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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 461-462-463-464-465

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 461-462-463-464-465

Chapter 461

  Chen Ping smiled lightly: “Whatever, what I want, I don’t have it here!”

  ”What do you mean? Let me tell you, this is the largest restaurant in Anhe Town. If you don’t have anything, even if you drink Maotai Wuliangye, you can find it here!”

  Chen Gouzi’s face turned cold: “Tell me, what do you want?”

  ”I don’t like to drink white wine, I usually only drink Romanee Conti…” Chen Ping said.

  ”What emperor? What is that?”

  Chen Gouzi looked stunned!

  Seeing Chen Gouzi like that, Su Yuqi couldn’t help laughing, and Chen Ping just laughed without saying a word!

  Chen Gouzi frowned, looked at the waiter beside him and said, “What is that thing he said? Does our hotel have it?” The

  waiter shook his head: “That’s red wine, our hotel doesn’t have it!”

  ”It turned out to be red wine, What’s so good about that stuff, it smells like swill!” Chen Gouzi looked disgusted, but then said to the waiter, “If we don’t have one in our hotel, then go out and buy some more bottles…” He

  said , Chen Gouzi took out a wad of money from his wallet and photographed it on the table, there were thousands of dollars!

  The waiter looked at the money, did not dare to take it, and was not moved!

  ”Damn, I asked you to buy wine, didn’t you hear?”

  Seeing that the waiter didn’t move, Chen Gouzi was angry!

  ”Brother Dog, this…the money is not enough!” the

  waiter said in a low voice.

  ”How much is a bottle of red wine? I’ll give you a few thousand more!”

  Chen Gouzi took out some money and slapped it on the table!

  But the waiter still didn’t take it or move, which angered Chen Gouzi and kicked the waiter fiercely.

  ”Brother Gou, the money is really not enough!”

  ”I see if your kid doesn’t understand that I don’t understand, do you want to make money from it?”

  Chen Gouzi stood up at once.

  ”You don’t have to force him, Anhe Town doesn’t have this wine, and the money is really not enough. A bottle of Romanée Conti costs 300,000!”

  Chen Ping said to Chen Gouzi.

  ”How much? 300,000?” Chen Gouzi looked at Chen Ping in shock, and then his face became angry: “Chen Ping, what are you pretending to be me here? You drink 300,000 bottles of wine? Blow it? Who doesn’t know that you just got out of prison, thinking that you rent a Mercedes-Benz car, and you don’t know where to find a lady to accompany the wine, so you can pretend to be a big money? If you are not Yingxia’s cousin, I will tell you to get out of Anhe in minutes Town.”

  Su Yuqi’s face suddenly turned cold when she heard the words of Miss Peijiu.

  ”Xiao Chen, calm down!” Aunt Chen Ping hurriedly stood up, then looked at Chen Ping and said, “Chen Ping, you just got out of jail, you didn’t do well, and no one laughed at you, just find a good job in the future. , they are all relatives, you don’t have to pretend, and you drink 300,000 bottles of wine, why don’t you drink a million? How can there be such expensive wine in this world!”

  ”Chen Ping, shut your mouth, don’t Nonsense !”

  Seeing that Chen Ping’s second aunt was a little angry, Tang Hongying hurriedly said to Chen Ping.

  ”Eldest sister, your Chen Ping really needs to take care of it. What do you think he is pretending to be in front of us? I’ve watched him since I was a child. I don’t know how much he weighs. When I come back this time, I don’t want to let him. Now that we are developing so well here, we are still waiting for demolition, let Xiao Chen find him a good job, earn money to marry a wife and have a baby, and live a peaceful and stable life!”

  Chen Ping’s second aunt said . said Tang Hongying.

  ”We’ll talk about this later, let’s order first!”

  Tang Hongying didn’t want to talk about this topic, so she picked up the menu and said.

  Soon, he ordered a table of dishes and asked for a few bottles of white wine. Chen Gouzi kept posing, just waiting for others to toast him.

  ”Xiao Chen, who is Manager Cui of the private room No. 1 just mentioned?” Second Aunt

  Chen Ping asked Chen Gouzi.

