s teeth itch with hatred!

  At that time, he proposed to follow Bai Zhantang to deal with Chen Ping, but he didn’t expect this kid to be cowardly and sold him directly.

  ”This coward of the Bai family has no backbone at all!” Uncle Qin Feng also scolded him angrily, and then said to Qin Feng, “Your dad is in seclusion now, don’t make trouble for him, return the key to the old housekeeper, I will Let the wild wolf take you to Jiangbei again!”

  Qin Feng’s eyes flashed with joy when he heard it: “Uncle Third, did you really lend Uncle Wolf to me?”

Chapter 472

  ”Of course it’s true, I can still lie to you, when has our Qin family been bullied like this!”

  Qin Feng’s third uncle smiled lightly!

  ”Hahaha, that’s great, if Uncle Wolf goes, he will definitely kill that kid. Then I will ravage Gu Linger well…”

  Qin Feng laughed wildly!


  Jiangbei provincial capital!

  Chen Ping and Su Yuqi are back!

  However, Chen Ping is not in a hurry to go to Hengshan. He has to finish the affairs of the Yaowang Mansion first, and then go to Hengshan!

  Lin Tianhu did not practice day and night every day. After eating the Great Huan Dan given by Chen Ping, Lin Tianhu could feel that his strength was improving by leaps and bounds.

  ”It’s been three days, and the Yaowang Mansion hasn’t moved yet. It seems that it’s time to go!”

  Chen Ping murmured to himself!

  At this moment, Chifeng walked over quickly: “Mr. Chen, Yaowang’s mansion has sent someone, saying that he wants to invite Mr. Chen to Yaowang’s mansion!”

  When Chen Ping heard this, he immediately laughed: “I just wanted to go. , they sent people to invite, then go and see!”

  ”Mr. Chen, do you want me to bring more people?”

  Chifeng asked in a low voice.

  ”It’s time to bring more people, there are so many medicinal materials, there is no way to bring them back!”

  Chen Ping said with a smile!

  Soon, Chi Feng drove Chen Ping and went straight to the Yaowang Mansion, followed by a few trucks, ready to pull the medicinal materials!

  ”Mr. Chen, are you sure that the Medicine Palace will hand over the medicinal materials?”

  Chifeng asked in confusion on the way.

  ”Whether he pays it or not, I have to get the medicinal materials. If they don’t pay it, I will kill them all. Those medicinal materials are still mine!”

  Chen Ping leaned on the back and sneered!

  Chifeng wasn’t talking, Chen Ping was right, just kill them all. In this society where the weak eat the strong, the weak have no say.

  Soon, Chen Ping and the others arrived at the Yaowang Mansion, but the scene was not as tense as they thought. They saw Bai Zhantang with Sun Simiao and the others, waiting for Chen Ping at the door!

  When the car arrived, Bai Zhantang stepped forward and opened the door for Chen Ping himself!

  ”Mr. Chen…”

  Bai Zhantang respectfully shouted after Chen Ping!

  This made Chen Ping somewhat surprised, but he didn’t show it. After getting out of the car, he was invited to the Hall of the King of Medicine!

  Bai Zhantang invited Chen Ping to the master’s seat, and he sat next to Chen Ping. As for Sun Simiao and the others, they only had to stand by the side!

  ”Let’s be honest, I don’t like to beat around the bush!”

  Chen Ping is a little strange, what medicine is sold in this Bai Zhantang gourd!

  If the Bai family compromised and became so respectful just because he killed several grandmasters, Chen Ping himself would not believe it. With the strength of the Bai family, it was impossible to compromise like this!

  ”Mr. Chen, I went back to the Bai family to discuss it. Grandpa said that Mr. Chen is a genius. Only when the medicinal materials are in Mr. Chen’s hands can they exert the greatest effect. Therefore, we are willing to dedicate all the medicinal materials of the Yaowangfu to Mr. Chen, and in the future, the medicinal materials will be given to Mr. Chen. The palace will continue to provide Mr. Chen with medicinal materials.”

  Bai Zhantang said.

