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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 466-467-468-469-470

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 466-467-468-469-470

Chapter 466

  At this time, Chen Yingxia’s eyes were still wide open, and she looked at Su Yuqi with an incredible face!

  ”Miss Su…” Chen Gouzi also hurriedly followed!

  But Su Yuqi ignored him, and then Chen Gouzi directly took Chen Ping’s arm: “Cousin, I really misunderstood just now, we are relatives now, how could I watch my relatives being bullied, you say this is Cui How to clean up, you only need a word, and I’ll tell someone to chop him right away!”

  Chen Gouzi’s effort to get down to the ground made Manager Cui, who was slumped on the ground, pass out angrily!

  Chen Ping just gave Chen Gouzi a cold look, ignored him, and went back to the second private room!

  That Chen Gouzi didn’t mind either, and followed closely behind.

  After entering the private room, Chen Gouzi hurriedly opened the chair: “Cousin, sit down!”

  Seeing Chen Gouzi being so polite to Chen Ping, whether it was Chen Ping’s second aunt or Tang Hongying, felt very strange!

  After Chen Ping sat down, he said coldly to Chen Gouzi: “Chen Gouzi, you forced my cousin to marry you, what’s the matter?”

  Chen Gouzi was stunned, then licked his face and said: ” Cousin, what are you talking about, Yingxia and I are in a free relationship, and I didn’t force him!”

  ”Don’t talk nonsense, your wedding with Yingxia is void, and Yingxia will never marry you! “

  Chen Ping said coldly.

  ”Cousin, this…”

  ”Aren’t you willing?” Chen Ping frowned!

  Chen Gouzi gritted his teeth, glanced at Chen Yingxia, and finally nodded and said, “Okay, the wedding is void, we won’t get married!”

  After that, Chen Gouzi turned around and wanted to leave!

  ”Did I let you go?” Chen Ping asked.

  ”What else do you want?” Chen Gouzi’s face was also a little ugly at this time!

  ”I broke a hand myself, I will not pursue this matter!”

  Chen Ping said lightly.

  When Chen Gouzi heard this, he was furious: “Chen Ping, don’t go too far!”

  ”Chen Ping, forget it, forget it, since he promised not to get married, don’t worry about it!”

  Second Aunt Chen Ping As soon as I heard it, I hurriedly persuaded Chen Ping!

  ”Brother Chen Ping, forget it, if I don’t get married, I’ll be content!” Chen Yingxia also persuaded Chen Ping!

  After all, if Chen Gouzi was in a hurry, he would dare to do anything!

  ”You don’t have to worry about it!” Chen Ping finished speaking, looked at Chen Gouzi and said, “I’m just too much, what can you do? If you cut off a hand yourself, you can still save your life. If I do it, your life will be lost!”

  Chen Gouzi suddenly slapped the table: “Chen Ping, do you think you can do anything if you are a young lady on the list? This is Anhe Town, and I can make you die without a single phone call, even if it is Su. What can my family do to me? I’m from Hongcheng Tiger Lord, I believe you must have heard the name of Tiger Lord!”

  ”Have you heard it, the underground emperor of Hongcheng?” Chen Ping nodded.

  ”You’re still a little knowledgeable, so don’t push me too hard, otherwise no one can keep you!” Chen Gouzi said with a cold smile!

  ”I don’t need human security, I just need to protect myself, keep one hand, get out, or you will die!”

  Chen Ping said calmly!

  ”Damn, I’ll give you a face!” Chen Gouzi scolded angrily, picked up the wine bottle and smashed it at Chen Ping!

  But before he could make a move, Chen Ping grabbed the bottle of wine as soon as he reached out his hand, and then smashed it on Chen Gouzi’s head!

  Chen Gouzi’s head was suddenly bleeding, and he sat on the ground with a scream!

  This time, everyone was startled, as long as Su Yuqi smiled, she was not worried at all!

  ”You fucking wait for me!” Chen Gouzi roared, took out his phone and started calling!