Chapter 462

  ”Oh, then Manager Cui is a big man. He has the final say in the development of our Anhe Town. Whoever’s house will be valued and how much it will cost will be in his hands. He only needs to sign it, and it will be done. I am now Under his hands, we will do some projects.”

  Chen Gouzi explained.

  ”Hey, that’s really a big man. Let’s see if you can talk to Manager Cui and find a job for Chen Ping? After all, they are all relatives in the future.”

  Chen Ping’s second aunt is still worried about Chen Ping’s work question!

  Chen Gouzi glanced at Chen Ping and snorted coldly: “If I look at his attitude just now, I would be too lazy to care about him, but for Yingxia’s face, I will tell Manager Cui!”

  Chen Gouzi said, holding up A cup of wine stood up, and then continued: “I’ll go next door to toast Manager Cui, you can drink it yourself!”

  Chen Gouzi left, and only Chen Ping’s family and his second aunt’s family were left in the whole box!

  ”Chen Ping, the second aunt’s words are ugly, but it’s all for your own good. Your parents don’t have a job now, so they are counting on you to support them. If you are not motivated, who will your parents expect in the future? You said you came home. What’s the use of renting a luxury car or a girlfriend? Is face so important to you? No one in the village knows that you have just come out of prison

  . said to Chen Ping.

  ”Second aunt, I…”

  ”Mom? What are you talking about? Sister Yuqi is really Brother Chen Ping’s girlfriend. What is renting? Listen to Chen Gouzi’s nonsense!”

  Chen Yingxia hurriedly faced her mother said.

  Chen Yingxia knew that Su Yuqi was definitely not rented by Chen Ping, because no rented girlfriend would wear a big name, and the Cartier earrings given to her were very valuable, but Chen Gouzi didn’t know the goods and made a fuss!

  ”Second sister, Yuqi is really Chen Ping’s girlfriend, we all know that!”

  Tang Hongying also hurriedly explained to Chen Ping’s second aunt.

  When Aunt Chen Ping heard this, she immediately looked embarrassed and could only smile apologetically at Su Yuqi. Su Yuqi also smiled slightly, but didn’t take it to heart, because she knew that Aunt Chen Ping was also for Chen Ping’s good!

  ”Chen Ping, you have found such a good girlfriend, so you should work hard. I have heard from your mother long ago that you have no job right now. If Chen Gou can find you one later, A good job, you just do it well, although this place is not as good as the city of Hongcheng, but there is also a future!”

  Chen Ping’s second aunt continued to persuade Chen Ping!

  ”Second aunt, I understand what you said, I won’t say it beforehand, let’s talk about Yingxia!”

  Chen Ping planned to tell a few elders about Chen Yingxia’s remorse!

  ”What’s the matter with Yingxia?” Second Aunt Chen Ping asked with a puzzled look!

  ”Brother Chen Ping, don’t talk nonsense!” Chen Yingxia’s face changed suddenly with fright.

  Chen Ping ignored Chen Yingxia, but continued to say to his second aunt: “Second aunt, Yingxia is only nineteen years old now, and it’s too early to get married!”

  ”Hey, you said this child can’t even go to school. , why don’t you get married? It’s like this in the countryside, you can’t compare with the city!”

  Aunt Chen Ping said with a sigh.

  ”Where is Yingxia not going to school, that Chen Gouzi was making trouble in the school, making the school not dare to welcome Xia, and he even used you as a threat, forcing Yingxia to have no other way, so he agreed to marry him, Who is Chen Gouzi, don’t you know?”

  Chen Ping said loudly.

  Hearing what Chen Ping said, everyone was shocked, including Chen Ping’s parents, who all looked at Chen Yingxia!

  ”Yingxia, is what Chen Ping said true?”

  Chen Ping’s second aunt looked at Chen Yingxia and asked.

  ”Mom, don’t worry about it, things have come to this time, is it really not important anymore!”

  Chen Yingxia said helplessly.

Chapter 463


  Seeing Chen Yingxia’s appearance, they all guessed that it must be true, so they all sighed!

