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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 416-417-418-419-420

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 416-417-418-419-420

Chapter 416: Spirit Stone? _

  ”This…is this the spirit stone?”

  Chen Ping’s eyes widened, his eyes full of incredible!

  After picking up this stone, Chen Ping closed his eyes and sensed it again, and found that there was no more aura surging in the stone!

  ”Where did you get this stone?” Chen Ping took the spirit stone and walked towards Mr. Feng excitedly and asked.

  President Feng glanced at Chen Ping with disdain in his eyes, snorted coldly, and ignored him at all!

  ”I ask you, where did this stone come from?”

  Chen Ping grabbed the collar of Mr. Feng and said anxiously.

  Mr. Feng’s face was furious, and those bodyguards surrounded him instantly. Wu Dong hurried over when he saw this!

  ”Mr. Chen, what’s the matter?” Wu Dong stepped forward and hurriedly pulled Chen Ping away, and then said apologetically to Mr. Feng: “President Feng, I’m sorry, it may be that Mr. Chen is a little excited when he sees that these rough stones are good!”

  ”Hmph, it’s not because of Wu Dong’s face today, I have to abolish this kid!”

  Mr. Feng snorted coldly, waved his hand, and made the bodyguards retreat!

  Chen Ping also felt a little gaffe, so he calmed down.

  ”Mr. Chen, is this stone in your hand a gem?”

  Wu Dong asked when he saw Chen Ping holding a stone the size of an egg.

  ”Oh, it’s not a gem, I just think this stone is a bit special!” Chen Ping shook his head, and then asked, “Are these stones mined from Mount Heng?”

  ”Yes, look at the color and shape of these stones, they are all Mined from Hengshan, but there are not many small stones like yours in Hengshan, even if there are goods in this kind of stone, it is not worth a lot of money, it is too small!”

  Wu Dong explained.

  Chen Ping smiled and said nothing. Wu Dong didn’t understand the importance of this stone to himself!

  ”It seems that I have time to go to Hengshan, maybe I can find the spiritual stone there…”

  Chen Ping thought to himself!

  ”Excellent, this Hengshan Stone is really top-quality, this emerald green can be seen so clearly from the outside, it can’t be wrong when you drive it!”

  After ten minutes, the old man suddenly sighed loudly!

  When Wu Dong heard this, he hurried over: “Old Pei, do you think there is stock in these dozen or so stones?”

  ”Of course, come and see!”

  Mr. Pei took a small flashlight and took a picture of the stone, very The green luster is coming out soon!

  Mr. Pei struck again with a small hammer, knocking off the outer skin, and the green inside became even more vivid.

  Wu Dong was overjoyed immediately, this kind of good stuff can come out of a dozen randomly selected stones, so there must be no shortage of this car, this is really good luck!

  ”Old Pei, thank you very much. I will call you for your reward in a while.”

  Wu Dong said excitedly.

  Pei Lao nodded, sat back on the chair, and began to rest again. It was really easy to earn 10 million!

  ”Mr. Wu, I said that this batch of goods is top-quality. If you buy it, you will definitely make a lot of money!”

  President Feng said to Wu Dong.

  Wu Dong smiled and said: “President Feng, tell me the price, how much is the rough stone for this car?”

  ”Old rule, Hengshan stone is twice as expensive as other rough stones, so this car is 300 million yuan. If you don’t bargain, you can drive it. A few imperial greens will pay off, and the shipment rate of Hengshan Stone is very high.”

  Mr. Feng said with three fingers.

  Wu Dong hesitated, and then looked at Chen Ping. After all, Chen Ping is now a major shareholder, and Chen Ping has the final say!

  ”What is Mr. Chen’s opinion?” Wu Dong asked.

  ”These stones are garbage, not to mention 300 million, 30 million is not worth…”

  Chen Ping said lightly.

  As soon as Chen Ping’s words landed, Old Pei, who had planned to close his eyes slightly to rest, suddenly opened his eyes!