  ”If you call someone, then I will call you too. Don’t you know Lin Tianhu? I’ll ask him if he recognizes you!”

  Chen Ping said, and took out his phone!

Chapter 467

  ”Hmph, you are a little white-faced, and you deserve to know Hu Ye. Even if it is the boss of the Su Group, Hu Ye will not ignore him!”

  Chen Gouzi snorted coldly!

  Chen Ping ignored him, but called Lin Tianhu directly!

  ”Mr. Chen…” Lin Tianhu was in the provincial capital and got the call right away!

  ”There is a man named Chen Gou in Anhe Town. He said he knew you and was your subordinate. Do you know him?”

  Chen Ping asked.

  ”Anhe Town?” Lin Tianhu pondered for a while: “I don’t know, I will take care of the place below Hongcheng!”

  ”Ask your subordinates, who knows this Chen Gou, and now this kid is called Juyitang , make a fortune!”

  Chen Ping said coldly.

  ”Okay, I’ll check right away…”

  After Lin Tianhu finished speaking, he hung up the phone and hurriedly checked.

  Soon, Lin Tianhu called back: “Mr. Chen, I asked, and Biaozi said he knew someone from Anhe Town named Chen Gou, but he didn’t know him very well!”

  ”Biaozi?” Chen Ping remembered this. Biaozi is the cousin of his classmate Yuan Hua, who cut off a hand at that time!

  ”I’ll send you a location, and let him come and handle it in person!”

  After Chen Ping finished speaking, he sent a location to Lin Tianhu!

  ”Chen Ping, have you finished pretending? I’m telling you, my people will be here soon, so just wait to die!”

  Chen Gouzi said viciously.

  Chen Ping ignored him, but said to his second aunt’s family and his parents: “Let’s eat, ignore him!”

  But in this situation, who can eat.

  ”Chen Ping, let’s go!” Chen Ping’s second aunt said with a face full of fear.

  ”Go, none of you want to go!” Chen Gouzi stood at the door and roared loudly!

  ”We don’t have to go, let’s talk after dinner, second aunt, don’t be afraid!”

  Chen Ping persuaded his second aunt!

  But no matter how Chen Ping persuaded, no one was in the mood to eat!

  After more than 20 minutes, there was a sudden chaotic footsteps rushing upstairs from downstairs!

  ”My people are here, you wait for me!” Chen Gouzi looked proud!

  This time, Aunt Chen Ping’s family as well as Tang Hongying and Chen Baoguo’s faces changed color!

  Soon, more than a dozen people rushed in with sticks, all of them tattooed and menacing.

  ”Brother Gou, who messed with you?”

  one of them asked Chen Gouzi.

  ”Take a good look at this place, and no one is allowed to let go. I’m going to start killing people today!”

  Chen Gouzi looked grimly, then looked at Su Yuqi and said, “Miss Su, you’d better get out of the way, don’t wait for a while. You are splashed with blood, don’t interfere in this matter, I believe that your Su family doesn’t want to be an enemy of Tiger Lord, right?”

  ”I don’t care!” Su Yuqi shook her head!

  Chen Yingxia looked at Su Yuqi in shock: “Sister-in-law, you…you can’t ignore it, or my brother will die!”

  ”Don’t worry, your brother is very lucky!” Su Yuqi said with a smile!

  This time, Chen Yingxia was a little dumbfounded. If Su Yuqi doesn’t care about Chen Ping, then what kind of backing does Chen Ping have!

  Aunt Chen Ping didn’t know what to do at this time, so she could only follow Chen Gouzi: “Xiao Chen, I apologize to you for Chen Ping, please don’t…”

  ”Go away!” Second Aunt Chen Ping pushed aside!

  Chen Ping hurriedly helped his second aunt, and then looked at Chen Gouzi coldly and said, “You have lost the last hope of life, so do it yourself!”

  ”Don’t fucking bluff me, I was scared. Yes!” Chen Gouzi didn’t care at all, and shouted loudly: “Aren’t you so arrogant that you call people? Where are your people?”