  The matter is already like this, the wedding is set, what else can I do?

  Do you regret marriage?

  They don’t dare, what kind of Chen Gouzi is, they know too much!

  ”Second aunt, I plan to make Yingxia regret her marriage, and then send her to Hongcheng to study!”

  Chen Ping said his plan!

  ”What are you joking about, repenting of marriage with Chen Gouzi, isn’t that courting death?”

  Chen Ping’s second aunt said in surprise.

  ”Chen Ping, don’t be fooled. You don’t know who Chen Gouzi is now. You did this, but you harmed your second aunt’s family!”

  Tang Hongying also hurriedly said to Chen Ping.

  Chen Baoguo, who had never spoken before, also said at this time: “Chen Ping, Chen Gouzi is not as simple as you think, as the so-called strong dragon can’t suppress the local snake, don’t think that you can settle it by knowing a few people in Hongcheng. Chen Gouzi.”

  Chen Baoguo knew that Chen Ping had something to do with him, and with the financial resources of Su Yuqi’s family, he must have a lot of power, but this is Anhe Town, not Hongcheng, so Chen Gouzi is not easy to mess with.

  ”I’ve decided on this matter, you don’t have to worry about it!”

  Chen Ping had already made up his mind, and he couldn’t even settle for a little bastard, that would be really ridiculous!

  ”Brother Chen Ping, I know you’re doing it for my own good, but I don’t want to see you take risks, so you should leave it alone!”

  Chen Yingxia didn’t want Chen Ping to take care of it, so it really annoyed that Chen Gouzi, he can do anything!

  ”Yingxia, you are only nineteen years old now, do you really accept your fate like this? This is a lifetime thing, do you want to destroy yourself in the hands of Chen Gouzi? You should go to school now, and find someone you like in the future. Love your boyfriend, not compromise, your life is still very long, don’t accept your fate, I will definitely help you, don’t worry!”

  Chen Ping said loudly to Chen Yingxia!

  Chen Yingxia was silent, and everyone stopped talking. Indeed, Chen Yingxia is only nineteen years old now, and there is still a long way to go in the future, so it cannot be destroyed by Chen Gouzi!


  Chen Ping’s second uncle sighed and drank a glass of white wine in one gulp!

  There are parents who don’t care about their children, but sometimes they have to accept the reality. There is no fairness in this world.

  At this moment, Chen Yingxia’s cell phone rang. After Chen Yingxia was connected, she hung up quickly, but her face was a little ugly!

  ”Yingxia, what’s wrong?”

  Second Aunt Chen Ping asked with concern.

  ”Then Chen Gouzi asked me to accompany the wine, I’m a little afraid…”

  Chen Yingxia said with a look of fear.

  When Aunt Chen Ping heard this, she stopped talking. What could she say at this time? If you don’t let your daughter go there, it will be fun for Chen Gouzi!

  ”Yingxia, I’ll accompany you there, don’t worry!”

  Chen Ping stood up and said.

  ”I’ll go with you too, don’t be afraid!”

  Su Yuqi also got up and said to Chen Yingxia.

  ”Chen Ping, if you go, don’t be impulsive, we’ll have a long

  -term plan when you go back!” Chen Ping’s second aunt persuaded Chen Ping!

  ”Second aunt, don’t worry, I know what to do!”

  Chen Ping nodded and walked with Chen Yingxia to the private room No. 1. Su Yuqi has been comforting Chen Yingxia and telling her not to be afraid!

  As soon as I walked to the door of the private room No. 1, I heard the noisy drinking sound from inside.

  Chen Ping stepped forward and pushed open the box door!

  At this time in the box, five people were drinking, the master was a middle-aged man from the Mediterranean Sea, and Chen Gouzi was sitting on the side, toasting with a flattering face!

  It seems that the middle-aged man in the Mediterranean is the manager Cui!

  Chen Ping suddenly opened the door, and everyone in the private room was stunned. Chen Gouzi glanced at Chen Ping, as well as Chen Yingxia and Su Yuqi behind Chen Ping, and hurriedly said to the middle-aged man in the Mediterranean: “Manager Cui, This is my daughter-in-law’s cousin, he must know that Manager Cui is here, and he came here to make a toast!”