Chapter 417

  And then Mr. Feng said angrily: “Boy, what are you talking about? Do you understand gambling stones? I’m a carload of Hengshan stones. You said it’s not worth 30 million? It’s a joke!

  ” Wudong, where did you get the Maotou boy? Among the dozen or so stones I just looked at, the ice seeds, emperor green and chicken blood red can be vaguely seen. You saw it yourself just now, and now he is actually Said that a carload of Hengshan stones is not worth 30 million?” Pei Lao stood up and said with a cold face: “I see this carload of rough stones, 300 million is not much, if you don’t want it, give it to me!”

  Pei Lao just now He also said that these stones are of the best quality, but now Chen Ping actually said that they are garbage, which is not obviously following Pei Lao’s opposite, how can Pei Lao not be angry!

  ”Old Pei, don’t be angry!” Wu Dong hurriedly persuaded Mr. Pei, and then looked at Chen Ping with a puzzled face: “Mr. Chen, this car of Hengshan Stone is really good, and the price of 300 million yuan is not high, otherwise… “

  You don’t believe me?” Chen Ping looked at Wu Dong and asked coldly.

  ”No, no, how could I not believe Mr. Chen!” Wu Dong waved his hands again and again!

  ”Since you believe me, then don’t want this truck of stones!”

  After Chen Ping finished speaking, he walked to the side and sat down, and began to play with the spiritual stones in his hand!

  Wu Dong’s face was full of embarrassment, but he finally walked up to President Feng and said: “President Feng, I’m really sorry, I can’t take this car of rough stones!”

  Then President Feng was stunned, and then said angrily: “Wu Dong, Mr. Pei said it is the best, but you don’t believe Mr. Pei, it’s ridiculous to believe what a hairy boy said, since you don’t want it, then I will find another seller and let others make a fortune!”

  Mr. Feng’s words made Wudong very angry. It was uncomfortable, but since Chen Ping had spoken, Wu Dong did not dare to stay even if he wanted it in his heart.

  ”Mr. Feng, I want this batch of rough stones, and I’ll show them today. Opportunities don’t come all the time!”

  Pei Lao walked up to Mr. Feng and said.

  ”Old Pei, since you want it, I also bleed a lot today, and I gave you 250 million, but I want to transfer money on the spot, and I will not owe it on credit!”

  ”No problem, I’ll transfer the money to you right away!” Pei Lao was overjoyed, this export was 50 million cheaper, and he was able to get this big bargain.

  Because he didn’t have enough money, Mr. Pei started to call to borrow money, and then called someone to transport the rough stone away!

  About an hour later, Pei Lao’s money was collected and transferred directly to President Feng!

  Looking at those rough stones, Mr. Pei was very excited. He gave Wudong a cold look and said, “Today, I will show you young people, what is the best Hengshan stone, the stone that the old man has seen, dare to say garbage!”

  After that, Pei Lao ordered someone to cut open the dozen or so stones he had seen. While cutting the rough stones, Pei Lao’s face was full of pride. shipped.

  ”Old Pei, I have a long way to go and I have to rush back. You can drive slowly here!”

  Mr. Feng said to Mr. Pei when he saw this.

  ”Mr. Feng, don’t go, follow me to witness, so that their young people can gain insight…” Pei Lao grabbed President Feng and said.

  I saw that Mr. Feng’s face was a little embarrassed, but he could only stay!

  Wu Dong watched from the side, his eyes were red, he was really envious, but unfortunately Chen Ping refused to accept it, and he could only watch others make money.

  Soon, more than a dozen rough stones were cut open, and when the rough stones were opened, everyone was stunned.

  I saw that after the rough stones were cut, there was nothing in them, just ordinary stones, and they were covered with cracks!

  As for those greens and reds seen from the outside, they are just a layer on the surface of the stone, as if they were deliberately smeared!

Chapter 418

  ”This… How can this happen? It’s impossible?”