  After hearing this, Chen Ping frowned slightly, and his eyes stared at Bai Zhantang. Chen Ping couldn’t see through this Bai Zhantang and the Bai family. Chen Ping thought that the Bai family could give him all the medicinal materials in the Yaowangfu. It’s the most ideal result. I didn’t expect that the other party would even propose to supply him with medicinal materials in the future. Isn’t this what he wants?

  However, Chen Ping is not particularly optimistic. He knows that the Bai family cannot make a loss-making business. There must be other attempts or conditions in it!

  ”Tell me, what are the conditions of your Bai family? I don’t believe your Bai family is so kind!” Chen Ping asked.

Chapter 473

  ”Mr. Chen, my grandfather said that I hope that the Bai family can stay together with Mr. Chen in the future. What is Mr. Chen’s order, I, the Bai family, will do my best!”

  Bai Zhantang stood up and bowed towards Chen Ping!

  Chen Ping became more and more confused, his eyes stared at Bai Zhantang, and his brows were slightly wrinkled: “Did you know something? I want to hear the truth!”

  Bai Zhantang nodded, then looked at Sun Simiao and said, “You all go out, No one is allowed to come in without my order!”

  Sun Simiao nodded and took people out immediately, while Chen Ping also looked at Chifeng: “You go out too!”

  Chifeng also walked out!

  When only Chen Ping and Bai Zhantang were left in the hall, Bai Zhantang bowed and said respectfully, “My grandfather said that Mr. Chen is a cultivator and should be respected by others. He also hopes that Mr. Chen can protect my Bai family. All generations are prosperous!”

  When Chen Ping heard this, he was immediately surprised, this Bai Zhantang’s grandfather was the first person to see his identity, and no one had ever said that he was a cultivator!

  And Chen Ping himself has never met a cultivator during this period of time. They are all warriors and warlocks. Chen Ping has some doubts. In this world, he and Lao Longtou are the only cultivators!

  ”Could it be that your grandfather is also an immortal cultivator? Or maybe he has seen an immortal cultivator?”

  Chen Ping asked excitedly.

  If he can see a monk, then Chen Ping will not feel lonely. He can find someone to talk to, and find common topics. Moreover, Chen Ping has a half-knowledge about many things about cultivating immortals. He really wants to ask someone!

  Bai Zhantang shook his head: “My grandfather is not an immortal cultivator, but he did see it…”

  Soon, Bai Zhantang told Chen Ping what Bai Xiushan told him, and Chen Ping became discouraged. , I saw it decades ago, where are you going to find it now!

  It seems that if he wants to know more, he will have to wait until July 15 to go to an uninhabited island, and he does not know what the big opportunity that the old dragon head is talking about.

  There is also his own biological mother. Chen Ping always feels that his biological mother is not dead, but still alive, but just locked up somewhere. Chen Ping himself doesn’t know why he feels this way, he can’t tell!

  ”Your grandfather guessed right, I am indeed a cultivator!” Chen Ping did not hide it from Bai Zhantang. Since the Bai family treats each other sincerely, Chen Ping does not intend to hide it from them. Whether it is sincere or not, at this time both parties are It is mutual benefit. With the improvement of strength, Chen Ping needs more and more medicinal materials!

  Hearing that Chen Ping agreed, Bai Zhantang’s eyes lit up, his eyes were full of envy and surprise, and he followed Chen Ping with some stammer: “Mr. Chen, you… can you tell me how immortal cultivators practice?”

  Bai Zhantang is very curious, after all, this is the first time he has heard of immortal cultivators.

  ”You warriors practice the exercises, and you have practiced internal energy. You rely on constant training to generate energy in your dantian. What I need in my practice is spiritual energy, which is converted into spiritual energy and stored in my dantian, just like those warlocks, They also need spiritual energy, but the amount they need is very small, and more of it is to use the formation method!”

  Chen Ping explained with Bai Zhantang.

  ”Oh, I understand, Mr. Chen wants these medicinal materials, do they have spiritual energy in them and can help Mr. Chen practice?”

