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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 456-457-458-459-460

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 456-457-458-459-460

Chapter 456 Demolition

  Entering the room, Tang Hongying greeted Su Yuqi, which made Su Yuqi somewhat restrained, while Chen Ping turned around several rooms, and his heart was full of memories!

  ”Chen Ping, this house will be demolished soon. If you can take a look at it, the whole village will not know where to go after it is demolished!”

  Tang Hongying sighed when she saw Chen Ping walking around in various rooms. .

  ”Mom, isn’t the demolition house arranged for resettlement?”

  Chen Ping was stunned and asked Tang Hongying.

  ”Who arranged for you? Don’t think about that kind of beauty. There is no rental subsidy. The ancestors in the village have lived here for generations. Now that the demolition has been demolished, the family has only a hundred thousand demolition funds, and other villages have less, but there is no place to justify it. Go, your dad and I have just cleaned up the house, we spent a lot of money, we didn’t expect it to be demolished so soon!”

  Tang Hongying looked very lonely!

  ”Mom, the house is demolished. You and my dad will go back to Hongcheng to live. Anyway, the house in Panlong Bay has been empty, and I don’t have time to live there!”

  Chen Ping comforted Tang Hongying.

  Tang Hongying glanced at Chen Ping: “Chen Ping, let me tell you, although Yuqi’s family is rich and can lend you the big house, but you can’t do nothing, Yuqi will follow you when the time comes. , you can’t keep spending people’s money, right? You are a man!”

  ”Auntie, you misunderstood, in fact…”

  ”Mom, I know, I will definitely do it well!” Chen Ping interrupted directly After reading Su Yuqi’s words, she did not let her continue.

  ”It’s just that Yuqi doesn’t dislike our family. You must treat others well. If I know that you have done something wrong to Yuqi, I will not recognize you as a son!” Tang Hongying liked Su Yuqi very much. Feel free to exhort Chen Ping!

  She is a rich lady who doesn’t dislike their poor family, and has a good personality. This kind of girl is really hard to find!

  ”Auntie, Chen Ping is very good to me. If he dares to apologize to me, I will pull his ears!”

  Su Yuqi smiled and followed Tang Hongying.

  ”Yes, pull him fiercely, then tell your aunt, and aunt will help you pull his ears!”

  Tang Hongying also said with a smile.

  ”Mom, I’m still not your son, you guys are bullying me together!”

  Chen Ping was speechless for a while, but his heart was full of happiness!


  Su Yuqi laughed when she saw Chen Ping like that!

  ”Brother Chen Ping, Brother Chen Ping…”

  This is, a girl’s voice outside is calling Chen Ping!

  As soon as Chen Ping heard the voice, he knew it was Chen Yingxia, so he ran out!

  Chen Yingxia is a few years younger than Chen Ping, and the two families are in the same village, so Chen Yingxia has been following Chen Ping like a follower since he was a child, and in order to protect Chen Yingxia, Chen Ping often fights with people, the relationship between the two brothers and sisters very good!

  It’s just that I haven’t seen each other for many years, but Chen Ping really misses this cousin!

  When Chen Ping ran out of the room, he saw a tall girl who was over 1.7 meters tall, with a ponytail tied on her head and two shallow dimples when she smiled!

  ”Ying Xia?” Chen Ping called tentatively!

  ”Brother Chen Ping, you don’t know me?”

  Chen Yingxia said with a smile.

  ”I really dare not recognize you, you are growing too fast, you are as tall as me!”

  Chen Ping turned around Chen Yingxia in surprise, and then compared his head again!

  The two have not seen each other for four or five years. Back then, Chen Yingxia was just a little girl from the 14th Five-Year Plan, but now she’s a big girl!

  ”It’s you who grows slowly, and I’ll surpass you in two years!” Chen Yingxia raised her head and said, “I just heard from the third aunt at the village entrance that you’re back, and you bought the big Mercedes outside, right?

  ” Friends!” Chen Ping said with a smile!