  Old Pei’s eyes were wide open, and he looked at the dozen or so rough stones like crazy, and then shouted: “Continue to open for me, and put the stones here. Open all the original stones for me!”

  Soon, dozens of pieces were opened, but nothing was found, they were all ordinary stones, and there was not even a bit of jade in them!

  ”Don’t open it, there will be nothing, it’s a waste of time…”

  Chen Ping slowly got up and threw the spiritual stone in his hand.

  Pei Lao’s whole body looked like a fool, his body swayed twice, and then he rushed towards President Feng with an angry face: “How dare you lie to me and return the money…”

  Pei Lao firmly grabbed the Boss Feng’s collar!

  Mr. Feng’s face was angry, and he no longer had the respectful look at the beginning. He pushed the old man hard: “Old man, the rules of the stone gambling world, you have seen it yourself, how can you rely on my head!”

  After pushing Mr. Pei away, Mr. Feng turned around and took someone to leave, but Mr. Pei insisted: “Stop them, don’t let them go!”

  The person who Mr. Pei called instantly sent Mr. Feng and the others away. Surrounded, Mr. Feng’s bodyguard saw this and immediately shot, and in just a few dozen seconds, he knocked Pei’s man to the ground!

  ”Humph!” Mr. Feng snorted coldly, then glanced at Chen Ping and said, “Boy, I remember you, it’s best not to let me see you in the future!”

  After threatening Chen Ping, Mr. Feng said Just left with someone!

  At this time, Pei Lao sat paralyzed on the ground, his face was ashen, and he began to cry!

  He borrowed money to buy these, and now they have become garbage. With so much money, what will he use to pay it back?

  Chen Ping glanced at the old man, and then said to Wu Dong: “Let’s go!”

  Wu Dong nodded and followed Chen Ping respectfully. Now he is full of admiration for Chen Ping. If it weren’t for Chen Ping, now Sitting on the ground crying was himself.

  ”Mr. Chen, where are we going now?” On the

  way, Wu Dong asked Chen Ping.

  ”Go to gambling stones, you take me to see the rough stones of the entire provincial capital, I am short of money now!”

  Chen Ping said without shyness.

  ”Okay!” Wu Dong looked excited and took Chen Ping straight to the gambling stone street of the market!

  For a whole afternoon, Wudong took Chen Ping lightly and swept across the gambling stone street of the entire provincial capital. No matter what kind of rough stone, they could deliver it.

  I looked at almost all the rough stones in the provincial capital, such as imperial green, chicken blood red, ice seeds, etc. I don’t know how many were sold. Wudong will sell the stones on the spot and exchange them directly for money.

  ”Mr. Chen, we earned 2 billion, 2 billion in one afternoon…” In the

  evening, on the way to send Chen Ping home, Wu Dong shouted excitedly!

  Chen Ping leaned on the back of the chair and rested with his eyes closed slightly. Two billion was too little for him, and Chen Ping’s spiritual power was exhausted for half a day, and now his body is a little tired!

  After sending Chen Ping home, Wu Dong left a part of his money and transferred the rest to Chen Ping, and Chen Ping also told Wu Dong to buy more rough stones, especially Hengshan stone!

  It’s not that Chen Ping likes Hengshan Stone, he just hopes to discover the spirit stone again, which proves that the appearance of the spirit stone in Hengshan is not accidental.

  As soon as Chen Ping entered the door, he saw Su Yuqi alone, sitting bored in the living room. When he saw Chen Ping coming back, he hurriedly got up and greeted him: “You had lunch, why did you come back at night? I’m bored to death! “

  Where’s Gu Linger?” Chen Ping asked.

  ”What? Do you miss her?” Su Yuqi looked at Chen Ping and asked.

Chapter 419

  Looking at Su Yuqi like that, Chen Ping felt helpless for a while, sometimes a woman’s mind can’t be guessed by a man!

  ”I’m just curious, why didn’t she accompany you?”

  Chen Ping explained.

  ”Linger’s family has their own work, so it’s impossible to accompany me every day. In order to accompany me these days, they have not gone to work!”