Chapter 464

  After Chen Gouzi finished speaking, he hurriedly said to Chen Yingxia, “Yingxia, come here and pour a glass of wine for Manager Cui!”

  Chen Yingxia was trembling with fright. Su Yuqi took Chen Yingxia’s hand and felt that Chen Yingxia’s hand was shaking very badly!

  ”Ying Xia Xiao, I’m not sensible, let me come…”

  Su Yuqi took the initiative to stand out, then picked up the liquor on the table and walked over!

  Seeing this, Chen Gouzi raised the corner of his mouth. He was even more convinced of his guess. Su Yuqi poured the wine so proactively. Seeing like this, she was not the escort girl?

  When Manager Cui saw Su Yuqi, he narrowed his eyes, looked at Su Yuqi squintingly, and then lifted the glass.

  ”Gouzi, who is this beautiful lady?”

  Manager Cui asked Chen Gouzi.

  ”Oh, it’s my wife’s cousin’s girlfriend!”

  Chen Gouzi said hurriedly.

  He didn’t dare to say that Su Yuqi was an escort girl. After all, a big man like Manager Cui didn’t like that kind of romantic girl for a long time, and he liked this even more!

  ”Where is Manager Cui employed?”

  Su Yuqi asked while pouring wine for Manager Cui.

  ”Manager Cui is the manager of the Su Group, and the Su Group is the leading enterprise in Hongcheng!”

  Before Manager Cui could say, Chen Gouzi introduced it with pride!

  Su Yuqi raised the corner of her mouth and smiled coldly. She already knew that this place was developed by her own family, so she deliberately asked this question to see if this guy belonged to her own company!

  ”This lady, what’s your name?”

  Manager Cui looked at Su Yuqi slyly and asked.

  ”My name is Su Yuqi!” Su Yuqi said with a smile.

  ”Su Yuqi?” I saw that Manager Cui frowned slightly, but quickly said, “It’s really a good name, it’s the same name as our eldest lady…”

  ”There are too many people with the same name and surname now, what’s the use, it’s different, she’s a rich lady…”

  Chen Gouzi laughed!

  Then Manager Cui poured Su Yuqi down the wine, and then continued to pick up the glass: “The beauty pours the wine, it’s a pleasure to drink, another drink…”

  But this time, Su Yuqi’s face turned cold, and she just put it away Throwing it towards Manager Cui!

  Manager Cui screamed and jumped up in a hurry, while Chen Gouzi hurriedly wiped Manager Cui’s clothes, then glared at Su Yuqi and said, “You fucking seek death, if you dare to spill it on Manager Cui!”

  ”Little girl , I think you don’t want to live anymore?” Manager Cui glared at Su Yuqi!

  ”I don’t think it’s you who don’t want to live. I asked you to supervise the development and manage the company, but you are so virtuous. I think you have done it!”

  Su Yuqi said, she took out her mobile phone and dialed Su Wenzong. Telephone!

  ”You… what do you mean?” Manager Cui was taken aback and asked Su Yuqi.

  ”Nothing else, you take my family’s money, but don’t do anything real, I let my dad open you!”

  Su Yuqi said coldly.

  ”You… are you the eldest lady?” Manager Cui’s eyes instantly showed panic!

  Chen Gouzi was also surprised, but then comforted the manager Cui: “Manager Cui, don’t be afraid, she is definitely not the eldest Miss of the Su family, then Chen Ping is a reform-through-labor prisoner who has just been released from prison, if she is the eldest of the Su family Miss, how is it possible to be with the prisoner of labor reform, I must have heard you say that she has the same name as the eldest Miss Su family, so I scare you!”

  When Manager Cui heard this, he breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked at Su Yuqi coldly: ” Little girl, if you have the ability to really get through the phone, if you can’t fire me today, I’ll let you serve me well for a few nights!”

  ”Manager Cui, don’t worry, I’ll arrange this, she can’t run away!”

  Chen The dog hurriedly flattered.