Chapter 457

  This car belongs to Su Yuqi, and Chen Ping didn’t buy a car himself, because both Su Yuqi and Lin Tianhu have cars, and there are quite a few, so Chen Ping has no shortage of cars to drive!

  ”Oh!” Chen Yingxia snorted, and then asked, “I heard the third aunt say that you brought a very beautiful girl, is that your girlfriend?”

  Chen Ping smiled and nodded, the rural woman’s The ability to spread information is probably faster than the Internet!

  ”Where? Take me to meet you!”

  Chen Yingxia took Chen Ping and walked towards the house!

  As soon as she entered the door, she was greeted by Tang Hongying and Su Yuqi, who were about to come out to meet her!

  ”Auntie!” Chen Yingxia shouted after Tang Hongying.

  ”Yingxia, you are getting married soon, why are you running around?”

  Tang Hongying asked Chen Yingxia.

  ”There are too many people in the family and it’s too noisy, so I ran out to get some air!”

  After Chen Yingxia finished speaking, she looked at Su Yuqi beside Tang Hongying and said with a look of surprise: “This is my brother Chen Ping’s girlfriend, right? It’s so beautiful, like Just like a fairy!”

  Su Yuqi’s face turned red when she heard Chen Yingxia’s words, but her heart was beautiful.

  ”My name is Su Yuqi!” Su Yuqi stretched out her hand and said.

  ”Sister-in-law, my name is Chen Yingxia…”

  Chen Yingxia hurriedly reached out and shook hands with Su Yuqi!

  ”Okay, let’s talk in the house, I’ll go to Yingxia’s house to see!”

  Tang Hongying finished speaking and left!

  Several people returned to the house, Chen Yingxia’s eyes kept on Su Yuqi, but she felt a little embarrassed to see Su Yuqi.

  ”Yingxia, what are you always looking at?”

  Chen Ping hurriedly reminded Chen Yingxia.

  ”I don’t think my sister-in-law’s outfit is cheap. They are all famous brands, and the earrings are Cartier. They are very expensive!”

  Chen Yingxia said enviously, “Sister-in-law, what does your family do?”

  Su Yuqi didn’t expect that the little girl Chen Yingxia was quite knowledgeable, and smiled lightly: “Doing a little business!”

  After speaking, Su Yuqi took off the earrings. Come down: “Yingxia, your brother and I came in a hurry, and we didn’t buy you any gifts. If you like this pair of earrings, I’ll give them to you!”

  Chen Yingxia waved his hand in a hurry, frightened again and again. She stepped back and said, “Sister-in-law, this is too precious, I don’t dare to ask for it!”

  ”What is precious, this is what my sister-in-law wants!” Su Yuqi said, pulling Chen Yingxia to put it on him directly: “You look so good-looking. , it will look even better if you wear a wedding dress when you get married!”

  When Su Yuqi talked about marriage, Chen Yingxia’s original smile began to dim, and she seemed a little worried!

  ”Yingxia, you’re just nineteen, why didn’t you go to school, and you’re getting married? You haven’t even gone to university. Without education, it’s difficult to gain a foothold in society!”

  Chen Ping asked Chen Yingxia.

  Chen Ping’s question seemed to have touched Chen Yingxia’s pain point. His eyes turned red all of a sudden, and he started crying!

  This shocked Chen Ping. He didn’t expect Chen Yingxia to cry when he said casually!

  Su Yuqi also hurriedly comforted Chen Yingxia: “Yingxia, your brother is just talking about it, don’t pay attention to him!”


  Woooooo…” As soon as Su Yuqi said, Chen Yingxia cried even more, and lay directly on Su Yuqi cried on his shoulders.

  After crying for a while and calming down, Chen Yingxia said, “Sister-in-law, I’m not complaining about my brother saying that I actually don’t want to get married, I want to go to school, but… But I can’t help it!”

  Chen Yingxia was wronged at this time. Like a child, it is very distressing to see!

  When Chen Ping and Su Yuqi heard it, they were all slightly taken aback, what kind of society is this, is there still forced marriage?