  ”My people will be here soon!” Chen Ping said lightly.

  ”Okay, I’ll give you ten minutes, I’ll wait for your people to come, but I want to see who dares to oppose me in Anhe Town!”

  Chen Gouzi moved a chair and sat down, snorted coldly!

Chapter 468

  Soon, ten minutes later, Chen Gouzi   looked at Chen Ping with a sneer: “I think you are just bragging, where are your people?” The building seems to be shaking!

  ”Brother Gou, there are many people outside!”

  At this moment, a younger brother said to Chen Gouzi.

  Chen Gouzi was startled, and hurriedly looked through the window, and found that there was a crowd of people, and the entire restaurant had been surrounded!

  Chen Gouzi was shocked, but he quickly calmed down and said to the flustered younger brother: “Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter how many people come, I am covered by Tiger Lord, who dares to touch me!”

  Chen Gou After the child finished speaking, there was a shock of footsteps, and someone hurried upstairs!

  ”Brother Biao…”

  Chen Gouzi was stunned when he saw the person coming!

  The person who came was Biaozi with a broken left hand. At this time, Biaozi had a solemn expression on his face. He didn’t even look at Chen Gouzi, but walked directly to Chen Pingping and respectfully shouted, “Mr. Chen… “

  Now Biaozi is extremely frightened. His left hand was cut off because he offended Chen Ping. Now Lin Tianhu has hurried him here again.

  When Chen Gouzi saw that Biaozi treated Chen Ping so respectfully, he was dumbfounded.

  ”Biaozi, do you know this guy?” Chen Ping pointed at Chen Gouzi and asked.

  ”Know, but not very familiar!” Biaozi said truthfully.

  ”I don’t want to see him anymore, as for the others, broken legs!” As

  soon as Chen Ping’s voice fell, Chen Gouzi fell to his knees at once!

  As soon as Chen Gouzi knelt down, his younger brothers all knelt down!

  ”Chen Ping… No, eldest brother, father, grandpa… Grandpa Chen Ping, I beg you, spare my life!”

  Chen Gouzi kowtowed to Chen Ping desperately!

  ”Chen Gouzi, didn’t you say that you belong to Lin Tianhu? Now that his people are here, what about your arrogance?”

  Chen Ping sneered.

  ”Grandpa Chen Ping, I was wrong, I was wrong…”

  Chen Gouzi kept begging for mercy!

  Chen Ping snorted coldly, turned around, and Biaozi flashed a cold light in his eyes, took out a dagger and stabbed at Chen Gouzi!

  ”Don’t scare my family!” Chen Ping said lightly.

  ”Understood Mr. Chen!” Biaozi nodded, and then said to his subordinate: “Drag these people to the next door!”

  Soon, there were bursts of wailing from the next door!

  Chen Ping’s second aunt’s family was blinded at this time, and Chen Yingxia’s eyes widened, looking at Chen Ping in disbelief!

  On the way back, Aunt Chen Ping looked at Chen Ping and seemed to have something to say, but she didn’t say anything in the end!

  Early the next morning, Chen Ping was going to take Chen Yingxia to Hongcheng to go to school.

  Because Chen Ping really has a lot of things to do now, otherwise he would stay with his parents in his hometown for a longer time!

  At the same time, the village also started broadcasting, saying that the houses of each family will be re-evaluated, and this time they will be demolished according to national standards, and there will be no forced demolition or maliciously lowering the price. This time, every household in Chenjia Village is excited!

  Chen Ping took Chen Yingxia to Hongcheng, and through Ling Zhenchuan’s relationship, he found a high school for Chen Yingxia to study at!

  Chen Ping and Su Yuqi accompanied Su Wenzong in Hongcheng for one day, and then went straight to the provincial capital the next day!

  The Yaowang Mansion and Xuanyue Valley have not been dealt with, and Chen Ping has not investigated the matter of Hengshan Lingshi, so he does not dare to stay in Hongcheng for a long time!

  ”I’m sorry, I made you run around with me, I can’t accompany my father at home!”