  Chen Yingxia at the back was terrified. Although she knew that Su Yuqi had some identity, she did not dare to associate Su Yuqi with the eldest Miss Su family. After all, how could she like Chen Ping with her identity?

Chapter 465

  ”Brother Chen Ping?” Chen Yingxia nervously grabbed Chen Ping’s arm!

  Chen Ping smiled slightly: “Don’t worry, because your sister-in-law is really the eldest Miss of the Su family!”

  Chen Yingxia was stunned when she heard it!

  At this time, Su Yuqi’s phone was already connected, so she said directly: “Dad, did you arrange for a man named Cui to manage the development here in Anhe Town?”

  ”I don’t know, it’s all arranged by your Uncle Liu, What’s wrong?” Su Wenzong asked suspiciously.

  During this time, Su Wenzong has seldom managed the company’s affairs, focusing on taking care of his body. If it wasn’t for Chen Ping last time, he would have lost his life!

  ”Don’t worry, I’ll call Uncle Liu!” Su Yuqi hung up the phone!

  At this time, Manager Cui’s face was already ugly, because his immediate boss was indeed named Liu.

  Chen Gouzi saw that Manager Cui’s face was not good, so he hurriedly comforted him: “Manager Cui, don’t be afraid, I think this little girl can act!”

  But Manager Cui ignored Chen Gouzi. Staring at Su Yuqi, there was already a cold sweat on his forehead!

  I saw Su Yuqi dialing a number again, and soon a hearty voice came from the opposite side: “eldest niece, why did you remember to call your Uncle Liu?”

  This Uncle Liu followed Su Wenzong early to fight the country He is also one of the most trusted people of Su Wenzong, otherwise he would not be assured of handing over the company to him!

  But when Manager Cui heard the voice coming from the phone, his legs went weak and he collapsed!

  ”Hey, Manager Cui, are you alright!” Chen Gouzi, who was beside him, didn’t realize what was going on, so he hurriedly supported Manager Cui and said.

  That manager Cui was trembling and was speechless!

  ”Uncle Liu, did you arrange for a guy named Cui to take care of him in Anhe Town?”

  Su Yuqi asked Uncle Liu.

  ”Yeah, what’s wrong?” Uncle Liu said.

  ”I fired him, this guy bullied me, forced me to pour him a drink, and wanted me to sleep with him!” Su Yuqi said angrily.

  ”What? This thing dares to let you pour him a drink and let you sleep with him. It’s really fucking wrong. You wait for me to clean him up for you!”

  Uncle Liu hung up the phone, and then called the manager Cui. Dial over!

  Soon, Manager Cui’s phone rang. Seeing his phone ringing, Manager Cui trembled and didn’t dare to answer it!

  At this time, Chen Gouzi also seemed to have discovered something, and looked at Su Yuqi in surprise!

  Finally, Manager Cui answered the phone with trembling!

  ”Cui Baldzi, how dare you ask the eldest lady to pour you wine and sleep with you, you are so fucking good!”

  As soon as the phone was connected, Uncle Liu’s roar came out!

  ”Liu…Mr. Liu, I…I don’t know, I don’t know he’s the eldest lady!”

  Manager Cui wanted to cry at this moment!

  ”Don’t fucking say it, you were fired, I will send someone to replace you tomorrow, you go back and accept the punishment, see if I don’t break your leg…”

  After Uncle Liu finished speaking, he hung up the phone. !

  ”Mr. Liu, President Liu…” Manager

  Cui wanted to say something, but the other side was already busy!

  Su Yuqi looked at Manager Cui with a half-smile but said, “Why, do you want me to accompany you?” Pfft


  Then Manager Cui knelt down in front of Su Yuqi: “Miss, I’m damn, I was wrong, you Forgive me, I was wrong…”

  ”Bah, you scum, how could I spare you…”

  Su Yuqi spat fiercely!

  Manager Cui suddenly collapsed to the ground, his face ashen.

  When the few people who were drinking with them saw this, they ran away, and Chen Gouzi also hid far away!

  Su Yuqi turned around and walked out. When passing by Chen Yingxia, she smiled faintly: “Yingxia, let’s go!”

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