  ”Yingxia, what’s going on?” Chen Ping frowned slightly.

Chapter 458 Chen Gouzi _

  ”Brother Chen Ping, forget it, it’s useless to talk to you, it’s all like this, and I’ve seen it!”

  Chen Yingxia wiped her tears and squeezed out a smile.

  ”Yingxia, tell me, I will definitely be able to help you…” Chen Ping said anxiously!

  ”Yingxia, you said, I believe we can help you!”

  Su Yuqi also said to Chen Yingxia.

  Chen Yingxia looked at Su Yuqi, then nodded and said, “Brother Chen Ping, do you still remember that Chen Gouzi?”

  ”Of course I do, isn’t it the guy who doesn’t go to school early and collects protection fees at the school gate all day? This kid even kicked me back then!”

  Chen Ping nodded.

  ”I just want to marry him…”

  Chen Yingxia lowered her head and bit her lip!

  ”What?” Chen Ping raised his voice all of a sudden, his eyes widened: “That Chen Gouzi is a gangster who hasn’t graduated from junior high school. How could Eryi and the others want you to marry him?”

  Although Su Yuqi didn’t know each other What kind of Chen Gouzi is this, but when he hears it, he is not a good person, and he looks at Chen Yingxia suspiciously. After all, Chen Yingxia is good in both body and appearance, how could she marry such a person!

  Chen Yingxia’s eyes reddened, she started to cry again, and began to talk slowly to Chen Ping!

  When Chen Ping finished listening, the whole person’s face became extremely blue, and with a fierce shot, a solid wood table was instantly shattered!

  ”This Chen Gouzi is so hateful, he

  ’s not a human being!” Su Yuqi was also very angry!

  It turned out that Chen Gouzi was always a gangster, and later became famous in their entire Anhe Town. With the development of Hongcheng, many towns and towns below followed the reform. Anhe Town attracted investment and engaged in real estate construction, and as a gangster Chen Gouzi took the opportunity to contract earthwork and made a fortune all of a sudden!

  Now Chen Gouzi is cooperating with the developers to demolish and relocate. As long as the developers can’t talk about the place, Chen Gouzi will take people there, and even beat and scolded people to sign the agreement. Slowly, people in Anhe Town are afraid of this. Chen Gouzi.

  This Chen Gouzi fell in love with Chen Yingxia, who was in high school, and found the school directly. The principal was so frightened that he expelled Chen Yingxia, and Chen Gouzi threatened Chen Yingxia with Chen Yingxia’s parents. Chen Yingxia had no choice but to agree to marry him!

  For this reason, Chen Gouzi estimated the house of Chen Yingxia’s house at one million yuan when estimating the demolition and relocation, and other families in the entire Chenjia Village also valued a little more. In this way, the entire Chenjia Village was happy and regarded Chen Gouzi as a Benefactor, but no one knows the suffering of Chen Yingxia!

  ”Damn it…”

  Chen Ping gritted his teeth, his eyes full of killing intent!

  If Chen Gouzi wants to marry a girl from someone else’s family, Chen Ping will give up. After all, there are too many such things. In many places, small gangsters cooperate with developers to bully the common people. Chen Ping can’t control it, and he is not the savior !

  But now this Chen Gouzi actually hit Chen Yingxia with his idea, Chen Ping would not agree!

  ”Brother Chen Ping, don’t be impulsive, it’s like this, I’ve already seen it, then Chen Gouzi has a group of people, and I heard that he still has contact with the underground emperor in Hongcheng, those people are all It’s killing people without blinking an eye, I don’t want you to take risks for me!”

  Seeing Chen Ping’s angry look, Chen Yingxia hurriedly persuaded.

  ”You mean Lin Tianhu?”

  Chen Ping asked.

  Chen Yingxia thought for a while: “It seems to be called a tiger, I just heard that Chen Gouzi mentioned it occasionally!”

  ”Yingxia, since you don’t want to get married, leave this to me, and I will handle it for you. At that time, I will find you a school in Hongcheng, go to school well, you can’t have no culture!”

