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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 401-402-403-404-405

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 401-402-403-404-405

Chapter 401

  ”What’s that for? Let’s go and see…”

  Su Yuqi pulled Chen Ping curiously and was about to go over.

  ”That’s a stone gambler. It’s like this every day. I really don’t understand what these men are yelling at a pile of broken stones all day long!”

  Gu Linger said in a puzzled way.

  Chen Pingyuan was not curious at first, but after hearing Gu Linger talking about gambling stones, he immediately became interested. Maybe he could choose a few jade stones and make some jewelry for Su Yuqi.

  ”In the eyes of these men, this pile of stones just thinks that high-end cosmetics have the same status in the eyes of your women…”

  Chen Ping smiled lightly, and then walked over!

  ”Damn it, Emperor Green, the Emperor Green is out…”

  Before Chen Ping and the others got there, they heard a burst of applause from the crowd!

  ”Hahaha, I’ve made a fortune, I’ve made a fortune…”

  Immediately afterwards, someone laughed wildly, and it was obvious that this person bought the stone.

  However, when Chen Ping heard this voice, his brows slightly wrinkled, he seemed very familiar!

  On the other side, Gu Linger’s face turned cold: “This bastard, Gu Feng, came to gamble on stones…”

  After that, Gu Linger rushed towards the crowd angrily!

  Chen Ping also immediately remembered that this voice was the voice of Gu Linger’s younger brother Gu Feng!

  As soon as Chen Ping and the others approached, they saw Gu Feng holding a stone, laughing wildly, jumping and jumping, extremely happy!

  ”Young Master Gu, I’m so sorry, this stone is not yours, you can’t take it!”

  At this time, a middle-aged man walked over to take the stone from Gu Feng’s hand!

  How could Gu Feng give it to him, and immediately hugged the stone on his body: “Why isn’t it mine? I bought this, do you want to go back on it when you open the emperor green?”

  The middle-aged man smiled lightly and said, “Young Master Gu, if you bought the stone, did you pay for it?”

  ”I gave you the money, but I gave you a deposit of 100,000 yuan!” Gu Feng said loudly.

  ”Hahaha, who doesn’t know the rules of the stone gambling world. You pay a deposit and the stone is yours? Isn’t this a dream!” The middle-aged man had a bit of disdain on his face!

  ”Boss Cui, how can you say that? In the past few times, I paid the deposit and opened the stone. At that time, it was all junk, and I didn’t see you talking about the first-hand money and the first-hand goods. It was me who was behind. The final payment is for you.”

  Gu Feng was a little anxious, and asked angrily: “This time, the emperor green is opened, and you told me that the money is first-hand and the goods are first-hand. Isn’t this a show to cheat me?”

  ”I will cheat you . This is the rule of the stone gambling world, where did I cheat you? Hand over the stone, or you won’t want to leave!”

  After Boss Cui finished speaking, three big men immediately surrounded Gu Feng!

  Gu Feng was timid, and his face turned pale in fright in an instant, but facing the priceless treasure of Emperor Green, he still didn’t want to hand it over, so he held the stone tightly and said, “Boss Cui, my sister is from the Dharma Protector Pavilion, you dare to move I, my sister can’t spare you!”

  ”What can the people of the Dharma Protector Pavilion do? People in the Dharma Protector Pavilion must also obey the rules…”

  Boss Cui said with a cold smile.

  Gu Feng didn’t let go of the stone, but when Boss Cui waved his hand, he was about to let someone grab it. This was Gu Ling’er rushing up, knocking down the three big men with three punches and two feet.

  ”Sister…” Seeing Gu Linger coming, Gu Feng instantly became excited!

  And Boss Cui’s face turned cold: “Miss Gu, as a person from the Dharma Protector Pavilion, how can you hurt people? Are you trying to oppress the people?”

  ”You beat my brother, how can I not do it ? Even if I hit you, it’s self-defense…”

  Gu Ling’er glared at Boss Cui and said.