  Su Yuqi said with a bitter face: “If the matter in the provincial capital is finished, we will go back to Jiangcheng tomorrow. Well, my dad is at home by himself, I’m a little worried!”

  Chen Ping frowned slightly, now that the money has not been collected, and the medicinal materials have not been obtained, Chen Ping is worried and left like this, and there will be the martial arts party in another week. Chen Ping also intends to go around!

  ”If you still have something to do, it’s fine to stay for a few more days. I’ll just say it casually!”

  Seeing Chen Ping being a little embarrassed, Su Yuqi hurriedly changed her tune.

  ”It’s okay, I’ll accompany you back tomorrow, but I won’t be staying in Jiangcheng for a few days, so I’ll be back to deal with something!”

  Chen Ping said with a slight smile.

  He happened to send Su Yuqi back to Jiangcheng. After all, it was safer there. In the provincial capital, people from Feng’s family and people from Xuanyue Valley might come to ask for trouble. Su Yuqi is not safe here!

  ”Yeah!” Su Yuqi nodded.

  Early the next morning, Chen Ping called Chifeng, transferred the money in his hand to Chifeng, and told Chifeng that he was trying to find a way to let Chifeng talk to Yaowangfu as much as possible. Procrastinating for days!

  After Lin Tianhu knew that Chen Ping was going back to Jiangcheng with Su Yuqi, he immediately drove to pick up Chen Ping!

  ”Lin Tianhu, you don’t have to go back, just find a reliable person to help you take care of the Juyi Hall first!”

  Chen Ping knew that Lin Tianhu and Chifeng were at a critical time, so he wanted them to be together and cultivate more. emotion!

  Lin Tianhu knew what Chen Ping meant, and his face turned slightly red: “Mr. Chen, when I go back this time, I will also explain to Juyitang. When you return to the provincial capital, I will come back with you!”

  Chen Ping smiled and said nothing.

  Lin Tianhu drove and took Chen Ping and Su Yuqi back to Jiangcheng!

  When they arrived in Jiangcheng, it was already afternoon. Chen Ping and Su Yuqi did not go to the Panlongwan Villa, but went directly to the Su Family Villa!

  As soon as he entered the door, Su Yuqi shouted excitedly, “Dad, we’re back…”

  Su Wenzong was drinking tea in the yard, and when he heard Su Yuqi’s shout, his face suddenly burst into laughter!

  ”Come, come and sit here!”

  Su Wenzong beckoned!

  Chen Ping carried some local specialties from the provincial capital and put them on the stone table: “Uncle, I don’t know if you like it or not, but I bought you some local specialties!”

  ”Hahaha, if you buy them, I will If you like it, sit down!”

  Su Wenzong poured a cup of tea for Chen Ping himself!

  Chen Ping sat opposite Su Wenzong, while Su Yuqi sat next to Su Wenzong, leaning on Su Wenzong’s shoulders, like a child!

  ”Chen Ping, did you encounter a lot of trouble this time in the provincial capital?”

  Su Wenzong asked.

  ”Fortunately, everything has been resolved!” Chen Ping said with a slight smile.

  ”If you are in trouble, don’t carry it yourself. We are a family now, so don’t see outsiders.” Su Wenzong said.

  ”Yeah!” Chen Ping nodded!

  Su Wenzong put his hand into his pocket, then took out a bank card and put it in front of Chen Ping: “Chen Ping, there are five billion here, although it is not much, you can use it first, I know you are short of money recently!”

  Chen Pingyi Stunned, for the Su family, five billion is almost all of their net worth.

  ”Uncle, I can’t ask for this money, the Su family’s property is yours for the rest of your life, how can I ask for it!”

  Chen Ping thought that Su Wenzong had sold the entire Su family’s property!

  ”Chen Ping, I heard you when you called. I knew that you were short of money, so I informed my dad, you should take it quickly. Anyway, my dad is only my daughter, and the Su family’s things are mine sooner or later. Yes!”

