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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2091

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2091

Take root and sprout

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“Mr. Shi, I hope you can rescue Chen Ping, as long as you can rescue Chen Ping, let me die…”

Ji Ruxue walked forward slowly and knelt directly in front of Mr. Shi!

Seeing this, the other girls also fell to their knees, begging Mr. Shi to rescue Chen Ping from the secret realm!

“None of you are Chen Ping’s woman, but why is that?”

Mr. Shi glanced at the girls and asked.

“Brother Chen saved my life, my life belongs to him, in order to save him, I can die…”

Xiaoru slowly raised her head and said firmly.

Among them, Xiao Ru is the youngest, but with the firmness in her eyes, it can be seen that she can indeed sacrifice for Chen Ping!

“Among us, some of us have been saved by Chen Ping, and some of us have admiration for him. In short, we are all willing to die for Chen Ping, and we hope that Mr. Shi can help…”

Ji Ruxue weighed heavily I gave Mr. Shi a kowtow!

Mr. Shi looked at the girls with some relief, and then smiled lightly: “I don’t know how Chen Ping would feel when he knew that you were willing to die for him…”

“But remember, in this society, you Your life is worthless at all, even if you sacrifice your life, it won’t change anything for the current Chen Ping!”

“If you really want to help that Chen Ping, the only thing you can do is to improve your own strength. When he encounters difficulties, help him, instead of kowtowing and begging for help…”

Mr. Shi’s words were like thorns, stabbed into the hearts of the girls!

Although they all have some strength, as Chen Ping’s strength is getting higher and higher, the difficulties they encounter are getting bigger and bigger.

And they seem to be unable to do anything except pray to Chen Ping every day…

“Thank you Mr. Shi for teaching!”

Ji Ruxue kowtowed to Mr. Shi again!

At this time, they all swear in their hearts that they must practice hard and become a woman who can help Chen Ping!

Instead of only creating chaos for Chen Ping and making a useless vase…

“I will give you a set of exercises now. As for how much you can understand, that is your own talent and good fortune!”

Mr. Shi finished, With a wave of the palm of the hand, a flash of light flashed in the minds of the girls!

When the girls saw this, they quickly thanked Mr. Shi!

“Okay, you can go out…”

Mr. Shi waved his hand and told Ji Ruxue and the others to retreat!

But just as the girls got up and were about to leave, Mr. Shi pointed at Xiaoru and Wu Meier and said, “You two stay…”

Xiaoru and Wu Meier looked puzzled, but they stayed. come down!

When the other girls left, Mr. Shi’s face became solemn!

“You two are different from ordinary people, do you know that?”

Mr. Shi asked the two of them.

“I’m Ice Crystal. It was because of Brother Chen that I was able to live until now!”

Xiaoru said.

“I also know that I have a natural charismatic body, but I have never used my special physique to harm others!”

Wu Mei’er also hurriedly said.

“Since you both know that you have a special physique, are you two willing to sacrifice for Chen Ping?”

“If you want Chen Ping to escape from the secret realm, you two need to take risks!”

Mr. Shi looked serious asked.

“I do, my life is given by Brother Chen.” Xiaoru nodded without hesitation!

Wu Mei’er hesitated for a while, then nodded and said, “I am also willing, although I have never admitted that I like Chen Ping, but Chen Ping has already taken root in my heart.”

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