Chapter 402 What’s wrong with my name brother-in-law? _

  ”Miss Gu, you must have evidence when you speak. Which of your eyes saw me hitting your brother. Besides, your brother took my stone and didn’t return it. This is robbing other people’s property. You, the guardian of the law, don’t care?”

  Boss Cui was not afraid of Gu Linger at all, and asked with a sneer.

  ”Sister, don’t listen to his nonsense, I bought this stone, I paid for it…”

  Gu Feng hurriedly explained to Gu Ling’er!

  ”Shut up for me!” Gu Linger angrily shouted at Gu Feng: “I’ll take care of you when you get home!”

  Gu Feng saw that Gu Linger was really angry, and he held the stone with both hands and lowered his head. Don’t dare to speak!

  ”Boss Cui, I have heard what you said just now. In the past, my brother could pay the deposit and open the stone with you, but now the goods are out, and you say that you can’t. This is obviously a trap for my brother?”

  Gu Ling She’s not stupid, she can see that this is a trap set by the owner of the gambling stone shop.

  ”Miss Gu, you need to be in charge of what you say. We are all serious businessmen. Besides, there are so many fathers and villagers here. The rules of our gambling stone world are first-hand money and first-hand goods. I used to let him drive because he was pitiful. I’m not selling like this today, can’t I? Is it against the law?”

  Boss Cui looked at Gu Linger’s aggressiveness, and for a while, Gu Linger was speechless!

  ”Give him the stone…”

  At this time, Chen Ping and Su Yuqi also squeezed in from the crowd!   ”Brother-in-law…” Gu Feng’s

  eyes lit up when he saw Chen Ping: “Brother-in-law, this is imperial green, and it is worth at least a few million. How can I give it back to them?”

I was terrified, this is in front of Su Yuqi, how can this ancient style scream indiscriminately!

  Su Yuqi was taken aback, looked at Chen Ping and Gu Linger, her face was full of doubts!

  ”Gu Feng, you bastard, how many times have I told you, I have nothing to do with Chen Ping, he is not your brother-in-law, why are you yelling, Chen Ping’s girlfriend is your sister Yuqi, she is me classmates…”

  Gu Ling’er blushed and yelled at Gu Feng loudly!

  Gu Feng was stunned for a moment, only to realize that Chen Ping was holding hands with Su Yuqi. It turned out that Chen Ping was not his sister’s boyfriend, he had misunderstood!

  Although Gu Feng was a little disappointed, at this time, he couldn’t scream, so he rolled his eyes and hurriedly explained: “What’s wrong with me calling my brother-in-law? It’s my sister Yuqi’s boyfriend, so I can’t call my brother-in-law. Am I right, Sister Yuqi?”

  Gu Feng met Su Yuqi for the first time, but like an old acquaintance, they called each other very close!

  Gu Linger was fooled by Gu Feng, while Chen Ping’s eyes flashed with admiration. Although this Gu Feng is timid and cowardly, his reaction ability is really not ordinary!

  Su Yuqi was also full of joy at Gu Feng’s call, and asked Gu Linger: “Linger, is this the naughty little brother you used to talk about in school?”

  Gu Linger nodded and stared at him involuntarily. An ancient look!

  ”Sister Yuqi, you have to decide for me, I bought this stone with money, and they obviously cheated on me…”

  Gu Feng knew that Chen Ping’s strength was not ordinary, and it would definitely not be ordinary to be able to get along with Chifengtang. people.

  That’s why he let Su Yuqi decide for him, as long as Su Yuqi speaks, can Chen Ping be obedient? You must know that in today’s society, men always listen to women!

  Su Yuqi glanced at Chen Ping: “Chen Ping, help him!”

  ”Gu Feng, return the stone to them, since there are rules, then do things according to the rules…”

  Chen Ping said to Gu Feng.