  Chen Ping followed Su Yuqi apologetically on the way.

  ”Marry a chicken, follow a chicken, marry a dog, follow a dog, marry a grasshopper, who made me like you!”

  Su Yuqi said with a faint smile!

  Chen Ping also smiled with love on his face: “Don’t worry, soon, I will give you a stable life, the two of us have been living for hundreds of years, and let you give me a hundred children!”

  ”Bah, I I won’t give birth to you so much, and I’m not a pig!” Su Yuqi rolled her eyes at Chen Ping!

Chapter 469 – The

  Kyoto, White House!

  Bai Zhantang was standing beside him with a low expression on his face, and at this time, there were six or seven people sitting in the hall.

  ”Zhantang, tell me what happened in Jiangbei in detail!”

  said an old man with a gray beard on the main seat!

  This old man is Bai Xiushan, the head of the Bai family.

  ”Okay grandpa!” Bai Zhantang nodded, and then continued: “A young man in his twenties came out of Jiangbei, called Chen Ping, who is very powerful. At this martial arts gathering, he easily killed Jiang Zhengde. , and the master master Qin Feng brought, all of them were easily killed, and this person can also refine pills, his pill recipe is very mysterious, and the people in Yaowangfu have no way to know the refining method with pills!”

  ”The most important thing is the jade pendant of the Yin family. Now it’s in the hands of Chen Ping. At that time, it was to compete for the jade pendant. Those people from the Qin family were killed. Fortunately, I was alert and saw that things were not going well, so I didn’t conflict with him. , but this Chen Ping wants the Yaowangfu to hand over all the medicinal materials, otherwise, the Yaowangfu will be pacified!”

  Bai Zhantang just finished speaking, and there was a sudden discussion!

  ”So young, with such strength, isn’t this a genius? Zhantang, have you been investigating this kid?”

  Bai Zhantang, Bai Zhantang’s father, asked.

  ”Dad, I’ve investigated, all the resumes of that kid are here!”

  Bai Zhantang said, took out some documents and distributed them to several people present!

  Everyone looked at the document and frowned, because Chen Ping’s resume was blank from childhood to adulthood, and he didn’t even have experience in martial arts. How could he suddenly become so powerful?

  ”Dad, look…”

  Bai Zhan took the document to Bai Xiushan, and then said with a puzzled face: “This kid has a mediocre resume, he has been in prison for three years, he shouldn’t have such a strong strength. ?”

  Bai Xiushan looked at the document, quickly saw the problem, and said to the crowd, “Didn’t you find out? After this Chen Ping got out of prison, his life has undergone tremendous changes. It is very possible that this kid has been in prison for three years. Adventure!”

  ”Adventure? What can I do in three years? I’m afraid I won’t even be able to practice Qi!”

  Bai Zhan said with a frown.

  ”Qi Jin?” Bai Xiushan smiled slightly: “I’m sure that Chen Ping is not practicing Qi Jin, he is not a martial artist!”

  Bai Xiushan’s words made everyone stunned and looked at Bai Xiushan with puzzled faces!

  ”Grandpa, is he a warlock? If he can make alchemy, he is likely to be a warlock!”

  Bai Zhantang asked.

  ”Impossible, even if the warlock is skilled, but like you said, when Chen Ping dealt with Jiang Zhengde and the grandmasters of the Qin family, he didn’t use any magic, it was all close combat, how could it be possible? It’s a warlock!”

  Bai Zhan immediately retorted.

  Bai Zhantang thought about it, and it was indeed the case, so he could only look at Bai Xiushan, it seemed that Bai Xiushan knew something!

  Seeing everyone looking at him, Bai Xiushan asked, “Apart from knowing that there are warriors and warlocks in this world, do you know there are other types of people?”

  Everyone shook their heads.

  ”I tell you, there are not only warriors and warlocks in this world, but also a kind of person who is a monk, but there are very few such people. This Chen Ping is probably a monk!”

  Bai Xiushan’s voice fell, everyone was stunned!