  Chen Ping said to Chen Yingxia.

  ”Brother Chen Ping, you…”

Chapter 459

  ”Yingxia, trust your brother, he can handle it well, don’t worry!”

  Before Chen Yingxia finished speaking, Su Yuqi took Chen Yingxia’s hand and said.

  Yingxia was not talking, but she did not report any hope, she had already accepted her fate!

  After a while, it was getting dark outside, and Tang Hongying also came back!

  ”Chen Ping, get ready, go out to dinner with your second aunt’s family in a while, and welcome the person who welcomes the summer!”

  Tang Hongying said to Chen Ping.

  ”Is that Chen Gouzi?” Chen Ping asked.

  Tang Hongying was taken aback for a moment, but she quickly reacted and said, “Then Chen Gouzi is not ordinary now, he is the big boss, and you can’t call him Chen Gouzi when you meet, it’s rude!”

  ”I don’t call him Chen Gouzi !” What’s your name? When I meet him, I want to…”

  ”Auntie, you go and tell my mother, we’ll be there right away…”

  Before Chen Ping finished speaking, Chen Yingxia hurriedly said to Tang Hongying.

  ”Alright then, hurry up, don’t make people wait…”

  Tang Hongying left!   Tang Hongying walked back, and Chen Yingxia looked at Chen Ping and said, “Brother, my parents and auntie

  don’t know. I always said I was willing to save them worrying!”

He patted Chen Yingxia’s head pitifully: “Yingxia, don’t worry, from now on, no one will force you to do things you don’t like. No one dares if you are here!”

  Chen Ping and the others drove to Chen Yingxia Home, at this time in front of Chen Yingxia’s house, a Toyota Domineering is parked there, a man wearing a gold chain, a gold ring on his hand, and a cigarette in his mouth is chatting with Chen Ping’s parents and Chen Yingxia’s parents. what!

  Chen Ping saw at a glance that this guy was Chen Gouzi, with murderous intent flashing in his eyes!

  ”Brother, don’t be impulsive, I beg you…”

  Chen Yingxia seemed to sense the killing intent of Chen Ping, and followed Chen Ping with a face of prayer.

  Seeing Chen Yingxia like that, Chen Ping nodded.

  A few people got out of the car and walked over, Chen Gouzi saw Chen Ping at a glance, grinned and said: “Chen Ping, you have been in prison for three years, why are you still looking weak, follow me, you With the experience of going to jail, you can build up your prestige!”

  Chen Ping gave Chen Gouzi a cold look: “I’m not interested!

  ” After Su Yuqi next to him, a smile instantly appeared on the originally indifferent face, and his eyes swept back and forth on Su Yuqi’s body unscrupulously, which made Su Yuqi disgusting!

  ”Miss, my name is Chen Gou, it’s nice to meet you!”

  Chen Gouzi pretended to be a gentleman and stretched out his hand with a few gold rings on.

  Su Yuqi gave Chen Gouzi a cold look without saying a word!

  ”This is Brother Chen Ping’s girlfriend, Su Yuqi!”

  Seeing this, Chen Yingxia said hurriedly, for fear that Chen Gouzi would be angry.

  Chen Gouzi was not angry, but patted Chen Ping’s shoulder with a smile and said, “I really underestimate your kid. Just after you got out of prison, you climbed up to a little rich woman, and you have the ability!”

  Chen Gouzi said this At the time, there was no concealment at all, and the voice was so loud that everyone could hear it!

  ”Let’s go quickly, or there will be nowhere!”

  Chen Yingxia hurriedly stepped forward and pulled Chen Gouzi to go to the restaurant. If this was a chat, there might be a fight!

  ”How can there be no place? In Anhe Town, wherever I go to eat, he must have a place!”

  Chen Gouzi took Chen Yingxia’s hand and went directly to his domineering car, while Chen Yingxia was desperately looking at Chen Ping With a pleading look on her face, she was really afraid that Chen Ping would have a conflict with Chen Gouzi!