  ”Brother-in-law, this is Imperial Green, worth several million…” Gu Feng looked anxious and winked at Chen Ping desperately. He thought Chen Ping didn’t know what Imperial Green was!

Chapter 403

  ”Give it to them, this stone is worthless…”

  Chen Ping said again.

  Gu Feng still wanted to say something, but Gu Linger said angrily: “I don’t give it to others, you pig brain, you deserve to be tricked by people and make your memory increase!”

  Gu Feng looked helpless, and finally gritted his teeth. , I can only throw the stone to that Boss Cui, and then bow his head and look decadent!

  ”I told you, this stone is worthless, it just has a thin layer of imperial green, and if you cut it a little more, there will be nothing in it!”

  Chen Ping patted Gu Feng’s shoulder to persuade.

  ”Really?” Gu Feng raised his head and asked in surprise.

  If that’s the case, then the stone is worthless, and it’s not a loss for me!

  ”Of course it’s true!” Chen Ping smiled lightly.

  Then Boss Cui also heard Chen Ping’s words and sneered: “I’ve been playing stone gambling for decades, so I’m not as good as you, a hairy kid in his early twenties. With such a color, at least three pieces can be produced!”

  ”If If you don’t believe it, you can cut it again and see!” Chen Ping said to the boss Cui.

  When the people around heard it, they immediately became interested, and they all shouted: “Let’s take a look!”

  ”Okay, then I’ll cut a knife!”

  Boss Cui said, and gave the stone to his subordinates, and then the subordinates skilled The stone was cut again.

  But after a knife was cut, there was really nothing inside, not even a bit of green.

  This time, everyone was stunned, and Boss Cui also widened his eyes and couldn’t believe it!

  ”Continue to cut…”

  Boss Cui yelled at his subordinates.

  Soon, another knife was cut, but there was still nothing.

  In the end, the whole stone was cut into thin pieces, and as a result, there was only a thin layer of imperial green, and nothing could come out, it was just waste, worthless!

  This time, Boss Cui was dumbfounded, and everyone around looked at Chen Ping in shock!

  ”Hahaha, cool, so cool, hurry up and refund the deposit to me…”

  Gu Feng laughed excitedly, if it wasn’t for Chen Ping, it is estimated that this time he would have to pay miserably again.

  Boss Cui glared at Chen Ping viciously, then looked at Gu Feng and said: “Our shop’s rules, the deposit will not be refunded, you can pick a stone in it!”

  ”I don’t want it anymore, I can’t trust your shop now, put it Return the deposit to me…”

  Gu Feng doesn’t want to gamble on stones at their house!

  ”As I said, the deposit will not be refunded. Either you pick a rough stone or leave…”

  Boss Cui said with a domineering look.

  ”You…” Gu Feng was about to get angry, but was stopped by Chen Ping!

  ”Can these 100,000 pieces be arbitrarily picked out of rough stones?” Chen Ping asked.

  ”Of course, in this pile, you can choose whatever you want!” Boss Cui said, pointing to the pile of rough stones behind him.

  Chen Ping glanced at the rough stones and shook his head secretly, because there was no imperial green here, not even ice seeds.

  But when Chen Ping’s eyes swept to the messy pile of stones in his pocket, his body shook slightly!

  ”Are the stones over there just picked?” Chen Ping asked, pointing to the messy pile of stones.

  ”Those are all opened waste rocks. If you want to pick one, it’s 10,000 yuan, just pick it up…”

  Boss Cui glanced at it and said.

  ”Brother-in-law, those are all used waste rocks, and there will be no good things.”

  Gu Feng hurriedly persuaded Chen Ping.

  These stones have all been opened, but they are only opened once, and then they are not opened, and they are directly repurchased by the gambling stone shop. The price is quite cheap. If a stone has been opened for three or four times, there will be a little residue The value is gone!

  Chen Ping ignored the ancient style, but walked directly over and picked it up from the pile of waste rocks!