  ”Grandpa, what is a monk?” Bai Zhantang asked.

  ”It’s an immortal cultivator!” Bai Xiushan said, suddenly there was a hint of envy and yearning in his eyes.

  ”Immortal cultivator?”

  Everyone exclaimed in surprise.

  ”Grandpa, you said that Chen Ping is an immortal? Are there really immortals in this world?”

  Bai Zhantang was the most excited. If there really was an immortal in the world, would he also have the opportunity to become an immortal and be able to live forever.

Chapter 470 Memories

  ”To be precise, he is just a cultivator, and he has not yet become an immortal. I don’t know if there are immortals in this world, but I know that there are a group of immortal cultivators, but these people are hidden in the downtown area and never expose themselves, so Few people know about them!”

  Bai Xiushan explained.

  ”Dad, how did you know there were immortal cultivators?”

  Bai Zhan asked.

  Bai Xiushan suddenly looked out of the window, and then clearly remembered his memories, and began to slowly say: “The jade pendant of the Yin family is actually the spiritual tool of the cultivator. I remember that I was only in my early twenties, young and energetic, and always wanted to worship high. People are teachers, so I went out to sea with the boys of the Yin family. At that time, I thought that there would be real masters on the island!”

  ”But after sailing at sea for a day and a night, we suddenly encountered a storm, and the two of us were washed to the ground. We are on a deserted island and the boat is stranded. We can only camp temporarily on the island, hoping that someone will pass by, or when the tide is high, we will be able to go back!”

  ”We have been on the island for seven days, and the food is good. , but there was no fresh water, we were both dying of thirst, and we were dying of thirst, but God blessed, it suddenly started to rain, and the two of us were happy to collect the rainwater!”

  ”But soon found that something was wrong ! , because it is only raining on this island, there is no rain in other places at all, and there are flashes of lightning from time to time, and there are bursts of strange sounds!”

  ”The two of us searched for the sound, and finally we were behind a rock. , I saw two people fighting. The scene at that time was so shocking. I saw one person holding a weapon similar to a big axe. Every time he waved it, a bolt of lightning fell, and the rocks flew. It was like a god. Go down to earth!”

  ”And the person on the other side is really holding a flute, and every time it hits the lightning, it makes a rumbling explosion. I have never seen such a fight, it is not a mortal fight at all, It’s terrifying!”

  ”The two of us were lying on the back of the stone, and neither of us dared to move. It was not until there was no movement that we dared to look up and found that the two of us had long since disappeared. The scene was a mess, and in the rubble, The Yin family boy picked up the jade pendant, and it must have been dropped by one of the two people!”

  ”We both knew that the jade pendant must be a treasure. Later, when the tide rose, we sailed back again. At that time, I also wanted to get the jade pendant. So he attacked the boy of the Yin family, but he didn’t want the jade pendant to flash a red light, and he directly knocked me out! When the boy of the Yin family saw this, he directly regarded the jade pendant as a family heirloom!”

  Everyone listened to Bai Xiushan’s memories, one They fell into deep thought, and they had never heard Bai Xiushan talk about this matter!

  ”Grandpa, then why are you so sure that those two are immortal cultivators?” Bai Zhantang asked in confusion.

  ”After I came back, I rummaged through the ancient books and found that there are immortal cultivators in this world. What was the fighting situation between those two people at that time if it was not an immortal cultivator?”

  Bai Xiushan explained.

  Bai Zhantang stopped talking, then thought for a moment and said, “I don’t know if Chen Ping is a cultivator, but that jade pendant is definitely a treasure. At that time, Qin Feng and I shot at the girl wearing jade pendant, and the result was a flash of red light. , the two of us flew out.”

  Bai Xiushan’s eyes lit up: “Then Chen Ping seems to be a cultivator without a doubt, the jade pendant has not been activated in the Yin family for decades, but when it got to Chen Ping, it was activated immediately. Once, then Chen Ping must know the secret of Yupei!”

  ”Hasn’t it been activated for decades?” Bai Zhantang said in surprise.

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