  Bai Zhantang suddenly realized.

  Chen Ping nodded: “Yes, but only medicinal materials that are more than a hundred years old can produce aura. Now there are too few auras in the world, and I can only use the aura from other objects to cultivate!”

Chapter 474

  ”Mr. Chen, then you cultivators have reached the end of your cultivation. Are you immortals? Can you fly to the sky, and can you live forever?”

  Bai Zhantang, like a primary school student seeking knowledge, constantly asked curiously.

  Chen Ping smiled and shook his head: “Actually, I don’t know much, I don’t even know where the end of the immortal cultivation is!”

  Bai Zhantang suddenly felt that he asked too many questions and was a little rude, and hurriedly apologized: “Mr. Chen, I’m just too curious. , I’m a little presumptuous, I’m so sorry!”

  Chen Ping smiled lightly: “It’s okay!”

  After the two chatted for a while, Bai Zhantang shouted, “All come in!”

  Sun Simiao led people in!

  ”Sun Simiao, let me tell you, in the future, the entire Yaowang Mansion will obey Mr. Chen’s orders. No matter what medicinal materials are needed, they must be selected by Mr. Chen first. If anyone dares to refuse, kill…”

  Bai Zhantang faced him with a cold expression. Sun Simiao everyone said.

  ”Understood, Second Young Master!”

  Sun Simiao nodded.

  ”Go and load the medicinal materials to Mr. Chen!” Bai Zhantang said.

  Sun Simiao hurriedly said to the housekeeper: “Old Qiu, go and arrange for someone to load the car, and load all the medicinal materials!”

  After giving the order, Sun Simiao looked at Bai Zhantang, then at Chen Ping, opened his mouth to speak again stop look!

  ”Palace Master Sun, just say what you have to say!” Chen Ping said to Sun Simiao.

  ”Mr. Chen asks you, just say it directly, what is it like to be hesitant?”

  Bai Zhantang reprimanded Sun Simiao.

  ”Yes yes yes!” Sun Simiao nodded again and again, and then said to Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping: “Second Young Master, Mr. Chen, the four elders of Xuanyue Valley came to Tianfeng Town a few days ago, and stayed near the ring for a while. Just left!”

  ”Damn, these guys must have come to trouble Mr. Chen, I’ll go home and mobilize some experts to destroy Xuanyue Valley!”

  Bai Zhantang said sharply.

  At this time, he has to fully show his loyalty and respect to Chen Ping. Chen Ping is in trouble, and their Bai family should take action!

  ”No, in a few days, I will personally destroy this Xuanyue Valley!”

  Chen Ping waved his hand, and then continued to face Bai Zhantang: “I may have something to go out these days, you take care of my family and wait for me to return. After that, accompany me to destroy the Xuanyue Valley!”

  After all, Bai Zhantang’s strength is higher than Chifeng, and Chen Ping is going to Hengshan for a few days. It is safer to leave the safety of Su Yuqi and Gu Linger to Bai Zhantang. , Now Chen Ping is worried that Qin Feng will come for revenge, so Gu Linger shouldn’t have been soft-hearted and let the tiger go back to the mountain!

  ”Mr. Chen, don’t worry, as long as I have Bai Zhantang’s breath, I will never let anyone hurt Mr. Chen

  ’s family!” Bai Zhantang vowed.

  After returning from the Yaowang Mansion, Chen Ping contacted Wudong. Wudong was accepting Hengshan rough stones in Hengshan. After receiving a call from Chen Ping, he knew that Chen Ping was back, and Wudong rushed back to the provincial capital directly from Hengshan!

  Chen Ping used this period of time to refine some big repayment pills for Lin Tianhu, and he also refined the Juling Pill, but after eating a few Juling Pills, Chen Ping’s strength did not increase much. With the improvement of realm, Chen Ping’s demand for spiritual energy has also increased exponentially.

  Early the next morning, Wudong rushed back, and took Chen Ping to Hengshan again!