  Soon, Chen Ping picked out ten waste stones. Looking at the stones that had been cut, the ancient wind sighed, feeling that one hundred thousand yuan was wasted.

Chapter 404

  But thinking that the money was also given to him by Chen Ping, Gu Feng can’t say anything anymore. If he makes Chen Ping happy now, maybe he can give him money, after all, Chen Ping is rich!

  ”That’s all, let’s go!”

  Chen Ping threw the stone in front of Boss Cui and said.

  Boss Cui looked at the pile of waste rocks in front of him, and sneered: “Let’s agree, if we can’t open anything, we will not refund it. Don’t say that I cheated on you again and ruined the reputation of my shop!”

  ”Don’t talk nonsense, Hurry up!” Chen Ping said coldly!

  Boss Cui ordered to his subordinate: “Open!”

  Soon, a piece of waste rock was taken into the machine, and then under the cutting blade, the waste rock was cut little by little!

  ”Ice seed stone, it’s an ice seed…”

  The person with sharp eyes immediately shouted!

  Sure enough, after the stone was opened, there was a crystal clear ice seed stone inside!

  ”Hahaha, Ice Seed Stone, this time we won’t lose…”

  Gu Feng laughed immediately when he saw it.

  Although the ice seed stone is not very valuable, it can still be sold for 100,000 and 200,000 yuan. In this way, they will not lose money!

  ”I didn’t expect you to be so lucky, the blind cat meets the dead mouse…”

  Boss Cui snorted coldly.

  Chen Ping just laughed without saying a word, waiting to open other waste rocks!

  Soon, another waste rock was opened, and it turned out to be another ice rock!

  Immediately after the third block, the fourth block was full of ice seeds. Everyone was dumbfounded, so Boss Cui couldn’t help but look at Chen Ping!

  Gu Feng was excitedly holding the bag with the opened stones, and urged Boss Cui: “Hurry up, don’t grind!”

  When the fifth waste stone was opened, a dazzling green light appeared Immediately shocked everyone!

  Even Boss Cui was stunned on the spot!

  Gu Feng was stunned for a moment, then jumped up like a madman: “Imperial Green, this is Emperor Green…”

  After being shocked, everyone couldn’t help but talk!

  ”Who is this kid? I’m very lucky, the emperor green can be found in the scrap…”

  ”This is good luck, it’s just an explosion of luck!”

  ”Shut up, obviously this young man is a Expert, what’s the matter of luck!”

  Everyone was talking, and Boss Cui’s face had become very ugly!

  ”Don’t be stunned, hurry up and drive us…”

  Gu Feng said to the boss Cui.

  ”We won’t sell it anymore, we won’t sell the remaining stones, I’ll give you the money back…”

  Boss Cui collected the remaining stones himself!

  Chen Ping stepped forward and grabbed the wrist of Boss Cui: “I don’t want money, I just want stones. This is money and goods. How can you go back?”

  ”Yes, how can you go back? So many Everyone is watching!”

  Gu Feng also stepped forward to grab the boss Cui and said.

  ”Hmph, do you know whose store is here? Dare to do anything with me here?”

  Boss Cui snorted coldly, and instantly rushed out of a dozen big men, seeing that these people were all trainees.

  ”What do you want to do? When I don’t exist?” Seeing this, Gu Linger was furious!

  After all, she was also a member of the Dharma Protector Pavilion, but these people ignored her!

  ”Don’t say it’s you, even if your pavilion masters come, I’m not afraid, this is the store where Young Master Wu has a stake, do you dare to make trouble?”

  Boss Cui was full of pride, because he had the support of the Wu family behind him!

  You must know that the Wu family is one of the best in the provincial capital, and Wu Liuyi, the head of the Wu family, is also one of the four directors of the Wudao Alliance!

  ”Even if it’s a shop opened by Lao Tzu, you will finish opening the stone for me!”

  Chen Ping’s face was gloomy.

  ”Damn, I won’t open, what else can you do to me?”

  Boss Cui said with a face!


