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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2097

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2097

Love with a kiss

Until after finding out that Su Yuqi was not a mapped illusion, Chen Ping’s tears flowed instantly!

“Yuqi, is this true? Is it true?”

Chen Ping asked in disbelief.

“Really, it’s all true…”

Su Yuqi had already burst into tears at this time!

Two lovers who have been separated for so long, finally meet at this moment!

Although each other has a lot to ask each other, but at this time, no one can say it!

Chen Ping looked at Su Yuqi’s pear blossom and rainy face, and at the lover he was thinking about, he couldn’t bear it any longer!

He kissed it directly…

Su Yuqi also responded to Chen Ping!

At this moment, the two of them forgot everything and only had each other in their eyes!

With this kiss, the sky was dark and the ground was shaking…

It was not until Su Yuqi felt breathing difficulty that Chen Ping let go of her!

Watching that it was getting dark, Su Yuqi remembered that she was looking for something to eat!

“Bad, I forgot that I came to find food, Meier is still hungry now!”

Su Yuqi said hurriedly!

“Meier? Wu Meier? Is she here too?”

Chen Ping asked in surprise.

“I’ll explain to you later, you’ll find something to eat with me first, and then go back and talk about it…”

Su Yuqi urged Chen Ping to find something to eat as well.

Soon the two of them found some wild fruits and vegetables, and then rushed back!

On the way, Su Yuqi explained to Chen Ping, and then Chen Ping knew that Xiaoru and Wu Meier were also caught in this secret territory by the magic envoy!

However, Chen Ping was very interested in the book that Mr. Shi gave to Wu Meier and the others!

I don’t know how Mr. Shi knew about Wu Meier and Xiaoru, so he would definitely meet him?

Did he already guess that the two of them would be captured by the Demon Heart Sect and thrown into this secret realm?

And why did the Demon Heart Sect arrest them both?

These questions also troubled Chen Ping at the same time!

Soon Chen Ping and Su Yuqi arrived at the place and saw that Wu Meier was already lying on the ground weakly, and Xiaoru was taking care of her!

Xiaoru heard someone approaching, so she looked up, when she found Chen Ping, she was stunned!

Then he jumped up: “Brother Chen Ping…I didn’t expect to see you…”

Xiaoru shouted excitedly, making Wu Meier who was lying on the ground raise her head hard, when she saw Chen Ping, The body also seemed to be full of strength, and stood up directly!

After a few happy chats, Wu Meier let Wu Meier eat some wild fruits to replenish her stamina!

At this time, Wu Meier took out the book that Mr. Shi gave him and said, “This is what Mr. Shi asked to give to you, and none of us have opened it!”

Chen Ping took the quaint book, and immediately A strange breath came from the book!

Chen Ping frowned slightly, then looked at Su Yuqi and said, “Yuqi, have you taken this book?”

“Have taken it, but didn’t open it!”

Su Yuqi said.

“Then do you feel that there is a strange atmosphere in this book?” Chen Ping continued to ask.

“No, I don’t feel anything, it’s just an ordinary book!”

Su Yuqi shook her head and said.

“This is strange.” Chen Ping was surprised, and then opened the book!

But when the book was opened, everyone was stunned!

Because there is not a single word in the book, it is all blank paper.

“This…why is there nothing in this book?”

Xiaoru asked in disbelief.

“Chen Ping, is this a strange book that requires a specific method to see what’s inside?”

Su Yuqi said.

“It’s possible…”

Chen Ping nodded, and then a ray of spiritual energy poured in, but there was still no change in the book in his hand, still not a word!

Chen Ping even used the technique, but it was still useless, there was still nothing in the book!

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