  Su Yuqi said to Chen Ping.

Chapter 420

  Only then did Chen Ping know that it is no wonder that Su Wenzong asked Chen Ping if he had encountered difficulties as soon as he entered the door!

  ”Chen Ping, you are too young for my Su family. Although the five billion is a lot, it is not what I got from selling the property. Speaking of which, there is still a lot of money from you. The money from selling small repayments to Dan. It’s also here, and the relationship between you and Yuqi is well known in Jiangcheng, so many companies have cooperated with my Su family, which has made us a lot of money!”

  ”And all the Xiao family’s industries, If it weren’t for you, how could I buy it at a low price? So you deserve the money, you should take it, if it’s not enough, we’re trying to figure out a way, after all, we’re a family!”

  Su Wenzong said to Chen Ping persuade!

  Chen Ping felt warm in his heart, nodded, and put away his bank card. With this money, he could collect enough money for the medicine of the Yaowangfu!

  Seeing Chen Ping collect the money, Su Wenzong smiled slightly and continued: “Just come back, you two go to rest first, there is a banquet at the Regal Hotel in the evening, ancient, and Mayor Ling knows that you are back, So thinking about sitting together, there are quite a few rich people in Jiangcheng waiting to fawn on you!”

  Chen Ping smiled helplessly, in fact, he didn’t like this kind of entertainment, but Gu Wentian and Ling Zhenchuan were there, after all, the two of them I help myself a lot, and I always have a decent face, so Chen Ping nodded and agreed!

  Su Wenzong wanted Chen Ping to rest at the Su family villa, but Chen Ping still planned to go back to the Panlongwan Villa, where after all, there was more spiritual energy. After Chen Ping broke through to the foundation, he had not practiced well!

  Su Wenzong asked Su Yuqi to follow Chen Ping back to Panlong Bay. Before leaving, Su Wenzong did not forget to exhort Su Yuqi: “Yuqi, take care of Chen Ping more, Dad is not stubborn, if you can give me a baby The eldest grandson, I’ll take care of your children all day…”

  ”Dad, what are you talking about? We’re not married yet, do you talk to your daughter like this?”

  Su Yuqi blushed and glared at Su Wenzong.

  ”It’s hard to say, you guys will go get your license tomorrow, Dad will hold a wedding for you and guarantee the most luxurious wedding in Jiangcheng!”

  Su Wenzong said with a smile.

  ”I’ll ignore you…”

  Su Yuqi took Chen Ping and left, leaving only Su Wenzong laughing at the back!

  Back at the Panlongwan Villa, Su Yuqi was tired after riding for a long time, so she lay down and rested. Chen Ping transferred the money to Chifeng and asked her to get the medicinal materials as soon as possible!

  Then Chen Ping sat cross-legged and began to practice slowly. After entering the foundation-building stage, Chen Ping’s demand for spiritual energy is getting bigger and bigger!

  But not long after Chen Ping entered the practice, the phone rang suddenly, it was Chi Feng!

  As soon as the call was connected, Chifeng came with an anxious voice: “Palace Master, something happened, all our staff in the Jiang family villa died!”

  ”When did it happen?” Chen Ping frowned!

  ”It should have happened in the morning. I was negligent. I didn’t come here to check, and now I found out that everyone is dead!”

  Chi Feng blamed herself very much.

  Chen Ping’s face was gloomy. Although he came back, there are still people guarding the Jiang family villa, and now everyone has been killed!

  ”Do you know who it is? That Jiang Zhengde? Or someone from Xuanyue Valley, or someone else?”

  Chen Ping asked.

  ”I don’t know, but since the other party didn’t find you here, he will definitely go to Jiangcheng. Please pay more attention to yourselves!”

  Chi Feng reminded Chen Ping.

  ”Okay, I see!” Chen Ping finished and hung up the phone!

  Chen Ping’s deep eyes are full of killing intent, no matter who comes, the soldiers will block the water or cover up, and kill one by one!

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