  Chen Ping smashed it with one punch, and directly caused the nose and mouth of that Boss Cui to bleed. This is still Chen Ping’s hands off, otherwise this Boss Cui would have had his head blooming!

Chapter 405

  ”Damn, you dare to hit me and kill them…”

  Boss Cui wiped a handful of blood and shouted directly at the thugs under him!

  More than a dozen thugs rushed up with sticks in an instant. Just when Chen Ping was about to start, Gu Linger’s sturdy body greeted him. To deal with the masters of the martial arts family, Gu Linger is not an opponent, but to deal with these thugs, Gu Linger Linger is still more than enough!

  Bang bang bang… In

  just a few minutes, all a dozen thugs were beaten to the ground by Gu Linger. This time Gu Linger did not keep his hand. Those thugs either broke their arms or legs. Ignore it, my heart is already burning with anger!

  Boss Cui, who saw this scene, stepped back again and again, and said with a grim expression: “Okay, okay, okay… You have caused a big problem, and no one wants to leave today!”

  After Boss Cui finished speaking, he took out his mobile phone and called The phone call was obviously to Master Wu.

  ”You guys, hurry up and take your things and go, the Wu family is not easy to mess with…”

  Someone persuaded Chen Ping.

  ”Sister, we…”

  Gu Feng started to be a little scared when he saw that Boss Cui called someone, after all, the Wu family is not easy to mess with.

  ”Gu Feng, don’t be afraid, there is me!”

  Seeing Gu Feng’s scared look, Chen Ping said lightly.

  Gu Feng nodded and said: “Well, don’t you know the people from Chifengtang? Call the people from Chifengtang, you don’t have to be afraid of the martial arts family!


  Chen Ping sneered!

  Seeing Chen Ping being so arrogant, the people around couldn’t help shaking their heads secretly. If the sky is crazy, there will be rain, and if people are crazy, there will be disaster. To dare to say this about the Wu family, I’m afraid it will be unlucky today!

  Soon, a young man in his early twenties was holding a folding fan, followed by a few people rushing over!

  ”Who the hell doesn’t have long eyes, dare to make trouble in my Wujia store?”

  Before the person arrived, the sound of scolding had already come.

  Chen Ping glanced at the young man, and he looked a bit similar to Wu Liuyi, but his temperament and temperament were so different from each other. This son looks arrogant and domineering!

  It’s just that Chen Ping didn’t feel the slightest fluctuation of energy in this young man. It was obvious that the other party was not a warrior. As a master of internal energy, how could his son not be a warrior?

  Just when Chen Ping was puzzled, Boss Cui saw someone coming and hurriedly greeted him.

  ”Master Wu, it’s them…”

  Boss Cui pointed at Chen Ping and the others, his eyes full of anger.

  The young man glanced at Chen Ping and Gu Feng, and then looked at the mourning thugs on the ground, his face turned cold: “If you make trouble here and hurt my people, even if you Miss Gu is from the Dharma Protector Pavilion, yes Don’t you want to give me an explanation?”

  ”Wudong, it was your people who lied to my brother first, and it should be you who want to explain!”

  Gu Linger glared at the young man and said.

  ”I only know that you are making trouble here and hurting my people. I don’t know anything about the rest. Now I apologize and compensate for my losses. Maybe I can spare your life!”

  Wu Dong shook his folding fan with a very extreme attitude arrogance!

  ”What if I say no?” Chen Ping looked at Wu Dong and said with a cold smile.

  ”Then you don’t have to go!”

  Wu Dong’s voice sank, and Chen Ping was surrounded by a few people behind him.

  There was only a skinny old man standing beside Wu Dong motionless!

  Chen Ping glanced at them and found that these people were all internal strength warriors. They were not sure how much stronger they were than the little gangsters just now, and the skinny old man beside Wu Dong was full of energy, and his breath was stronger than that of the little gangsters just now. Wu Liuyi is not weak at all!

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