  Soon, a few people arrived in the town. With the development of these years, Anhe Town is also prosperous. There are many restaurants on both sides of the road. Chen Gouzi took Chen Ping and the others to a five-story hotel.

Chapter 460

  After getting off the bus, Chen Gouzi pointed to the restaurant and said, “This is the largest restaurant in Anhe Town, and I own shares!”

  When Chen Gouzi spoke, his face was full of pride.

  Su Yuqi glanced at the hotel, covered her mouth and secretly smiled, and then said in Chen Ping’s ear, “It’s not as big as my hotel, so it’s worth showing off!”

  Chen Ping smiled without saying a word, he wanted to see this Chen Gouzi How arrogant can it be!

  Several people walked into the lobby of the hotel. After seeing Chen Gouzi, a cashier immediately ran over and said flatly, “Brother Gou is here!”

  ”Little Li, prepare the private room No. 1 for me. Let’s go eat!”

  Chen Gouzi said arrogantly.

  The cashier suddenly looked embarrassed: “Brother Gou, there is someone eating in the private room No. 1. If you let us know in advance, we may go out!”


  Then Chen Gouzi slapped the cashier directly and stared: “Do I need to give advance notice to eat? Recognize the person in the private room No. 1 and drive away, do you still need me to teach you about this? Do you want to? Did you do it?” The

  cashier was slapped, and suddenly cried aggrieved, covering half of his face with one hand, with panic in his eyes!

  ”Chen Gou, let’s just find a room…”

  Seeing the cashier like that, Chen Yingxia couldn’t bear it, so she said to Chen Gouzi.

  ”That’s okay, I’m taking my future parents-in-law for dinner, and I must have a private room No. 1!” Chen Gouzi wanted to show off in front of Chen Ping and the others!

  ”Brother Gou, No. 1… The guests in the private room on No. 1 can’t be driven away!” the

  cashier whispered.

  ”Damn? Who can’t drive them away? Don’t you want me to personally drive them away?”

  Chen Gouzi stared at the cashier and wanted to call again, but was stopped by Chen Yingxia!

  The cashier was so frightened that he stepped back and said with a trembling body, “Brother Gou, it’s Manager Cui who was drinking in the private room No. 1…”

  The cashier’s words caused Chen Gouzi’s body to tremble slightly, and the expression on his face changed obviously!

  ”Manager Cui is here for dinner? You fucking didn’t tell me in advance, the money for the No. 1 private room can’t be counted, it’s all charged to my account, go and free the No. 2 private room for me!

  ” Come out, Chen Gouzi is very jealous of this Manager Cui!

  The cashier nodded and arranged for the waiter to drive away the second guest!

  Soon, I heard a few people coming downstairs swearing, all with big arms and round waists.

  ”Damn, what a broken restaurant, we drove people away before we finished eating, don’t you want to do it?”

  ”Yes, I smashed the restaurant for you!”

  ”Today I want to see who the fuck is so big. Style!”

  Several big men with big arms and round waists were flushed, scolding as they walked, and the waiter could only keep smiling!

  But when they walked to the lobby, when several people saw Chen Gouzi, they were all stunned, and then their expressions changed, and they said to Chen Gouzi, “Brother Gou!

  ” Get the hell out of here, okay?”

  Chen Gouzi scolded and stepped forward, kicking a few people, and several people lowered their heads and no one dared to speak!

  Seeing that a few people were honest, Chen Gouzi waved his hand: “Get the hell out of me!”

  As if they were granted amnesty, they hurried away!

  The waiter led Chen Gouzi and Chen Ping upstairs!

  After sitting down, Chen Gouzi put the menu on the table: “I’ll treat you today, you can order whatever you want!”

  ”Brother Chen Ping, sister-in-law, it’s your first time here, see what you like, and order whatever you want !”

  Chen Yingxia put the menu on the table In front of Chen Ping and Su Yuqi.

  ”Yes, Chen Ping, you need more. You don’t have to save me money. You have suffered in prison for three years. Come out and make up for it…”

  Chen Gouzi shook the big golden watch in his hand and said.

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