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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2098

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2098

Wordless Book

“It’s really strange…”

Chen Ping frowned!

Wu Meier said in a puzzled way: “Mr. Shi gave us a book without words, what did he do, and he didn’t tell us how…”

“Mr. Shi asked you to give me the book, it must be useful, since he If I didn’t say the method, that is, I think I have a way to understand this book!”

Chen Ping has infinite admiration for Mr. Shi!

It’s not because of Mr. Shi’s help to him, but because he always feels that Mr. Shi is erudite and talented, as if he knows everything and knows everything…

“Chen Ping, does this wordless book need to be connected to your blood, so that you can See the content?”

At this time, Su Yuqi said.

As soon as Chen Ping heard it, he bit his finger immediately, and then a few drops of blood fell on the wordless scripture!

Sure enough, after the blood dripped on the wordless scripture, it was absorbed in an instant, and then the wordless scripture began to shine!

Something began to appear on the first page of the Wordless Heavenly Tome, accompanied by bright red blood strips, and soon the first page of the Wordless Heavenly Tome turned out to be a map!

“Okay, okay, something has appeared…”

Xiaoru shouted happily upon seeing this!

Chen Ping didn’t have time to look at the map, but turned it inside and dripped blood on it again!

But this time, the wordless scripture didn’t respond, and nothing appeared again!

Seeing the silent scripture, Chen Ping and the others were all stunned!

I thought I had found a way, but now only one page of things has appeared!

“Let’s study this map first, maybe the way to show the content of this wordless book is in this map!”

Su Yuqi said hurriedly.

Several people carefully studied the map on the first page, but they found that the map did not seem to match any place in the secular world.

Just when a few people were concentrating on their research, Chen Ping’s eyes suddenly lit up!

“I see…”

Chen Ping shouted excitedly, startling Su Yuqi and the others!

“I see, this map shows the secret realm we are in. Look at this mountain, this water, and this jungle. It’s exactly the same as here.”

Chen Ping gestured on the map!

But Su Yuqi and the others just came to this secret realm, so they don’t know what this secret realm looks like!

If it wasn’t for Chen Ping who turned the entire secret realm around in order to find Su Yuqi and find the exit, he would not have seen that the map painted on this map was exactly the secret realm they were in!

“But there is nothing marked on this map. Even if there is this map, what’s the use?”

Xiaoru asked in confusion.

And just as Xiao Ru’s voice fell, I saw a bright moonlight scattered on the wordless book in the night sky!

Soon, the wordless scripture lit up with a faint light, and a small red dot began to appear on the map on the first page!

The little red dot is constantly flashing light, it is obviously marked there, there should be something special!

“Here, here, where the red dots are flashing, could it be the exit of this secret realm?”

Wu Meier asked, pointing to the flashing dots on the map.

“Whether it is or not, we have to go to that place to see. Since Mr. Shi asked me to hand over the book to me, this book will definitely help me in my current situation.”

Chen Ping firmly believed that Mr. Shi would not give him the book. A book of no use to him!

Just when Chen Ping took Su Yuqi and the others toward the red dot, they were in a high and steep place in the world!

Shi Qingpei and Shi Yan’s father and son are going up the mountain. The two of them are in rags, like beggars!

“Son, hold on, we’ll be at

Kuchan Temple soon…” Shi Qingpei encouraged Shi Yan!

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