  Hengshan Mountain is not particularly far from Jiangbei, only a few hundred kilometers, but the entire Hengshan Mountain Range stretches for thousands of miles, spanning several provinces and cities!

  At the foot of Mount Heng, there is a small town called Shancheng. Originally, people here were sparsely populated, resources were scarce, and people’s lives were very difficult. However, in recent years, with the popularity of Hengshan rough stone, and the price has become more and more expensive, the more and more people who come here to mine Hengshan rough stone. More and more, the mountain city has become prosperous!

Chapter 475

  Now the entire mountain city has several times more foreign population than the native population, and the mountain is full of large and small mines.

  Most of the entertainment venues in the mountain city are hotels, bars, and KTVs. Those who can afford the original stones are big bosses, so they are not afraid of spending money!

  Wu Dong went straight to eat and stopped at the door of a restaurant: “Mr. Chen, you must be hungry too, let’s have some food first, and then go back to the hotel to rest!”

  Chen Ping nodded and got out of the car with Wu Dong!

  The restaurant is not very big, but the facade is very well decorated and has an antique flavor. There is a big sign on it that says Shandong Restaurant!

  ”Mr. Chen, don’t think that this restaurant is not big, but it is the most popular restaurant here. Many people come to eat here. The big star Song Tie, as long as he returns to the mountain city, he will go to this restaurant to eat!”

  Wu Dong took Chen Ping walked and introduced.

  Entering the hotel, Wu Dong wanted to find a private room, but Chen Ping stopped it. It was just the two of them, just eat whatever they wanted, no need to look for a private room!

  Looking for a more secluded place, Wudong specially ordered a few restaurant specialties!

  While waiting for the dishes, Chen Ping deliberately glanced at the people eating at the restaurant, and found that there were actually several masters at the master level!

  It would not be surprising to see so many master masters during a martial arts gathering in Tianfeng Town, but in this mountain town, how could there be so many masters?

  ”It’s strange to say that even if I was busy before, I never saw so many people. During the few days I came to the mountain city, I saw several groups of strangers going up the mountain one after another. More!”

  Wu Dong hurriedly explained after seeing Chen Ping glance at the people in the hotel.

  However, when Chen Ping looked at these people, they didn’t look like stone gamblers. I saw that these people were in groups of three or five.

  ”Is the rough stone of Mount Heng mined casually?”

  Chen Ping asked Wu Dong.

  ”That’s not it. If you mine casually, it will be a mess. No one cares about it before, but now the entire area, the largest rough rock mining cave, has been occupied by the three families of Feng, Song, Liu, and others. Some of the small mines that the three companies disliked were exploited by others. At that time, Mr. Feng, who made Pei Lao suffer a loss, was one of them. His mine was in the southeast, closest to the top of the mountain!

  ” He pointed to Hengshan who was close at hand and said.

  ”Oh!” Chen Ping nodded!

  Soon, the dishes came, and Chen Ping suddenly stopped the waiter who was serving the dishes and said, “Dude, can I ask if something major happened in Shancheng? Why do I feel that many people are in a hurry?”

  Chen Ping always felt Something is wrong. With so many master-level masters appearing, there should be something happening or about to happen here!

  ”What’s the matter? I’m just a waiter, I don’t know!” The

  waiter shook his head, but his eyes were dodging, obviously he knew something!

  ”Dude, we are from out of town, just ask casually, no malice!”

  Chen Ping said, took out a stack of banknotes and stuffed it into the waiter’s pocket. The stack of banknotes was worth several thousand dollars!

  The waiter looked around, hesitated for a moment, and then said in a low voice: “I tell you, Hengshan has discovered another mineral vein, and said that it is full of gems. Now the three families of the Song family, the Feng family, and the Liu family are all I’m recruiting for horses. It looks like I’m going to compete for the new mines that I discovered. I’m afraid that the mountain city will soon be in chaos. I also heard it in a private room by accident. Don’t say that I said it! “The

  waiter said and left in a hurry!

  ”New mine?” Wu Dong was taken aback: “I’ve been here for several days, why haven’t I heard of it?”

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